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Christina Lawrence is asleep in her bed when the sensation of something touching her wakes her up. She opens her eyes but is unable to see anything in the dark room. She can guess who is touching her due to the location though. There is another person in her bed with their hands on her butt, playing with and rubbing her hip bones.

As it is the middle of summer, Christina has taken to sleeping in the nude. She enjoys the feeling of her sheets against her skin, especially between her legs. “What are you doing?” she asks as her assailant runs his hands along the lines of her crotch. He stops when he reaches her pubic hair and begins tugging on it playfully.

“I’ve always wanted to wake a girl up this way,” the whispering voice of her brother Aaron answers her question.

“Just by touching them?” she asks coyly.

“I actually thought about sticking it in to wake you up but you were not wet enough. I’ll need some lube or oil before I can try that,” he is genuinely disappointed.

“What a way to wake up; listening to my brother talk about sticking it inside his own sister,” Christina clicks her tongue disappointedly.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up to a dick in your cunt?” Aaron asks bluntly.

“Well, that’s not what I woke up to, is it?” she responds sarcastically.

“I can put it in now,” he offers. She can already feel the lump that is his erection through his boxers.

“I’m not really in the mood,” she argues.

“You always say that,” he is annoyed.

“I just woke up,” she reminds him. “Unless I’m having a sexy dream, I don’t wake up with morning wood like you.”

“But you said I could do it whenever I wanted without asking,” he reminds her of the promise she made the previous time they had sex, which was over a week ago. Every time he has tried since she has turned him down.

“Then don’t ask,” she responds curtly. “Just shove it inside and fuck me while I scream for you to stop.” The tone of her voice suggests she would enjoy it very much.

“Fucking a girl without permission is amazing,” Aaron assures her. “But if I do it every time then it is boring. Why can’t we have normal sex sometimes so that it won’t get stale?”

“I’m not really interested in normal sex,” Christina admits. “Sex is just what I do with my cunt after I get horny and I only get horny when I think about things like how wrong it is that my brother crawled into bed with me.”

“Does that mean you’re getting horny now?” Aaron asks hopefully.

“Not enough to spread my legs if that’s what you’re asking,” she once again turns him down.

“Is this part of your fetish, limiting the number of times we actually have sex?” Aaron is getting even more annoyed.

“You can have sex whenever you want,” she reiterates. She can feel his erection throbbing just from thinking about raping her.

“My little sister really is a kinky slut,” Aaron mutters.

“I’m not a slut!” she raises her voice. He covers her mouth to keep her quiet so as not to wake their parents. This is the first time he has tried anything like this while their parents are home.

While keeping her mouth covered, he leans close to her ear and whispers into it. “You are a slut and I’ll prove it to you.” He bites part of her earlobe while touching her crotch with his free hand. He pinches her pubic hair as tightly as possible and rips out more than a few strands, causing her to scream into his hand. He immediately notices a wet spot forming beneath her crotch on the bed. “See?” he rubs her own pubic hair against her nipples.

She has to pry his hand off of her mouth before responding. “That’s pee, not cum,” she informs him.

“Really?” he slaps her cunt lightly, causing her to squirt out a little more liquid.

“Yes,” she gasps. “Stop that.”

“Why? Is it turning you on?” he slaps her cunt a little harder.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” she taunts him. He swats her cunt a few more times and gets her to pee in response each time but she still refuses to admit that it is making her horny.

“How hard should I hit you?” he resorts to asking her.

“Why does it have to be a hit?” she asks. “You could try something else.”

“I kinda already started this,” he responds vaguely.

She understands what he means though. Once they start something, they tend to try going as far as they can. “Maybe you should just keep hitting me harder until I can’t take it anymore,” she suggests teasingly.

“Do you like getting hit or something?” Aaron is slightly concerned.

“Of course not. Getting hit hurts. I always hated it when Dad would spank me with a wooden spoon.”

“He never did that to me.” Aaron tries to think back to the last time their father physically punished him. “Wait, I don’t remember him spanking you with a spoon either,” Aaron is confused now.

