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I am a slave. I am owned, and happy to be so. I exist purely to please my Master, in every aspect of his life, and whatever I am doing I am always ready to serve him in whatever way he chooses. Around my neck is what appears, to the outside world, to be just a pretty silver pendant with a diamond initial on it. But to me it is so much more than that.
It was the happiest day of my life, the day I received that pendant. I had not been serving Master for very long, just long enough for him to know that I had submitted to him entirely. I had spent an evening serving him, preparing his food, pouring his drinks and lighting his cigarettes, and was sat naked at his feet awaiting his next command.
“Kneel” Master commands me.
I positioned myself in front of Master, my legs tucked under me so that I was sitting on my heels, feet together, knees slightly apart. My hands rested on my thighs with my palms upturned, my head bowed and my eyes on the floor.
“What is the purpose of your existence, Slave?” he asked me.
“To obey you, Master.” I replied.
“Kneel up and lower your head.” He ordered.
I did so and he told me to hold my hair up. When I did Master leant forward and fastened the beautiful silver chain, bearing his initial, around my neck.
“This chain signals my ownership of you. You now belong to me and you will obey me at all times, without question. If you do not, you will be punished. If you please me, I may choose to reward you. As long as you wear it you are mine and I will protect and care for you.”
And since that day I have never taken it off. I am proud to wear the symbol of my submission and it is also a great comfort to me when I am separated from Master, knowing that I belong to him and that he cares for me.

I do not live with Master. When I am not with him he will send me a text message to summon me when he requires me. If I am not there within 15 minutes I will be punished. If I ever need to go somewhere that will mean I am unable to respond in this time, I must get special permission from Master.
Punishments for failing to please Master vary. Sometimes I will be spanked over Master’s knee, but if Master is disappointed in me he tends not to use this as punishment as he knows I enjoy it. Sometimes I will be made to kneel in the corner facing the wall, or will spend the day serving Master on my hands and knees. But my worst punishment is to be banished. Being forbidden to see Master and being ignored by him, sometimes for several days, is the most painful punishment I can receive.
At the heart of my submission to my Master is, of course, that my body belongs entirely to him and is his to use as and when he sees fit. As a slave I am expected to keep my body ready to be used at all times. All my body hair must be removed and I must always be, of course, scrupulously clean. I always wear skirts, not trousers, and am forbidden from wearing panties at anytime. Master must have free access to me at all times.
Nothing matters but Master’s pleasure and satisfaction. My pleasure all comes from serving Master, it doesn’t matter how painful or degrading it is, if Master is pleased with his slave that is the greatest pleasure I can receive.

Not long after Master had taken ownership of me he summoned me to him, informing me that today I would be initiated into one of his favourite activities. Within ten minutes I was knocking on his door.
“Enter and remove your clothes” he ordered
I did as I was told and knelt on the floor, eyes down to await his next instructions.
Master eventually spoke; “Who does your body belong to Slave?”
“You Master” I replied
“And you give it to me without question?” he continued.
“Yes, Master”
“Then on your hands and knees” he commanded.
I did as I was told; this was nothing unusual, Master often liked to fuck my pussy this way. Today though I knew he had something different in mind.
“Today you are going to learn to have your ass fucked like a good little slave” he whispered in my ear. He was kneeling behind me now. I felt my stomach clench with fear. He must have felt my body tense as he said,
“You want Master to be pleased with his Slave don’t you?”
“Yes Master,” I whispered “I do.”
“Good girl, then just relax and do as your told and Master will be very pleased.”
I felt his strong hands begin to gently stroke my buttocks, occasionally wandering between my thighs and brushing the lips of my increasingly wet pussy. I found myself beginning to relax and enjoy myself, but I was soon reminded that we weren’t there for my pleasure.
“Hold your cheeks apart” he commanded.
He then began to run his finger, still wet from my pussy, around the edge of my tight little asshole. Immediately I tensed up,
“I told you to relax.” He said “Do I need to punish you?”
“No Master” I responded “I can do it.”
“Let’s hope so,” he continued “because I am going to put my cock up your ass, and if you don’t relax it is really going to hurt you.”
I made every effort to relax my body as Master’s finger continued to circle my asshole. Then he reached round in front of me and held out his finger for me to suck. With his finger now even wetter he began to gently press it against my tight ring. Gradually, as I began to relax, he inserted his finger into my ass, knuckle deep, and I have to admit it felt good. Master could tell I was enjoying myself.
“Does that feel good slave?” He hissed as I let out a little groan of pleasure, “I think I’ve got myself a slutty little slave who likes her ass fucked”
He started to then work two fingers into my tight hole, and after some initial resistance I was once again being driven wild by the feeling of Master’s fingers filling and stretching me. Just as I was beginning to really enjoy myself he removed his fingers from me and I let out a small sigh of disappointment, but he certainly hadn’t finished with me yet.
“Stand” I was ordered, and Master took my hand and led me to the sofa. When we reached the arm he put his hand on my back and gently pushed me forward so I was bent over it, my bottom in the air, presented to Master, ready for him to use or abuse at will. He roughly pulled the cheeks of my ass apart and I felt the head of his huge cock pressing against my ring. I felt my stomach tighten again, there was no way he could fit inside me is there?
Master thrust hard against me, and I was pushed hard against the sofa. I cried out in pain, it felt like I was going to be ripped in two, but my cries seemed to arouse him more and he pushed unrelentingly into me, and I felt the head of his cock ram deep into my ass. Pain seared through me and tears rolled down my face but I would never ask him to stop. My job was to give Master pleasure and my body belongs to him, and much as it hurt me physically the pleasure I got from knowing I was doing as I had been ordered was immense.
Master had slowed his stroke down now and was slowly but firmly fucking my asshole. With each stroke he went a little deeper until his whole cock was buried deep inside me. Despite the pain I had never felt so full of cock and it felt incredible.
“Thank you Master” I whispered breathlessly “Thank you”
With this, he increased his speed so he was pulling almost all the way out of me before slamming roughly back into me until he was buried balls deep in my ass. It didn’t take long doing this before I heard Master cry out and then with a long grunt he shot his full load of hot cum deep into my gut. As he pulled his spent cock out of me he whispered “Good Girl, you’ve been a good slave” and kissed me gently on the top of my head and I knew there was no feeling as good as the one I got from pleasing Master.

