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The First girl that I had to spank was called Julia. She was 18 years old and worked at our largest store near Chesterfield. She had been working as a key timer every weekend and bank holiday since she was 16 and was good at her job. My office was 20 miles away but I still visited every six to eight weeks to check on things and sort any problems out, as well as completing staff assessments and product training.

During an unannounced visit to that store I caught Julia kissing a man in the staff kitchen leaving the shop floor unattended as the other sales person had popped out for lunch. As we sold Home Entertainment goods, leaving the floor unattended was a serious matter. I waited until the other sales person returned before asking Julia to pop outside at the rear of the store to explain her.

After a lot of apologies and begging me not to fire her she asked me if I could deal with her another way. She told me that her father had left home, her mother had just been sacked and she was now the only wage earner at home. I didn’t really want to sack her as she was a good worker and one of the best sales people in that store, but didn’t want to just let her off with a warning either. So I asked her to suggest a punishment that would match the seriousness of the offence but still keep her, her job.

She said that at home before her father had left, if she had been really bad he would belt her with his razor strop but she hadn’t been punished that way since she was fifteen. I initially said no to the idea as it could get me in a lot of trouble and I could be prosecuted for assault, her answer was that she would sign a piece of paper saying that she fully agreed to the punishment and that as she was now over 18 she was allowed to decide what she could or couldn’t do as an adult.

I agreed and arranged to return the next day with a contract for her to sign and to tell the other staff I was going to do a stock take after the store closed which required a member of staff to stay behind for an hour or so and she would volunteer.

It was late on the Sunday evening when I arrived at the store, just before the Manager was due to leave. I selected this time as a courtesy to the Manager so she wouldn’t think I was doing a stock take whilst she wasn’t there as a way of distrusting her. After the pleasantries and formalities had been exchanged I let her get off just leaving the Deputy Manager, Julia and myself in store for the last couple of hours of business. I told them I was popping out for something to eat and would be back before closing.

I arrived back as they were cashing up and printed off the stocktaking sheets as although this was a rouse at the very least the Manager would expect a report back, to avoid suspicion. I quickly did a count of all the expensive items of stock and compared them to the stock sheets which matched as expected apart from a couple of items which I would need to check. I told the Deputy Manager that Julia would walk with her to the night safe at the bank before returning for the stocktaking, which shouldn’t take too long and I would lock up with my master keys.

Ten minutes later Julia returned, we turned the shop lights off and locked the store up just leaving the stockroom and kitchen lights on. I asked Julia if she still wanted to proceed, and although a little nervous she said yes, so I produced the contract which we both signed giving me full permission to use corporal punishment to deal with any and all work related issues that involved her.

I told her that as this was a serious offence I was going to give her three ten minute punishments, however as this was her first time I would allow her to keep her jeans on. In future if I was required to punish her they would be around her ankles. I placed a chair in the middle of the stockroom floor, disabled the security cameras, sat down and asked her to lie over my knee. I then proceeded to spank her bottom hard with my hand. Her bottom was quite firm and her jeans were quite thin and by the end of the ten minutes I could feel the heat from her well spanked bottom through them. Apart from letting out a few sighs and the occasional leg kick all went well. So I told her to stand with her hands behind her head facing the wall while I fetched a size 13 rubber soled deck shoe out of my bag which I had bought earlier that day.

After a couple of minutes I asked her to bend over the back of the chair and grip the seat. Without wasting any time I started to slipper her, deliberately pausing after each spank. Again she remained in position throughout the punishment with only slights moans escaping her mouth. I asked her to stand and she asked if she could rub her bottom, I said no, not until the end of the next punishment.

For the final punishment, I had her stand with her feet apart and touch her toes, I took off my belt folded it in half and proceeded to whip her tight bottom, within a couple of minutes she was sobbing but remained in position. At the end of the ten minutes I told her to stand and told her she could have a few minutes to rub her bottom if she wanted to whilst I finished the stocktaking paperwork for the manager.

When I had finished, I asked her if the punishment she had received from me was in any way similar to the ones she had had from her father. Her reply was that although her father’s were harder and always on her bare bottom laid on her bed, they didn’t last as long as mine, and each one of mine had hurt her in a slightly different way so that the culmination of all three had left her bottom throbbing more intensely than the ones her father had given her, plus the father would punish her at least once a week between the ages of 13-15. So she had built up a resistance to it, where as it had been over three years since her last spanking and any resistance to the pain she had had before she no longer had in any way shape or form.

I reset the cameras; we locked up and left by the back door, went to the front and closed the electronic grills and set the alarm. She gave me a hug and thanked me for spanking her and we went our separate ways.

It had been over a year since spanking Julia and she was now well in to her nineteenth year. I had caught the Store Manager keeping two sets of books and fired her, the Deputy Manager had been reduced in rank and all the staff had been told off for not reporting the Manager. As a result I had taken over the role of Store Manager whilst a replacement could be found. At the end of the first week Julia was late two days running without explanation, so I told her I was going to spank her, which she agreed to.
At the close of business I turned off the shop lights locked up and cashed up. Bent her over the sales desk on the shop floor and spanked her, after about five minutes I told her to pull her jeans down revealing her reddened bottom and tiny black thong, bent her back over and continued to spank her to tears.

