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We leave the hotel bar and stand in line for the elevator. Entering, we move to the back, to make room for all the people. My back against your body, you put your hands on my round hips and press your already hard cock against my ass. Holding me still, you slowly grind on my butt. Breathing heavy into my ear and whispering how badly you want to fuck me, I reach my hand around and take your ass and try to move it even closer to me. My heart begins to pound as I feel you against me, feeling my juices begin to fill my box, wanting your cock so bad! The last man gets out of the elevator, glances back to give us a knowing look, taking a moment to look over my body. My hard nipples pressing against my silk blouse, my hand on the back of your thigh, breathless. The man smiles and gives us a wink as he walks away.

I reach over and hit the stop button. Turn around and press my soft lips against yours. My tongue finding it’s way inside your hungry mouth. My fingers fumble as I undo your pants, unzipping you, I hike my tight skirt up to my waist and squat down. My legs spread open around yours. I reach inside your shorts and take out your hard bulging cock. No kissing, no licking, I take you into my hot mouth and begin to suck your cock. You throw your head and body back against the elevator as you put your hand on my head, You begin to moan as my red lips and mouth move up and down your cock.

Your hand forcing me to go deeper and faster, sucking hard as your hips move your cock into my mouth. My tongue moving hard up and down your shaft. I can feel your cock begin to throb as I pull it out of my mouth. “No,” you moan. Wiping the saliva from my lips, I put your wet throbbing cock back into your pants, zip you up and say ” not yet baby.” I hit the start button as you pull me close to you. Your tongue down my throat, still moaning as you grind your cock against my pussy, one hand grabbing the back of my hair as you try to plunge deeper inside me, the other hand squeezing my ass. The elevator stops at my floor. I take your hand, and lead you to my room.

Once inside, you grab me and try to take off my jacket. “No, I want to be in control,” I tell you, “do you trust me?”

You’re so aroused at this point, I could do anything to you! “Yes, do whatever you want with me” you moan.

Taking your hands off me, I say “You can’t touch me, until I say.”

I unbutton your shirt, slowly, one button at a time. I can feel your heart racing, becoming more and more excited with each button being undone. I pull your shirt out of your pants and my hand run over your chest as I slide it off your shoulders. Your tiny nipples are rock hard as I begin to kiss canlı bahis your neck. Kissing and licking my way down to your nipples. I take a long hard lick against one. You let out a heavy moan as my teeth take it, gently biting it, tugging it. The palm of my other hand rubbing hard against the other one. Then I lightly lick your now red and sore nipple.

Kissing my way across your chest, I do the same thing to the other nipple while my warm fingers sooth the other one. I begin to kiss and lick my way down your belly, following your hair line down to the top of your pants. I unbuckle them, unbutton, looking up at you while you watch me unzip your pants. Reaching down, I slide off your shoes and socks, and pull your pants off you. I can see the head of your hard cock peeking out of the top of your short. I lightly lick the tip of your cock as you let out a loud low moan. I pull your shorts off you and lead you to the bed. “Lay down baby.” You lay on the bed in anticipation of me joining you. But instead, I walk over to the dresser and open up a drawer. I look at your naked body in the mirror as you wonder what I’m doing. I pull out a pair of black silk stocking and walk over to you. “Trust me baby?”

“Oh, yeah” you moan. I take one hand and tie it to the bed post, tight around your wrist. Then I walk around the bed to the other side and do the same with your other hand. You feel scared and excited at the same time. Here you are, you don’t even know me and I’m tying you to the bed. But you don’t care, I can do anything and you wouldn’t care!

Watching you, I slip off my jacket. Walk to the closet and hang it up. As I’m walking back, you can see my nipples are so big and hard through my blouse. I stand next to the bed and with my fingertips, begin to move them around my nipples. You watch as they become bigger and harder at my touch. I untuck my blouse and pull it over my head. You can see my soft huge breasts barely contained in my low cut black lace bra. Licking your lips, so hungry to taste me. I reach around and unhook my bra and slowly take it off. My nipples are bright pink and the most erect you’ve ever seen on any woman. I take a warm soft breast in each hand and squeeze and rub them. My palms against my hard nipples. I put a knee on the bed and bend over you to let you taste one.

