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Austin was a sophomore studying engineering at a college in the Northeast. The spring semester had begun to get into its routine as classwork and lab assignments were due with an alarming regularity. Fortunately, just as the workload was starting to wear everyone down, Spring Break occurred. For many of my fellow students, Spring Break meant heading south to Florida and the Caribbean where the more affluent students would be renting condos, or the less well-off, rooms at the Holiday Inn. This is the story of a memorable Spring Break, but we’ll let Austin tell it in his own words.


I’ve never been one much for sitting in the sun, which is probably due to my very Germanic complexion—blue eyes and blond hair. Also, likely having much to do with my northern European genes is my liking of snowy weather and in particular winter sports, not the least of which is skiing, both downhill and cross-country.

So, this is a long-winded explanation for why I chose to take up my aunt and uncle on their offer to let me use their condo in Vermont over Spring Break. My aunt and uncle have no children and you could say that I am their favorite nephew. While I have never seen the condo in Vermont, let’s just say that I know my aunt and uncle don’t do anything on the cheap. When they fly somewhere it’s usually business or first class and I’ve never known them to drive anything other than a Mercedes-Benz.

What I’m saying is that I jumped at the chance to use the condo and invited two of my fraternity brothers to come along. As it turns out, they also belong to the ski club and don’t much care for sitting on beaches either. Like many frats, we had weird names for one another. Larry, because he liked wearing red and black plaid wool shirts was the Lumberjack. Since I was a civil engineering student and out in the field with my transit, I was called Weeds. The third member of our break group was Dan, who was called Slick, but I have no idea why.

As guys, however, I should say that we are all red-blooded males who happen to enjoy bikini-clad women, but that is just to set the record straight. The wheels for making the trip was my old Jeep Wrangler, which is the four-door version if you don’t know what I mean. It was great for getting through the snow but not the best riding car when making a five-hour drive. Nevertheless, we made it, found the right building, and let ourselves in. Nice digs! It was only a two-bedroom unit so Lumberjack and I each claimed a bedroom and told Slick that he would use the convertible sofa. After bringing our stuff in from the car, the most logical thing to do was to sit down, kick back, and have a beer.

After heading to the local pizzeria for dinner we sat and watched some lame movie on Netflix güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri before turning in. The next day the slopes just beckoned to us and we got an early start. The snow was perfect with a packed powder base and some new snow that had fallen overnight. After spending an entire day on the slopes we returned to the condo only to find another car parked adjacent to ours. Moments later a cute blond came out, said “hi” and got some luggage out of that car which she brought into the next door unit. As the three of us stood there ogling the eye candy as she disappeared into her condo, two more very good looking ladies came out to retrieve yet more luggage—apparently women no matter how old they are or where they are going prefer not to travel light!

Now, the three of us were thinking: How lucky could we be? Three of us and three of them! It seemed like the neighborly thing to do so we got some beers, went next door and rang the bell. When the blond answered it we offered the beers welcoming them to the neighborhood.

The blond’s name was Lindsey; the two others were Jamie and Kayla. All three attended a university in Connecticut. We hung out for a while but told them to come over later to our hot tub, which was out on the deck and easily accessed from their unit. They were ecstatic, but I couldn’t help but think that Lindsey was flirting with me. We’d have to see where this went.

The sun had gone down so Lumberjack, Slick and I went out to the deck, cranked the temperature up on the hot tub, and got in. At the outset we decided to be modest so it was swim trunks all around. I had no sooner turned on the jets in the tub when the sliding glass door of the next unit slid open and the three girls came to join us. Modesty as well as warmth had to be running through their heads, too, since they each were wearing a robe over their bikinis.

We could tell that these women were lookers even when we first met earlier in the day, but each one was cuter than the next. Slick brought out beers and we all sat around drinking and getting better acquainted. This went on for a couple of hours and ended when everyone feared that after sitting in hot water for any longer our skin would resemble prunes. The girls got out and headed back to their unit. Slick and Lumberjack went inside and just as I was about to put the cover back on the hot tub, Lindsey reappeared.

“I’m still wired from the drive up here and not ready to go to sleep quite yet,” she said casting me a to-die for smile. “What do you say? Let’s get back in the tub. Besides it’s so quiet with the gentle snow falling. I could just stay here and lose all perspective of time.”

I got in first and then Lindsey took off her robe. She was güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri still wearing the same bikini but now I was afforded a much closer look. Here was a girl with the perfect body, tits that were neither too big or too small–my guess was probably a 36C. The still wet bottoms formed a cameltoe and I was certain that her pussy was likely nicely shaved smooth. This girl was reason for an instant boner, which I could feel was now raging in my swim trunks.