Two weeks later she was again late so at the end of the shift I bared her bottom and spanked her to tears again. The next day she was late again, she calmly said its okay you can spank me again if you want. I was at this point I realised that she was being deliberately late in order to get spankings.

I told her tonight’s spanking would be different. Her bottom was bared and I proceed to spank her to tears as I had the night before. When I stopped she stood up and thanked me, Until I told she was now going to get the slipper as well, her bottom was soon looking like raw steak, afterwards I told her to put her jeans back on as she had kicked them off. We locked up and I invited her to the pub next door. When the pub was reasonably busy I pulled her back over my knee and spanked her again and received a loud cheer from a group of men who had watched her being spanked. Whilst she was in the wash room wiping away her tears I had a chat with the group of men, and was informed that she was a tease and usually flirted with men to get them to buy her drinks promising everything and then sneaking away.

When Julia returned I asked her about what the men had said, she said that all her friends do it. I told her I thought she should apologise to them, unless she would like me to spank her bare bottom in front of them. She agreed and we went over to them and apologised. At which point, one of the men said that’s not good enough. He suggested that they should spank her, all eight of them so she would know not to do it again. I gave her the choice of eight spanking by them who were reasonably drunk or a bare bottom spanking by me in front of them. She chose the former.

We all went outside into the beer garden where Julia bent over a table and each man came up and gave her two hard slaps on her bottom, some taking a run up… Until it came to the last man, the one who’s idea it was. He told her to stand up before pulling her over his knee and spanked her hard for nearly twenty minutes nonstop. Afterwards she sat on his knee gave him a hug and said thank you Daddy. That was the last time I saw Julia, a couple of months after that the company closed the store as it was no longer a viable site.

Tracey had also worked for us since she was sixteen at another store but transferred to my store when her store was closed. She was still at school studying for her A’ Levels before going to University, She was athletic and played hockey for her school her reputation was a goody two shoes and she was a stunner, her father was an ex-professional footballer and her family were very well off.

One lunchtime, Tracey popped in the store wearing her hockey kit and asked if it was okay to pop into the kitchen for a cup of tea. A few minutes later, two more girls in hockey kit came in and shouted where is that slag Tracey? I asked them to be quiet and mind their language, luckily the store was empty, and the girls went on to say that they were going to kill her when they found her. I asked why, and to cut a long story short was informed that Tracey had faked an ankle injury, left the game and returned to the changing rooms. But instead of going into the girls changing rooms, she had gone into the boys changing rooms and had sex with both their boyfriends. I said that didn’t sound like the Tracey I knew, but they insisted not only had she had sex with their boyfriends but with other girl’s boyfriends in the past too and struggled to keep her knickers up and that’s when she bothered to wear any.

After they had left, Tracey reappeared, I asked her if any of that was true, She just smiled and said she had done nothing wrong as she was single, if a guy has sex with her and already has a girlfriend then that’s his problem not hers. I told her we couldn’t have people walking in the store shouting and swearing and if it had happened in front of a customer she would have been sacked. I told her I would investigate the matter further and deal with her after her shift at the weekend.

After talking to other students at her school, the girl’s claims were substantiated. As it turns out Tracey had been on a mission for a bet with a friend to see which one of them could have sex on school grounds with the male team captains and vice captains first. This was quite an achievement as the school had four cricket teams, four rugby teams, two football teams and two hockey teams. So she had to have sex with twenty four boys. Tracey had won the bet by doing both the girls boyfriends together.

This had technically nothing to do with work but when people came in to the store shouting and swearing obscenities it affected things, and Tracey would have to be punished appropriately. Threatening to sack her would have done nothing as she didn’t need the money so I had to think of another deterrent. So I phoned Julia up whom I had recently given her second spanking to, I told her the situation with Tracey and suggested she drop some hints when the talked at the weekend.

After her shift finished on the Saturday I told her what I had found out about her and the bet, I told her that although her sexual behaviour was wrong at school it was out of my control until it brought trouble to the store which would not be tolerated, I told her I was at a loss as to how I should punish her. So I told her that I intend to discuss the matter with her Year Tutor from School, who I was meeting in the pub across the road when we closed. She had no idea I knew him. I explained that I not only knew him but some of her tutors and the Deputy Head Master too.

After we locked up, she drove me home as usual as I needed to drop stuff off at the office before going out. Whilst in the car she asked me not to tell her Year Tutor about her extracurricular activities as she would be suspended, this would mean it would go on her permanent record which may affect her choices of university in the future but would also mean missing important revision classes for her exams. I told her that unless she had any better ideas this would be my only available course of action.

I got out of the car, and she said she would do anything I wanted if I didn’t report her, including any kind of sexual activity I could think of. Although the thought of having sex with an eighteen year old nymphomaniac was slightly more than just appealing, I stood my ground and thanked her for the offer which I was pretty sure would be amazing, it wouldn’t be a punishment sakarya escort if she enjoyed it. At this point she blurted out that she had been talking to Julia earlier and knew how I had punished her. I asked where this was leading, to which she answered may be you could spank me after work tomorrow; I’ll sign a permission slip just like Julia did.
I told her that this would be a little convenient for her as tomorrows spanking would mean me not meeting her Year Tutor that night. As we only met up every few months. She gave her word that she wouldn’t back out, and so the scene was set for the next evening.