“Yeah, he did that when we were home alone; used to have me strip down and bend over the side of the couch or the coffee table. It hurt a lot but it was also kinda fun for some reason. I think I intentionally pissed him off sometimes just so he would hit me. I was so sore afterward that I couldn’t even put my clothes back on. I’d always have to run to the bathroom and pretend I was showering when Mom got home so she wouldn’t ask why I was naked.”

“Why would dad hide the fact that you misbehaved and got hit for it?” Aaron is still confused.

“I guess he knew he went too far. I was quite a handful back then. The last time he did it I was in so much pain that I threatened to tell Mom. He started just grounding me after that. In the end I stopped acting up as much too.”

Christina can not tell because it is dark, but Aaron is staring at her with a perplexed expression. Because he has been awake longer, his eyes have already adjusted to the dark. He can at least see her white skin as it is so much brighter than the rest of the room. His eyes are transfixed on her round white butt though. “Hey, what are you doing?” she yelps when he flips her over onto her stomach.

“I wonder if this will bring back some repressed memories.” Aaron slaps her across the ass lightly.

“First of all, ouch. Second, that’s nowhere near as hard as Dad used to hit me.”

“Fine.” Aaron slaps her ass again.

“Are you trying to take your time and enjoy this or something?” Christian mocks him.

“How hard did he hit you then?” Aaron grumbles.

“Remember last year when your friend lent you his game console and you spent a whole weekend playing it?” Christiana asks.

“Yes, you got fed up and cut the cord to the controller with a pair of scissors. I was furious.”

“You slapped me,” she reminds him.

“Did I?” he does not recall at first. “Oh yeah, I think I hit you pretty hard. You fell down crying and I thought you were gonna tell Mom. She came out of the kitchen to see what the noise was but you’d already gone to your room. I left you alone for a while and we just sort of forgot about it. Dad had to buy a new controller for my friend though.”

“I went to my room because I wanted to masturbate before the feeling of your hand on my face disappeared,” Christina admits bluntly.

“You what?” Aaron is caught off guard. As far as he knew, her fetishes have only manifested since they began their relationship. Apparently a few of them existed before.

“I think I know why I used to piss off Dad whenever we were alone. Getting spanked turned me on. When you hit me last year, I was reminded of it. I spent the next hour in my room pushing anything round I could find into my cunt.” If the siblings could see each other’s face they would both be blushing.

Eventually Aaron calms down enough and decides to try again. He slaps her ass as hard as he can; trying to recreate the emotions he had when he hit her last year. She buries her face in her mattress to stifle her screams. “Does that hurt?” he asks when she finally lifts her head.

“It hurts, but it’s not the same as last year. Dad’s wooden spoon was one thing; your slap to my face was another. Your hand on my butt just makes me think of your stupid massages that always end with me getting fucked.”

“This is gonna end with you getting fucked too,” he reminds her.

“Yeah, that’s why it’s boring. When you hit me in the face, the last thing that should have been on my mind was my cunt. Why then did my knees go weak and my clit start to throb?”

“Because you’re a slut,” Aaron responds bluntly.

“Maybe,” she does not argue this time. “I think we’ll need to try it again before I’ll know for sure.” She repositions herself on her knees in front of him.

“What are you suggesting?” He notices that her eyes are closed. She does not answer him. She knows that he already has figured out what she wants. Aaron hesitates as he weighs his choices. There have been many times in the past when he has been mad enough to hit his sister. Now is not one of them though. Her eyebrow starts to twitch as she becomes impatient with him. Finally he takes a deep breath to calm himself before slapping her cheek as hard as he can, making sure not to hit her ear or nose though.

Though she was ready at first, she had been just about to give up on the idea when he finally hit her. The force is enough knock her backwards onto the bed. Aaron can see the whites of her eyes as they spin in her head. Without light he is unaware of the red handprint forming on her cheek. She is lying on her back staring up at the ceiling dizzily. Her knees are the only thing not touching the bed. Instead they are swaying back and forth in the air, bumping into each other.