“It is a little chilly,” said Lindsey and I noticed that her nipples, which were just above the waterline in the tub, were nicely erect even through the bra. At that she plunged her body neck deep in the hot tub.

“Let me turn up the jets. They feel like a water massage.” I turned the unit on ‘high’ and all jets were blasting bubbles everywhere you looked. The turbulence felt amazing as lots of bubbles came up around her tits.

“I sort of like the bubbles on my butt. They really tickle. Maybe I should turnaround?” she asked as she reached behind her back and undid her bra, which liberated the nicest tits I have ever seen. The nipples that I saw poking through earlier were majestic and just begging to be sucked.

It was difficult ignoring such an invitation and I ultimately gave in and obliged by sucking her left tit gently teasing its erect nipple with my teeth.

“Oh, that feels great. I wanted you to do that earlier but with five other people in the tub it wasn’t to be,” she said then working the bottoms of her bikini off.

It turned out that I was right, her pussy was perfectly shaved smooth, but then Lindsey positioned herself so that a water jet was aimed directly at it. “That feels so good massaging me down there!”

“I could massage you down there,” I said lowering my hand and finding her pubis.

“I am a little chilled. I’m getting goosebumps.”

“So I see,” I said thinking that her tits were anything but goosebumps. “Do you want to come closer?” I said putting my arm around her and pulling her closer to me.

“That is a lot better!” she exclaimed as she snuggled in with me, but then was hardly bashful about getting a firm hold on my outrageously erect manhood. “Why don’t you peel off those swim trunks. They seem to be in the way.”

I needed no second invitation, so I did as requested I was about to ask ‘in the way of what?’ but decided not to..

“There, that’s better isn’t it?” asked Lindsey who now had a firm grasp on things.

“It is, but maybe I need to check out a few things,” I suggested lowering my mouth and affixing it to her left nipple and starting to suck gently.

“Oh, don’t stop doing that. It feels so good that I think I could just cum,” purred Lindsey.

To güvenilir bahis şirketleri me that sounded like an invitation for me to go explore other parts of her amazing anatomy as I went in search of her pussy, well, more specifically her clit.

“Success!” she exclaimed wrapping her arms around my neck as I continued to focus my attention on her clit. Then Lindsey spread her legs and sat on my lap. I reclined in my seat and soon my manhood was at touching her pussy. I was still as erect as ever and I was no longer wondering whether we were going to have sex. I moved my finger from her clit and slowly introduced it into her vagina.

“Hmmm,” she cooed. “I like that, but I can think of something that I know I would like even better,” she said as she wiggled her pussy against my stiff manhood.

“You have a great tight pussy,” I told her as I allowed my organ to minimally enter her just past her labia.

“And you have a great dick, too,” Lindsey responded thrusting herself against me and allowing my manhood to fully enter her waiting vagina.

We engaged in some of the gentle preliminaries of slipping my dick slowly in and out. Lindsey’s pulse started to quicken, but in all honesty I think mine did, too. There is nothing like fucking a foxy woman to get my motor running.

“Do you think that you have a good load to give me tonight? I just love the feeling of hot, sticky cum up inside of me,” she purred.

“I would like nothing better than to fulfill your wish. Or maybe just fill you,” I said with a snicker. At that Lindsey decided to ride me hard. Her pussy felt great and I knew that I would be cumming in the not too distant future—let me rephrase that . . . as in a mere matter of seconds. A lot more motion and it turned out that I was right and spasm after spasm proceeded to fill Lindsey with my seed.

“That was amazing,” she whispered as she laid her head on my chest. Still those sweet luscious tits of hers floated at water level, their nipples still erect.

“I have an idea,” I began, “Why don’t you sit up on the edge so I can see your pussy much better.”

Lindsey thought that this was a great idea, but I suspect she already knew what I was up to when she boosted herself up on the edge of the tub and pulled her robe over her shoulders and boobs as protection from the cold night air. It was perfect! I was now at eye level with her pussy and decided that the first thing it needed was a kiss followed by a little tongue action on her clitty.

“Oh, that feels wonderful! Don’t stop whatever you do,” she cooed.

Soon I had my tongue up her vagina and the taste was distinctly salty, which I reasoned was some mixture of her feminine juices and my cum from earlier. Still, Lindsey had the tastiest pussy that I had ever eaten.

“If you keep doing that, you’re going to have to fuck me again,” she moaned.

I had been silently hoping that such would be the case. “There’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re willing, I’m ready.”

At that, Lindsey slipped back into the hot tub.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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