Sunday evening soon came round and Tracey was more than a little nervous as especially when this store although the head office was the smallest store in the group and the chair and desk were literally ten feet from the window on a busy street, even on a Sunday night.
She asked if we could go somewhere less public, I told her that I was going to give her two spankings, one over the desk with my hand over her jeans and one with a slipper without her jeans to protect her. She immediately blushed, and said she didn’t want to have her jeans pulled down in public and suggested the second spanking happen it the rear stockrooms which were downstairs but had to be accessed from a door around the back of the building. I agreed as this meant we could lock the shop up. Tracey signed the contract although questioning the clause allowing me to spank her for any future infringements.

She gingerly bent over the desk facing the window and a began to spank her, I was surprised on how soft her bottom was seeing as her legs were so muscular, during the spanking she made no sounds at all and didn’t move a muscle. This made me spanks her harder and harder to try and get a reaction but she just took it.

After this spanking she stood up and went to the door without saying a word. I locked up and we walked silently round the block to the back door. Although there was a kitchen, toilet and stockroom here, we didn’t use it, so it was dusty and dirty. I asked Tracey if she was ready for her second spanking with a slipper, I had left the right one at the other store on top of a cupboard in case I needed it for Julia but brought the left one back by accident. It had been in my work bag ever since. She said she was, and proceeded to remove her jeans, she asked if I wanted her to remove her briefs. I replied that wouldn’t be necessary as they were only thin and could easily be pulled up to reveal more of her bottom if required.

I fetched a high stool out of the kitchen and asked her to bend over it; I then pulled her briefs up the crack of her bottom and began to spank her hard with the slipper, first one cheek then the other. I reached a count of over two hundred in total before she started sniffling. I let her stand up for a few minutes and wipe her face, at the point I noticed the damp stain on the front of her briefs and smiled to myself. I gave her a further hundred swats ensuring her bottom was a deep red colour before stopping. I told her to put her jeans back on but struggled to get them over her swollen bottom. In the end the pulled them up and didn’t fasten them before walking back to the car. She got a cushion from the back seat to sit on for the drive home.

The following week I asked her how she was, she said he bottom was still sore but the bruising had now gone, she also said she had made up with the two girls by showing them her bottom saying she had been punished for doing what she did with their boyfriends, whom the girls had by now dumped. A few months later her exams finished and she went off to study sports medicine at university, leaving a vacancy for another eighteen year old to fill. Her replacement was to be Karen, the girl whom I spanked more times than anyone else; she received over 600 separate spanking over three years.
I had known Karen since she was a schoolgirl as I was friends with her brother. I knew that she received the slipper a school on many, many occasions and also witnessed her father slipper her with a carpet slipper after coming home drunk at the age of sixteen. On her eighteenth birthday I was invited to go out with her, her best friend Dawn, and her brother. It had been a condition of her been allowed to go out drinking in town that her brother and myself accompany them, clearly set down by her mother.

We had a drink in a local pub and then headed into town. The girls decided that they wanted to go dancing and headed for a well known vodka bar near the city centre. Both her brother and I had no intention of getting stuck with a couple of horny eighteen year olds so, took them in then arranged to meet them later.

Enabling them to get drunk and pull some lads while we went off and found some ladies. We left them at around nine and arranged to meet them around eleven to take them into a club we liked. I reminded Karen that her Dad would be waiting at home for her with his slipper at the ready in case she was going to be cheeky or not in by three in the morning. The clubs used to close at two and this was before the invention of mobile phones.

All went surprisingly well, the girls met us at the arranged time and we took them to the club. It was around midnight when things took a turn for the worse. Me and her brother had gone to the other room in the club and left the girls dancing to the pop music while we listened to the rock stuff.

Until Karen came running in to say some bloke was arguing with Dawn, because she had knocked his drink over by accident while dancing, and Dawn had stepped in. She said they had apologised to him and offered to replace it but he wanted more. We went to sort things out, it turned out that the bloke didn’t want a replacement drink but wanted a kiss as way of an apology instead, Dawn volunteered and that was that. I told the girls that maybe they should come into the other room with us; I gave both girls a friendly slap on their bottoms and pointed the way.

When we left the club, we went for a burger as we usually did, as we had thirty minutes to kill before the night buses were due. While in the burger van queue the bloke from earlier joined us and nipped Dawn’s bottom. She turned and not knowing what to do just say hey that belongs to me, keeps your hands to yourself! Then smiled, within two minutes they were leaning against the van snogging each other’s faces off.

After they stopped the rest of the queue gave them a round of applause. As it happened we all got on the same bus, Dawn sat on the bloke’s knee and got back to snogging him and Karen sat on his mate’s knee and started snogging him. When we got off the bus and started walking up the hill, the girls shouted for us to wait for a bit while they finished snogging the blokes. Each couple stood in a shop doorway on the main road while her brother and me stood about a hundred yards away at the bottom of their road.

