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Chapter 1

It all started innocently enough. A job board posting at the University’s career center listed a tutoring position for a high school student struggling with math. In the four weeks I worked with the junior, helping him survive pre-calculus, I would often drink a cup of coffee with his mother, Mrs. P— after the one hour session was finished, and her son had returned to his room and his video games.

One Tuesday evening, she asked about my studies and whether I did other work to help with high tuition bills she knew I faced. I mentioned that I had started to take bartending classes in a program run on campus that sent students out to private parties all over the NYC area. It seemed that many of the wealthy of the city, some of them alumni of the school themselves, considered hiring students as staff for parties preferable to using ordinary catering services. But I wasn’t far enough along as a mixologist to get any work yet, I told her, though it would pay more than the few hours of tutoring I was currently doing.

She smiled, grew silent for a moment and then said that she knew someone whom I should meet. A friend of hers, a sorority sister was entertaining that weekend and would love to have some help. Her friend, Mrs. H–, lived on another floor of the same apartment building — on an entire floor in fact, as I discovered a few minutes later when a young asian maid answered Mrs. P.’s friend’s front door, and ushered me through a long hall into a library.

“This is Paul,” said Mrs. P— as she introduced me to the attractive, brown-skinned older woman who greeted us while remaining settled on a couch. “He is Cory’s math tutor, but I think he’d be perfect for one of your parties. The seated woman smiled slightly and said, “Oh really? And you managed to determine that from watching him do math?” Again she smiled, though the joke that was exchanged between the two friends was, at that time, lost on me.

“I’ll leave him with you so that you can see for yourself why I thought you’d be interested,” said Mrs. P. “Goodbye, Paul. I’ll see you Thursday, and I really hope I’ll see you this weekend at the party.” The smile she gave me as she left made me look more closely as the tall, thin, light-skinned black woman left the library. I’d noticed her long legs and shapely backside when watching her move about in her kitchen, but now I really stared until startled by the soft chuckle of Mrs. H. Had I been that obvious in watching Mrs. P’s ass?

“So why exactly is my friend recommending you?” asked Mrs. H as she stood up and approached me. She extended her right hand and touched one finger to my chin. As she eyed me up and down, she used her finger to tell me to turn, and without thinking, I slowly spun around as if displaying myself. A shiver of excitement struck me, and to my horror, my cock began to stiffen. She trailed her finger down my chin to my chest, brushing it across my nipple causing my cock to fully swell. She leaned back and fixed her eyes on the erection straining against my jeans.

As the woman studied my body, she lifted one leg up off of the floor and placed her foot on the edge of her couch, causing her dress to rise up, revealing the edge of a garter erotik film izle at the bottom of her thigh. “If you like what you see here, maybe you should return the favor,” she said. “Let me see if my friend is right to think you belong at one of my parties.” Slowly, my mind processed what she was telling me to do. I lifted my hands to my belt and opened my pants. She reached into my shorts and lifted my cock which sprang up with a bounce.

A slight smile curled at her lip, and she leaned back even further, fully hiking her dress up to her waist. What I saw confused me — a strange belt or harness hugged her waist and extended from her crotch to her ass. The thin black vinyl material met her smooth dark brown skin and a long, thick rubber cock jutted forward from her pussy. Later, I would learn that the same length of a rubber cock was fixed in her cunt giving her full control of the plaything she presented to me. “Take off your clothes.” she said.

In a daze, I slowly undressed, leaving my clothes on the floor, and stood nakedly expectant before the voluptuous, dominating figure. The small asian maid who had answered the door appeared quietly and gathered up my garments. She no longer wore the dress she’d had on when she’d answered the bell. She was naked except for her the leather straps that made up her outfit. She also wore a harness at her waist, but its front was empty, exposing instead her bare pussy. A silver ring piercing adorned the mound above her lips. Her nipples were similarly adorned with silver rings, and leather straps crossed at her navel and wrapped around her small breasts. Her nipples and the swollen lips of her pussy were bright red, as if painted with lipstick. As she turned to leave the room, a metallic ball, the handle of a squat butt plug I would later learn, peeked out from her round ass.

Mrs. H. stood up from the coach, dropping her robe from her body. Her breasts were suspended in a vinyl-metal netting that pressed them together, swollen nipples straining through the harness. She touched the back of my head and pulled me to her right teat. I sucked, swallowing the fat nipple, She reached both her hands to my nipples and pinched gently. My fully engorged cock pressed up against her thigh, leaving a trail of pre-cum all along the vinyl strap-on belt. I continued to suck, almost swallowing her nipple until she pulled me to her other breast.

As my mouth opened over her second breast, she pinched down hard on my right nipple, twisting it sharply. I opened my mouth in response and closed my back teeth over her tit. With her other hand, she grabbed my dick and pumped it slowly. I grabbed her by the rubber cock buried in her pussy, and pressed, discovering that I was lifting her slightly. The rubber dildo in my hand extended a full 20 inches, with half of it buried in her soaking cunt. I chewed gently on her nipple, rolling the flesh between my teeth without breaking the skin. Her left hand left my nipple and reached down to grasp my balls.

“Christina,” she called, and the small maid returned again. “Take him to the den and get him ready,” she said. At that, the young woman reached for my dick, and twisted it to move me in the direction of the film izle door. I followed, hopping to keep up with the jerking motion she used to pull me down the hall.