Since Master had initiated me in his use of my ass he decided I should undergo some training to make sure I was always ready to receive him and the next evening presented me with a large, black butt plug. Having bent me across his knee he gently inserted the plug into my ass.
“You will wear this until I tell you that you may remove it.” He said “Now go home.”
Sitting in the car on the way home was really uncomfortable at first but by the time I had arrived home I had grown used to the feeling of the plug inside me and was beginning to enjoy it. It was a constant reminder of what my life had become. I had accepted Masters rule entirely and was under his constant control whether he was with me or not, and I realised that this was a situation I was completely happy to be in.
I went about my evening as usual, preparing supper then taking a bath. When I got into bed it took all my willpower not to touch myself, not to make myself cum. It wouldn’t have taken much but Master had forbidden myself from ever pleasuring myself without his consent and however turned on I was I would never disobey him. Eventually I fell asleep.
At 4 am the next morning I was woken by a message on my phone.
“I hope you’ve still got it in” it said “or there will be trouble. Send me a photo immediately so I know you’re being a good girl.”
Of course I did as I was told instantly. “Good” was the reply, “keep it in until I tell you otherwise remember.”
At last, at 8 o’clock the next morning I received the message instructing me to remove the plug until I met Master again that evening, when Master would reinsert it after he had used my ass for his pleasure again. This was to be the case every night until Master was happy with my progress.

Several months passed and I continued devotedly as Master’s slave. One evening he called me to him and told me he had important news. It was news that would take my commitment to him to a whole new level. Master had bought a small cottage that was situated just past the end of his garden. This was to be my new home. Master told me I would resign from my job with immediate effect and I was to sell the home I owned in the nearby town. I was to be kept by Master from now on. He wanted access to me 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Total control of my life. I would be given a credit card for my day to day expenses and the money from the sale of my house would be put into an account that I would be given should Master and I ever end our arrangement.
Master would have a key to my new home and I must be ready to receive him at any time. I would come to his home morning and evening to prepare and serve him his breakfast and dinner. I would not be permitted to join him for these meals unless invited to do so. Every Sunday would be punishment day when I would receive punishment for any misdemeanours I had committed during the week; I would also receive ten strokes of the cane every Sunday, regardless of whether I had displeased Master or not. This was to serve as a reminder of my position and to strengthen the bond between slave and Master.
A spare bedroom in my new cottage had been prepared for this purpose and also for any other occasion Master had to punish or restrain me. It contained a post with restraints at the top and bottom where my ankles and wrists would be fastened, my arms high above me and legs spread apart with a strap around my waist to hold me against the post. This is where I would receive whippings from Master as I would be unable to flinch from the lashes, whether he chose to give them on my thighs, buttocks or breasts. Also in the room was a large padded table with restraints at each corner, again for my wrists and angles, this meant that I could be spread across the table for Master’s use on either my front or back and would be unable to close my legs, whatever Master chose to do to me or whatever he chose to do it with. Finally there was a form of stool on which I could kneel and bend forward, my stomach and chest supported, where I would receive my weekly canings. It caused my buttocks to be raised and presented to Master, perfectly positioned for this purpose.
The rest of the house had been very comfortably furnished with everything I could ever need, apart from the secrets held in that one bedroom no-one could have known that it was the home of a women being kept solely to serve a Master.

I handed in my notice the very next morning and visited the estate agent to put my house on the market. I was moving into my cottage that afternoon; I had never felt so happy, so free. From now on in life I had only one concern; Master’s pleasure. I had always known I was born to serve, that it was my calling and now I could dedicate my life to it. And at that moment I knew that I loved my Master with all my heart and that I truly would do anything for him. Anything at all.
I arrived at the cottage at 12.30 as Master had asked for lunch at 1. I prepared the food and went up to his house in time to lay his lunch out for him, ready for when he stopped working at one. As instructed I had prepared myself a small amount of lunch in a bowl and placed it next to the plate of food I had prepared for Master, I then knelt next to Master’s chair to wait for him to arrive. Around 1.30 Master entered the room; he would often turn up later than the time we had arranged, enjoying the thought of waiting obediently for him on my knees. He leant over and kissed the top of my head.
“Good girl,” he said, looking at the food on the table. “Just what I wanted. On your hands and knees now, Slave. And I want you naked.”
I obeyed at once of course, removing all my clothes quickly, folding them neatly and dropping to my hands and knees. Master, who was now seated at the table, took the bowl of food I had put next to his plate and placed it on the floor in front of me.
“You may now eat” he stated “but you may not use your hands, only your mouth.”
So that is how I spent my first meal as Master’s full time Slave, eating from a bowl on the floor like an animal at my Master’s feet. Master seemed to enjoy watching me eat this way, and would regularly reach out and stroke my buttocks, sometimes giving them a sharp slap, before softly stroking them again.
Once he had finished eating Master stood up saying
“You may stand and continue your day now Slave.”
And with that he left the room.

That Sunday morning I was to receive my first caning in the new punishment room. Master had instructed me to be stood at the post, naked of course, with my legs apart and my hands clasped behind my neck at 9am. He enjoyed seeing me in this position, it thrust my breasts forward in a way he liked and left me very vulnerable to him. He arrived promptly that morning, presumably keen to punish his Slave in the room he had designed himself. He spent several moments just looking at me stood there and running his fingers over my naked skin very gently, instantly arousing me and making me tremble. I felt the wetness from between my legs begin to trickle down my thigh. I heard Master laugh to himself as he noticed this.
“My horny little slut” he laughed, “if you’re a good girl and take your punishment like the submissive little slave I know you are, I might fuck you afterwards. You would like that wouldn’t you?”
“Yes Master, I would like that very much.” I replied breathlessly.
“I knew you would” he laughed, and with that he spread my ankles farther apart and secured them with the restraints, then lifting my hands high above my head and securing them as well. He then tightened the strap around my waist so I was completely immobile.
He then walked slowly to a cupboard on the wall and spent some time selecting a cane from the selection I saw he had there. Once he had chosen one he walked around in front of me and held it on his outstretched palms up to my face.
“You have behaved well this week Slave” he said “so you will receive just 10 strokes of the cane.”
“You will count each one out loud in a clear voice. After each stroke you will thank me and ask if you may have another. If you fail to do this I will repeat that stroke until you do. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master” I replied in a clear voice.
He then walked behind me and spent a few moments caressing my buttocks and letting his fingers wander between my legs to my pussy, feeling how wet I had now become. Then without warning he bought the cane down hard across my buttocks. The pain was searing and my buttocks immediately began to burn. I couldn’t help but cry out in pain and I felt the hot prickle of tears in my eyes and down my cheeks. I hadn’t forgotten Master’s orders though.
“One” I said clearly “Thank you Sir, please may I have another?”
And with that I felt the second stroke, even more painful than the first. But I am an obedient slave and I counted each stroke, always saying thank you and always asking for another, all the way up to ten.
“Good girl” Master said “Master is very proud to own a slave as obedient and submissive as you.”
I was delighted, nothing made me as happy as hearing that from Master, and I was already looking forward to next week’s caning so I could please Master so much again.