Aaron can hear a moist suction sound every time her cunt lips come together and then split apart. They are still moist from peeing. Steadily the sound gets louder as she bumps her knees together faster. She is reveling in the warm stinging sensation on her face while technically masturbating without touching herself. As soon as Aaron realizes what she is doing, he pushes his fingers into her cunt. She attempts to squeal but gurgles instead.

Eventually she starts to lift her butt off the bed in an attempt to push his fingers into her more. She raises and lowers herself, rocking her cunt around his fingers. At the same time she touches her face with her hand and flicks the red mark repeatedly, trying to make the stinging sensation last. It has started to go numb though.

Aaron can tell what she is doing and decides to help. He slaps her again with half the force of the first hit. She is not expecting it though and has to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep her voice down. She also ends up thrusting her hips forward, impaling her cunt on his fingers even more. Rather than lowering herself back down to the bed, she starts to twitch and spasm. She clenches her cunt and gyrates her hips, fucking herself on his fingers.

After a minute of this, she lets out a muffled moan as warm liquid surrounds Aaron’s fingers. He swirls them around inside of her as she bucks her hips. Eventually she gets tired and lowers her butt back down to the bed. She is still having spasms though. Aaron is staring at her in utter amazement. This is probably one of the best orgasms she has ever had. He does not want it to end just yet.

Without hesitation, Aaron slaps her on the side of the face again, causing her to yelp into her own hand. She bucks her hips on instinct, shoving his fingers back into her. After another slap from Aaron, she is motivated to start gyrating again. Before long, more warm liquid is rushing out of her as she starts cumming all over again.

After another minute of bucking, Christina is just about to fall back down to the bed again when Aaron slaps her for the fourth time, just as hard as the first. Her cunt clenches tightly as she screams into her hand. It quickly dissolves into gurgling though. Her eyes have completely disappeared in the back of her head as well. Still she continues to thrust herself at Aaron’s hand.

By now she has been squirting periodically for nearly three minutes. Aaron’s hand is soaked as is her mattress. Cautiously, Aaron pulls almost all the way out of her and folds his fingers into a fist. She tries to scream when he pushes back into her but he slaps her again, causing her to thrash.

Now she is pushing her cunt onto his fist with all of her might. Her face is screwed up in absolute pain. Every time her efforts weaken, Aaron slaps her again. She screeches into her hand each time but quickly devolves into muffled sobbing right after. Tears stream from her eyes, making streaks on her face that Aaron can not see in the dark. Snot drips from her nose, making it hard on her to breath with her own hand over her mouth.

Every time he slaps her, she thrusts harder, impaling herself further. This continues until his fist reaches all the way up to her cervix. By now she is not even covering her face anymore. Her screaming has devolved into hiccups as she foams at the mouth. Not being able to reach any further, Aaron unfolds one finger and pokes her cervix with it.

Christina tries to sit up, accidentally punching herself in the stomach from the inside with Aaron’s fist. She falls over again thrashing about. Eventually she lies still though, coming to the conclusion that any movement will only make her situation worse. She tries to speak but only spits up more foam. She might be trying to tell him to stop.

Aaron pulls halfway out of her before thrusting his arm back in, punching her in the stomach again. She promptly rolls over and vomits off the side of the bed. Aaron waits for her to recover but instead she goes limp with her head hanging off the side of the mattress. Her hair is just barely too short to reach the pool of puke on the floor.

Aaron touches her cervix again but she does not respond. She has completely passed out. Her cunt relaxes enough for him to easily remove his fist. She nearly falls over the side of the bed but he pulls her back by the legs. With her unconscious, there is not much more enjoyment to be had playing with her. Aaron stands up and crosses the room so he can turn on the light.

The scene that flickers into view is both erotic and sobering. His little sister is lying on her bed completely naked. Her body is covered in sweat and cum that ran up from her crotch to her breasts every time she lifted her butt off the bed. Her face is a different story entirely. She has saliva and puke around her mouth, snot running over her lips, tear streaks on her cheeks and a blood red handprint on one side of her face. Her eyes are not even closed but her pupils have disappeared inside her head.