After about twenty minutes there was some shouting and Karen came storming up to us, apparently her bloke had put his hand down the front of her jeans, so she slapped him and gone to get Dawn, whose jeans were undone and was in the middle of having sex… We gave them another ten minutes to finish before walking Karen home, her brother went straight in, and I stayed for a chat with Karen in their passageway, when Dawn reminded me that Karen hadn’t had her birthday bumps.
I smiled at Karen, grabbed her arm, bent her over and gave her eighteen hard slaps across her bottom plus one for luck. She went in to her house rubbing her bottom only to be met by her Dad who didn’t say a word, he just pulled her under his arm and gave her eighteen hard swats with his slipper, said happy birthday and sent her to bed. I walked Dawn home and reminded her that it was her eighteenth birthday in a couple of days and I would be back to give her, her birthday slaps too.

When a vacancy arose at work after Tracey left, Karen was an obvious choice, she was smart, friendly, good looking and was used to regular spankings. I told her I could get her the job but she would be on probation and if she did anything wrong I would spank her hard.

She managed to get through her first shift without any problems, on the second day, she was late and had been spotted by a customer who was a friend of mine sat behind the desk on her boyfriend’s knee. I phoned her up and told her that he better not be there when I got there.
As soon as the shop closed, I bent her over the desk and spanked her hard, explained that she was only getting a hand spanking as it was her first offence. This lasted ten minutes and we left.

The following week I got another call to say she was with her boyfriend again but this time he had his own chair at the side of hers. I phoned her again and told her to get rid of him.
When I arrived she said that she had told him not to sit with her but he had done anyway. I told her that from now on every time he came in the shop I was going to spank and slipper her after work, and each time would be longer and harder than the time before.

This went on for a couple of months, a fifteen to twenty minute hand spanking followed by around six hundred swats of the slipper every Saturday and Sunday Night. Until one Sunday when I walked in with my mate John who lived two doors away from the store. John was the person who had been telling me about Karen and her boyfriend. I explained to Karen this and then asked her to tell John what I had been doing to her as way of punishment; she was a little embarrassed but told him anyway. I then bent her over and spanked her and slippered her in front of him. I told her that next time it would be on her bare bottom in front of John too.

Of course that didn’t happen, as Karen offered an alternative, an over the jeans hand spanking followed by a trip to the rear stockroom for a bare bottom slippering or caning.
Karen was spanked virtually every Saturday and Sunday over her jeans for around twenty minutes over a period of two years. However there were three more trips around to the rear stockroom, Each time she was spanked on her bare bottom until deep red followed by a hard slippering lasting at least ten minutes each time and then two to three dozen strokes of the cane.

Karen left for another job soon after her twenty first birthday and began working at a dry cleaners, where she worked alone Monday to Friday, closing the shop for her lunch hour and eating it in the self contained flat at the back of the shop. Her boyfriend also had a full time job as a cobbler near to where they lived at the other side of Sheffield. He would drop her off at work in the morning and collect her in the evening.

A couple of months after she started, I got a phone call from her asking if I got go and see her on my day off around one o’clock, I agreed as it wasn’t far from where I lived at the time.
On arrival she took me through to the flat at the rear, we had a chat and a bite to eat. She told me she had got her boyfriend to spank her a few times, but his heart wasn’t in it as he didn’t want to mark or hurt her, Unfortunately this was effecting her sex life as she wasn’t as turned on as much as she was after I had spanked her, in her previous job.

Before leaving she asked me if I could pop back one day a week to spank her hard in her dinner hour, I agreed and this went on for a few weeks, she would close the store for lunch drop her jeans around her ankles lay across my lap on the sofa for me to spank her for half an hour. Initially with just my hand but later with a slipper as well.

I soon changed jobs and started working away a lot, and so told her I would still pop down when I could but it wouldn’t be every week, so maybe I should spank her harder or cane her. On my next visit I found an old net curtain wire behind the sofa, folded it in half and used it to spank her. It was more of a whip than a cane and left white double welts on her bottom with a loop shaped mark at the end around the side of her thigh.

Karen really didn’t like this as it really hurt her, but submitted to it as she got really turned on with the pain afterwards. She was averaging twenty four stokes with this implement after a ten minute slippering and a ten minute hand spanking about once a month over a five month period. Until my job moved me out of Sheffield.

I didn’t see her again for twelve years, she popped in to my local pub with her boyfriend and a couple of other friends, she was wearing leather chaps over skin tight bleached jeans, white T-Shirt and leather jacket as they had come on her boyfriend’s motorbike. I couldn’t take my eyes of her as her nipples were standing to attention and her jeans fit perfectly around her tight ass.

She came over to say hi, while on her way to the rear smoking area, and we sat and chattered outside. I mentioned that I had heard a rumour that after I had stopped coming to the shop to spank her, she had been having an affair with her boyfriend’s best mate. After trying to change the subject she admitted that she had had an affair with Paul but it had been just about the sex.

I told her that’s what happens when you don’t get spanked! She smiled and I suggested that she should pop round to my flat sometime and rectify it. She nervously agreed. She said she would pop round in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately she fell ill and died sakarya escort bayan suddenly of throat cancer before this could happen. She is still deeply missed and it’s a terrible thing to happen to anyone especially someone who was only thirty four years old.

