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The star lit sky hung over head as Stacy a wonderfully curvy girl sat outside her window on the roof crying softly, it was long past midnight and she didn’t want to wake her father with her tears, she knew he hated to see her cry, and if he found out it was because of Mark, he would probably throw a fit and go punch him. Even though Mark had been such a jerk earlier that day and dumped her just because she wouldn’t give it up to him, she still cared about him and didn’t want to see him hurt, just like she wasn’t ready for all the pain her girlfriends told her came with losing her virginity, she hated to see anyone in pain. Stacy looked up at the stars thankful that it was such a warm night. She wished her mother was still around to talk to about all this confusing girl stuff, the fun and happy parts and the crappy painful parts; she missed her mother, but knew she left to find her own happiness; she had come to accept that a long time ago.

Stacy’s tears began to dry after a while and she was almost ready to go back in and maybe try to get some sleep, but before she even moved she heard a gentle moan from her father’s window, she hadn’t realized he had his window open, otherwise she wouldn’t have come out on the roof to cry. When the moans continued coming from his window growing in sound and driving Stacy crazy with curiosity, her father had never had a woman over, she knew that it had been years since her father had had a sexual release that wasn’t from his own hand, she also knew it was because he didn’t she would be OK with it. In all honesty Stacy wanted to see if her father was jacking off, she wanted to see how big he was, her girlfriends were always boasting about their boyfriends and how those guys had huge dicks, almost seven inches. After sitting there for a while, her mind whirling and wondering, Stacy, trying her best to be silent, got up on her bare feet and tip toed over to her father’s window, she could barely see in, but knew that he wasn’t moving and most likely not awake, or at least she hoped.

Leaning in the window, the white plastic complaining under her hands, she could see the tent her father had created in his sleep, from the size of the tent Stacy could only imagine the size without the sheet over him. With curiosity eating away at her better judgment, Stacy slipped her feet over the window sill, with her body hanging on the very edge she pushed herself off and landed with a little bump on the carpeted floor. Before she even dare to move she made sure her father’s breathing was even and sounded like it always did when he slept, she knew the sound from all the times she had snuck out, from 15 to 18 she was out 3 times a week, she was pretty sure he knew she was doing it, but as long as she was there in the morning and going to school, he didn’t say anything. Stacy stood up and crept to the side of her father’s bed, her hands were clammy with excitement and nervousness at what she was about to do, somewhere in her mind she knew it was wrong but she wanted to see the tool that made her.

Before her mind talked her out of it, Stacy gently rolled back her father’s sheets, the sheet itself got a little stuck on her father’s tool, Stacy had to give the sheet a little yank and just like that her father’s tool sprang up, standing tall and proud, as it was canlı bahis released from the sheet it bounced against her father’s stomach, Stacy couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched it slap him above his belly button, making him moan low in his belly. Stacy didn’t totally understand the feeling going through her but recognized it as what her girlfriends described as lust or horny, she couldn’t believe it, she was horny for her dad, she wanted him, and right then she wanted to jerk him off, something she had only seen done when her boyfriends were trying to get her to do it for them, but she had always refused. Stacy could feel herself getting moist between her legs and as her mouth started to water with the desire to take him into her mouth and make him cum, she reached out and slipped her finger gently around his tool, her father moaned and instantly thrust his hips to meet her fingers.

Taking that as a welcome gesture she strengthened her grip and started moving her hand up and down like she had seen the guys do so many times, her arm started to ache with the effort of a new motion she wasn’t used to. Her father kept moaning and thrusting his hips, so she fought past her pain and kept going until he came all over her hand and his chest and belly, she was shocked at how much came out and suddenly felt a painful ache between her legs, she wanted him and his cum inside her virgin hole. After her father had finished and his breathing returned to normal, she felt his cum dripping down her hand and onto the floor, then she remembered how her girlfriends had told how they swallowed their boyfriends cum, she wanted to taste her father’s baby gravy, the very same seeds that had made her 19 years ago. The flavor exploded in her mouth, it was sweet and salty at the same time, it didn’t taste like anything she had ever had before but she knew she wanted to taste it again, and would look for another opportunity to do just that.

Slipping the sheet back over her father and his now limp tool hanging over his thigh, she crept out his door and down the hall to her own bedroom; she had her clothes off quickly and was slipping in bed within minutes. She felt so energized she couldn’t sleep and she could feel the moisture on her thighs, biting her lip she let her hand slide down over her breasts, over her belly button, and down to the source of the moisture. Stacy wasn’t totally sure what to do at first, but as she pressed her middle finger along her slit her body took over and after some teasing and torture of her clit and virgin hole, she was Cumming, gushing a puddle over her bed. Her body twitched with delight and satisfaction, as her breathing came back down she began to feel sleepy, but knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep well with the wet spot under her, she climbed on top of her covers and fell fast asleep with her first wet dream.

The Morning After

David woke the next morning feeling more rested and relaxed than he had in a long time, he wasn’t surprised that he had had a wet dream the night before, that had become a regular thing for him in the years since his wife had left. The only thing different about the dream was that it wasn’t about his wife or some random woman he saw on the streets, this time it was his daughter. Stacy, he could still see the childlike innocence as bahis siteleri she reached out and jacked off his cock, even the memory was making him lustful of her young body. The changes in her hadn’t gone unnoticed by him or many of the other men and boys in their neighborhood, he couldn’t help but wonder at what was hiding under her short skirts.

