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Southern Nights 09. – Perfect Satisfaction.

Jim Mallory again! No deep screw this time either, but enough to embarrass everybody, or at least those of them who understood the situation well enough to now they should be embarrassed. Mary included. Still; in spite of all his physical and mental imperfections Mary kind of liked him – after all. He was clumsy, true enough, sometimes terribly clumsy, but generally good-tempered and even quite hard-working. Completely different from Eric. And naturally her boss was too preoccupied with his own appearance to recognize the fact that they were most likely loosing grip of the situation right now.

Mary knew that the right thing would have been to ask her to hold the presentation. Or rather – ask her to revise the whole basis for the study, using an entirely different statistical method.

She had problems concentrating – almost as usual these days – even though she new she had to keep her focus well enough to avoid further stab-in-the-back attempts from Eric.

Even now it was all because of a woman. But at least not some docile teen-ager as before. This time it was her good old friend in need Angela. And Mary had good reason to have problems with her focus. She still couldn’t believe what she had done. Telling her friend in almost plain words what she’d been up to on her latest vacation in Alvarez! Well, not exactly telling – hardly even hinting – but still crossing a line she knew would bring her good friend straight on the track. Angela wasn’t stupid. No friggin’ way. Then she wouldn’t make it as far as she had done up the corporate ladder of Wiley & Brooks. Just in some five years or whatever it was. Sure she could be a despondent ass-licker to get on upwards, but she possessed the blessed ability to do it in a way that presented her as a solicitous Madonna to the people she just walked over. Heaven knows how many times she had envied her that quality. Why couldn’t she succeed in getting around Eric that way? Now the situation was rather that she would be torn along if he for any of several good reasons should tumble off the chair he clung on to.

Anyway, tonight she would see Angela in Chester Lodge, a hotel bar close to the restaurant where she had her first serious talk with Linda. There she knew she would be interrogated from head to toe. Angela had had like five million questions on her phone already, all indicating that she was more than passionate about her hunch. Still Mary didn’t want to reveal much more than her initial hints. First of all she quite enjoyed keeping Angela a bit in the dark. Secondly – and much more important – it was still quite embarrassing to talk about this, no matter how much intimacies they had shared in the past. All those things had been about men, and quite ordinary things about men. And they were close enough to admit any kind of sexual arousal without the faintest touch of embarrassment when it came to that. No problem at all. But attraction to women – not to mention much younger women – that was an entirely different ballgame, and something they had never vented in their heated discussions on various sexual adventures. Angela’s persistent pursue of more details about her latest off-time endeavours had caught her a bit off-guard, and she felt a certain need to kind of disarm the whole situation once they sat down to talk it over. Maybe she would be left totally embarrassed, and with one close friend less in her life?

Still, her gut feeling told her that Angela’s interest was genuine – even passionate – in a way that sent a million inconspicuous signals about her immense curiosity about these kinds of lady-girl encounters. Consequently Mary found herself in a situation where she would have to keep a delicate balance between safeguarding her own dignity and satisfying her curiosity about Angela’s real desires in that area. How wonderful it would be if she could come out as a friend in need even there! Someone to share even these kinds of very secret passions with. Not that she actually felt the need to share it with anybody at all – she was perfectly happy with the way things were at the moment – but still there was this need to just talk to someone about all the wonderful things that had happened in her life the last few weeks. It was a frustrating thing to feel so good and so cherished, and not being able to tell everybody about her happiness! So, Angela would have to be her ‘someone’, at least if she would prove broad-minded enough to handle it.

Broad-minded or not; she was late, as usual. As she finally came rushing in the door, Mary had been there for almost half an hour, already downing two stiff drinks as she waited nervously, thinking back and forth about how to put things the right way. She wasn’t angry at all. Actually she felt she needed the extra time for some additional thinking. And she knew anyway that Angela always ran late, no matter what agreements they made. That was just an integrated part of her. And another thing that constantly kept her wondering how on earth she managed to get illegal bahis so easily ahead in her career.

