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They drove back to Tiffany’s house in silence, each of them thinking of what the other might say. When they got to the house they went into the living room, sitting on chairs on the opposite side of the room.

Tina said “I think we need to talk. We need to have a good long talk. You know, clear the air.”

Tiffany agreed, saying “What do you want to know?”

Tina said “I have so many questions; it’s hard to know where to start. But I’ll try.” She paused and then asked “So what’s your story?”

“Good question,” Tiffany said, “it’s a long story.”

“I have time,” Tina said. Tiffany took a breath and began.

“When I was a little boy, I knew I was different. I knew was a girl. My mother foolishly let me wear a dress once, and I refused to take it off. I didn’t talk like the other boys, I didn’t walk like the other boys, and I didn’t act the other boys. When someone hit me, I would just cry instead of hit back. In fact, I cried all the time, contrary to the other boys, who got angry. My mother wouldn’t let me wear girl clothes, but I found a way to be a girl anyway. I trained myself to talk very high and walk like a girl. This worked for grade school, but by middle school I began getting made fun of. I wore my hair long, painted my nails, and even put on makeup from time to time. I began getting gay comments every day. My mother, seeing that I was in agony, sought a solution. She took me to a special doctor and I ended up being put on hormone replacement therapy at age twelve. I was overjoyed, knowing that one day I would be a real girl.

“Of course, my therapy was illegal, as I was underage. But it worked spectacularly, though. I didn’t go normal through male puberty. My penis did not shrink at all; rather, it single-handedly seemed to defy my female transition. It grew big and hairy, forcing me to tape it between my legs. The hormones softened my body and added fat to my butt and breasts. Combined with minor electrolysis, my process of becoming a girl was going very well. While I was transitioning, I was home-schooled. A year later, as a freshman in high school, I came back as Tiffany. I noticed new feelings brewing within me, attractions and crushes.

“Unlike most male-to-female transsexuals, I got crushes on both boys and girls. I was actually kind of cute back then, so I got a boyfriend pretty easily. His name was Jason, and was really handsome. He and I were together three years, until October of my junior year. Throughout those three years, I had become a true girl, and both appearance and mentality. I never let Jason get past second, for obvious reasons, but I did suck him a few times. We had a real connection, and eventually I fell in love with him. My breasts had trouble growing, though, never reaching above an A cup. I also had no problem getting hard and cumming, which was also irregular.

“Anyway, one day I got lazy and didn’t bother to tape my penis down because it was the weekend and I thought I wasn’t going to see Jason that day. So anyway, after I ate breakfast and did my homework, I went up to my room and took a nap. While I was napping, I had a sex dream about Jason. Well, parts of Jason anyway.” Tiffany smiled deviously to herself, and continued. “I was sucking his dick, and he was really getting into it. He started fucking my face, forcing his cock down my throat. That was the dream, which I was thoroughly enjoying. I was sleeping on my stomach, and I must have started humping the bed. Anyway, I woke up to Jason kissing me on the back of the neck, saying ‘Someone’s horny.’ I explained my dream to him and he flipped me over and lay on top of me, kissing me. While we were making out I realized that I had a huge boner and my skimpy panties and tight cotton skirt didn’t exactly help. Before I could get him off me, he felt it. I tried to explain, but he just got really angry and ran out. I cried for weeks after that. My mom and I moved to a different county and I finished high school, never seeing him again.

“I went to college and eventually moved on with my life. I got C cup breast implants at 21 and hardly dated. I had sex, with both girls and guys. I never felt anything like I did with Jason. So I’ve been living alone for the past few years, mostly having one night stands.”

Tiffany exhaled and looked at Tina, who asked, “Why didn’t you get that surgery, you know, the one where they cut off your…your…”

“SRS,” Tiffany answered, “the surgery, I mean. Sex Reassignment Surgery. Well, I like my dick.” Tiffany giggled sweetly. “I feel like it’s a part of my body. It’s a part of me. I don’t mind it, I like it.”

Tina looked at Tiffany thoughtfully and said “So…” she bit her lip in embarrassment, “how big is it?”

Tiffany laughed, saying “How did I know you would ask that? Seven and half inches. There, how’s that?!”

“That’s great!” Tina exclaimed. She paused and asked, “What do think of me?”

Tiffany answered “I think you’re hot! Probably one of the hottest girls I’ve ever canlı bahis met.”

“Thank you, that’s awesome. But I have something to tell you. I’m a lesbian” Tina said.

