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She tells me to come into office to talk about the account we’d lost. I know which account, and I know this is probably going to be unpleasant, because we’d lost it, and she’s angry, and it’s all probably my fault.

I’m expecting to be fired, or given a warning, or told this is going on some kind of permanent file.

Instead, she tells me to come over and stand beside her.

Unsure why, I do.

Closer, she says. I move closer. And still closer, she says, and I move again.

I’m standing right beside her, and she reaches out and takes my hand and pulls me forwards, so I overbalance.

I overbalance because I have heels, nice heels, because I don’t want to be so sensibly dressed at work that I don’t feel good about myself.

The heels really don’t help me right now.

She tugs, and I overbalance, surprised, unsure what’s happening. I put my hand on her chair arm, to catch myself, so I don’t fall right to the floor. I catch myself, and she keeps pulling. She pulls me onto canlı bahis her lap.

She pulls me, and I let her. I don’t entirely know why, because this is a very odd thing to be doing. I let her because part of me wants to be there, on her lap, I think. I let her because this is all so odd that I want to find out what she’s doing.

I know what she’s doing, of course, but I let her do it all the same.

I let her pull me over onto herself, pull until I’m lying over her lap, and as she does, when she does, her of all the people who might do this to me, it feels like a perfectly normal thing to be doing. It feels like the right thing to do. I lie there, holding myself as best I can so I don’t end up slipping, one of my hands on the edge of her desk and the other on the arm of her chair.

I lie there, still, unsure what’s going to happen next. She seems to be looking at me, as I lie there.

She looks at me, and then she pulls up my skirt. It’s loose enough it slides easily, and short enough bahis siteleri she can uncover my ass without it mattering that I’m lying on the front of it.

She pulls up my skirt, and just looks at me again, and I wonder if she’d looking at my undies. They’re nice ones, like my shoes, because that also makes me feel pretty at work. Nice, but not so nice they’re dirty.

She looks, and I lie there. We stay like that for a moment, and then, to my surprise, she spanks me.

The first time she hits me, I gasp. It’s a shock. I half expected it, I had some idea she might do that, since I’m lying on her lap like this, but I still didn’t really expect her to hit me.

She does. She smacks me. And it hurts, a lot. I gasp, and shriek, and start to tell her to stop.

She hits me again, and I just gasp instead of speaking.

It hurts. It’s painful. It’s embarrassing as well. It’s embarrassing and awkward because she’s my boss, and she’s spanking me, and I don’t know how to tell her to stop. bahis şirketleri

She hits me again, a third time and then a fourth, and now my ass is burning, and all of my insides are too. All of me is wet and hot and flushed and slightly sore, and I still don’t speak, because now I don’t want to say anything at all.

I just want her to keep going.

She spanks me for a while, until I stop trying to talk. She spanks me until my ass stings and my breath is shallow and I’m so hurt and excited I can’t think. No-one has ever done this to me before. I never knew I wanted anyone to.

She spanks me, until I almost think I’m going to cry, until I’m almost starting to worry about eyeliner running, then she slips her hand inside my undies and fingers me. She rubs me until I come. She makes me come, then she lets me stand up, and tells me to go, and says not to let a mistake like this happen again.

I nod. I say sorry, again, and go back to work. I go back to work without saying a word about what she just did.

I sit at my desk with my ass stinging, thinking. I’m embarrassed and ashamed and excited, too. After a while I start trying to work out what else I can do wrong, just to get myself into trouble with her again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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