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[Sorry for the delay between stories. I’ve been busy and debating which way to take the story. As always, I love to hear your thoughts, and ladies please e-mail me to chat about my work or anything naughty. Anybody can e-mail me to talk about my stories. Thanks and happy reading!]

I figured that last act would be impossible to beat, plus it was getting late, so I got up to take my leave. I was met with a smattering of groans and protests.

“Sorry girls,” I said, laughing. “I loved this as much as you all did. Maybe you’ll come back for another party some time.”

That was met with some vigorous nodding and giggling. All of the girls gave me a kiss, and I exited Hailey’s room. I knew I had just experienced something that most guys dared not dream. I didn’t know if I was ever going to have a night like this again, but I was glad for the chance.

As I walked back to Danielle’s room, I was hit with mixed emotions. If I wanted to claim this spectacular girl as my own, I was going to have to do something soon. She wasn’t just going to be a toy, and I wouldn’t expect her to be.

I let out a small sigh of relief as I opened Danielle’s door and found her to still be sleeping. I crawled back into bed as quietly as possible, first laying far from her and then smoothly moving closer. I gently laid an arm back around her and fell asleep.

I awoke way too soon after that from Danielle’s stirring.

“Someone’s sleepy,” Danielle laughed, still in her matching black lace lingerie.

“Yeah yeah,” I laughed, but didn’t move. She didn’t know how right she was. I was damn exhausted and wanted to sleep more.

“I can’t believe my parents get home tonight,” Danielle said, sounding genuinely disappointed. “I’m looking forward to college so I can have my own place.”

“Yeah, it should be fun,” I agreed.

“So what do we do stud?” Danielle laughed and climbed on top of me. She grinded down onto my crotch and slowly got the blood flowing in me again. “Are you going to keep fucking my sister or do you want me?”

I laughed nervously. “It’s not necessarily that simple,” I started. “She would be so sad.”

“She’ll get over it,” Danielle said a little impatiently.

I let out a small sigh. “I know,” I said. “How about I try to wean her off?”

“How so?” Danielle said, laughing a little now.

“We’ll hang as a three less,” I started. “I’ll start to reciprocate the flirting less. She’ll eventually get bored.”

Danielle paused for a few seconds but then smiled. “Sounds like an okay plan,” she started. Then she bent over and started kissing me hard, and grinded on my crotch a little more urgently. Our tongues started to wrestle as she grabbed my cock. I was still naked from the night before and Danielle gave her black lace panties a tug to the side. She rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, and started to moan into our kiss. The vibrations picked up and she finally slid my head inside her awaiting opening. “Oh fuck I’ve wanted this” she moaned as she dropped down my length. When she reached her limit, she got up and started to ride me wildly. She ground down on my cock and let it explore all around the depths of her pussy, before finally breaking the kiss.

She got off my cock and got on all fours. She pointed her amazing ass at me, and looked back with a seductive smile.

“You’ve really got the best ass I’ve ever seen,” I said as I entered her pussy from behind. I gave her a playful spank.

“Well, maybe if you’re good, someday I’ll let you fuck it,” she said breathlessly. “I’ve never tried it but if you like it so much…oh fuck yeah!”

She started to cum around my cock as it rubbed against her g-spot with each thrust. I grabbed her perky breasts and gave them lustful squeezes as I continued to pound her. I rubbed her nipples between my fingers and this sent a shiver through her body. I then grabbed her hair and used it to get a little rougher, slamming my cock into her tight hole harder.

“Oh take me!” she cried out as I picked up the intensity. I pulled her head back more and felt my cock reach new depths inside her. I gave her a harder spank and she moaned out. I wrapped an arm around her body and used the position to slam her onto my cock repeatedly.

“Ho-ly shit,” she moaned louder as I got rougher with her than I had so far. “I’m cum-minggg” she called out and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock again. Her contracting pussy brought my orgasm rushing on and I felt my cock getting thicker inside her, stretching her walls further. “Fill me!” she yelled and I made sure not to disappoint, feeling my cock shoot off like a rocket, dozens of ropes of hot, sticky cum deep into Danielle’s pussy. “FUCK!” she screamed as I came hard, squeezing her breasts with each shot of cum. She fell over in front of me as a little of the cum dripped out. I gave her another spank and she giggled while out of breath. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks in my hands and squeezed them.