Angela slumped down opposite to her with a flushed face and slightly untidy hair, breathing heavily from what looked like at least a one-block run. Still, her beauty was undisputable even in this state. The woman was a ravishing blonde; tall, exceptionally sexy, with heaven-blue eyes under unusually long and languorous lashes. She was married the second time, and as far as Mary knew it worked quite well this time. At least so far. Her husband had made it quite big in real estate development, and the partnership shares from his ventures were worth enough to ensure them a good and wealthy life whenever he should choose to retire.

Only Angela would never settle down with something like that; just immerse into some empty heap of luxury and float about with the eddies of everyday congruities. She was – and would always be – a woman of action, one who would like to see things happen around her. Exciting things. That was also the sole reason why she pursued her friend’s words so persistently, if Mary knew her right.

And she knew her right, all right. It didn’t take her more than about ten minutes of empty talk of shopping and shoes and a few extra – completely invisible – pounds on her gracious ass before she got down to business. A bit hesitantly, sure enough, but typically Angie.

“Mary”, she got serious, and a touch of read appeared on her cheek. She coughed once, then once more. “Mary… I – I know you quite well. Well enough to know that you’re not a lesbian. If so, I would have noticed a long tome ago.” She stopped, looking Mary over with those almost diagnostic eyes of hers as she took a deep sip of her drink. Still Mary felt that her friend struggled a bit to meet her eyes as straight forwardly as she normally did. “So… what’s this all about? I mean… just… just how are the two of you making out!?”

Mary had waited for this moment. But no matter how well prepared she ever felt, none of those clever remarks came to her mind now when she needed them most; no matter how much she had practised and put them artistically together in her memory. Her head was like completely empty. She just sat there looking open-mouthed back at her friend, until Angela finally burst out laughing.

“Don’t look so damn far out, baby. You should have seen yourself right now!” She laughed even more. Mary couldn’t help but joining in. “I’m really glad I didn’t ” she responded defiantly as she shook her head to kind of clear her mind a bit. The giggling broke the tension a bit, and Mary suddenly recalled some of the things she had decided to tell her friend about her fantastic experiences with Linda.

“Well… you know… uhhh… I didn’t say anything about making out any…”

“Aw come on baby. Don’t give me that cr… nonsense. You don’t fool me. You wouldn’t mention things the way you did if it wasn’t absolutely exceptional. You wouldn’t mention it at all! And if you wouldn’t even make out one way or the other, how could it be that sensational? To someone like you? Don’t forget… I know you!”

Again; Angela could present herself as a solicitous saint to the people she just walked over. This was a classical case of her steamroller overrun, although for her it wasn’t even a hostile one. Actually the situation more than called for the kind of clear language necessary to say things in plain English. Mary could see that too. A new kind of boldness was needed, even in the relationship between the two of them. Because this was different from their ordinary empty sex-gossip they normally shared.

Only problem; she simply couldn’t get around to lay it out in those simple, direct words that practically pounded in her chest to be cracked wide open in front of them. One thing was to do it all, to enjoy the heated passion of the wild action she and Linda had enjoyed together over a full and most fulfilling week. Another thing to put those things into clear words opposite to a friend. It was as difficult as deliberately using vulgar expression, something she had never fancied, although some of her male partners had asked for it on several occasions in the past.

“I… uh…” She swallowed, only partially camouflaged by another gulp from her drink. Then she decided there was no reason why she couldn’t keep her friend a little bit longer in the dark as she tried to figure out how to put things without sounding stupid – or vulgar… or both!

“I’ve got an idea. Let’s get together for the outdoor concert with the Mayland Philharmonics tomorrow evening. I was planning to go there anyway, and some classical music won’t kill you. By then I’ll know what to say, and then we can talk. How about that?”


That was it. Test passed. No question that Angela was interested. Her being willing to go through a classical concert to get to know the details about Linda’s qualities, that was true devotion to the subject at hand! And Mary got off the hook just as easy as that. And the feeling illegal bahis siteleri of relief was so tangible it made her friend burst out in laughter once again. She took the edge off any bad feeling that might be left still by raising her glass and cheeringly clicking it with Mary’s as she finally brought it up. They were on it, and there was only one way ahead.