“You accepted your punishment well, my little slave” Master went on. “And now I will fuck you.”
With that he released my restraints from the post and led me to the table he had installed in the room. As I stood facing the table he knelt behind me and gently spread my legs wide. Having done this he took some soft cords and bound my ankles to the table legs. Having done this he placed his hand softly between my shoulder blades and firmly but slowly pushed me forward so I was bent over the table. He walked around to the other end of the table and took my hands, stretched my arms out in front of me and fastened them to the corners of the table. He stepped back and smiled, pleased with his work. Leaning forward he kissed me softly and lovingly on the lips and I raised my head the best I could to meet him.
“My darling slave,” he whispered “I do love you very much.”
He walked back round the table so he was behind me again and began to stroke my still sore buttocks. His hands gradually got lower so they were stroking the back of my thighs, and even more gradually he allowed his fingers to trace their way towards my wet, shaven pussy. I shuddered as I felt the warm excitement building between my legs. As the wetness began to run down my thighs Master knelt down behind me and began to run his tongue incredibly lightly up the inside of my thighs, tasting my juices as he did so. My clit was throbbing hard now and I writhed against my bonds hardly able to contain myself. As he reached my pussy I was unable to stop myself letting out a long groan of pleasure.
“Hush my darling” Master laughed “or I will be forced to gag you, won’t I?”
“Yes Master” I gasped.
Master laughed to himself again and began to gently bite and pull at my pussy lips with his teeth while still allowing his hot tongue to dart across my clit. I groaned again, unable to stop myself. Master abruptly stopped what he was doing and walked across to the cupboard he had earlier fetched the cane from. I could not see what he was getting from my position on the table but it soon became clear as he approached my head.
“Open your mouth wide.” He commanded.
I obeyed and he placed in my mouth the ball of a ball gag and tightened the leather strap. My mouth was now held open and very full, my tongue pushed to the bottom of my mouth. I could hardly have made a sound if I had wanted to.
After he had tightened the strap around my head Master immediately returned to his position behind me. This time he began to work two fingers into my now sopping wet hole. With his fingers thrusting inside me, hitting my g-spot as they did so, he used his thumb to roughly rub my throbbing clit. I was writhing around, unable to contain the excitement and pleasure that was building inside me.
“Don’t you dare cum until I give you permission” Master ordered firmly and withdrew his hand from between my legs and my pussy ached at the loss. Almost immediately though Master slammed his huge, hard cock right inside my hot, wet pussy and I knew I wouldn’t be able to contain myself much longer. He continued thrusting into me, hard and deep then very slowly withdrawing, so only the tip of his cock remained inside me, before ramming himself powerfully back inside me again. I was shaking hard now and Master knew I couldn’t last much longer.
“Cum” he said simply.
And I did, waves of hot pleasure swept through me, from between my legs, spreading throughout the rest of my body so strongly, I was almost convulsing in my bonds, screaming into my gag.
“Good girl, cum for Master” Master said softly, stroking my hair, his cock still deep inside me, and with one last thrust I felt him shoot his hot cum into my pussy.

Months passed and I continued to serve Master as I always had, and I was happy. One afternoon Master let himself into my cottage and called me to him. Within seconds I was kneeling at his feet, my eyes on the floor.
“We are going out this afternoon,” he told me. “There is someone I want you to meet.”
Without saying anything else we got into his car and set off.
Eventually Master spoke. “I have a very special job for you my darling” he said. “The young lady we are going to meet has been introduced to me by a good friend of mine. She has shown herself to be very submissive and is keen to serve me as a slave.”
As I heard this I was overwhelmed with jealousy and fear. Master had found a new slave. What would this mean for me? Why had he done this? Had I let him down? Was he bored of me? I fought the tears back. Master looked at me and laughed out loud.
“Oh my darling slave!” he laughed, “don’t worry! You still belong to me, I adore you and I would never be without you. This new slave is for us both. You will train her to one day be as wonderful a slave as you. She will live with you, and serve you and when I call for her you will bring her to me and you will instruct her in how to serve me. It will be an honour for you, to train her for me and an honour for her to be trained by you. She will have the best possible start in her life as a submissive with you as her mistress.”
Relief swept through me, I was still apprehensive of course, but knowing that my position with Master was safe was all that mattered.
We arrived outside a large block of flats; Master spoke on the intercom at the door and we were buzzed in. I followed Master up the stairs and to the front door of one of the flats. Without us having to knock the door was opened by a young girl of 18, as I was later to find out, who immediately dropped to her knees in front of us. She was wearing a short, deep red silk dressing gown, which I suspected she was naked underneath. Her blond hair fell in soft waves over her shoulders; she had long slim legs and on her feet wore a pair of black stiletto shoes. It was easy to see why Master wished to possess her and again another strong wave of jealousy washed through my body, though I knew I would very much enjoy having her at my mercy and the punishments I would inflict on her.
“A good start, wouldn’t you agree Slave?” Master asked me. “She is all yours now, the first thing you need to do is give her the name by which we will call her. What will it be?”
“With your approval Master, I do not believe she has earned the right to a name yet. Until she has, I would prefer just to call her X.” I replied.
“Very good Slave, I thoroughly approve. X, kiss your new Mistress’ feet to let her know you submit to her entirely at my command.”
At once X crawled towards me, lowered her head and gently kissed each of the boots I was wearing.
“Slave, I will leave you alone with X for one hour, I will then return to collect to you both. See that she is ready and understands the basic behaviour I expect from you both. If she fails to follow these rules it is you, Slave, who will be punished.”
“Yes Master” I replied, and Master left the flat.