“How is your ass so perfectly tan?” I laughed.

“Sunbathing,” she said, still recovering.

“Damn, I should have come over sooner,” I laughed again.

“Then you would’ve been a stalker,” she laughed too. She slowly got up, still trying to fully catch her breath. “I think I could use a shower,” she said. She gathered a few clothes together and headed to the bathroom.

After she left, I decided to go see what was going on with Hailey. I noticed the house seemed oddly quiet, and her music coming from Hailey’s room. The girls must have gone home because all of the loose shoes and other items of clothing that were laying around were gone. Right before knocking on her door, I stopped myself. “Shit, I should probably start this process.” I went back to Danielle’s room and found my clothes. I got dressed and then knocked on Hailey’s door before entering.

“Hi!” Hailey’s face lit up when I entered and she hugged me. “Wasn’t last night amazing?! Like I even need to ask.”

I laughed. “Yeah, it was pretty much a fantasy for me,” I admitted. “I’m happy things went well though. I know it was important for you.”

“It was,” she smiled. “Thank you. The girls seem really cool and they all like me. I can’t wait to start practicing. They all want you at the next party.”

I laughed but took a deep breath. “I don’t know about that,” I said.

“What?! Did you not have fun?” Hailey asked, surprised.

“Oh no, it’s not that,” I said. “I’d do that every night of my life if I could,” I laughed. “But I can’t do that to Danielle. She likes me a lot, in more than just a sexual way. And I feel the same way about her.”

Hailey sobered up a bit. “Yeah I knew that was coming sooner or later. I guess I should just be happy I got what I got. I’m glad you were my first fuck.”

I was a bit surprised with the response. She was taking it pretty well and pretty maturely too. But she was definitely upset and I still felt a little bad.

“I told her that I would try to calm things down, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop cold turkey,” I smiled at her. “If this keeps up, we’ll probably go out, but we aren’t yet. She knows the situation and she accepts how things are right now.”

She seemed a little happier, but only slightly. “Grown up stuff sucks,” she said, with a mix of laughter and disappointment. “Maybe if I was a little older, we’d be at that point.”

I looked at her and sighed again. I gave her a kiss and got up to go back to Danielle’s karabağlar escort room.

Danielle came out a short while later in just a towel. I admired her gorgeous legs as she paraded around, getting ready to get dressed.

“So I talked to your sister,” I said.

“Oh yeah?” Danielle responded.

“Yeah, she seemed to understand,” I smiled.

“Wow, maybe she’s a little more mature than I give her credit for,” Danielle responded.

At that point, Hailey appeared in Danielle’s door frame.

“Hey sis,” Danielle said.

“Hey,” she smiled. “So, I know that you two are getting closer. And I know this fun situation won’t be around too long. But before we get to that point, can we go out with a bang?”

I looked back and forth at the two of them, smiling slightly at the play on words. I didn’t know if Danielle was going to be happy at her sister’s understanding, or if she was going to be upset that she was still going at it.

“Go on,” Danielle said.

“Well, I mean, our parents don’t go away that much,“ Hailey said. “We’ve got a few more hours. Let’s just go crazy. One more time. The three of us.”

Danielle paused and thought things over. “If you’re so eager for that, why am I the only one not wearing clothes?” she laughed.

Hailey broke out in a big smile and probably set the world record for fastest strip job, and soon she was naked. She clearly wanted to have some fun with me this time, and helped me to get out of my clothes. Danielle seemed as though she was going to oblige her sister, at least this time.

“Let’s get him ready sis!” Hailey said, grabbing the base of my cock and inviting her sister to take the top. Danielle smiled and joined her, and the two different hands on my cock turned me on, getting me hard quickly. Danielle sucked on my tip for a few seconds and then let her sister take a turn. I reached down and grabbed one of each of their breasts in my hands, giving both a lustful squeeze. Hailey’s were definitely at least a little bigger.

