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It’s four a.m. the feel of your soft caress down my back awakens me.
I turn over to say I love you and kiss you and no one is beside me.

I close my eyes wondering if I was dreaming when I felt your touch.
I feel you presence as you arms pull me closer and our lips touch.

The intensity of your kiss make my body tremble clear to my soul.
I hear our hearts beat in unison as your spirit intertwines my soul.

I feel your touch as it sets me afire and you utter, “Kandy, I love you!”
I touch your body as I feel it responding to me whisper, “I love you”

Our bodies come together as one and you make passionate love to me.
I experience an earth-shattering climax then feel you climax inside me.

I lie next to you within the fold of your arm and slowly drift off to sleep.
Although we are miles apart, your spirit is right beside me as I sleep.


I came to you last night, did you know it?
I held you close last night. Did you feel my arms?

I tenderly kissed your soft lips last night. Can you still taste it?
I made passionate love to you last night. Do you feel the afterglow?


His name is John, and he is in his late fifties. He stands six-foot one, has a heavy sexy figure, with American Indian features, salt and pepper hair, and brown eyes. When he talks, a deep melodious voice enchants those around him. He has a loving heart, great attitude and gentle spirit, which were rare features in a man.

Her name is Kandy and she just turned fifty-five. She stands about five foot four, has a sexy full figure, seductive green eyes, and a cute button nose and wears glasses. She is also a vibrant free spirited redhead with a zest for living, loving and adventure.

When they met six months ago, it was John’s spirit that drew Kandy to him. As they chatted over dinner, she canlı bahis once again found someone she could call friend. Soon they went from friends to lovers as she took a chance on love again, hoping this time, fate would deal her a wining hand. However, he lived two hours from her. In time, she did not know if she could handle a long distant relationship.

That night Kandy did everything she thought of to relax and fall asleep. All she could see was John’s loving face and arms holding her. She sighed and said, “Oh god, I wish he was here lying next to me holding me. I want to feel his ardent kiss lighting the fires of passion deep within my soul. I want to reach out and caress his cock then guide it into my pussy. Then make love as we both go beyond the realm of ecstasy. She fell asleep dreaming of John.

It was four a.m. when Kandy was awaken by a soft caress down her the middle of her back. Not quite awake and thinking John was with her, she turned over to kiss him and say, I love you John.” Only to discover no one is beside her. She wished her was on the bed next to her, holding her close and kissing her passionately. She closed her eyes wondering if she was dreaming when she felt his touch.

Then she felt his presence as his arms went around her and pulled her close. His lips touched hers and the intensity of his kiss makes her body tremble clear to her soul. As he caressed her, the heat of her desires unfolds sending waves of electricity to the center of her womanhood. She laid her head upon his chest and listened, their hearts beating in unison as his spirit intertwines her soul.

Then she heard John say, “Kandy, I love you!”

She reached out to him and felt his body. As he responds to her she whispered, “I love you John.”

She felt him lift her nightgown and started kissing her leaving a wet a wet trail of butterfly kisses from her sweet lips to her hardening nipples. He stopped bahis siteleri only long enough to tell her how much her beautiful body turned him on.

She felt her skin tingle as he draws in her left nipple, holding it between his teeth, flicking it with his tongue then biting it gently. As his mouth tantalized her nipples, Kandy reached down and caressed his cheek with her fingers. Then with a feathery touch, her fingers went down the middle of John’s back. Kandy spread her legs wide and pulling his head closer to her wanting pussy.

John moved and knelt between her legs and begins teasing the outer rim of her pussy with his fingers making her shake with anticipation. He then slid his index finger inside her moisture-laden vagina, brought them to his lips, and licked off her sweet nectar. Spreading her lips once more he flicked her clit with his tongue as he slide two fingers inside her, making her gasp in delight. He continues eating her pussy until she begged for him to fuck her.

He then rose up and took his throbbing cock in his hand and began rubbing the head of it across her sensitive clit, knowing she is about to climax. All the sudden, he shoved his cock into her pussy with one hard thrust. He fucks her deep and hard as the waves of her climax surged though her body.

Kandy wrapped her legs around him, pulling his closer. Making his cock go as deep as it could inside her hot hole and she started milking it with her vaginal muscles. Then they kissed and their lips part, their tongues doing the dance of lovers.

Their bodies come together as one, as they made wild passionate love. As soon Kandy experience another earth-shattering climax as she felt John explode deep inside her.

She lay next to him within the folds of his arms and slowly drifted off to sleep. She knew that even though they were miles apart, his spirit was right beside her, protecting her and loving her, bahis şirketleri whilst she slept.

The next day John called Kandy as he has done every day since the day they met. He said, “Good morning beautiful.”

Kandy replied, “Good morning darling. I miss you.”

John then said, “Kandy, my love, my spirit is always with you. My spirit came to you last night. Did you know it? As I held you close, I tenderly kissed you soft lips. Can you still taste me on your lips? Then I made love to you. I kissed your lips leaving a trail of kisses down to your swollen nipples. Taking them into my mouth one at a time, I held them with my teeth, biting them gently. I stopped only so that I could move between your legs. I then slid my throbbing cock into your pussy. Fucking you hard as you rose up to meet my thrust, until I felt you tremble with a climax.”

Kandy then with a panting voice said, “Oh god, darling, I wish you were fucking me right now. My whole body is yearning to feel your touch. When will I see you again?”

John replied, “I know honey, I wish I was fucking you right now too. We will be together this weekend, after all, it will be Valentines Day and I have something special planned. I cannot wait to plunge my cock into your pussy again. I can almost feel your pussy milking my cock as it stiffens and explodes against every crevice of your pussy. Then when you tell me that you want to taste my cock after we fuck, I nearly pass out.”

Kandy then said, “Oh baby, I love sucking your cock. The aromatic smell intoxicates me as you bring your cock to my lips and I engulf it until my lips brush your pubic hair. Oh dear, keep talking like this honey and I will have to rub my clit and cum.”

John replied, “Let the waves of passion flow through your body baby. Now touch your clit and cum for me!”

“I love you! I am rubbing my clit for you, Oh dear—oh honey–yes,” Kandy screamed as she climaxed.

John replied, “If you remember only one thing my love, it is this. After the waves of passion cease and we lay in each others arms, Know this my love, you will never be without me my spirit is with you always.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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