Having been nothing but submissive for many years now being in control of someone else was a very strange situation for me, but I was determined to do a good job of training X for Master.
X was still on her hands and knees at my feet. “Follow me like that X” I told her and made my way into the small lounge area. X obediently did as I asked. “The first thing you need to learn is how you will kneel whilst you wait for Master or Mistress’ commands” I told her, “On your knees and sit back on your heels.”
X did so. “Spread your knees wider and place your hands palm up on your thighs.” I corrected, using the toe of my boot to force the girls legs further apart.”Master must be able to see your most private areas whenever he wishes. Now remove your gown.”
I looked down at X kneeling naked before me on the floor, her eyes looking demurely down in front of her. Between her legs was soft, blond pubic hair, its dampness showing that she was enjoying her training. But lovely as she looked I knew Master would not allow her to keep any hair on her body. I would have to shave her. I explained this to X. She obediently rose at my orders and went in to the bathroom; she soon came back out carrying a bowl of warm water, towels, razor and can of shaving foam.
“Spread a towel on the sofa and lie back on it.” I told her.
She lay back along the length of the sofa, her knees bent and her legs wide apart. I stood for a moment, just looking at her young, damp pussy and was surprised to find myself becoming aroused by the sight.
“Clasp your hands behind your neck” I instructed her. “That is how Master will expect you to lie or stand unless instructed otherwise.”
I took the can of foam and sprayed a generous amount on my hands; I began to massage it gently into the soft mound of hair that was surrounding X’s pussy. I heard her gasp as my hands caressed her most sensitive area. I could feel my own pussy become increasingly wet and my clit beginning to throb as I touched my beautiful young slave. I reached for the razor and very carefully began shaving the hair from X. It didn’t take long before I had removed it all and rinsed and dried her. Lying there with her newly shaved cunt X looked irresistible and I knew that I just had to taste her sweet, wet pussy. I took her hand and led her through to the bedroom, laying her back on the bed in the same position I had laid her in to shave her. I lay on my stomach between her legs, placed my hands on her inner thighs and gently pushed them apart. Leaning forward I tentatively placed my tongue on the lips of her pussy and tasted her juices; I had never tasted a woman before and was very turned on by what I was experiencing. She tasted so good. I pushed my tongue deeper inside her and began to slowly and firmly lap at her pussy, letting my tongue flick against her clit. X let out a long, deep moan which just served to spur me on; I put my whole mouth over her hot cunt and began to suck hard on her hard little clit. X began to writhe strongly, pushing her thighs against my hands, which were still forcing them apart. To her credit she managed to remain in the position I had put her in with her hands behind her neck despite the fact she was coming increasingly close to a powerful orgasm. I slowed things down a bit and began to probe inside her sweet, wet hole with my tongue; I licked up her juices and gently bit on her pussy’s lips. When I felt she couldn’t take much more I put my lips around her clit again, and gently holding it between my teeth sucked her to an incredible climax. She screamed and writhed and bucked against me, her whole body shaking as she came before she fell back exhausted and limp on the bed. I was going to enjoy having X as my slave I decided!

Time was getting on and I needed to have X ready for Master’s imminent return. The first thing needed was a shower. Finding X in the state I had left her in would mean certain punishment for me. I set the shower running and ordered X to stand in there, arms and legs wide apart. I soaped up a sponge and began to carefully wash her down, explaining to her all the time what I was doing, as this was how I would expect her to bathe me when requested to do so.
I moved the sponge all over her body, covering her with a rich lather of bubbles. When it came to her most intimate areas I used my soapy hands to clean, being careful to be thorough, as I knew Master would wish to inspect her later, without arousing her, or me for that matter, too much again. I took the shower head and rinsed the bubbles from her, then used it to wet her hair; she tipped her head back obligingly, causing her full young breasts to be thrust forward. As she stood there, wet and glistening from the shower, she looked truly beautiful. I knew I mustn’t get distracted though; I had a job to do for Master. I poured shampoo into my hand and began to lather her long blonde hair. When it was rinsed I turned off the shower I took a large towel and wrapped it around X, gently rubbing her dry. Master had always been a loving and caring Master to me and I hoped I could be the same to X. I had often heard Master say you could only get the best from your slaves by making them feel loved and them wanting nothing more than to please you; I knew that he was right.
When X was warm and dry I instructed her to kneel as I had earlier shown her.
“From now on X” I explained “you will only wear skirts not trousers, and you will never wear panties. Master and Mistress must have free access to you at all times. Is that understood?”
“Yes Mistress.” X mumbled.
“You will speak clearly when Mistress asks you a question” I reprimanded her. “Now, what did you say?”
“Yes Mistress.” She spoke clearly this time.
“Good” I praised and smiled down at X. “Now get yourself dressed and I will be waiting for you in the lounge. You have precisely 10 minutes. If you are a moment longer you will be punished on Sunday with ten strokes of the cane for every minute you are late. Now go and get ready.”
I could see a look of panic in X’s eyes and could see she was desperate to speak but didn’t dare question me. I decided on this occasion to be merciful as Master was to me when I first began my training.
“Is there something you wished to ask me X?” I said.
X hesitated for a moment then spoke. “I don’t have a watch Mistress; I will not know when 10 minutes is up.”
“Then you’d better hurry” I replied, and with that I left the room to wait in the lounge.