Hailey then got up and climbed up onto my lap. “Pump it into me sis!” she said as she split her legs across my cock. Danielle jerked my shaft up and down a few times and inserted the head into her sister. “Fuck yes!” Hailey yelled as it entered her and she started to ride. Danielle then got up and did a split of her own across my mouth. My tongue dove into her pussy and then licked her clit as she started to moan. I flicked my tongue back and forth against her clit over and over and her moans quickened and got louder. “Yeahhh!” Hailey screamed as she came on my cock, her juices gushing against my cock and escaping her insides. Danielle wasn’t far behind, and she let out a loud “Fuck!” as she came against my face. Danielle got off of me and I took the opportunity to lay Hailey down on her back and start to fuck her harder. She started to scream and grabbed the sheets over her head as I moved her slightly with each thrust. Her hands explored my body as I pounded into her tight little pussy mercilessly. Danielle was letting herself get into this, and came over to rub her sister’s clit. This pushed Hailey over again and she came around my cock again, her cum slowly starting to leak out. Danielle started to kiss me and rubbed my balls as I started to get closer. She felt my orgasm starting to build and looked me in the eyes. Her mouth curled to a seductive look and she whispered, “Do it, cum inside my little sister’s pussy.” As she said that, she lightly dragged a nail across my body and I shivered as I came, blasting an extraordinary amount of cum into Hailey’s pussy. “Oh there’s so much!” Hailey panted as she felt herself fill up with my warm seed. I let myself fall onto Hailey’s body and gave her a kiss as my cock still twitched more cum into her. She moaned a little with each bit of cum that found its way inside her.

“Maybe you can help me with the grand finale sis,” Danielle said.

“What’s that?” Hailey asked curiously.

“Well, I think somebody here really wants a piece of my ass,” she looked at me and winked.

“You’re going to let him?!” Hailey asked.

“I think we should try it,” Danielle smiled at me.

“Oh let me help!” Hailey said and ran to her room. She came back with some lube that must have been left over from last night’s party. Danielle resisted the urge to ask her where she got it.

Hailey poured some of it out and rubbed it all over my cock. I couldn’t help but get hard again from this treatment and Hailey smiled as I grew in her hands.

“Neither of us have done this, so let me know if it’s bad,” I said to Danielle, and she nodded.

She got onto all fours, and this time I looked at her perfect ass and knew it was mine for the taking. Hailey wanted to be a part of this, and helped to guide my cock as I got behind her sister. I slowly pressed my tip against her asshole and Danielle held her breath as I tried to enter. Hailey helped by rubbing her sister’s clit while I entered her. I was making progress and Danielle was doing a good job handling it, when Hailey disappeared underneath her sister and started to lick her clit. This turned Danielle’s grunts into moans and helped relax her, as I entered more. I figured I was in far enough at this point and started to slowly push in and out of her. Hailey had inserted two fingers into her sister’s pussy, curling them to rub her g-spot, while still licking her clit. This was enough to put Danielle into ecstasy from the new sensations, and it wasn’t long before she was cumming. I had to slow down as her holes contracted from the violent orgasm. Hailey was making sure everything went well, and even started to massage my balls as I fucked her sister’s ass. I gave Danielle a spank and she cried out again as my cock was squeezed like never before. Hailey took great joy in going from my balls to the base of my shaft, rubbing the big vein and feeling it throb as the pleasure picked up.

“Fuck my big sister’s ass!” Hailey said, getting into things. “Her ass is yours, claim it! It’s just for you. Look how perfect it looks with your cock inside. Hailey got up and started to kiss my neck, while still keeping a hand down on her sister’s clit. Danielle was cumming again, and my cock was squeezed to a brief stop. “Look at her cumming for you. She can’t help but cum for your cock. She loves it!” Hailey kept cheering. “You better cum in her ass! I’m going to make you cum so much!’ Hailey continued to rub my balls and the base of my cock while kissing and biting my neck. Her fingers danced on the big vein on the underside of my cock and the pleasure began to overwhelm me. “Oh! He’s growing! I feel the vein getting bigger! Sis, he’s going to fill up your ass with so much cum!” Her fingers rubbed my vein and the sensation felt good. I held back as long as I could but soon I was cumming hard, filling up Danielle’s ass with my cum. “OH FUCK!” Danielle screamed as her ass was filled with hot cum for the first time. “So warm!” she panted and collapsed in a heap. I fell on top of her, cock still buried slightly in her ass and shooting more cum. I bit her neck and ear lobe as I felt her grunt as my cock shot the last ropes of cum into her ass.

“Out with a bang” I smiled at Hailey.

Everybody caught their breath and then cleaned up and dressed. I gave both of them a hug and a kiss and left. It had definitely been the best weekend of my young life.

The next day, I waited for Danielle before school, and we walked together, holding hands.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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