“Oh…” Tiffany said, dismayed.

Tina said anxiously, “No! No, I mean, that’s good. I like girls, but I also like dicks. And you’re a girl with a dick.”

Tiffany smiled, standing up and saying “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yep” Tina answered, also getting up. They walked towards each other slowly, and kissed. It was tender and soft, long and sweet. The kiss ended, and they embraced, rubbing up against each other. Tina felt the bulge of Tiffany’s crotch pressing against her stomach. She felt a new stage in her life coming on as she felt the hard dick of Tiffany against her.

That night, lying in Stacy’s arms, the thoughtful darkness swirling around her, Tina couldn’t help but to think of Tiffany. She thought of the feeling of Tiffany’s soft breasts pressing against her own at the same time that Tiffany’s erect penis dug into her. Tina hadn’t been fucked by a real penis in three years. Ever since then, she had been satisfied with dildos, vibrators, and fingers. They could never replace the real thing. A plastic dildo was nothing compared to a throbbing, veiny, rock-hard dick. Tina had been secretly craving a cock for months now- kept under control by the ministrations of Stacy. Now that she knew Tiffany’s secret, Tina could hardly contain her excitement. If all went well, she could be getting fucked by a cock this weekend. And the best part was that Tiffany wasn’t a big, hairy man. She was a smooth, sexy, and blonde beauty who happened to have the equipment of a man. It was all so sexy, Tina couldn’t help but to get extremely turned on. Stacy could fulfill her lesbian needs, and Tiffany could gratify her straight ones. It was a win-win. Tina fell asleep thinking of how good it will feel to have a dick in her again.

Derry had to gather her thoughts. She needed to calm down. She was getting too eccentric. She slipped off her nightie and panties, taking a cold shower. She felt her nipples harden instantly in response to the icy water, and quickly wet her hair, washing it. She had a feeling about today. Today was going to be the day. The one where her and Stacy’s relationship would move to the next level. Something in the back of her mind told her that today was special. She shaved her armpits and legs and washed off, stepping out of the shower. She grabbed a towel and looked in the mirror as she dried off.

Today had to be the day. She needed it to be. She felt an overwhelming urge to be with someone, to have a meaningful bond. She wanted to wake up next to someone. She wanted someone to call when she was lonely, someone to be there for her. She thought these things as she put on a pair of her skimpiest thongs, a lacy red number. She painted her toes and fingernails bright red. She slipped into a tiny black cotton skirt and pulled on a form-fitting red blouse, no bra. She curled her hair slightly, and put on a generous amount of smoky eye shadow. Finally, she applied shiny red lipstick and looked at her finished work form in the mirror. She adjusted her boobs and put on a pair of silver, 3 inch heels that showed off her cute toes. She put on a long, heavy overcoat, picked up her purse, and was off to work, boobs bouncing and ass wiggling.

That day, while sitting in her office, Stacy was caught in a wondering stupor. Her sexy secretary had come to work in a trench coat, quite different from her normal attire. The thing that galled Stacy was that she hadn’t taken it off yet. Derry sat, smooth legs crossed, behind her desk, idly smiling, a note of lust in her eyes. Her red lipstick looked very appealing to Stacy. Wet, luscious…inviting. Stacy wondered what exactly Derry had on under the coat, and had a feeling she would soon find out. Until then, the thought drove her crazy.

During her lunch break, Stacy was getting some water in the break room when she found out. Derry strutted in, hips swaying and braless breasts jiggling, staring right at Stacy. Derry sauntered over to the bathroom and disappeared from Stacy’s view. Stacy was left in shock, her pussy hot, wet, and dripping. This girl wanted it. She had to, judging by the look Stacy had just received. Stacy slowly walked over to the bathroom door, pausing and taking a breath. She pushed the door open to find Derry fixing her makeup in the mirror. Stacy walked over to the luscious redhead, turned her around, and kissed her full on the mouth. The kiss lasted for about ten seconds.

Derry pulled away, saying, “I thought you had a girlfriend.” Stacy responded by jamming her mouth against Derry’s in another wet kiss. They made out for a few more heated minutes.

Stacy, stopping, said, “Meet me at Club L tonight at nine. Wear something sexy.” She left the bathroom, leaving Derry tasting her saliva in her mouth. Stacy thought about Derry all day. That evening, sitting down to dinner with bahis siteleri Tina, talking, chatting, and eating, one thing was on Stacy’s mind. It wasn’t the spaghetti. At about eight, Stacy told Tina she needed to go in to the office to work on a project, bringing her clubbing clothes in her purse. She got in her car and drove.