Twelve minutes later X arrived in the lounge. I did not tell her how long she had been, or that it would mean an extra twenty strokes of the cane come Sunday. I thought it would do her good to worry about it until then, wondering how much of a caning her virgin behind would receive! It would also serve as a good reminder that a good slave must always be aware of time if they are to serve their master or mistress well.
X entered the room and knelt before me. I walked behind her and lifted her skirt; she was not wearing any panties as I had ordered.
“Excellent.” I praised her. “You are learning quickly. Master will be here soon, so go on your hands and knees fetch your bag and place it by the front door.”
X obediently crawled away. She picked her bag up between her teeth and struggled towards the door.
“Kneel up and wait there for Master” I instructed her. I then knelt beside her, my eyes on the floor; both of us waiting patiently for the man who owned us.
After a few minutes I heard Master’s footsteps approaching and, still on my knees I opened the door.
“Follow me.” He said and turned and walked out the building and back towards the car. X picked up her bag and we followed him.
When we returned we all went into Master’s house, and he took a seat on the sofa with us both knelt at his feet. He then had X kneel on all fours facing away from him.
“Show her to me slave “he told me.
I went behind X and moved her legs wide apart so Master would get a better view of her now clean shaven pussy. I then grasped the cheeks of her ass and pulled them apart showing him her tight little hole. She automatically clenched nervously, making me sure she had never been fucked in the ass before. I knew that this was something Master would expect me to prepare her for.
“Well done Slave, you have prepared her well.” He said, “Now, I wish to hear her cum. Turn her around and prepare me for her to suck my cock. It will do her good to learn to do it whilst you are here to instruct her in what I like. You can then make her cum as she does urla escort it.”
I knelt between Master’s knees and undid his belt. I unzipped his trousers and he raised his hips to allow me to slip down his trousers and boxers. His cock sprung up as it was released from the confines of his clothes. Obviously the sight of X had pleased him very much. Again I felt a pang of jealousy run through me. I was glad Master was getting pleasure, but I was used to being the one giving it to him. This was going to take some getting used to, but if it was Master’s wish I would find a way.
I moved back and led X to where I had been knelt between Master’s thighs. I made sure she was on all fours with her head in Master’s lap and her backside raised, giving me free access to her. Allowing her to use her left hand to support herself I took her right hand and placed it gently around Master’s cock. Gently I pushed her head down, forcing her to accept his cock in her mouth. She tried to turn her head and look at me, a disgusted look on her face.
“With your permission Master, I would like to speak to X” I whispered softly. I would never normally speak without Master speaking to me first but Master had asked me to instruct her and I felt that I needed to speak to her.
“Yes Slave, you may speak.” Master replied “Whenever you feel X needs instruction you have my permission to give it to her.”
I thanked Master and spoke sternly to X.
“X, do you wish to have the honour of serving Master?”
“Of course Mistress” mumbled X, her mouth still full of his cock.
“Then this is something you must learn to do to please him, whenever and wherever Master desires. And you must learn to do it well.”
“Yes Mistress” she replied.
X had tears rolling down her cheeks, and I could see she felt utterly humiliated, but that is the roll of the Slave, if that is what the Master requires and I felt no sympathy for her. If she couldn’t accept Master’s cock in her mouth there is no way she would manage to accept him inside her ass! I must confess but help feeling a little smug, knowing that I had never refused Master anything, and seeing X struggle with what I found to be a simple task.
I could see that X really did want to please both Master and myself and she began to tentatively suck on his cock. While she continued with this, I went round behind her and began to gently caress her buttocks, I could feel I her shudder with anticipation when she felt my hands on her. I allowed my middle finger to trail gently down between her buttocks. I was surprised to find myself enjoying turning on another women as I did. I knew what I wanted to be done to me and I was transferring this on to X, and she certainly seemed to be appreciating it! I gently stroked the lips of her newly shaven pussy, and I could feel her revelling in the new sensations; I remembered when Master touched me after the first time I had been shaved, I had been so sensitive, feeling things that previously I had never experienced, my pubic hair preventing the exquisite feeling of being completely open to Master. As her beautiful pussy became wetter I gradually slipped just one finger between her lips, being careful not to allow it to touch her clit yet. She would have to please Master before she could earn her orgasm. I pressed my finger deeper inside her and felt her push back her hips against me; she groaned and took Master’s cock even deeper into her mouth and I knew she was beginning to enjoy herself. Master was also enjoying being sucked while watching his slave pleasure his latest acquisition.
“Give her a little more, Slave” he gasped. “I really want to hear her groan.”
I roughly rammed three fingers into X’s pussy and pumped them in and out. She groaned and gasped, her mouth full of cock; I saw her head begin to bob up and down as she took Master’s cock deeper and deeper and to reward her I began to use my thumb to massage her clit. As I touched it she cried out with pleasure, and desperate to be allowed to climax she began to use her hand to encourage Master to spunk deep down her throat.
“Good girl X” I praised her, “keep going. Please Master and you will get your reward.”
The feeling of a new mouth around him soon proved to be enough to bring him to a powerful climax in X’s mouth. Hearing him grunt and cry out as he pumped his hot spunk down her throat, which, to her credit, she obediently swallowed; I began to give attention to both X’s clit and G-spot simultaneously. She couldn’t contain herself for long as I pummelled her with my fingers and was soon shaking violently as the powerful orgasm racked her body. Master stroked X’s hair lovingly as she came, her head resting adoringly in his lap.
“There, there my beautiful one” he whispered. “Just enjoy it.”
And with that she fell limp and exhausted at his feet, every ounce of her energy spent serving Master, and with that I knew she would make him a very good slave.

I took X back to the cottage we now shared and sent her to shower and go to bed. As my slave I decided that X would sleep on the floor at the side of my bed, it would be a permanent reminder to her of her position and keep her nearby to fulfil my every desire at a moment’s notice. The following day her slave training would begin in earnest.
The next morning I woke early and went down to the kitchen to make coffee for myself before X awoke, so I could plan our day. It was vital, if she was to succeed in slavehood, that she was happy to submit to, and obey me entirely. Today I would be testing that to the limit. She would, unknowingly, be beginning towards earning the chain she would wear baring Master’s and mine initials, like I wore showing Master’s ownership of me.
Half an hour later I awoke X. In future she would need to set herself an alarm so she could be ready to wake and serve me. I told her to go and wash and to meet me downstairs where she would begin by learning how to prepare and serve breakfast. There was no need to get dressed I informed her, as she would be serving me naked while we were at home unless told otherwise.
In the kitchen I seated myself at the head of the table as Master did when I served him. It felt very strange being served rather than serving and I wasn’t yet entirely comfortable with it. X walked in, her eyes on the floor, her hands clasped behind her neck. So far she was remembering her training well.
“Kneel.” I said to her. “While I give you your orders.”
Once she was knelt at my feet I explained to her that every morning she would bring me a cup of tea in bed to wake me up. She may then be permitted to get into my bed and pleasure me, depending on my whim that day. She would then shower, dry and dress me, and if necessary shave me ready for Master. Next she would prepare whatever I wanted for breakfast. Unless told otherwise X would eat on all fours on the floor from a bowl at my feet, using only her mouth. This is how I ate whenever I was permitted to eat with Master and he would expect the same from X.
I instructed X to begin my breakfast of bacon and eggs and watched her young, naked body as she moved around the kitchen. I provided her with the dog bowl which she would eat from, from now on, and she put some of the food she had prepared in there. In her eyes I saw the same humiliated look I had seen when she had been ordered to suck Master’s cock last night, and I smiled to myself. I didn’t consider myself a cruel Mistress but had to admit that seeing X humiliated by the things I ordered her to do certainly turned me on!
I decided to make X wait until I had finished my breakfast until I let her eat hers so I could watch her properly. When I had finished I ordered her to begin eating. She lowered her head to the dog bowl and tentatively took a small piece of bacon from it with her teeth. She struggled to use her tongue to get it into her mouth, looking up at me with pleading eyes as she did so.
“Keep going” I laughed. “Finish your breakfast.”
X lifted a hand and used it to wipe the food from around her mouth.
“No hands!” I snapped. “That will be an extra punishment on Sunday X!”
“Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” she replied demurely.
After that X finished her food without raising her head from the bowl. She was learning!
Once she had finished I released her so she could get on with the housework; telling her to make sure our home was immaculate before my return, I headed over to Master’s house to serve him for the day.