Amy was a nineteen year old spoilt brat, she was cheeky, and at best a flirty tease. However she was tall slim had a great perfect ten figure with long shapely legs and a peachy bottom.
She only worked one day a week for us which was a Saturday, and in between polishing her nails, texting her friends and flirting with male customers, we were lucky to get two hours work out of her a day.

Although I had threatened to spank her on several occasions to which she responded by sticking her bottom out and saying I dare you to try. Eventually I broke and told her to leave the shop floor and go to the kitchen which was in the basement. The reason being, that it was pretty soundproofed down there.

After giving her a good telling off I grabbed her wrist, sat on a stool and bent her over my knee. She was wearing a tight fitting black mini dress, more suitable as a cocktail dress than a work dress, it was thin enough to see that she was wearing a high cut thong underneath it and with the thinness of the material; I knew she was going to feel every spank. I spanked her slow but hard leaving my hand on her bottom for a few seconds after each slap.

After around five minutes she started to struggle more and I had to grab her right wrist and hold it in the small of her back to restrain her better. After a few more minutes she kicked her shoes of, I told her if she didn’t stop struggling, I would pull her dress up to her waist, she stopped almost immediately and took the remainder of the spanking laid perfectly still.

After her spanking she threatened to call the police, call her parents and the press. I said well in that case I had better get my money’s worth and spank your bare bottom with my belt!
Amazingly she said “erm, no that won’t be necessary. Can I go back to work now please sir?”

We went back upstairs and that was the last time she wore that dress, from then on she wore tight tops and tight jeans or trousers, her work improved and so did her attitude. When the store manager returned from his holiday he couldn’t believe the difference, he asked some of the staff what had happened and they just said she went downstairs with me for half an hour, and when she returned, she was like a new person, although she did keep rubbing her bottom.

Christine was on probation as a new employee at our Cambridge Store. She was a friendly chatty 22 year old blonde, quite slender with perky breasts, rarely wore a bra and had a tight firm bottom.

A couple of months passed before she made an error making the till appear to be £600 down. Unfortunately this was over the acceptable amount for till errors and as it was traced to a £600 sale that she had made would have been enough to terminate her contract.
After further investigation I found it to be a simple crossover as the cash was £594 down and the card payments were £600 up. Meaning that she had pressed the wrong button on the till plus someone hadn’t wrung £6 of stock through the till but had charged the customer by card.

However this meant that all the staff had had to stay behind for 30 minutes after work, my deputy manager had therefore missed her usual train and I had missed my time slot to phone the figures through to our area manager…..

Once the error had been cleared up, I asked Christine to stay behind after work. My deputy manager and one of the sales girls took the takings to the night safe and went home.
Christine thought I was going to fire her and was being very apologetic. In the end I explained her error and told her I would think about her situation. In a way it was a simple first time error which anyone could have made, it was her first error and she was due to work with me the next day (Sunday) on her own and it was too late to get someone else to cover her shift.

We only opened 12 noon until 3pm on Sundays. It was a trial that we were doing as the first store to open on a Sunday in the group.

Sunday came and I knew I was going to spank Christine as a punishment but wasn’t sure how to get her to agree to it. I had the chat with Christine before work started over a coffee. I told her that I should be reporting her which would result in her dismissal; however I believed her mistake to be an honest error, and didn’t want to lose a promising member of staff and a future asset to the company. Although the seriousness off her offence also meant I couldn’t just let her off with a warning. I then asked her for suggestions as to how she thought she should be punished.

After apologising most profusely and thanking me for not dismissing her, she thought long and hard then almost jokingly said, “Well you could always spank me”.

I told her that that was a most irregular suggestion, but I would consider it. I told her to think long and hard about her idea throughout the day, and see if she could think of an alternative. Sunday working hours were short, we only opened for three hours so didn’t bother having a lunch break or coffee break and it was soon closing time. After cashing up and putting the grills up, we went to my office downstairs and I asked her if she had thought over her earlier suggestion.

She had, and had decided that it was the just thing to do, a short sharp shock to her system; she explained that her step dad used to spank her with his hand, slipper and cane, but this hadn’t occurred since she left home at eighteen, some four years earlier.

I told her that she would have to sign a waiver, giving me permission to spank her as it could be seen as assault. She laughed and asked if I was going to spank her over my knee and if she should remove her trousers.

I said that on this occasion she could keep her trousers on, especially as they were only a thin polyester trouser, and that I would spank her leaned over my desk. After finishing our coffees, I instructed her to bend over my desk keeping on her tip toes with her ankles together. The pertness and firmness of her bottom was obvious. I spanked her hard and deliberately slow, leaving my hand on her bottom after each spank for a couple of seconds feeling the heat grow not only from her cheeks but also from between her thighs.

The spanking lasted a good half hour until she had stopped purring and started whimpering, there was a definite damp patch between her thighs and the heat from her cheeks could be felt from over an inch away from them.