Your hungry mouth tries to take my whole breast inside it. Sucking hard with your lips as your tongue flickers over my nipple. God that feels so fucking good! I moan as I pull my breast out of your mouth, hearing the smacking sound of your lips not ready to release me. I step back, and unzip my skirt. Wiggling it over my hips, I take it off. Slowly walking bahis siteleri over to the closet, letting you admire my ass as I walk, I hang it up. I walk back to your side and see the precum on your cock. Bending down, I take your cock into my hand and lick the juice off you, kissing your belly where it has seeped. Having your cock on my tongue has made me even more aroused. I slip my fingers down into my panties and begin to rub my pussy. It’s so wet and so hot, my head tilts back as I moan. Rubbing up and down the inside of my lips. Your eyes watching me, loving how turned on I am, wanting to taste me. My hips begin to move, moving my fingers up and down, getting more and more wet. I take them out of my panties and move them to your lips. You take all four fingers inside your mouth and suck them hard. I bend down and kiss you, wanting to taste my juice in your mouth.

You instinctually try to pull your hand away from the bed, to press my body to yours, but you can’t move them. Stepping back from the bed, I put my fingers on my panties and slowly move them down over my stockings and heels. You moan as you see my smooth pussy, my huge enflamed lips, a small patch of soft curly auburn hair at the top of my slit. Wanting to taste my self again, I spread my legs a bit and put my index finger inside my wet hole. I’m so wet, that you can hear it move inside me. I move it in and out. Then I rub my juice on your nipple and kiss and lick it off as I let you clean my finger. Your cock is so big and hard right now. I can see it throbbing against your belly. Cum dripping onto your body. I again take it in my fingers and kiss all the cum off your head and belly, licking my lips to enjoy your taste.

My clit is so hard and swollen right now, I climb onto the bed and straddle your hips. Your hard wet cock needing so badly to explode. I take it into my hands and hold it against my clit as I move my body up and down on you. Masturbating myself with your warm hard cock. Watching you as you feel it in my hot pussy lips, your eyes closed, moaning, your hips moving to allow me more pleasure. I can feel you hot balls against my ass each time I go down. Your hairy legs feeling the wetness of my pussy. I take my free hand and rest it on the head board and feed you my soft warm white breast. You shake your head a bit, trying to get more of me in your mouth. My other breast jiggling warmly against your cheek. Your hands struggling to be free to touch me. You want so badly to roll me over and plunge your throbbing cock inside me.

No longer able to hold out, I raise me ass and press the tip of your hot cock against my opening. I’m so excited that as soon as I feel your bahis şirketleri cock, my pussy opens up and it slides inside my hot wet tight hole. We both moan loudly as your cock fills me. My tight pussy squeezing your huge cock, your cock stretches me. Our bodies begin to move against each other. My swollen clit hitting hard against the base of your cock. I sit up, back arched, head back and let out a low moaning scream as my pussy explodes around your cock. The throbbing of my pussy so tight around your hard cock. You continue to move and pump into me as my juices begin to flow out of me, onto your balls. Feeling your cock begin to throb, seeing your face as you are ready to have an incredibly intense orgasm, I pull your cock out of my tight wet hole.

Kneeling down by your feet, I take your wet sticky cock into my hand and begin to lick our cum off it. My lips and tongue moving up and down, from your balls to the ridge of your cock head. My hand rubbing my cum over your balls. Your hips bucking, begging me to take your cock inside my mouth, I run my tongue around the ridge of your head. You can feel my warm breath on the head of your cock, precum running down your shaft onto my fingers. I wrap my fingers around your cock and begin to stroke you hard and fast. My tongue cleaning off the cum as I jack you off. I lower my head, and take you into my hot mouth. Stroking you hard I start to suck you off. Your cock goes deeper and deeper into my mouth. Your hips moving, forcing me take more. I open my throat, and let your cock slide down into it. With the pressure of my throat on your throbbing cock head, you let out a deep soundless moan as you thrust your cock further down. Feeling your cock inside me, throbbing, feeling the cum begin to rise, your cock swelling inside my mouth.

Your body tenses as you moan low and deep and release hot spurts of cum into my throat. I can feel it going down my throat, but there is so much, if quickly fills what little space there is in my mouth. It overflows running out onto my lips and down my chin. Gasping for air, I take your cock out of my mouth, still spurting huge streams of hot thick white cum, I aim it for my mouth wanting to take every ounce of it. Your cum hits my mouth, my cheeks, forehead, hair, dripping down my chin and onto my fingers and breasts. Your body quivers as the last drop comes out of your cock. As you lay there, recovering, I wipe the cum off with my fingers and let my tongue enjoy it. I take some and rub it on your nipples and lips. As soon as my fingers touch you nipples, you jerk violently, as though it hurts. You lick your lips to taste your self as I softly lick and kiss your nipples clean.

Totally exhausted, I reach up and untie your hands. I curl up next to you, my leg over yours, our warm wet bodies against each other, I lay my head on your still heaving chest as my fingers lightly circle your nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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