I knocked on Master’s front door and he shouted to me to enter. I went inside on my hands and knees as I always moved around Master unless told otherwise. I set about making and serving his breakfast in the same way X had for me. As I had already eaten I knelt at Master’s feet while he ate.
“Tell me slave,” he said as he ate, “how is X’s training coming along?”
“I am very pleased with her Master.” I replied. “She is building up a number of punishments for Sunday, but that is to be expected. She is very new and still trying to keep her dignity. Once she learns to submit entirely mentally as well as simply physically she will find her training a lot easier.”
“That is true slave and I know you will do an excellent job of training her. But for now you need to forget about everything but pleasing me.”
“Of course Master” I responded, glad to be back to doing what I loved best, what I lived for.
“I mustn’t neglect your training either.” Master went on. “There is always more for even the most experienced submissive to learn, and today you will learn a new skill.”
“Thank you Master” I answered sincerely. I loved it when Master introduced something new to challenge me; I saw it as an opportunity to prove and reinforce my complete submission to Master’s will.
Master ordered me to remove my clothes and to crawl upstairs to his wet room. Master would often take me in there to wash him so I wondered if this is what he wanted me to do before he began today’s training. I was wrong.
“This morning slave,” he told me, “you will learn to let me use your pretty little mouth as my urinal.”

Although I felt nervous about learning to take Master’s piss in my mouth I was still very excited. This was something I had long imagined doing for my beloved owner and I was becoming incredibly turned on just thinking about swallowing the hot liquid.
“Kneel up with your legs spread” Master ordered. “I want to see you really open up to me as I use you.”
I did so and knew that he would see how turned on I was already; my clit was hard and throbbing and my shaven sex was clearly swollen with arousal. Master smiled as he saw this.
“Serving your Master really does turn you on doesn’t it my darling?”
“Yes Master,” I breathed.
“Then tip your head right back for me slave,” he said gently “and don’t spill a drop of this or you will be punished severely on Sunday!”
I did as I was told, my head tipped back, my eager mouth wide open and my hands linked behind my neck. Master dropped his trousers and underwear and stepped forward so his crotch was level with my face; he took his cock in his hand and held it about an inch above my mouth and slowly began to pee. As I felt its warmth hit the back of my throat, my reflexes caused me to briefly gag, but I was soon easily swallowing the steady flow, loving the feeling of the heat running down my throat and into my belly. Master began to increase the speed of the flow and I began to gulp down his piss in an effort not to spill a single drop of the golden liquid, but soon my mouth was full and it began to trickle down the sides of my mouth; before long Master’s piss was running freely down my chin, over my naked breasts and down to my throbbing pussy before forming a puddle between my thighs. Slowly the flow eased, and having finished Master stepped back, pulled his trousers back on and looked at me, kneeling before him, soaked by his piss, my eyes on the floor ashamed at having failed.
“A little more practice needed it think Slave” laughed Master. “You will pay for your failure to obey me on Sunday,” he continued. “I want you to practice every night with X until you can swallow all her pee without any mess, then you will return to me and prove you can follow my instructions.”
“Yes Master” I replied, tears in my eyes; it had been long time since I had failed in a task given to me by my owner.
“Now on your hands and knees to clean up this mess.” He pointed to the puddle off urine between my thighs.”Lap up what you wasted.”
Having watch me do this he turned and left the room, leaving me naked on the floor to reflect on my failure.