After I finished, she signed the waver, gathered her thoughts and we left, As we walked towards the night safe I asked her how she felt, she explained that apart from the obvious stinging and soreness of her bottom especially as she walked, she had experienced an inner happiness and had remembered the feeling she had had from her stepdad that she had long forgotten about. I pointed out that she wasn’t supposed to enjoy a punishment spanking, I also pointed out that I knew how wet her panties were.

I little embarrassed at my observation she said that she may discuss future spanking with her boyfriend and see if he would spank her too. We said our goodbyes and in passing I said that if her boyfriend refused to spank her then she should come see me after work and I would oblige her. She smiled and left.

The next day at work I checked to see if she had recovered and she said her bottom was still sore and slightly swollen but otherwise okay, she went on to say that she had had a chat with her boyfriend and although he didn’t object to me disciplining her when necessary, he wouldn’t be giving her any spankings as it wasn’t his thing.

I then told her that in future it may be an idea to wear a skirt rather than trousers as any future spanking would then be a simple case of raising her skirt to bare her bottom to receive them, she smiled and agreed, I then added but of course any further spankings will be harder, longer and I will use a slipper, her smile faded away.

Christine had decided that even though she liked the idea of being spanked by her boss it probably wouldn’t be right to keep it going in private. So work went on, and it was eight months later back in June 1999 when her next punishment came. The store had been robbed twice in two weeks, both times while I was out of the store. The first time was due to the till having a faulty cash drawer which needed opening with a key, which the Deputy Manager accidentally left in the drawer. It was later discovered by watching the CCTV footage that a three man gang had entered the store, one kept the deputy manager busy at the other end of the store, whilst another kept Christine busy while a third leaned over the counter, opening the till and took out a pile of £20 notes. The police were given the footage and both staff was warned and the Deputy Manager was reported, to our head office.

On the second occasion the same three came back with two friends, the same happened again apart from two other men unlocked a secure cabinet of high value items and took them as well. The second time, my deputy called head office and the police before notifying myself, and when I arrived on site the police had already been and taken statements, and requested the staff to close the store early so that the SOCO team could dust for fingerprints.

It appeared that the cabinet had been opened with a set of keys or lock pick as they were literally in and out within two minutes and locked up afterwards. The till key was again left in the till by the deputy manager, and shortly afterward she was demoted and moved to another store. However Christine had been behind the counter less than eight feet from the till on both occasions and should have been more vigilant. Her only excuse was that on the second time she had been helping our new girl Tina with a sale.

I told Christine that as it had happened twice, and it had been done by the same gang, it would not reflect well on her, and although I hadn’t punished her the first time as the blame was laid firmly with the deputy manager, on this occasion she would be punished as would Tina.

I had already got Tina’s permission to spank her when I hired her a couple of weeks before which she didn’t have a problem with. I decided to give Tina a hard hand spanking over my desk and get that out of the way first then after closing I would take Christine back to my flat as it was near to the night safe, for a more prolonged in depth punishment.

I had met Tina in a club just under a month previous, She had a body to die for and was very friendly and chatty, she had come on to me and got me to buy her a drink, then introduced me to her boyfriend who was a photography student. Tina was currently working in a local sandwich shop but looking for more hours, we had been advertising for a key timer to cover lunch’s weekends and bank holidays for a few months but had no luck. I had decided to put her on a three month trial. We had discussed spankings while in the club as she had mentioned going to Torture Garden in London.

She had a habit of wearing either ridiculously short or tight mini dresses, with her boobs popping out or skin tight jeans and vests. Not exactly business wear but it got the customers attention and seemed to make up for her inexperience.

On this occasion she was wearing skin tight jeans, a loose sweater and an obvious lack of underwear. Even though I only spanked her with my hand and over her jeans, I made sure every slap was not only felt but would be remembered for quite some time, Again taking my time, and leaving my hand on her bottom after each slap to feel the heat increasing across both her cheeks.

I spanked her firstly for her not being as observant during the robbery, and secondly for being such a tease, even while being spanked saying things like is that all you’ve got and oh that’s just a love tap and lastly because I wanted Christine to see what she was going to get later on her bared bottom. The spanking stopped when the tears wear genuine which was nearly an hour after I started. The heat from her bottom was easily felt through the tight stretchy material, and it took her a good ten minutes to compose herself and wipe away the tears before we left. Although she did give me a hug, whispered a thank you in my ear and gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving.

Tina only ended up working for us for six weeks as she decided to go work in Ibiza for the summer and left a few weeks after her spanking without giving any notice, and taking her two girlfriends rent money with her. I had a feeling she would have left straight after her spanking as it wasn’t as enjoyable as she was expecting and probably left hand prints and bruises on her bottom, stopping her from being able to wear any micro bikinis for a couple of weeks.

This was not only to be the last time I spanked Christine on a work related violation but also it was to be the last time I spanked any girl in the working for this company. Although it wasn’t the last time I spanked her or even the last person I spanked in Cambridge.

I took Christine to my flat in the centre of Cambridge and took her upstairs to my office. I told her that I was firstly going to spank escort sakarya her over her leggings equally as hard as I had spanked Tina, I would then let her rest for a few minutes before removing her leggings and giving her an equally hard slippering before caning her.

