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Warning: This story contains graphic scenes depicting lesbian sex and humiliation.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, merchandise, companies, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters are 18 years or older when in sexual situations.

This is carrie p.’s and Mistress SWP’s shared fantasy.


Chapter One

Carrie was confused. She was a curvy blond who had no shortage of male suitors. Yet none of her relationships lasted beyond a few weeks. There was always something . . . well . . . missing.

She visited a number of online chat rooms to discuss her relationship issues and kept going back to chat rooms devoted to D/s. She was always aroused by the conversations and finally got up enough courage to engage in private chats with Dommes. Carrie was particularly intrigued by Dommes that were at least ten years older than her 27 years.

Carrie found that she had her most intense orgasms when being told by her online Mistresses what to do. She practiced edging herself with her fingers and using all kinds of sex toys on herself. She engaged in small acts of exhibitionism, such as flashing her pussy on the subway and “accidentally” exposing her breast when pulling off her sweater. She found exhibitionism profoundly humiliating, yet extremely exciting and arousing. But she was reticent to act on her desires to find a Domme. She knew that her family and friends would have a hard time accepting her preference for women, and would certainly associate her submissiveness with dungeons and torture where the reality was that she desired a loving and caring relationship under the tutelage of an older woman.

Carrie did wonder why she kept coming back to her fantasy of being dominated by an older woman and every time she engaged in this introspection she came back to one point in time, the time she was a babysitter for a single mom while she was in high school. At that point in time Carrie had dated a few boys and allowed them to get as far as second base. They were clumsy attempts at sex and Carrie didn’t understand the point of it all. Aside from orgasms she achieved from masturbation she wasn’t quite sure how boys were going to enhance her sex life.

Then that summer, after Carrie had graduated from high school, she had babysat for a single mother, Miss Matthews, several times, watching Miss Matthew’s four year old boy Jeremy. Since they had a pool, Carrie was encouraged to bring her bathing suit and go in the pool with Jeremy. The few previous times she had acted as a babysitter Miss Matthews would tease Carrie about what she was wearing or who she was talking with on her phone. The teasing was good natured and didn’t go beyond an occasional pat on the butt, stroking of an arm, or ruffle of the hair.

Then one afternoon Carrie’s babysitting routine took a sudden unexpected turn. When Miss Matthews came home Jeremy was already in bed for his afternoon nap. Carrie was wearing her bikini, still damp from the pool, and sitting on her towel on the family room sofa. Miss Matthews was returning from a ladies garden party and was wearing a cute pink blouse, a short blue pencil skirt and pink strappy heels. Her auburn hair was down (she usually wore it up) past her shoulders in a soft curl. Carrie didn’t usually pay attention to women but Miss Matthews seemed attractive to her and she felt an unfamiliar twinge in her pussy. Carrie looked at Miss Matthews with a quizzical expression that Miss Matthews took as a sign of interest. Carrie didn’t know it at the time, but the reason Miss Matthews was now single was that her former husband came home one day and found his wife in bed with her tennis instructor, who happened to be a woman.

Miss Matthews had not paid too much attention to Carrie in the past, but now seeing Carrie in a skimpy bikini and having Carrie looking at her with apparent interest caused a tingle in her pussy, with this pleasurable sensation being the same one she felt when she met her tennis instructor. Carrie had clearly filled out when she was in high school, and was now an attractive voluptuous blonde.

Miss Matthews sat on the sofa with Carrie and asked her about Jeremy. As Carrie was giving the update Miss Matthews moved closer on the sofa and started playing with Carrie’s hair, twirling a lock of her hair around her fingers. Carrie made no effort to move away, which Miss Matthews took as a sign of encouragement. She moved her hand to the back of Carrie’s neck, caressing her neck and shoulders, all the while Carrie was droning on about Jeremy but acutely aware of Miss Matthew’s intimate advances.

The sensation of Miss Matthew’s hand on her neck and shoulders was exciting to Carrie. She turned to face Miss Matthews and she conveyed a knowing glance of permission. Wordlessly, Miss Matthews moved her hand to Carrie’s bağdat caddesi şişman escort mouth, slipping her index finger inside and feeling the wet warmth of her tongue. Carrie instinctively wrapped her tongue around Miss Matthew’s finger, feeling the sensuality of this act. Miss Matthews then took her moist finger and pushed it under Carrie’s bikini top until she circled Carrie’s hardened nipple.