Even with mixed feelings and emotions, there is only one thing Aaron wants to do right now. He grabs his sister’s cell phone from her night stand and starts to take pictures of her. He wants her to be able to see what a mess she is. She was so turned on by being slapped but unless he wakes her up and sits her down in front of a mirror, she will not get to see the results of their escapade. She gets off on watching other girls getting tormented; what is she going to say when she sees herself in a similar situation?

Aaron repositions her multiple times to get as many alternate angled shots as possible. When he is finally satisfied, he sends them all to his phone which is still in his room. He then takes a marker from her desk and writes the word slut on her chest. That will definitely make her mad later.

After yawning a few times he decides that he should get some sleep as well. He positions her on one side of the bed and crawls in next to her. Even though he is tired he does not fall asleep right away. He spends several minutes staring at his naked sister next to him while smiling to himself. He feels incredibly lucky to have such a submissive girlfriend. As he finally drifts off, he wonders what will happen if either of their parents finds them together like this. For some reason he is more thrilled by the idea than scared.

The pair sleeps soundly for several hours before Christina wakes up first. She is immediately distressed by the stickiness of her face. She rolls over onto the floor and lands in the still slightly wet puddle of vomit. “Fuck,” she curses while standing up quickly. She heads straight for the door of her room but it is difficult to walk. Her crotch is extremely sore and her stomach hurts. She has to lean against the wall when she reaches it.

“What’s wrong?” Aaron groans from her bed. He was half awakened by her cursing.

She does not answer him. Instead she opens the door of her room and stumbles out into the hall. It takes her a while to reach the upstairs bathroom. She falls over a few times and ends up crawling most of the way. When she reaches it she stands up and braces herself against the sink so she can look in the mirror at herself.

The first thing she notices is what Aaron wrote. She rolls her eyes in annoyance while deciding she will need to take a shower. First though she needs to pee. She sits down on the toilet and sighs as she starts to relieve herself almost immediately. She has barely been holding it in since she woke up.

Christina is not surprised when the door to the bathroom swings open. “Good morning,” she greets Aaron hoarsely. After all the screaming she did last night she can barely raise her voice at all.

“How are you feeling?” he is concerned. Her face is still red on one side.

“I don’t know.” She shrugs. “That was definitely different than anything we have done before. I’m not sure I liked it all that much.” She is fidgeting and rubbing her thighs together as she recalls the night’s events.

“You sure look like you enjoyed it,” he chuckles.

“I’m wondering what it would be like if you did that with your cock instead,” she admits.

“You mean slapped you while fucking you?” Aaron confirms.

“I’ve seen them do it in porn all the time,” she explains. “Of course, most of them aren’t getting slapped as hard as you hit me.”

“Do you want me to be gentler?” he asks.

She shakes her head. “Somehow I’m kinda glad we did this. Now when I think of getting hit this is what will come to mind instead of Dad shoving a wooden spoon up my butt.”

“What?” Aaron is shocked. “I thought you said he hit you with a spoon.”

“One time he hit me so hard I peed myself. He kept pushing the handle of the spoon against my cunt but it wouldn’t go in and I begged him to stop. He then took some vaseline and shoved it into my ass. I had to walk around with it inside me all day. He kept pushing on it and making me fall over holding my stomach. When he finally took it out he sat me on his lap and tried to push something bigger inside me but it wouldn’t fit. Mom came home shortly after that.”

“Are you telling me that Dad molested you?” Aaron sputters in disbelief.

“Doesn’t he actually have to rape me for it to be considered molestation?” Christina cocks her head.

“He sure tried,” Aaron gripes. “I’m betting that was his dick he was pushing against your ass.”

“It’s kinda weird to talk about Dad’s dick, isn’t it?” Christina laughs.

“Why are you telling me all of this now?” Aaron asks in a depressed tone.

“I guess I just forgot about it. There are a lot of things I tried to forget about those days. After that time Dad was always rubbing my cunt whenever he spanked me. That’s how I had my first orgasm.”

Aaron grits his teeth. He is incredibly disappointed in his father but somehow he feels that he is not acting much different. He has been doing similar things to his sister for over a month now. Perhaps she was always so submissive because of what their dad did to her in the past. Somehow what bothers Aaron more though is the thought of another man with Christina. He is jealous of his own father.