Sunday morning arrived and both X and I were nervous. For her it would be her first punishment and she knew she had made many mistakes during her first week. As for me, I had failed Master and I knew the punishment would be severe.
As Master entered the room he announced “X, you will be punished first. You will then watch me punish your Mistress. Slave, restrain X ready to be disciplined.”
I led X to the kneeling stool and she apprehensively lowered herself to her knees. I secured her ankles, making sure her legs were forced slightly apart. Master liked a good view of his slaves pussies when he was punishing them so he could see what effect he was having on them!
I pushed her forward and fastened her wrists to the legs at the front of the stool. I could see in her eyes that she was terrified and she looked at me for reassurance. I stroked her hair and went back to kneel at Master’s feet.
“Pass me my cane Slave.” Master said to me. “Then you may kneel at X’s head and comfort her as this is her first punishment. How many strokes is she due today Slave?”
“As well as her weekly ten strokes, she is due 20 strokes for poor time keeping and another 6 strokes for minor misdemeanours throughout the week Master. 36 in total.”
“Very good, Slave.” He acknowledged and stepped behind X. Her took a few moments to admire her raised buttocks presented to him ready to receive punishment. “Explain to X what I expect from her.”
I spoke softly to X, explaining to her that Master would expect her to count every stroke and thank him for it, then ask for the next one. I made sure she knew that if she faltered at this Master would add extra strokes to her punishment.
Once I had finished speaking to her Master began disciplining X. He bought the cane firmly down across the very centre of her buttocks. X screamed and began to sob.
“Oh X, I am very disappointed in you! That is not how I expect my slaves to behave when I am generous enough to discipline them for their own improvement. We will begin again and if you cannot be a good girl and accept your punishment your Mistress will gag you, and I will continue to whip you until you learn to submit. Is that understood?”
“Yes Master” sobbed X in a choked voice.
Master bought the cane down across X’s buttocks again, this time X gasped and let out a whimper but managed to get out the word “One.”
“Thank you Master” she continued, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Please will you whip me again?”
“Certainly X, that is much better.” Master replied, and continued X’s punishment. By the time Master had given X ten strokes her buttocks were glowing very red and was beautifully criss-crossed with cane marks. I noticed her breathing had changed and I knew X was beginning to enjoy the pain her Master was inflicting on her. There was real pleading in her voice as she asked for each stroke and I could tell Master was enjoying caning her more the more he felt she was enjoying it. I was sure that if I had been able to touch X’s pussy at that moment that I would find she was becoming very wet. Again I felt that familiar stab of jealousy.
Between strokes Master had began to caress X’s raised, glowing buttocks, massaging them firmly making X squirm in both pleasure and pain. Soon he was trailing a finger down between the cheeks of her warm bottom and dipping it in to the sweet wetness that was appearing between her legs. Each time he removed it to serve her another stroke of the cane she made a small moan at the loss. I looked up at Master and saw that his cock was fully erect and desperately straining against the front of his trousers. As X counted 36, the last of her strokes, thanking Master profusely, Master quickly removed his trousers and without saying a word thrust his hard cock into X’s now dripping wet cunt. X screamed out, this time with absolute pleasure. She was still firmly strapped to the whipping stool so was in the perfect position to take the hard fucking she was receiving. Master was grunting with the effort he was putting into shafting his latest possession. X was wriggling around as best she could and moaning with pleasure, desperately trying to push back against her bonds eager for Master’s cock even deeper inside her. Master lent forward and grabbed a large handful of X’s long, blonde hair, pulling her head sharply back. With something to hold onto he went at her even more ferociously and soon they were both screaming and Master ordered X to cum. Soon they were both screaming with the orgasms that overtook them. Master slumped forward over X, his legs having gone to jelly, and not until his erection had fully subsided did he remove it from X’s sopping cunt.
“Slave, come here and clean me up” he called to me, and I crawled over to him and began to meticulously lick X’s juices from his cock and balls. I knew I should have been pleased at Master’s obvious enjoyment of X but I felt a great deal of animosity towards her at that moment and very possessive towards Master, which went entirely against my slave training. I may belong to Master, but he in no way belonged to me.
When Master was thoroughly clean he told me to go and clean up X who was still bound to the whipping stool. I did as I was told of course, determined not to let how I was feeling affect my service of my beloved Master. I crawled on my hands and knees to X and began to lap up Master’s sweet cum as it ran from X’s pussy, mixed with her own juices and the more I worked at her, the more wet she became. I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her and licked her clean of Master’s seed inside then sucked and lapped at her shaven pussy lips, I then moved my tongue along to her now throbbing clit, gently flicking my tongue on it and sucking it gently between my teeth. I knew X was getting close to coming for the second time that morning, which was exactly what I wanted. I knew if X dared to cum without Master’s express permission she would be severely punished as this was one of the Slaves golden rules, you must never cum without your dominant’s permission. X knew this too and was desperately trying to fight the waves of pleasure that were sweeping through her body but I had taken her too far and within seconds she was shuddering as the orgasm hit her and all she could do was try to keep as quiet as possible, which just seemed to intensify her excitement even more! However hard she tried though it was clear to Master that X was being satisfied without permission, as she again went limp with exertion where she was bound Master called me to him.
“That will do now Slave,” he told me “X, later you will harshly disciplined for your lack of self control, and I can assure you that I will make you will very sorry for what you have done. Slave, untie X and kneel her in the corner for now. I will discipline you now, and as you know, this week you have failed me so your punishment will be severe.”
“You will not be restraining you for your whipping today but you will keep as still as if you are tied to the post.” He explained.” Stand with your legs spread wide and your hands behind your head Slave”
I did as he demanded and he went to his cupboard to choose a whip. He came back with one I hadn’t seen before. It was many strips of black leather attached to a wooden handle, he also bought over his usual cane and a blindfold made of black silk which he placed over my eyes and tied firmly behind my head.
“First you will receive your ten weekly strokes of the cane, which you will count as usual” he told me.
“Thank you Master.” I responded.
Master began to cane the back of my thighs as I stood with my legs spread. I managed to stand very still for Master and as I counted the strokes he praised me for my obedience. As usual I was becoming very turned on at being caned. Knowing that X was kneeling in the corner watching her blindfolded Mistress receiving a thrashing only turned me on even more! I had soon counted ten strokes and I knew the real punishment and pain was about to begin.
Master began by trailing the cold strands of leather of the whip over my burning thighs, then without warning bought them down hard across my buttocks. I desperately struggled to stand firm but I managed it. I wasn’t going to let Master down again. He bought the whip down on my body again, this time across my shoulders and upper back. The whip caused so much more pain than the cane did and I could tell from the way Master flogged me that he really meant for me to suffer. The next blow fell across my breasts and the pain and heat as it hit my erect nipples was searing. I gasped with pain, and swayed with the force of the blow, but managed to remain where I was. The next few blows hit my stomach and the front of my thighs and then master flicked the whip hard up between my legs. It stung so painfully as the leather strands struck the lips of my pussy that I yelped in pain, Master was driven on by this reaction and continued to flay my cunt hard. Through the heat of the pain I felt tingles of pleasure throb through my clit. Master noticed immediately as my pussy began to get moist and stopped at once.
“This is not for your pleasure.” He told me sternly and began much more aggressively than before to whip my back, breasts, stomach and ass. I knew that these marks would turn to welts and I would not be able to lie comfortably for some days. I couldn’t help but cry out now at the agony that was being inflicted on me. I began to feel dizzy and my knees began to weaken with the pain. Just at that moment Master stopped my flogging and ordered me to my hands and knees. I was still blindfolded.
“You will remain like that for the next three hours without moving a muscle.” He told me. “X will remain with you and watch that you don’t move. If you do we will start the flogging again and you will remain still for four hours. Do you understand?”
“Yes Master.” I replied as clearly as I could. And without saying a word I heard Master open the door and leave the room.
Kneeling on the hard floor of the punishment room my body burned and stung all over from the whipping I had just received, my knees and hands were numb against the floor and my whole body ached agonisingly from keeping so still for so long. I was crying silently from the effort I was putting in to following Master’s orders. After what must have been three hours Master strode back in to the room and spoke to X.
“Has she moved at all X?”
I prayed that X would say I hadn’t. I had tried so hard and didn’t believe I had failed.
“No Master.” She replied. “Mistress has not moved.”
“Thank you X, you may go back to your cottage now.”
X hurriedly backed out of the room. Master approached me and grabbing a handful of my hair, pulled me to my feet. Pain shot through me as I began to regain feeling in my hands, knees and feet and my still limbs were stretched out. Still holding my hair Master kissed me roughly on the mouth before letting go.
“Kneel up” he ordered, “Let’s see if you’ve learnt your lesson. Head back and open your mouth.”
I did as I was told, desperate to please Master this time. I certainly didn’t want Master to punish me like that again! I could feel myself shaking; terrified I wouldn’t be able to do what was expected of me. Master was clearly not going to be as patient with me as he had been the first time either. He removed his clothes, tossed them on the floor then grabbed my hair again and roughly yanked my head back even further.
“I don’t want to see you spill a single drop this time” he ordered “or I may have to reconsider you position as my Slave. I don’t want Slaves that can’t manage what’s asked of them. I’m sure X will train up very nicely as your replacement.”
Master had never spoken to me like this before and I was scared. I could not imagine living any other life than serving Master. I also knew that Master found X very attractive. I had to prove my worth to him. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and Master placed his cock in my mouth and immediately began to piss down my throat. I swallowed desperately at the hot liquid he was gushing into my mouth; I was struggling to breath but managed to keep going. Master groaned with pleasure as he emptied his full bladder into his human urinal and I felt the flow beginning to subside and eventually stop. I desperately gasped for breath as Master removed his cock from my mouth.
“Much better Slave” he said to me. “I will keep you for now.”
He began to get dressed as I remained knelt at his feet.
“Both you and X will be at my house in 30 minutes.” He stated, and left.
I went downstairs to find X. As I walked in to the kitchen she obediently dropped to her knees and lowered her eyes to the floor.
“You will shower me know X.” I told her. “Master is expecting us in less than half an hour.”
I headed to the bathroom and X followed me on her knees. I lay down on the bed as I waited for her to prepare my shower.
“Your shower is ready Mistress” she said quietly, and I stepped into the warm flowing water. I stood there with my arms and legs spread, waiting for X to begin washing me. She soaped a sponge and began to lather me up. It was agony as the soap and water covered the welts that had formed all over me after my whipping and my muscles ached almost unbearably under the warmth of the shower where I had kept still for so long, but I knew Master would expect me clean. I had X wash my hair then after my shower she dried it and helped me dress; she then went for a shower herself.
We arrived at Master’s front door exactly on time and he told us to enter; we both crawled in on our hands and knees and positioned ourselves at his feet.
“Bend over the arm of the sofa with your head in my lap Slave.” He said to me softly. I was glad to hear him speak like that, he had frightened me earlier when he had been harsh with me and I was pleased things seem to be returning to normal.
“Slave has done very well today X and I feel deserves a reward; as her submissive you will be the one to give it to her.” Master continued. “Open your legs Slave; X is going to learn to pleasure her Mistress.”
I did so and Master ordered X to kneel behind me. Tentatively she lifted my skirt up my back exposing my buttocks and pussy to her. She placed her hands on my ass and gently parted the cheeks. Very slowly she touched the tip of her tongue to my rapidly moistening pussy. A shiver ran through me as she ran it up towards my clit, letting it flick against it for just the briefest second before running it back round my wet hole. Her hands gently massaged the sore cheeks of my ass as she continued to explore me with her mouth, she had begun softly lapping at my clit now and I gasped with pleasure as she gently began to run a finger between my cheeks and circle it around my tight but receptive anus. X began to press her finger against my tight hole and I pushed back against her, encouraging her to penetrate me further. X willingly obliged and was soon firmly sliding her finger in and out of me; she also began eagerly sucking on my clit. I was in heaven and knew I would soon be desperate to orgasm. Master knew this too and I was thrilled when he said,
“Come whenever you wish Slave, this is your reward and I want to watch you enjoy it.”
Seconds later the wonderful waves of orgasm swept through me, starting in the intense heat of my throbbing groin and sweeping through my whole body. X continued to plunge her finger in and out of me and her mouth continued to give my pussy plenty of attention right through until I ended cumming and went limp. Master lovingly stroked my head in his lap and I could feel through his trousers that he had enjoyed watching his two submissives together.