Club L, the hottest lesbian scene in the city. Girls came from all over just to party there. Sleek and hypnotic, the night club had an air of primal urge to it. Stacy had taken Tina there many times. Good music, hot girls, and strong drinks characterized the club. Stacy was a bit nervous. Something about the thought of cheating on Tina ate at her conscience. Her desire pushed her conscience aside. She got to the club at eight thirty, observing the flashing pink neon sign that read simply: “L.” Once inside, she sauntered over to the bathroom to change. She stripped her “work” clothes off inside the stall. She slipped into a skimpy silver dress, lowcut and baggy, about halfway to her knees. She had no bra on with a silver, sequined g-string. She exited the stall and did her makeup, applying a generous amount of lip gloss. Walking out of the bathroom, she headed for the bar to wait.

Sipping her martini, Stacy took in the club. Tons of girls on the dance floor, bumping and grinding to the beat. A few men were spread throughout the mob of sweaty girls. It was relatively dark, lit up by strobe lights and blue and purple sheet lights. Once in a while, a red spotlight would move throughout the crowd. A DJ was playing up on a stage near the dance floor. Heavy, rumbling bass blasted from the speakers. Girls talked in private booths, tables, and lounges on the sides. There was a balcony on the second floor overlooking the dance floor in front of the V.I.P. lounge. Here and there girls made out, openly groping each other in the heat of passion.

The dance floor was another thing. There, girls were literally on each other, humping and grinding their crotches into asses, or breasts into breasts. Some fondled each other; some kissed or licked, some just made out. Everyone was on the beat.

Stacy looked around and caught sight of Derry. She had just entered, and was craning her neck to find Stacy. Stacy almost choked on her drink. Derry looked…indescribable. She had done her hair so that it bounced with body and curls. Her eyes were perfection, haloed by smoky black mascara. Her lips shined in the light. She was dressed in a sparkly red two piece number. It glimmered like rubies, and left very little to the imagination. The top was a small tube top, only long enough to push up and cover her magnificent breasts. The bottom was a microscopic miniskirt that barely covered her ass, which hung out the bottom ever so slightly. She had completed the outfit with shiny red, 4 inch heels. Her toned stomach was completely bare and her legs had never looked better. Stacy waved at her and she glided over. “Oh my God! You look so good! This place is really cool!” Derry said, sitting next to Stacy at the bar. “You look amazing” Stacy answered, gesturing toward Derry’s body.

“Thanks” Derry said, smiling and blushing.

“Come with me, we’ll go get a booth” Stacy said, offering her hand.

“O.K.” Derry said, taking Stacy’s hand. They walked over to a booth and sat across from one another.

Stacy began, saying “Listen, before I say anything, ask me any questions you have- because, we’re kind of at, like, a turning point, or something.”

“O.K.,” Derry said, “what happened to your girlfriend?”

“She…we…split up” Stacy said awkwardly.

“Oh…sorry” Derry said even more awkwardly.

“It’s O.K. Besides, I’m kind of happy about it. Now we can be together” Stacy said, taking Derry’s hands in hers.

“I wanted this for so long” Derry said, leaning in toward Stacy.

“There are a few things I have to tell you before-” Stacy began, “before, you know, we start. No one at work can know about this. I’m still in the closet there, and if someone were to find out, I’d lose my job. You’d probably lose your job too. So, at work, we should keep it strictly professional.”

“O.K.” Derry said dreamily.

“Alright,” Stacy said, “with that out of the way, I’d just like to say that you are one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. You’re breasts are amazing.”

“What these?” Derry asked, gesturing to her chest, “They’re nothing.”

“Nothing!?” Stacy exclaimed, “I wish I had a pair of those, they’re huge! And so sexy in that top too.”

“Well, you might just get to feel them sometime in the near future, if you play your cards right” Derry said suggestively.

“Well, let’s hope I do” Stacy said. There was pause where the two girls just looked into each other’s eyes. “Do you want to dance?” Stacy asked.

“Sure” said Derry, sweetly, a hint of excitement in her voice. A song had just ended, and the people on the dance floor got a few minutes’ rest. Stacy led the sexy redhead through the mass bahis şirketleri of sweaty, jealous girls. Derry could see some of them checking her out. She just smiled back as they looked on in amazement. Once they were in the middle of the dance floor Stacy turned to face Derry. As the crowd waited for the next song to start up, Derry smelled a mixture of perfumes and body odors, all mixing together in an orgy of scent.

