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For my lover…

I know you want me soaking wet… You’ve told me as much. But you don’t have the patience for it. I’ve sent you the pictures. Pictures of my pussy being so wet that it actually looks like I’ve been creampied. However, it takes me hours to get like that. I spend all night long with the pink vibrator you bought me to soak my panties so thoroughly.

So one night when you have me in your bed, breathy whispers of desire in my ear, I stop you. Not because I don’t want your hard cock pounding into me. Trust me baby, I do. No, I stop you because I want you to pound into me when I’m dripping wet. I want you to witness all the pictures I’ve sent you first hand.

I pull out my pink vibe and set it on the bedside table. Then I make you pull out the cuffs for later, because in my fantasy where you fuck my soaking pussy, I’m restrained so I have no choice but to take everything you’re giving me.

Then I settle on my back, you by my side, and pinky settle right between my nether lips. At first I turn the vibrator on a low setting where it buzzes off and on, teasing.

You kiss down my neck, nipping slightly until you reach my tits. At first you suckle one nipple into your mouth as your fingers dance along the other. All the while, my clit is gently messaged.

Then you bite down just hard enough that I moan, low and long. My free hand reaches for your boxer covered cock. It twitches in my grasp.

Your mouth switches to my other nipple, laving it with your tongue before closing over it. Instead of nipping this one, you suck on it like your life depends on it. I turn the vibrations up a canlı bahis notch.

“Oh, daddy,” I moan as I start to feel the first of many orgasms build inside me.

You nip my ear and release a shaky breath. That’s right, I know how to drive you wild all while I’m focusing on myself.

You let your hand travel down my waist to the hand that is holding the vibe. You wrap your long, thick fingers over mine and help grind it into my clit. I start withering in your arms as my orgasm takes over. You never release your grip on the vibe as it mashes into me.

Finally, when my orgasm subsides I change the setting. This time the vibrations increase from nothing to full force over a matter of seconds.

You start to move your hand lower, trying to feel how wet I am. I figured after one orgasm you would start to get impatient. I tsk and release your cock to pull your hand away. “No wasting it, not yet,” I say as I turn to kiss you.

You take command of the kiss, pushing your tongue into my mouth. The kiss becomes more demanding as you begin thrusting your tongue deeper like I know you want to thrust your cock into me.

I decide to allow you some release. With my free hand I pull on your boxers until your cock springs free. It really is a beautiful cock. I know you think it is average, but babe it sure does get the job done.

I roll to my side facing you and clutch pinky between my thighs. The vibrations continue on steadily as I turn my attention to your cock. I start by running my tongue up and down your length. Then I take turns sucking each of your balls into my mouth. By the time I take you into bahis siteleri my mouth I’m grinding my legs together, chasing my release. I just love sucking your cock so much.

You know I’m close to my next orgasm so you start pulling me deeper onto your cock by my hair. I’m moaning like a slut now and then I start to come. You are thrusting faster into my mouth now and I know you must be close. And as much as I want to taste you, my pussy is greedy for your cock. So, I pull my face away from you.

You’re breathing hard and I’m pretty sure I hear you mumble “fuck.” But it’s ok babe, because I won’t leave you like that for long.

But first, I need to come again. I waste no time turning the vibrator onto its highest setting at a constant vibration. Then I turn to you and sink my teeth into your lower lip. You grunt in response, taking control of the kiss as you wrap my hair around your hand. Damn, I love it when you pull my hair.

“You’re just a fucking slut for my cock, aren’t you baby?” You whisper harshly into my ear.

I moan, “Yes daddy.”

“You want it sooo badly right now, don’t you baby?” You emphasis the so as I continue to grind on the vibe.

“I bet you’re soaking wet for me. All your glorious pussy juices running down your legs.”

You kiss me roughly as I smash my tits against your chest. I’m so damn close babe. I know this last one will do me in and then you can use me any way you want.

“Come for me baby,” you whisper in the sweetest most needy voice and I has me falling over the cliff. I cry out your name, begging you to fill me as I let the vibrator slip from my bahis şirketleri hand.

You flip me over, straddling my hips and taking my writs in hand. Next thing I know, I feel you buckle one and then the other to the leather cuffs now wrapped around the headboard.

“Fuck,” you hiss as you inspect my glistening pussy. I can feel the air cool the wetness that has gathered on my thighs as it pours from my needy hole.

“Baaaaabe!” I moan as I thrust my hips towards your hard cock. And that’s all the encouragement you need before you are filling me. You waste no time allowing me to adjust to your long, hard thrusts. No, you’ve waited too long now to take it slow.

“Tell me who you belong to!” It’s a demand and I know it.

“You daddy.”

“Damn right you do baby,” is your reply as you continue thrusting your bare cock inside of me.

I’m close, my insides are wound so tightly. “Please daddy! I need to come!” I’m practically squealing.

“Let me hear you babe. Beg me to come.”

“Fuck you feel so fucking good daddy. Please, please, please. I’m so fucking close.”

I’m moaning and whimpering and squealing again when I say, “Please don’t stop, don’t stop.”

My wrists are pulling at the restraints as you tighten your grip on my hips, pulling me into you.

“I’m gonna come in your tight, hot pussy baby,” is all you say and I’m a goner. I feel my inner walls contract, squeezing you, milking you for all you have. And then with one final thrust I feel you’re warm cum coating my insides. It’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world.

You collapse on top of me, peppering my face with kisses. I moan as I feel you slip out of me, our juices mixing and running down my thighs.

I sigh content, “I love you babe.”

You unbuckle my hands from the restraints and kiss me again, “I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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