“Ahhhhh,” purred Carrie as she experienced the first true intimate touch from the hand of another (the boys she was previously with not counting as intimate, but more like pawing). Carrie leaned back in the sofa and next did what seemed natural to her – – she untied the back of her bikini top, letting it fall down and exposing her young ripe breasts to Miss Matthew’s lustful eyes.

Belatedly Carrie had a pang of conscience. “Miss Matthews . . . I’m not sure this is right.”

“It’s Alexandra, Carrie. Call me Alexandra. And it’s as right as we say it is. We’re both adults.”

“Alexandra, my parents . . . “

“Your parents don’t have to know. Carrie, I think you’re attracted to women. Are you attracted to me?”

Alexandra unbuttoned her pink blouse, revealing a lacy white demi-bra that showed the tops of two breasts of a mature woman. Carrie saw two luscious mounds of white flesh and was more aroused by this sight than anything she had ever seen in her life.

Carrie couldn’t bring herself to utter the words but the aching, longing look in her eyes revealed her answer. Alexandra unhooked the back of her bra and let it fall like Carrie’s bikini top, so her breasts were now revealed. She took Carrie’s hand and placed it on her left breast. Carrie used her hand to trace the underside, lifting the breast and feeling its weight and the softness of it, much heavier and softer than Carrie’s more youthful firm breasts.

“Lick it Carrie,” urged Alexandra.

Carrie did not need any prodding. She dipped her head down to Alexandra’s left breast, suckling her nipple, then pulling her head away to tug the nipple and Alexandra’s breast.

“Sweet Carrie . . . . ohhhhh . . . .”

Carrie kneaded Alexandra’s breast with her hand and licked and sucked her nipple, causing Alexandra to thrust her hips off the sofa. Her need at that point overruled any instincts to slowly seduce Carrie.

“Carrie, take off my panties.”

Carrie stopped her ministrations on Alexandra’s breast and pressed her hands under Alexandra’s skirt, bunching up the fabric of the skirt around her waist. Carrie could now see the dampened fabric of Alexandra’s white frilly panties and could smell the unmistakable odor of sex. Alexandra lifted up her hips and Carrie slid the sopping wet panties down Alexandra’s long legs and over her heels.

“Touch my pussy.”

Carrie wasn’t sure what Alexandra wanted, but she knew what she wanted. She dropped to her knees in between Alexandra’s legs and started lapping at her wet cunt. Alexandra raised her knees, allowing Carrie easier access, enjoying the view of Carrie’s blond hair, her tanned legs and her favorite pink strappy heels.

“Ohhh . . . you dirty little slut . . . oh shit . . . ” Alexandra felt the familiar quiver in her pussy telling her that her orgasm was imminent. She reached down with her hands and pressed Carrie’s face hard against her cunt. Carrie was having difficulty breathing, but was also caught up in the moment, furiously lashing Alexandra’s pussy with her tongue and gulping breaths of air.

“Oh . . .oh . . . oh . . . . fuck . . . sweetness . . .” The sensations of pleasure overwhelmed Alexandra. She reflexively kept thrusting her hips against Carrie’s mouth, milking the last precious ripples of gratification from her talented novice. Carrie was similarly overwhelmed by Alexandra’s orgasm, feeling a sense of fulfillment at sublimating her desires to pleasure another.

As Carrie was licking the cream from Alexandra’s pussy they heard a cry from the upstairs bedroom. Jeremy had awoken from his nap. Alexandra hurriedly pulled on her panties, fastened her bra and buttoned her blouse, and rushed up the stairs. Carrie refastened her bikini top and went to the guest bathroom to wash her face. As she entered the bathroom she looked at the mirror. It was if she had never seen her face before. Her face was smeared with Alexandra’s juices, and her lips were puffy from the abuse of being pushed hard against Alexandra’s pubic bone. Her complexion was flushed, reflecting her first real sexual experience. There was also a look of contentment. She knew that she found deep satisfaction in pleasuring another woman.

Chapter Two

Unfortunately for Carrie (and Alexandra), Alexandra’s job as a sales representative caused her to move away that summer. Despite Carrie’s singular (wonderful) experiences with Miss Matthews, Carrie suppressed those forbidden lesbian thoughts during her adult life. She knew that the expectations of her family and friends were that bağdat caddesi ucuz escort she would find a boyfriend, and eventually a husband. Her fantasies of being seduced by an older Domme remained simply the prelude to Carrie’s nightly masturbation routine.