The DJ started something up, a low baseline that sounded like a synthesized electric guitar. The mass of girls cheered as the music began. The DJ shouted something that Derry couldn’t hear over the cheering and club went dark, with the baseline still playing. Derry felt Stacy’s hands on her hips. Suddenly, the club was lit up by a storm of red lights. The blue and purple sheet lights had turned red, and several bright red lights flashed throughout the club. The red spot light began to whirl through the crowd as the beat set in. The thunderous bass awoke the crowd and everyone started to dance. Everyone on the dance floor moved as one. It became crowded, with the girls all pushing up against each other as they danced. Derry felt the beat infest her body and bounced to it. She ground her ass into Stacy’s crotch and rotated quickly, letting Stacy ride it. Stacy guided her with her hands, and humped her crotch into Derry’s ass. Derry began to sweat, sweat dripping down her stomach. Tremendous heat was being generated from the two girls as they danced to the beat. The song sped up and everyone danced faster, and more franticly. Red lights flashed and swept everywhere. Stacy turned Derry around and ran her hands down the front of her body. She groped the sexy girl’s sweaty breasts, and Derry threw her head back in pleasure. Once she felt Derry’s nipples harden under top, Stacy moved her hands down to her ass and pressed Derry’s crotch into her own. They ground together while Stacy nibbled Derry’s ear and sucked her neck.

The song ended with Stacy and Derry kissing deeply. The next song was slow, so Derry put her hands around Stacy’s neck, pressing her body up against the blonde’s. They looked into each other’s eyes, whispering words of lust in one another’s ears. They danced for about an hour more and decided to call it a night. They stepped out into the cold night air, and Stacy said “I’ll come over to your place Saturday night, O.K.?”

“Not tonight?” Derry asked, making a pouty face, disappointed.

“No, not tonight. Saturday night. I’ll see you then” Stacy said seductively. She pulled Derry in for a goodnight kiss, which turned into a goodnight make out. After about five minutes, Stacy came up for air, saying “Saturday night. Bye.”

“Bye” Derry answered licking her lips, watching her new lover walk away. It occurred to her that Saturday night should be fun.

Tina called Tiffany the following morning, when Stacy went to work. “Hello?” answered Tiffany’s voice over the receiver.

“Hey Tiffany, it’s Tina” Tina said brightly.

“Hi Tina! What’s up?” Tiffany answered happily.

“Nothing much, just wondering if you’d like to go out for lunch today.”

“I’d love to! What time?”

“I’ll pick you up at twelve?”


“Great! See you at twelve.”


“Bye!” Tina said, hanging up the phone. Tina had to pick out the right first date outfit. It should be more conservative than usual. After all, Tina did have the whole afternoon free. She slipped on jean capris with a white tee shirt and pink sweatshirt, topping the outfit with a pair of sandals. She put her hair back in a pony and slipped on a pair of movie star sunglasses. When Tina pulled up to Tiffany’s house, Tiffany came prancing out in a short black skirt and white sweater with high heels. Her hair bounced with volume and curl.

Getting in the car, Tiffany said “Hey Tina!”

They kissed and Tina said “Hi.” They made small talk until they arrived at the nice upscale café. They got a nice table by the window. Once they ordered, Tina said softly, lustfully, “I’ve been thinking about it all the time.”

“Thinking about what?” Tiffany asked.

“You know what” Tina said.

“Oh…” Tiffany said, enlightenment washing over her, “really?”

“Yeah” Tina said, nodding slowly, “I can’t get it out of my head.”

Tiffany blushed profusely and said “I’ve been thinking about you too.”

“Oh? What about me, exactly?” Tina asked devilishly.

“I don’t know, your boobs, your butt, your…” Tiffany trailed off, embarrassed.

“My what?” Tina asked persistently.

“Your…” Tina said slowly.

“My what?” Tina repeated.

“Your pussy,” Tiffany said, “I’ve been thinking about your pussy.” Tiffany was flustered red with embarrassment.

“What about my pussy?” Tina said, hungrily looking Tiffany in the eye.

“You know, I…” Tiffany began.

“Do you wanna fuck it?” Tina half whispered.

“What?” Tiffany said, extremely embarrassed.

“Do you wanna fuck it? Do wanna fuck my pussy?” Tina said quickly, intensely. “Yes” Tiffany whispered, staring down at the table, blushing profusely.

“Is your cock hard?” Tina asked as if making normal conversation again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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