I bent her over my desk and spanked her hard and slow as before, taking my time to listen for her reactions, and letting my hand stay on her pert bottom after each spank. Christine stayed still not daring to move and relatively quiet throughout this spanking which lasted around fifty minutes.

I still needed to fax my reports to head office at the required time slots, so this limited the initial spanking. I instructed her to remove her leggings, pullover and shoes and go to the kitchen and make me a coffee while I did my reports.

Twenty minutes later I went down stairs to find her sat on the sofa wearing just her t-shirt, knickers and socks. She said she had waited to make my coffee as it would have gone cold, but had undressed as instructed. We had coffee and I asked her what time she had to be home for to cook her boyfriend’s tea. She replied he was working away for a few days in London, so there was no particular rush.

I then gave her an unusual choice, she could receive the slipper and cane now then go home, or she could receive half of her punishment now and the other half later tonight, giving her bottom at least some time to recover.

It was at this moment that I received a phone call from my area manager. Telling me to inform the staff to take two days off, as the store was going to get a security upgrade, with new cabinets and locks etc. It wasn’t a big surprise as the store was overdue for a refit and they were simply bringing forward the job by a couple of months as they had shop fitters working in Milton Keynes just across from us. I was just required to open the store at 10am in the morning, let the fitters in and then collect the new keys a couple of days later.

I informed Christine, messaged Tina and John and phoned my deputy with the news. I then asked Christine if she would like to go clubbing that night as we no longer had to get up too early. I told her that as the club was less than a five minute walk from my flat, she was welcome to come back to mine for the night and use the spare bed as she didn’t need to go all the way home. I then asked her if she had made a decision about splitting her spanking up into two lots or not. She said that she needed to go home to change out of her work clothes if she was to go out and if I allowed her to do this she would split the spanking, and continue it when she had been changed.

I took her out on to my balcony overlooking the market place which was packing up for the day. leaned her over the balcony wall, pulled her knickers up the crack of her bottom and told her I was going to slipper her for twenty minutes, she was then to dress, go home and change. I suggested she wore a tight cocktail dress with a lack of underwear, allowing the night air to cool her bottom. I knew she had such a dress as she had worn it for the works Xmas party in London. I fetched one of my Converse pumps and proceeded with this spanking. Each swat resulted in a gasp of air, she received in the region of around a couple of hundred swats of the slipper across her cheeks, leaving large areas of white over her deep red bottom that slowly turned red.

Two or so hours later she returned wearing jeans and a jeans jacket with a shoulder bag. I looked at her oddly and said strange looking cocktail dress? She replied that it was in her bag along with a couple of miniskirts and tops. She said she would let me pick which I thought would best suit the occasion, pointing out that she had left all her underwear at home.

my choice was her Xmas dress, tight fitting and short, but still suitable for a business party or a spanking, after changing to this I proceeded with giving her, her second slippering of the night, slightly longer than the first time as I was admiring how sexually exited she was getting. Well in excess of three hundred swats and she crumpled to a pile of the floor, her legs gave up and the punishment ended for now, I told her I would cane her either when we returned from the club or in the morning, if she was a good girl. I rummaged through her bag whilst she had a shower upstairs and found an even more revealing mini dress, which I decided would be perfect for the night out that had been planned.

Pretty much backless, and with an A-line Pleated skirt that would fit high on her hip. After her shower I gave her my choice, she dropped her towel in front of me, stood totally naked apart from a towel around her head and slipped the dress on. The hem line only just covered her left buttock. But overall it looked amazing, she put on her heels attended to her hair and picked up her purse and was ready to leave, Christine rarely wore makeup and this occasion was no exception. I donned my Black suit, purple shirt and patent leather black shoes and we left.

We bumped into an old neighbour or Christine’s who attempted to blackmail her, but I phoned her boyfriend and explained the situation and we moved on to the club without incident. The stairs in to the club were steep and as Christine walked in front of me, I not only got an eyeful of her left buttock which was still a deep red colour, but also of what lay between her legs.

Inside we had a few drinks and a smooch then reclined on a sofa when in walked Tina, wearing slightly less than Christine, at first she didn’t see me as I was at the bar but went straight over to Christine, her mouth dropped when she realised she was with me. Both girls decided to have a sexy dance together, Tina fondled Christine’s bottom provocatively before having a lingering kiss, obviously for my benefit.

At around 2am we all left together an went for something to eat at the burger van near the market place under my balcony, both girls got a quick slap across their bottoms for being cheeky. Tina suggested having a threesome, she knew I lived near to the market place but wasn’t sure exactly where. I declined saying it wasn’t a good idea to mix business and relationships together, she looked puzzled and asked why Christine was sleeping at mine, I explained that she was sleeping in the spare room. We chattered some more before Tina started chatting to a group of lads, after about half an hour; we left and headed up to mine.

We had some wine and sat on the balcony overlooking the burger van, watching Tina kiss two of the lads before leaving with them both. Before they got too far away Christine shouted to Tina and then dropped her dress to the floor flashing her breasts, before taking my hand and leading us to my bedroom. She climbed on to my bed got on all fours and stuck her red bottom in the air saying well do I get a spanking now or later?