That is until one day when Carrie decided to spend the day on a secluded beach, relaxing from the grind of her job as an administrative assistant for a well-known personal injury attorney.

It was mid-afternoon on a Saturday when Carrie was lying on her beach towel, basking in the midday sun, reading a trashy novel, and sipping from a Diet Coke encased in foam cozy. She caught a large passing figure out of the corner of her eye and dropped her novel onto her lap. The large passing figure was a white Great Dane with large irregularly shaped black spots, and the dog was on a lead held by a 40-ish tall stunning strawberry blonde, barefoot and in a pure white bikini. Carrie thanked her lucky stars that she had her sunglasses on, as it otherwise would have been painfully obvious that she was admiring the sway of the women’s perfectly contoured bottom as she walked this majestic dog down the beach. While focused on the dog Carrie didn’t see that the woman looked over her shoulder and give a knowing smile as she saw Carrie focused on her seductive walk.

Carrie watched the woman and her dog until they were specks on the horizon. The powerful image of the woman and her dog, after spending hours reading a steamy romance novel, caused her fingers to wander under her bikini bottom, feeling the moistness of her cunt and rousing her recurring fantasies of submission. Carrie looked around her and noting no one around, decided to treat herself to an orgasm. As she thrust two fingers deep inside of herself the images of her submission to this woman and the excitement of masturbating in a public place caused her to call out to no one “Fuck . . . cumming . . . ” As the pounding in her temples dissipated Carrie floated off into a pleasurable reverie with the sound of the pounding surf in the background.

Carrie had drifted off to sleep, but was suddenly awakened by a very cold and wet nose prodding at her cheek. She opened her eyes to see the two dark eyes of the Great Dane she had seen earlier, with tail wagging, asking for attention. As Carrie sat up on her beach towel the dog assumed a sitting position and Carrie started petting his massive head, feeling the silky smooth texture of his coat. She could see that his leather lead was hanging from his collar so it was obvious he had taken an unplanned stroll on the beach. It wasn’t more than a few moments later that she heard “Duke, come now!” and then could see the dazzling blond sprinting along the beach, her breasts and ass with just enough jiggle to again rekindle Carrie’s fantasy.

Moments later the woman snagged the leash, breathlessly saying “I’m so sorry. Duke’s lead slipped out of my hand. I hope he didn’t scare you. He’s just a big pussycat.”

Instead of an immediate reply Carrie was tongue tied. She looked into the woman’s amber eyes and then stared at her heaving chest. She finally uttered, “I . . . I . . I . . love dogs.”

The woman was relieved that Carrie wasn’t offended by Duke’s intrusion. She remembered the lustful stare from her earlier walk by and had purposefully let go of Duke’s leash so that she could meet her. Carrie’s star struck reaction to her reappearance confirmed her instincts. Despite her heart beating rapidly from the beach sprint her radar told her that Carrie had more of an interest in her than her dog. As she caught her breath she felt a small amount of liquid leak from her pussy. She studied Carrie and saw a woman in her late 20’s, beautiful long wavy blond hair, and a curvy body that amply filled out her skimpy bikini. It struck her as odd, but she could detect the faint smell of sex and could see a small damp spot on Carrie’s bikini bottoms.

Carrie was still petting Duke and now fingering his wide black leather collar. Carrie was wistfully thinking about the collar and her submissive desires and that interplay of Carrie and Duke’s collar was not lost on the woman.

The woman extended her hand downward to Carrie. “I’m sorry, it was rude of me not to introduce myself. I’m Amanda Beckman.” Carrie, still sitting on her towel, lifted her hand up to shake Amanda’s hand. “Carrie Bianchi.” Carrie could feel the confident grip of Amanda’s hand and let the handshake linger a few seconds beyond what was normally comfortable. Carrie could see that Amanda was running her eyes across her body, yet did nothing to pull away from Amanda.

Amanda and Carrie engaged in a bit of small talk, discussing where they lived and their love of this beach, as Carrie continued to absentmindedly play with Duke’s collar. Amanda was intrigued by this young woman and decided to throw out an offer. “I want to make up for Duke’s rude behavior. I only live about a mile from here. Did you want to bağdat caddesi yabancı escort come by in about an hour for a quick drink?”