– – –

That night Mary had serious problems falling asleep. Her heart thumped in her chest even as she lay relaxing in her own bed. She was terribly excited, and there vas no way she could get all kinds of vivid images out of her mind. So many new things had come up. So many exciting possibilities. Especially since Angela had entered the scene with her quite surprising attitudes about Mary’s sexual resurrection.

To her own surprise she felt the heat pump her libido the most when her thoughts returned to how to phrase things in front of Angie the next day. Just imagining the heated discussion they would be involved in was enough to make her skin tingle. And there was another dimension to it as well; something she didn’t mention at all back at the restaurant. If things would develop the right way, and she would feel confident that all three of them would be capable of handling it, she could… call Linda in to join them!! Just call and ask her to come over and sit with them. That would be a surprise. She would love to see even Angie’s face flatten out like a honey-dyed pancake the moment she understood who she was facing. That would be a sight for sore eyes. Imagine; she looking someone in the eyes that she realized at some point might be found wedged down between her thighs to use her insatiable mouth on her succulent pussy!

That remained to be seen, of course. Mary obviously appealed strongly to Linda’s appetite, no doubt about that. But it was no saying how things would work out with Angela. To Mary she was a neck-twisting beauty, and if she herself should ever be tempted to try something with a woman, it would have to be with someone like Angela. But still you can never know how that turns out when it is about a different person. Different eyes and taste. Still; she would be exceptionally surprised if there wouldn’t be some kind of emotional link between the two of them. If it would be just a fraction of the intensity with which she and Linda came together, it would be another raging success. Beyond doubt. She just had to make sure it wasn’t just too much of a success though. She might want to share the experience with her best friend – since she was so enthusiastic about it – but not loose her to her. No way! But she doubted very much she’d be rude enough to attempt something in that direction when she was told so clearly that this girl was her plaything and hers alone. She was more like hoping she could be inspired to find such a girl on her own. A lady like Angie certainly could use help like that. Which was actually the reason why the thought struck her in the first place. Then she could set off to train her the same way she had trained Linda. And learn that the training could be as delightful as the final skills that came from it. Like she had learned in such a wonderful way herself.

As she twisted her body around for the mphth time on the damp sheets, her thoughts wandered back to those wonderful days of wine and roses in Alvarez. Now when it had all got a little bit more distant, it was more and more like a fairytale. Almost like it had happened in some cloudy dream, not in this real life on this real planet. Oh how she wanted to have her here right now. Right here between her legs. Have that incredible tongue nurse her gently to sleep, blessedly freed of all tensions and frustrations. The way only she could. But the kid had quite a lot of things to pick up on, and her mother had been most insistent even before they set out on their trip that following things up afterwards was an inescapable condition for going away at all. So they both had agreed that it was a good idea to lay low for a few days until things settled back to normal. None of them had the impression that her mother suspected anything else but what they had pretended it to be; a preparation trip for a possible season job as a local tourist-resort guide. Every girl’s dream, convivially understood even by her mother. Still it was better to be on the safe side, and Mary had accepted the fact that she would have to deal with her rediscovered sex drive on her own for a few days. That too was an incredible thing. Just a few weeks back that was the way things were in her life. Now, all of a sudden, she could hardly contemplate how to survive these few days without the comfort of the girl’s skilled stimulation.

Most of all she would have liked to be back in the wonderful bed, even struggling with the poorly functioning air conditioner, and enjoy the intense worship of that incredible girl. Not just her skilled stimulation; just as much the unparalleled enthusiasm and devotion with which she strove to please. The devotion that made her feel so special. Made her canlı bahis siteleri feel like there was nobody else in this world for this girl than her. A mind-buggering sensation that made the sexual stimulation much more intense, adding a mental dimension to the physical that skewed her mind into sheer bliss.

