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He stared at her across the crowded bar, tracing an idle circle around the rim of his glass. She was a thing of pure beauty, one of those rare women who could be an object of desire just as easily as she could be a work of art. She was tall; her alabaster legs were toned and well-framed by the black skirt she wore. Every man in the bar watched her, but he knew she was looking only at him. You see, this was their game, and they both loved it.

They had known each other for years. They had been friends and lovers, but fate kept them apart. It was a sadness that both knew and accepted. These encounters were their therapy. They both relished the little game of cat and mouse. They would arrange to meet some place nice and public. He would find her, swoop in, tease her, flirt with her, and she would return the favors. Sometimes they would both be in business meetings, and smoking text messages or racy photos would be sent to their phones. Once, he had slipped out during a board meeting and emailed her a video file of himself spitting into his hand and pleasuring himself for her amusement. On another date, he arrived at his office to find a package in his mailbox, an envelope that contained a pair of her sexiest panties. They constantly emailed each other links to various movies, stories, and articles that showed things they wanted to do to each other. She made a sex tape of herself ravaging her glistening pussy with a vibrator but only let him see a fraction of it. They delighted in teasing each other to the point of orgasm. When they were in the same room, it was pure magic.

He drained the last drop of his drink, and slowly walked past her at the bar where she canlı bahis perched on a stool, smoking a cigarette through crimson lips. He mouthed an “excuse me” and reached around her to drop a twenty on the bar to cover his drinks. As he straightened to leave, he discretely traced a fingertip coated in icy water from his glass up the smooth flesh of her exposed thigh, ending with a small pinch, just enough to get her attention. She watched him as he entered the elevator outside the bar. God, she loved their sport. Giving him a few minutes, she entered the elevator to follow him to their room. On the way up, she reached under her skirt and felt the dampness of her skimpy boy shorts. For the last hour, he had been texting her stories of what he was going to do to her when they met and she was soaked in anticipation. She quickly reached up and slid her panties off and dropped them into her purse. Biting her lip in slyness, she reached for her phone and sent him one word: ROUGH. She always let him now how she wanted it.

The room was dark and ice-cold as she entered. She fastened all the locks and kicked off her black leather shoes. He loved her toes and feet, so she always wore strappy shoes and kept her feet elegantly pedicured. She walked slowly in the room and felt a rush of air as he appeared behind her, grabbing her around the waist and breathing heavily into her ear.

“I was hoping you would say rough tonight, my dear. All those naughty little pictures you have been leaving me for the last week or so really have my blood up.”

With a little squeal, she ground her ass into his lap, “Feels like something else is up, too” she giggled. He growled a Yes as bahis siteleri he dropped to his knees before her. He began with her toes. There was no preamble or words. He kneaded each foot until she gasped in pleasure and slowly began to lick and suck each toe, drawing each one into his mouth, building her to the height of bliss and occasionally biting down on each toes, just to hear her draw her breath in. He was a good lover, one who loved to use his tongue and teeth to alternate pleasure and pain for his partners. As the worship of her feet continued, he allowed his hands to move up her shapely legs, massaging her firm calves while he silently winced at the absolute smoothness of those legs. His tongue moved up her left leg and down it, swirling around before repeating the process on her right. He grunted in anticipation as he found his way to her thighs, tasting them in turn. She whimpered a little and pulled her miniskirt up for him, as she backed onto the bed. He passed from her wonderful thighs and traced his tongue along the edge of her cheek, torturously moving the smooth edge of his tongue closer and closer to her glorious pussy. She drew in a sharp gust of breath as the tip of his tongue found the very beginning of her taint. She was not into any sort of anal play, which was fine with him, but he loved getting her right to the edge of it. Flicking his tongue quickly, he slowly, oh so slowly, moved toward her pussy.

She knew that he despised body hair, so she always prepared herself for him. When his tongue rounded her, she had waxed herself smooth as polished silver. His hands found her wetness, and he surged upward, their mouths meeting in a fierce and bahis şirketleri passionate series of kisses. As their tongues mingled and grappled, he allowed his fingers to slide into her slippery pussy. When he felt the wetness of her, she felt his cock surge in his pants. “Oh fuck, she thought, he is still at least half-dressed” she thought. He slid one finger into her, pounded her for a moment, and then almost too-quickly added another. As his hand grew sopping with her juices, he pulled a finger out and dribbled some sweetness onto her clit, then resumed finger-fucking her with two fingers while he twiddled her button with this thumb. Every so often he would withdraw a finger and trace it on her lips. He craved the taste of her, and above all he liked to eat her juices off her own mouth. He whispered into her ear after a long and wet kiss “I am going to get a little something to eat, but I always tenderize my meat first”. She giggled as he opened his zipper. Her giggle gave way to a little scream as he slammed his thick cock into her balls-deep once, twice, three times. He pulled out and thrust his tongue into her, fucking her pussy with it just like it was a dick. He moved his mouth over her clit, and began to suck it, drawing it into his mouth and running his tongue over the tip of it. She was blessed with a sensitive (and big one) and he loved it. He slid a finger into her and slowly crooked it upwards, finding her g-spot. He gently massaged it as he sucked her clit. She felt her orgasm begin to build and still he sucked and hammered her. Soon, she arched her back and screamed as her climax washed over her. Her tight pussy spasmed and clenched his fingers, clamping down like a vise. He coaxed his fingers out, and licked her delightful taste from them.

With a languid stretch, she looked up at him through bed-tousled head and smirked, “Time for round two!”

–To be continued–

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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