“Come to think of it, he used to dress me up in strange outfits and take me to his friends’ houses,” Christina recalls something else. “They would all watch as I danced for them. They even took pictures. Dad would make me change into a different outfit right in front of them. They still took pictures when I was naked.”

Aaron is utterly distraught by now. This is all in the past so there is nothing he can do about it. Still he wants to know exactly what happened. He knows she was still a virgin because he himself broke her hymen just last week. Hopefully nothing their Dad or his friends did was any worse than taking pictures and touching her until she would cum. “What else did they do?” Aaron asks while gritting his teeth.

“I don’t really remember.” Christina shrugs. “I think I wasn’t the only girl there. Some of Dad’s friends had daughters or nieces as well. The last time we went, they were talking about something big they were planning. The next day Dad tried using some sort of metal funnel to stretch my ass. He said it wasn’t big enough yet or something. I got scared and said I was going to tell Mom. He left me alone after that. I never got spanked again, nor did I see any of his friends.”

“It’s a good thing Dad’s such a coward,” Aaron sighs in relief. “There are dozens of stories out their about dad’s who rape their own daughters. A simple threat like I’ll tell Mom is not enough to stop them. Maybe he realized his family was more important to him.”

“That’s kinda sad,” Christina sighs. “To me getting fucked by my own brother is way more important than family.”

“You don’t mean that,” Aaron does not believe her.

“I don’t really know if I mean it or not.” She shrugs. “Right now thinking about all those things Dad used to do to me, I can’t stop from wondering what it would’ve been like if he’d actually raped me.”

“Are you saying you wanted him to do it?” Aaron is shocked.

“I don’t know.” Christina averts her eyes. “I watch a lot of incest porn. Brothers and sisters are fun but there is something extremely naughty about a girl willing to let her own father fuck her. I get that the majority of them aren’t really related. They just say they are so the viewers get a little excited. I mean, who really believes that a thirty year old man has an eighteen year old daughter?”

“But you’re talking about your actual dad,” Aaron argues. “You want our dad to fuck you.”

“No, I really don’t but then again, I didn’t want you to fuck me either. I let you do it because it was just too exhilarating. I wish I knew what it would be like to get fucked by Dad, that’s all.”

“You know, even though you haven’t really been acting like we’re a couple recently, I did sort of ask you out last week. We’re not just siblings anymore. You are supposed to be my girlfriend,” he reminds her.

“While we’re hanging out together I’m your girlfriend. Sex is completely different. I like getting fucked by my brother.”

“Well I’m not just doing it because I’m your brother. I’m doing it because I like you and I think you’re sexy. I want to show you my love physically.”

“You’re really embarrassing sometimes.” Christina blushes.

“How is it that you can talk about fucking your brother but not about making love to your boyfriend?” Aaron is annoyed.

“I told you before, my heart and my cunt have different desires.” She crosses her arms.

“I’m not going to get through to you, am I?” Aaron mopes. “Please just don’t do anything weird with Dad.”

“What do you mean by weird?” she asks innocently.

“I’m not going to come home to find you two fucking, am I?” he accuses her.

“Not if you keep me satisfied,” she responds jokingly. He does not find it funny at all though. He takes it to mean that she is still horny right now and that he should attempt to quell her desire. “Hey, I’m in the middle of peeing here,” she complains when he touches her breasts.

“You finished that a long time ago,” he knows that she is lying.

“Has watching your sister pee turned you on again?” she taunts him.

“No, but talking about certain things has,” he responds coyly.

“So talking about fucking Dad turns you on?” she teases him. He slaps her across the face as punishment. “Ow, that hurt. We already did this,” she whines.

“I thought you said you wanted to try it while having sex,” he reminds her.

“Not right now. My face is still sore.”

“Maybe I should just do it anyway. You’re always saying I don’t have to ask.”

“You don’t but I’ll still hate you for it,” she informs him.

“That doesn’t make sense.” He is confused. “That’s an empty threat. So far you’ve loved everything I’ve done to you.”

“I’ve gotten off on it all but I still hated most of it,” she admits.

“What do you mean?” he remains perplexed.

