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Twenty minutes to go, but Silver was always late. My stomach felt strange, rippling and light, filled with anticipation. My business partner, head down studying mindless papers, was oblivious of my current conflict.

He looked up.

‘Half past four, half past four, what time is that for a sales rep to come in? We shut in thirty minutes.’

I went to stumble a response, it gave up half way from my lungs.

‘Well I’ve got to be off on the dot, so she will waste her time if she’s late.’

I lowered my gaze to my desk, the conflict within made me uncertain. The last time I had seen her was Heathrow airport, ignoring me on the way out. I looked up.

‘Amazing, isn’t it.’

Four twenty. My phone squawked at me twice, the unwelcome intrusion startled me.

‘Running late be there at quarter to xx.’

‘She won’t be here till four forty five, just texted.’ Kisses, there were kisses, what does that mean?

‘Ten minutes of my time is all she’ll get, then it’s up to you to get her out.’

Time dragged, the awkwardness darkened my mind. A brief drunken fling six weeks ago, Silver, speared on my manhood, this was the first encounter since. I assumed the timing was for a straight, ‘business only from now on,’ chat. My inner mind hoped for more.

At quarter to, on the dot the door went. My business partner got straight up, eager to end the meeting as swiftly as possible. The standard continental kiss later, she came over to me.

I stood.

Kiss, kiss, hello, and that was it, engrossed in business with my partner. It was as I thought, a one off, I was drunk, probably fucked it up there and then. Keep head down, awkward situations need avoidance.

‘Well I’m sorry but I have to go now, can you wrap this up and lock up?’

Trapped, anxious, but still my erection would not go.

‘Yes, no problem’

‘Good, see you in the morning, oh and goodbye.’

More continental double kisses and we were alone. The door slammed, she looked at me. I stared back, unsure. Silver was in her late thirties, her elf like black hair, spiked yet stylish, she got up from her chair, my heart fluttered.

‘You want me to lock the door, or are you going to?’

I offered her the key, not wanting to stand. She walked to the door, locked it and turned. Her eyes bored into me, a smile turned to a quizzical look.

‘We need to talk.’

‘I know, we were both drunk.’

‘Accepted, electricity has always been around us, it was just a matter of time.’

She canlı bahis moved toward me, I noticed for the first time her leather coat, cut just above her ankles, barely revealing the silver eyelets of the black leather boots.

I went to respond, but said nothing.

‘You made me cum twice, but you didn’t cum, I owe you.’

‘I was drunk, it happens like that for me.’

‘Then, there is our problem.’

Her face was next to my ear, my heart had accelerated, my erection twitched. She whispered into my ear.

‘Time for payback, now get up.’

I got up, was led to the front of my desk, the winters sun had set, the room had darkened. Time had stopped for me.

‘Now, no touching me, I can’t afford to go three down. Rest on the desk.’

I sat half on the desk, half standing. She kissed me full on the lips, a long lingering kiss, then withdrew. Silver undid my tie and discarded it on the floor. One by one my shirt buttons gave up, the garment removed, she knelt. I began to feel vulnerable, half naked, yet she still had her coat on collar turned up, touching her earlobes. Next my belt, she toyed with that a while, then discarded it. Silver rose again, half crouching her teeth bit into my nipples, her tongue traced a path between my chest and navel. My erection strained in it’s prison.

The button did not fight, the zipper ran too. She stopped. The laces of my shoes gave up and my feet were bare. She looked up at me, smiling, almost smirking, the power all hers. Finally released, finally naked, cock proud, enjoying new found freedom. She sat back on her haunches and looked at her handiwork.

‘This is for you.’

Her head arched forward and engulfed my manhood. Her right hand came up and steadied my quivering erection. My head tilted back, pleasure like small particles filled the blood rushing to my brain. My hand moved to her head, quickly slapped away, the rules clear. She withdrew, holding my penis in her hand, she seemed to plot her next move. Slowly her tongue darted out, not once but many times, flicking the tip, the soft flesh, trying to enter it’s end. The pleasure was immense, then she enveloped my manhood again. The warmth of her mouth, the circling of her tongue, the timeless pleasure,, she explored the ridge of my head. Her hand started moving up and down in a gentle rhythm, slowly at first then faster. Her left hand stroked my scrotum, steadily moving further back, my anus succumbed to her finger.

She stopped, looked up. Her tongue outstretched, bahis siteleri the end of my cock resting there. Silver smiled and placed her hands behind her back, our only point of contact, her mouth, my cock.