“Master?” I asked tentatively, “may X and I have the honour of sucking your cock?”
“Yes Slave you may, but I would like you both naked first.”
I stood up, as did X and we both began to slowly undress each other until we were both standing naked before our Master. On his command we dropped to our knees and at once began to pleasure him. I took Masters erect cock in my hand and guided the head towards X’s lips and at once she began to kiss and gently lick at it. Pre-cum was already beginning to appear at the tip and X lapped at it eagerly. I glided my hand slowly up and down the shaft as X continued to lavish her attention on the head, which she know had inside her mouth and was gently sucking on and flicking her tongue over it, I slid my hand down to allow her to get more of the length into her mouth, which she accepted hungrily, Master moaned as his cock slid to the back of her throat. I lowered my head and took one of his balls into my mouth, using my tongue to turn him on even more. Master had by now taken hold of X’s head and was pressing it downwards into his lap, I could tell X was having to deep throat him to accommodate his length and I could see that it wasn’t going to take much longer before Master shot his hot load down X’s throat. I was right, Master groaned and forced X’s head even further down as he bucked his hips upwards. Cum dribbled out the sides of X’s mouth as she valiantly tried to swallow it all, and I could hear her gagging on the quantity of it hitting the back of her throat. X must have enjoyed it though as once Master had finished a smile played across her lips as she used her tongue to clean his juices from around her mouth.

I was beginning to become proud of the way X was progressing as a submissive to both me and Master. My jealousy I had felt about her relationship with Master had subsided and I was developing a genuine fondness for her. She was obedient and keen to learn and I felt the time had come for her to undergo the same collaring ritual I had undergone when Master had first taken full ownership of me. I went to ask Master’s permission for this to take place. Around my neck I wear a silver chain that bears Master’s initial showing his ownership of me. When I spoke to Master he felt it would be best for X’s chain to show both his and my initials as she was to submissive to us both and he gave me permission to go into town and choose it myself. I went to the jewellers and ordered a silver chain identical to the one I wear and the initials of Master and I was told it would be ready in a week’s time.
A week later I collected the necklace from the jeweller’s and took it to Master for approval. He liked it and ordered me to fetch X at once saying he would perform the collaring himself.
I returned to Master’s house with X following me. Under her coat she was already naked, ready to present herself to Master. As we entered the house X dropped to her knees and followed me on her hands and knees. We both knelt at Master’s feet whilst he sat in his chair, X in front of him, me to one side.
“Slave,” Master asked, “Has X agreed to submit entirely to us both?”
“She has Master.” I replied, looking over at X who had her eyes firmly on the floor.
“X, what is the purpose of your existence?” He asked her, just as he had asked me, long ago.
“To serve both my Master and Mistress.” X replied.
“Then kneel up” he commanded her.
X obeyed at once and Master told her to lower her head. On his command I lifted X’s long, beautiful blond hair out of the way, and Master fastened the chain around her neck.
“This chain signals our ownership of you. You now belong to us and you will obey us at all times, without question. If you do not, you will be punished. If you please us, we may choose to reward you. As long as you wear it you are ours and we will protect and care for you.”
And so our arrangement was sealed, Slave and X, both knowing their place and committed to serving their Master and he committed to caring for them.
THE END (for now……………………!)

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