“Do you really think I enjoy getting my ass fucked or your fist being shoved inside me? It hurts like hell and I hate you for doing it to me. Of course, getting forced to do things I hate by someone I hate only turns me on more.”

“You’re contradicting yourself,” he sputters.

“We’re siblings who pretend they are not related up until the moment they start having sex; nothing we do makes sense.” Her response startles him.

“Wait, do you love me at all?” Aaron is starting to get depressed.

“I love you as a brother. I suppose I like you as a boyfriend,” she ponders out loud.

“But… I love you… as a girl and as my sister,” he assures her.

“Well you can love me all you want but it still feels weird for me to think that shoving your fist into me has anything to do with love.”

“I…” Aaron is at a loss for words. “So yeah, I can do anything I want to you,” he tries to pretend that he has given up on loving her and will just be focusing on the sexual part of their relationship.

Without a word she closes her eyes and opens her mouth, preparing for him to put his dick inside like he usually does. He is not exactly hard but seeing her naked and willing does turn him on slightly. He pulls his cock out of his boxers and holds it in front of her face. She sticks out her tongue so she can lick it.

He taps it on the top of her tongue a few times before pushing it inside. She bobs her head back and forth while continuing to swirl her tongue around it. She lets it slide all the way inside but makes no further efforts to swallow it once it has hit the back of her mouth. He slides it out and back in a few times before doing what he always does, grabbing her hair and pulling her further onto his cock.

There is a loud squelching sound as his cock makes an airtight seal in the entrance of her throat. It is still soft enough to bend so she does not have to try straightening the path for him. As usual tears form in the corners of her eyes. The ones that fall on the right side of her face sting her red cheek. She starts to hum in an attempt to get him off faster. He pinches her nose to get her to stop. He does not want to cum quickly.

She tries to stay calm but eventually slaps his hand away from her nose so she can breathe again. It is difficult because her nostrils still have dried mucus in them from the night’s events. As she sucks in air, she inadvertently swallows more of his cock. He can tell that she is having trouble breathing though.

She nearly throws up again when he slides his cocks out of her throat as it bends to touch her uvula. She spits his cock completely out so that she can cough and swallow to keep from puking. He strokes his cock a few times to make it harder before pressing the tip to one of her nostrils. “No, not again,” she barely manages to complain before he has started peeing straight into her nose. The warm liquid washes the mucus down into the back of her throat.

Rather than swallowing it, she opens her mouth and lets it run down her front. Aaron smiles as he watches it making her skin shiny and slick. The word slut written on her chest has started to fade slightly because of it. He moves to the other nostril before he runs out of pee and clears it out as well. Christina waits with her mouth open the whole time.

As soon as he is finished, she stands up and turns on the sink next to the toilet, intending to wash her face. When she bends down to put her head under the water though, he slaps her on the butt. She squeals in surprise but otherwise ignores him. He does it a few more times but gets no response. Instead he decides to poke his fingers into her butt to see if she will react. She tries to raise her head but bumps it on the faucet.

Once she finally manages to pull her head out from underneath the water, he reaches in-between her legs and starts to rub the outside of her cunt. It is slick and wet from the pee that ran down her front as well as spilled water from the sink. “Please not there,” she moans. “It’s still really sore.”

“I know.” He rubs the wetness from her cunt into her asshole.

“Seriously?” she groans. He does not answer and instead pulls on the stick on top of the faucet that plugs the drain of the sink. She is confused until he pushes on the back of her neck, forcing her head back into the sink. “Are you trying to drown me?” she asks as the water quickly rises to meet her face. He simply pushes his wet fingers into her asshole in response.

Instinctively she tries to raise her head but he holds her down. Her anus clenches on his fingers when the water rises past her mouth and nose. He has some difficulty positioning himself with one hand still holding her down but he manages to press the tip of his cock against her tight butt hole. She squeals into the water and clenches even tighter. He is unable to get any further inside her until he pulls her head up so she can breathe and relax for a moment.

“You’re going to kill me,” she wails as his cock finally slips into her ass.

“You wouldn’t be complaining if I were Dad,” he spits back.