Slowly she pursed her lips, the end of me entered her mouth, then my mid, she kept moving forward, my penis bent as it entered her throat. Slowly she withdrew, tantalisingly slowly, then back again. I feel her lips on my pubic bone, her saliva dripped on my testicles, she had engulfed me. Timeless motion.

My balls awoke, channels of semen marching, the pleasure took over. As she moved her head, so I responded and gave a part of me to her, the pumping of my cock a welcome release. She continued until my pleasure was over, the cock still in her mouth, she looked up and winked at me. I went to hug her, my hands slapped back again.

She rose, kissing me full on the lips, the taste of my juices fresh on her tongue.

‘Two to one.’

She knelt back down, stroking my penis, she watched my erection ebb.

‘Don’t move.’

Silver edged away, I stood rooted to the floor, my erection subsided. She sat on the office floor, the carpet dark grey, she laid back. Slowly she unbuttoned her coat. My legs were jelly, the ejaculation had emptied me.

As she opened her coat, I realized she was naked beneath. She withdrew her arms from the garment and lay there. I went to move forward, to fuck her, to have her.

‘No, stay there , I want you to watch me.’

Slowly her hands moved down her body, her fingers exploring, toying with her inner self. Her body arching, her eyes fixed on mine, mine fixed on her masturbation.

‘Watch, watch me wank. I want you to see me come.’

My hands grasped the desk, fingernails embedded in the varnish, my cock once again, twitching up and down, straining at the leash as this beautiful women gave herself up to her own pleasure.

Her fingers played a well practised part. The circling motion grew more random as the waves of pleasure took over. Her mouth was contorted, head red, almost as if it were painful. Her left hand appeared from under her body, fingers delving deep inside, urgency, urgency, release, release, yes that’s it. The hands retreated, one stay near resting on top of the whispey pubic hair, the body stayed in it’s elation.

I just want to fuck her.

‘Three one.’ The words come out, fuck , fuck.

She looks at me. Her body, sweating, rises.

‘Not at all, that was all my own work, and, I can see that bahis şirketleri you enjoyed my art, besides, a girl needs a bit of fun, even when getting even.’

Silver put her coat on again, collar back up, almost military. Her fingers entered my mouth, I tasted her.

Dragging my partners desk closer she turned and smiled. Out of her coat she pulled out a small pot. My cock twitched again, anticipation growing in my erect flesh. Silver opened the pot and covered my manhood in a mint smelling gel. The ardour pleasurable to my nostrils, warming my cock as it melded with its sensitive skin. She turned away from me and placed her elbows on the table.

‘Now, Fuck me, no touching, just your cock.’

I inched my cock toward her cunt, touching the moist lips, as I was about to penetrate her being, a hand darted around, catching my balls on the way, a shooting pain ran up my left side. She steered my phallus to another entrance.

The tip of my cock pressed against the closed gates of her anus, my shaft bent slightly, the way closed. Silver moved her hands around, her manicured fingernails scratching the tip of me. She pulled her cheeks apart, her anus opened to me. Slowly I eased the tip of my penis into her, she gasped, and contracted on to me.

‘Don’t stop, fuck me.’

I eased further in, my inches enveloped, the ridges of her inner self mapped by the tip of my cock . Her sphincter bore down on me. Once penetrated fully, I started to withdraw, her anus pulled all the blood in me to the tip of my cock, swelling the head to bursting , rhythm, the lube lit up my balls. Once again our only touch was my essence and hers. I withdrew, anxious for that feeling again. Pressing my cock against her anus, this time I entered more easily, she gasped as I thrust my cock into her, harder, faster, more urgent. I looked down, as my cock withdrew, a small ring of her inner self came with it, only to be returned in an instant.

She gasped, pain mixed with pleasure, determined not to succumb. She will beat me, I know she will. He anus clamped down again, the friction, the pleasure, too much for me. I flooded into her, spent.

She turned, after a brief while.

‘Now we are even, next time I’ll expect a bit more.’

She winked, a smile of triumph her expression.

‘Stay there.’

Silver walked away, disappearing into the kitchen area. She returned with a small saucepan full with warm water. She knelt in front of me. Silver took a sponge and cleaned my genitals. Drying them, she stood satisfied with her handiwork.

‘Now, go home and fuck that little wife of yours.’

With that she kissed me, hard on the lips, span on her heals, unlocked the door and left. Leaving me naked, but elated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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