Sighing heavily, he knew that he shouldn’t be having these thoughts about his own daughter, but couldn’t help that she was now a woman, and a beautiful one at that. David resigned himself to get out of bed and get going with his day and onto work, but as he threw back the sheets with a hot shower in mind he couldn’t help but wonder at how the sheet seemed to stick to his belly, chest, and thigh where his cock was resting. Looking down he knew instantly why the sheet had stuck to him, he seemed to have climaxed sometime in the night,

‘Odd,’ he thought to himself, ‘I haven’t cum in my sleep like that since back in college,’ as he swung his feet over the side of the bed and to the floor he felt his feet land on something hard and dried, looking down he knew without a doubt that that was his cum, ‘what the hell is going on?’

Deciding not to ponder that thought too long David rushed off to the shower knowing that it would take a little extra time to clean his own cum off his skin, he was just glad it was Friday, he would have more time to think this over later.

Stacy woke up feeling giddy and horny thinking back on what she had seen, and especially what she had done the night before, her mouth began to water as she thought about how hard her father’s tool was in her hand and not only that, but how warm it was. She loved the feeling of it throbbing in her hand and because of her hand, Stacy began to feel another urge to pleasure herself again, but as the sounds of her father in the shower reached her ears, she realized she had to get up and make breakfast for the both of them as she had done every morning since the day she graduated.

She got out of her bed and as she reached for her big fluffy robe she wore every morning her loins and the sinner inside her made her seek out the short silk robe her mother had left behind, her father had given it to her when he saw how she admired it hanging in his closet. Stacy quickly found her favorite bra, a green silk thing with black lace around the sides,

“I might not be experienced, but I’m not stupid,” she said to herself grinning in her full length mirror as she manipulated the robe to show almost everything underneath.

Stacy walked slowly down stairs trying to be careful so as not to mess up her first trail run at teasing a man. She whipped up some eggs and toasts, putting them in the oven to stay warm as she waited for the sounds of her father coming down to eat and go to work.

And she didn’t have to wait long, within five minutes she could hear him coming down the stairs, she reached into the oven for his food and just as he was rounding the corner saying how good it smelled, he cut himself off as he got a sight of her juicy thighs running up into the hem of his wife’s silk robe. Stacy popped up with a smile and two plates of food, and as her top gaped open, she greeted her slacked jawed father.

“Morning Daddy, did you sleep OK? I made eggs and toasts bahis şirketleri again, I wasn’t feeling like anything major this morning, I hope that’s OK.” David could only stare down at his daughter’s breasts, large and pressed together in that sexy bra, they looked so soft and welcoming, he lost every ability to speak as his eyes took in the pleasant sight before him, “Daddy? DADDY!”

“What was that pumpkin?” David couldn’t help but blush as he sat down across from Stacy to eat his breakfast.

“I asked how you slept.”

“Oh, surprisingly well thanks, how about you?”

“Well I didn’t get to sleep till late, but once I did, it was wonderful,” as she spoke Stacy pressed her wrist against her breasts making them seem bigger as they pressed outward against the material that was barely holding them in place, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry Daddy I didn’t they were out there like that.” Stacy quickly fixed up her robe so that her breasts were once again hidden away from prying eyes, David felt a little angry as she covered them in front of him but said nothing as he finished his breakfast and went back upstairs without a word, he had a phone call to make, and then he was taking a long weekend.

When David came back downstairs only a few minutes later, he had a new attitude about him and was going to use it to his advantage, as he came into the kitchen, Stacy was almost done cleaning the dishes from breakfast. She gasped as David grabbed her wrist in an unbreakable grasp and pulled her from the sink to the kitchen table, he pulled out a chair, sat down, and threw her down across his lap.

“Daddy please what are you doing?” she wanted to get up but had a feeling it was better to stay down and wait.

“You, little girl, are getting a spanking, you have needed one a for a long time now, seeing that boy at all hours of the night, sneaking out without asking me, and now, teasing me in that tiny robe and slutty bra,” David lifted the hem of the robe to find she wasn’t wearing any panties and as his cock started to grow in his pants he smiled with another reason to punish her, “and now look what we have here, no panties. Do you want to be a slut? Because that is what not wearing any panties means, it means you want to be a slut and you’ll spread your legs for anyone who pays.”

“NO Daddy please, I don’t want to be a slut I promise, I promise I’ll wear panties every day from now on, I won’t tease you ever again, I’m sorry!” Stacy began to cry feeling like a disappointment to her father.

Stacy yelped as the first blow landed right on her right cheek, David wanted her to remember and thus made it hurt, he would hit one cheek over and over and only after hearing her beg would he switch to the other one. When he was done, David could feel the heat coming off her ass, and the sting in his hand,

“Get up Stacy and stand in front of me.” Trying to calm herself as tears ran down her cheeks, she did as she was told, “Good girl, now given how you are dressed and the way you acted last night and this morning, I can only take that to mean one thing. You want to be treated like a slut and you want to be one, so for everything you do, I will pay you 50 dollars. Do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Good. Now strip, get on your knees, and blow me like a good cock sucker.”

While Stacy was a little scared at how things were turning out, she could deny the excitement she felt at what was happening, she had wanted to suck her father last night and now she was going to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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