I said I thought you were going to be a good girl, to which she answered, what do you want me to be good at for you tonight? Then winked at me and said “are you going to just stand there or fuck me?”

The next morning, before I went to work to drop my keys off for the shop fitters, I asked her if she remembered flashing her boobs the night before, she had to think about it but then went all shy, I told her to expect a caning when I got back. Half an hour later she was in my office touching her toes and received a two dozen strokes of the cane.
A few weeks later Christine left the company, accepting another job that paid more with one of our sister companies. As I was no longer her boss she popped over to mine three or four times over the next couple of months for sex and spankings, she said the sex was payment for me spanking her and the spankings were because she was being unfaithful to her boyfriend. At the end of the summer I left the company after it was bought out. I still had regular visits from Christine right up to Xmas when I moved back to Sheffield.

These were the last retail store work related spankings I gave anyone. Although the spanking of girls did carry on in Sheffield and usually in public places.

Student Spanking: Emma the tease,

Emma didn’t work with me but in the other bar area with her boyfriend, but she was one of those girls who had a really tight little bum and knew how to get a rise out of people. Normally by wearing extremely tight jeans or leggings and bending over in front of them, not kneeling or even bending her knees but keeping her knees locked and almost touching her toes to pick up things.

On one such occasion, she was bent over in front of me, two male bar staff and a male cashier. She was about five feet in front of the bar and had brought some posters to put up around the bar area, So she had put the tote containing the posters on the floor and was bent over rummaging through it, I went over to her and suggested it would have been easier to put the tote on the bar than on the floor unless of course she had done so on purpose to flirt with us.

She stood up, turned, smiled and said she had a boyfriend so why would she flirt? I suggested that it was because she liked the attention that she got when she was bent over provocatively. She smiled and said that’s for me to know and you to find out. I told her that the next time she came over and did it; I would slap her arse hard enough to wipe the smile off her face, and smiled back at her sarcastically.

The next morning before we opened, she came back, it was early and I was setting up for the day ahead, she offered to help and so I gave her some jobs to do whilst I went to the cellar. Twenty minutes later she appeared in the cellar and told me she had finished her jobs. She said she was going out back near the bins for a smoke, after I had finished, I went to her and said we needed to go back to the bar, she said ok but could she have a quick chat.

She asked if I thought she had got a sexy bum, I said yes but she already knew she had so why ask? She said her boyfriend kept telling her she had but when she teased him he looked away. She had wished that he would give her bum a good slap every now and again to prove he cares.

We went upstairs and she went to her work station and I returned to the bar. That night after we had closed up and were sat down having a drink, she returned, she was giggling and asked if she could join us, I told her to pull up a chair but instead she came and sat on my knee and said but you’re comfier.

I joked that of all the compliments a young girl could give a man, comfy wasn’t one of them. I asked where her boyfriend was and she said he had gone to a party with his mates. We stayed until just after midnight, then left, I asked her where she lived and how she was getting home she said that she was walking it as it was less than a mile away in the city centre. I told her I would walk her home, and then get a cab home myself from hers.

When we got to her residence, she asked me in for a coffee, I declined as needed to get home, as was due back at work in less than ten hours, at which point she said, but I thought you wanted to spank me?

I told her that although I knew she was in need of a good spanking, now wasn’t the time, as she wasn’t sober, and if I did spank her it wouldn’t be a playful slap or two it would hurt.
She replied that she knew what a spanking was as her dad used to use his belt on her right up to her leaving home for university, she also said she had been acting merry so that I would walk her home as she knew I would be a gentleman and look after her.

Needless to say she got what she wanted, a hard fifteen minute long hand spanking over my knee, I then told her to remove her jeans, I allowed her to keep her thong on as it didn’t offer her any protection at all, put her back over my knee for a further ten minutes using one of her deck shoes that she had been wearing. There were tears, but afterwards she gave me a hug and thanked me before I left.

The next day at work she came over to let me know that her bottom was still sore and bruised, but she didn’t regret asking for the spanking as her pussy was tingling just thinking about it. She said we should stay in touch on FB in case she decided that she needed a refresher course.

A couple of months later she returned to her parents in the North East for the summer holidays, she messaged me on Facebook in the middle of August with a photo of her red bottom, she explained this is what happens when the police bring you home in the early hours very drunk, and wake your father up. Fifty strokes of his razor strop whilst wearing just a night shirt and thong, plus she would be returning to Sheffield three weeks early and couldn’t stay at her boyfriends as he was away on a hostelling holiday. She asked if I could but her up for ten days until he got back.

I agreed, but informed her I already had a lodger, so there were no empty beds available, to which she simply said that’s ok, I’ll sleep with you if you don’t mind, at least that way you get to fuck and spank me as often as you want to, and I promise not to tell my boyfriend as long as you promise not to tell him either.

Her bottom stayed red for all of her stay, which ended up being for three weeks, as she moved back to the residence straight from mine, Making her boyfriend believe she had just got back from her parents as he already knew her Dad spanked her, which explained her red and bruised bottom. It was also a good job she was on the pill, although I mainly came in her mouth or deep inside her rectum. but not always

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