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I know you went to sleep on the couch last night. You mean you don’t remember coming upstairs or how you woke up? Well…

I’m alone in the dark. Winter’s cold quiets everything outside my door and a hand full of candles in the room gave a timid display of light on the wall in this place, robbed of electricity. I had been listening to music and was settling down to enjoy a good book when the house went black. Now I was without sufficient light and you had let the wine carry you to sleep on the couch.

The candles had been easy to find by the light of my cell phone screen and the amber glow they cast reminded me of a time I had visited in books and film. It was a relaxing and romantic feeling tickled my imagination and then other things.

You looked so beautiful lying in a wine-laced dream, your lips slightly parted, your eyelids blanketing you from seeing the rising hunger that I allowed to spill out of me. Your bare feet with their painted nails seemed to be mocking me with only the faintest hint what lay beneath your jeans. They were tight on your round hips and shapely legs but with patient delicacy I removed them and drank in the glow of your skin beneath the candle-light.

The way you went to sleep there was no guarantee how you would react if you woke up but I new that if I could tickle your lust before you regained consciousness that you would welcome my advances in force.

You were wearing purple cotton canlı bahis panties that slid off slowly and with surprising ease, releasing the musk that quickens my blood. After brushing my face with them to revel in your scent, I wet a finger on my tongue and gently caressed the opening of your venus mound. Nestling myself between your thighs, I kissed you there slow and deep, savoring the velvet walls and tangy nectar of your nether mouth.

You stirred slowly, my kisses penetrating places I had only dreamed of before. I felt you tighten and your juices slowly increase their flow. You’ve yet to make a sound but your breathing has quickened and starts to labor under my attention. My tongue works in rapid succession upon your swollen clit and your body rises to feed me as the first gasp escapes your lips.

I push harder, working feverishly as your labored breathing turns to moans and then to short screams as I taste your climax and carry you over wave after wave of orgasm. When I feel your shuddering start to subside, I reluctantly lift my head from its hot tangy treat to look into those beautiful eyes that stare down at me with reflected fire light and shared lust.

“Shhhh…” I ask for silence, fearing that words might break the spell that holds us. I slide up your prostrate form until my naked hips are parallel with yours. I slide your shirt up and over your shoulders and only half-way over your face so that you are bahis siteleri restrained and blindfolded. One hand keeps you this way while the other plays across your chest where flesh meets the lace of your bra. The cups are lifted up, freeing your ample breasts to the teasing of my lips, tongue and teeth.

You’ve honored my request for an absence of words but the throbbing head of me is against your wet lips, and while I wait to enter you, your breath quivers in desperate sighs. Once my attention moves from your breasts to soft curve of your neck where it meets the shoulder, I push myself into you and am answered by a pitched squeal that rolls into a fevered moan as I find my rhythm within you.

Your ankles wrap tightly around my calves as our bodies fall into a harmonic sync. You pull your arms free of your shirt and start clawing my back. The sharp fury of your pleasure makes me thrust harder and deeper, licking and biting your earlobes as you gasp and scream into my ear.

Its then that I am afforded the sensation of your venus mouth contracting and climaxing around the full thickness of me, your heavenly juices washing over me. Your whole body quakes and I think you might lose consciousness again but instead your eyes turn their heat on me again.

You stand me up and follow, removing the bra that still sits above your soft breasts. Once this is done you fall to your knees and cup them around my stiff and glistening bahis şirketleri manhood. Rocking back and forth you slide me between your breasts, engulfing the head in your mouth with each stroke. I am paralyzed with awe at your work and find myself moaning into the quiet night. Then you let your breasts fall as your hands take hold of my cheeks and you swallow the length of me. Your nails squeeze me again as your mouth bobs up and down, licking and slurping with reckless abandon in the soft candle light.

You let me out of your mouth to tongue the underside of my shaft and my balls up and down a few times before I’m once again at the back of your throat. Gathering the spit dripping me, you coat your index finger and then work it slowly into my anus. Gently back and forth, getting deeper each time but never missing a beat as you fucked my cock with your face.

My hands grab the back of your head and curl your hair in their fingers as I try to plant my feet for the pinnacle that I can feel mounting. You were knuckle-deep, massaging my inside while your mouth bobbed on my cock and my balls tightened. You moaned heavily against my throbbing meat before and after my semen came and was allowed to dribble out of your mouth and on to your heaving breasts.

Afterwards you let me go and rubbed my ejaculation into chest as if it were a skin cream, licking your lips and looking at me with those eyes. We blew out the candles together and made our way upstairs and that’s how you came to wake up in my bed without any of your clothes.

I can see by that familiar glint in your eyes that you do in fact remember, not that I mind telling the tale.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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