Carrie had to stifle her eagerness to say “yes” immediately. She paused for a moment. “Umm . . .yes, that sounds delightful.” Carrie noted Amanda’s address and phone number on her phone and Amanda resumed her walk with Duke. Carrie of course watched with rapt attention to the sway of Amanda’s perfect ass as she walked down the beach with Duke prancing in tow. Amanda didn’t have to look back. She knew that Carrie’s eyes were glued to her ass, and if the evening went as she expected, that wouldn’t be the only body part of Carrie that would be worshipping her ass.

Carrie didn’t have time to run home for quick shower and change so she spent the next 45 minutes sitting on the beach and thinking about Amanda and Duke and the possibilities of her visit. She wondered if Amanda was married or attached to someone and if she was even interested in women. Carrie was still fighting through her own doubts about her sexual orientation although her interaction with Amanda made it quite clear that her desire to be dominated by a strong attractive woman was not misplaced.

As it became time to go to Amanda’s, Carrie packed up her beach gear and did the best she could to brush off the sand that had crusted on her sunscreen slathered body. As she got into her car she cursed the fact that she didn’t bring her larger purse that had her make-up bag in it. She at least had a hairbrush and fought through the tangles in her hair to at least be presentable.

She put Amanda’s address into her phone and navigated her way through an upscale neighborhood a few blocks inland from the ocean. As she climbed a winding road she finally spotted Amanda’s modern two story house perched on a hillside with an expansive floor to ceiling window facing westward toward the ocean. Carrie spotted Amanda’s late model convertible parked in the driveway as she ascended the stairs to the front door. Carrie felt the urge to turn around and leave as she stood on the porch with her skin sticky with sunscreen and bits of sand and her hair still a tangly mess. While she was going through this moment of indecision the front door opened. Amanda, still in her stunning white bikini, was standing there with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Welcome to my little slice of heaven. Come in!” Amanda flashed an irresistible smile and Carrie’s doubts evaporated in an instant. She stepped into the house and was dazzled by the tasteful modern décor. As she stepped into the adjoining living area she admired the panoramic view of the ocean in the distance.

“Amanda, you have an amazing house.”

“Thank you my dear. It was my consolation prize in the divorce. Let me get you a glass of wine and give you a quick tour. I just opened a really nice Santa Barbara County Pinot.”

“That sounds great. Thank you.”

Carrie followed Amanda back to the kitchen. She saw Duke noisily devouring his dinner.

As Amanda was pouring a glass of wine, without looking at Carrie she said, “Would you be a dear and fill Duke’s water bowl?”

Carrie felt a small electric charge at the commanding tone of Amanda’s voice. She went over to Duke and picked up the empty water bowl that was next to him. She went to the sink and filled the bowl, placing it back where she found it. Duke shifted from his food bowl to the water bowl and began splashing the water outside of the bowl as he began to drink. Carrie knelt by Duke, stroking his head with one hand and again fingering his collar with the other. She noticed that Duke’s food and water dish both were embossed with his name. Carrie started imagining bowls for her food and water next to Duke’s. Her mind then wandered to the darkest of thoughts that she could muster, thoughts that she would never share with anyone, but thoughts that she would act upon if compelled by her Mistress. Her submissive fantasies had now overtaken all other thoughts in her mind. Carrie’s fantasies had become so much part of the fabric of what she was that she was ready to say or do anything for Amanda.

“Carrie, before we have our drink together, did you want to take a quick shower and freshen up? I know you’ve spent the day on the beach. There’s a guest bathroom right down the hall on the left and there’s all kinds of soaps, shampoos and make-up in there as well. Clean towels are on the counter. I’m sorry I don’t have any clothes in your size but I could grab you a robe.”

“Thank you. That would be great.” The dark thoughts Carrie was harboring were temporarily put into a safe place in the recesses of her mind.

Carrie went down the hallway and into the guest bathroom. She saw the clean towels on the counter and opened the counter drawers, finding to her delight a wide variety of sample size shampoos, likely pilfered from the finer hotels in the country, and a great selection of lipsticks, eyeliner and eye shadow likely left by previous guests. She even found a bag of disposable razors. Carrie stripped off her bathing suit and stepped into the walk in shower. Within a minute the water was piping hot and Carrie stepped in, relishing the rejuvenating effects of a hot shower after a day at the beach. She put one leg on the shower bench and started shaving her leg when the shower door slid open a naked Amanda stepped in.

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