In the den, the smiling maid directed me to get up on all fours on a low bed. She pressed my neck down so that I lay my head on a pillow, my ass up and exposed to her. She leaned forward and nuzzled her nose against my asshole, while her tongue moved from my anus to my balls. She held my cock in one hand tugging gently while her tongue moved up and burrowed into my ass. She lifted her arm and brought two fingers to her mouth. She lathered her fingers with spit and mucus and pressed them past her tongue into my asshole. Her hand was gripped as a fist, with two fingers pressing two knuckles deep into my ass. She continued to press her tongue alongside the fingers, sucking on the raw rim of my anus. She removed her fingers to squeeze a large dollop of lubricant from a pump bottle near the bed. She spread the slime into my ass and continued tugging on my dick.

The door opened, and Mrs. H appeared, her rubber cock jutting towards me as she crossed the room. “Christina,” she said. “Lay under his cock and suck him slowly, but

don’t take his cum.” The naked maid slid between my legs and pressed herself back until her forehead rested on my stomach, my dick stretched across her cheek. She waited for Mrs. H, who came up to me on the bed and pulled my hip closer to the edge. She leaned forward and pressed the fat head of her dildo against my ass. She leaned more and the bulb popped gently past my rim. She sank forward, forcing a few inches of the cock into me. An agonizingly sweet pain rippled through my bowels. I pressed out and pulled in several inches more of the huge rubber dick. Between my legs, Christina swallowed my dick and sucked hard. Mrs. H. paused, and withdrew the cock halfway before leaning forward again with more of her weight. The dick pushed deeper still. I spasmed, and pulled the remaining inches of the dildo in a giant swallow. Her legs rested against my legs as 20 inches of thick rubber twisted with our movements.

We rocked gently for several minutes and then she spoke. “At my party you will serve the guests. You will be naked and will follow any guests’ directions. With Christina and another young man, you will see that everyone has a very good time.” As she spoke, she ground herself into me, rotating the dildo in circles. While the full length of the massive toy was sunk in my ass, her gyrations stretched my anus even wider where our bodies touched. The sensation was so intense, I realized my cock’s aching pleasure acted as a kind of counterweight. Way past the point at which I might normally have cum, my cock instead was deep in Christina’s throat. Her teeth chewed softly on my shaft as her nose breathed heavily into my belly.

Her fingers were gripped around the base of my balls and she squeezed firmly. At one point, my cum bubbling up to erupt down her gullet, she squeezed suddenly and choked my orgasm off completely. In rhythm with this, Mrs. H. pulled out fully, leaving my ass gaping. Christina twisted free from my cock and slid out to kneel by the bed. Exhausted and shivering at the edge of orgasm, seks filmi izle I looked down to see a stream of pre-cum oozing from my dick. “Before the party, Christina will bring you back to this state and will adjust this penis ring that will help you hold off your orgasm. But don’t worry. We will all have a good time making you come at some point in the evening.”

With that, she slapped my ass hard and turned away. She left Christina and me alone and the maid spoke to me for the first time. “You are going to do well. You are the third boy she has brought me to work with, and all of them are now happy in their new roles, as am I.” She smiled and reached to tug again at my dick. “I am going to put the ring on you now — later on this evening, you should take it off, and put it back on at some point each day for the rest of the week. Come on Saturday with it on as well.” With that, she placed a small rubber ring at the head of my penis, and rolled the band down my shaft until it reached the base. My cock began to swell again as she bent over to suck the dripping liquid from my cockhead. One more tug, a final strong sucking motion, and she released me. She pointed to my clothing stacked on a bureau on the side of the room, and padded softly away toward the door. “Get here at 6 and I will be ready for you.”

For the remaining days of the week, I tested my cock ring, putting it on each evening when I was home alone. In jeans, my erect dick was contained partially, so that was what I would wear when I arrived at Mrs. H’s door that Saturday evening. But before that, I had one more tutoring session with Cory. He was home alone when I arrived, and while we worked through some word problems, I heard Mrs. P come home. She came to his room and smiled at us both. “Some coffee before you leave?” she asked, and I nodded. We worked some more — I even added some more advanced problems to our session (I was prolonging the time before visiting with Mrs. P, not out of nervousness, but to draw out the anticipation I was enjoying as my mind moved ahead.) Finally, I complimented Cory on his progress, and packed up my notebooks. He immediately opened his phone and joined into a conversation that had been pinging away in his pocket for the last 10 minutes.

In the kitchen, Mrs. P was adding cream to my coffee when I sat down on the edge of a stool next to a breakfast bar that separated the room from the rest of the apartment. She was wearing tight workout clothes — she had just come from yoga she told me.

“So I understand you accepted my friend’s offer to work this weekend. I look forward to seeing you there.” She smiled that same sly way she had when she’d left me with Mrs. H. “I can hardly wait to see you there,” she said, staring directly at my crotch. She moved toward me and placed her hand between my legs, pressing against my expanding cock. “I am going to be good and make myself wait, but on Saturday, you can properly thank me for what I’ve done for you.” I swallowed the last of my coffee and nodded. She stepped in front of me and reached to undo my belt buckle. I responded by unfastening my jeans and unzipping my pants. Her hand reached under the strap of my underwear and she squeezed my cock at its midpoint. She removed her hand and stepped away from me as her son’s door opened and the sound of his music came out. I pulled my pants together and closed my belt. I got up and left. She patted my ass at the door. “Saturday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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