Oh yeah; right here between her legs! Serving her with that shuddering passion of hers. The unparalleled enthusiasm and devotion she would never be able to live without any more. That was already completely clear to her. Her life would be completely empty without young Linda Verdale to comfort her. Normally that would be a pretty frightening notion; basing your life on something as dubious as that. But somehow she felt so confident about the girl’s feeling to her that it served only to fuel her sense of immense happiness. And heat! It trickled through her body, running warm and cold shivers up and down her spine, making her nipples painfully stiff as it overwhelmed her with an almost suffocating mental force.

Just like it had done those last nights in the heat of her flat in Alvarez. The warm, sweaty atmosphere had been an ever-present background as they poured out their insatiable passion on each other into the longest hours of the night. Only interrupted by the cold, refreshing showers they had together as they recovered in between her orgasms.

They had tried every thinkable and probably a few unthinkable positions and fantasy schemes, driven on by an unstoppable energy that stunned both of them with its tireless ferocity.

Especially Linda’s request that Mary be more ‘rough’ on her really got their passion flowing. It acted as a kind of key to unlock even deeper and more secret chambers of hidden passion, setting free dreams and desires they hardly knew they even possessed. It was like an overpowering drug, taking hold of their bodies and minds and reshaping them into wild animals of lust. Mary remembered like in a haze how she found herself sitting on Linda’s face as she pinned her arms down into the mattress with hands and knees, rubbing her burning pussy relentlessly down on the girl’s mouth as she trembled and shuddered in a passion far beyond anything the likes of cognisant sensibility. Even in this out powered position the magic tongue worked in perfect harmony with her erratic thrusts, wrestling delightfully with her pulsing clitoris as it slid back and forth over the delighted mouth. It didn’t take long until the rollercoaster ride to ecstasy made her knees slip off the girl’s arms, and as Mary’s hands came down to hold and guide the girl’s head, she got her own arms free to go for her lady’s nipples as she used her tongue to stab the twitching clit the last few lashes up to a thunderous orgasm that had to rank with the best ones Mary had ever experienced her entire life! She recalled how she had pulled mercilessly in the girl’s hair as she bore down with her pussy with such force that the girl whimpered in agony. Still she kept her mouth open and her tongue working as the gut-wrenching ecstasy gushed her love juices down into her throat like a bursting water pipe.

Thinking back, this was probably the ultimate peak of their lovemaking. The wildest climax of a week as wild as she could ever imagine. And as wild as she could ever take it. And that was the thing that still amazed her so many days afterwards; something she really couldn’t get over. How she could muster this kind of insatiable sex drive? She had no idea how many orgasms she had experienced during those fever-hazy days. Still, after each one, she was almost immediately hungry for more. It was like she was picking up on a lifetime worth of wasted sexual energy! All in one intense week!

And not only did she have an endless number of orgasms. After these first fumbling evenings, the quality of them had sky-rocketed as well, leaving each new climax with an increasing intensity that nearly made her faint at times. That alone would be powerful enough to take down any ancient warrior. But not her! The girl got her going again in no time, simply just by the mental power of her presence. Those eyes looking worshipfully up at her. And that miraculous tongue working at exactly the right intensity at exactly the right spot at exactly the right moment – all the time!! Bringing new life to her war-torn body in a matter of minutes. Like she had never had sex at all.

And then there was this unforgettable last night. The last, exhausting night together where they coupled lazily to the first light of dawn seeped in through the blinds. True enough they had some short naps of sleep in between bouts, but the nearness of their warm bodies soon had them going again, bringing young head between widely spread lady thighs for new passionate rides. That incredible tongue found its way into all her most secret places, discovering new, unknown g-spots as it went along. Spots she never knew about on her own body, but immediately appreciated as soon as the miraculous tongue spotted them, one by one. And in places that she never imagine she would ever let a tongue go! But with young Linda she happily drew her knees all the way up to her ears, doubling up to make perfect access to her devoted darling, as she kept exploring all the treasures her body could offer.

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