“Is that what this is about? I was a kid. I did not complain because I was afraid of him.”

“But you still want him to fuck you,” Aaron reminds her.

“I said it would be wrong, I didn’t say I would actually let him. I don’t really find Dad all that attractive.”

“So you think I’m attractive?” Aaron’s eyes light up.

“I don’t find you unattractive,” she tries to wiggle around answering. “I try not to think about you that way because you’re my brother.”

“But I’m better than Dad, right?” Aaron reiterates.

“Which one am I letting fuck me?” she yells. She is so loud that he has to push her head back into the water to shut her up so she will not alert their parents.

She starts to gurgle and thrash immediately. He decides that he should try finishing quickly. She clenches again when he pushes further into her but he is already inside so it only slows him down. Eventually she clenches too hard and he is unable to go any further. He tries to pull out but is unable to. He has to let her up again in order for her to relax. “Will you stop that?” she sputters angrily.

“You’re getting really wet,” he teases her.

“Duh, I’m covered in water.”

“I mean you’re getting turned on.” He touches her cunt. It has been dripping with water running down her front for a while but now the inside is wet as well.

“Okay, getting drowned turns me on,” she admits. “That doesn’t mean I like it though.”

“Can you say that with a straight face?” He smirks at her. “If we went to a pool this summer would you honestly not want to try having sex under water?”

She grits her teeth angrily. “Fine, if I let you do this now, you’ll definitely take me to the pool some time?” She is more than a little intrigued at the prospect.

“You’ll let me?” Aaron scoffs. “If you don’t let me, I’m supposed to rape you, remember?” He pushes her head back down while slamming into her ass at the same time. He gets about four good thrusts in before she tightens up too much again.

This time when he pulls her head out she does not say anything. In the mirror he can see that she is conscious but she is focusing on her breathing. She tries to get as much air as she can before he inevitably forces her back under.

For the next ten minutes they go back and forth; he pulls her up so she can relax her anus and let him fuck her for a little bit. Then he pushes her back down so she can not breathe and becomes impossible to penetrate.

“Okay, that’s enough,” she sputters as soon as he lifts her up again. “I’m getting dizzy and I don’t really feel like passing right now.”

“When do you ever feel like passing out?” Aaron asks jokingly.

“When I’m so horny I’d rather suck cock than breathe,” her response is blunt as usual. He is only turned on by it though. Just listening to her talk about herself like a slut is exciting for him.

“You’re not that horny right now?” he asks. He somewhat wants to see what will happen if she passes out.

“Mom and Dad will be up soon,” she grunts while trying to relax her asshole so he can move quicker and cum sooner. “I don’t really want to have to explain why I am unconscious on the bathroom floor with cum leaking out of my ass.”

“Wouldn’t it just turn you on?” Aaron asks sarcastically.

“Maybe, but it would be hard to masturbate while being interrogated by my parents. Just hurry up and cum.” Aaron continues to thrust in her for a while before slowing down and stopping. “What’s wrong?” Christina asks when he pulls out of her instead.

“I guess I’m still thinking about what you said earlier,” he admits.

“Are you still hung up on that? Look, I thought if I let you drown me you’d get over it.”

“This and that are different. Like you said before, just cuz my dick is hard does not mean my heart is in it.” He pulls up his boxers and leaves the bathroom.

“You don’t need your heart to fuck me, do you?” she calls after him. She is feeling incredibly unsatisfied. He does not respond though. She moves to follow him but as soon as she leaves the bathroom she sees the door to her parents bedroom swing open.

“Christina, why are you naked?” Sarah asks while yawning.

“It was hot while I slept,” she answers quickly before locking herself in the bathroom again. Her hair and face are drenched. It must look like she was just showering to her mother. She decides that it would be best to actually do so to avoid suspicion.

After showering properly, and washing the marker off her chest, Christina returns to her room in order to find an outfit to wear. Normally in the summer she would choose a pair of shorts and a tank top but she is feeling both reserved and daring at the same time. She spent her shower touching herself because she was not satisfied by Aaron’s unfinished assault on her asshole but she still did not cum.

She picks out a short sleeved red blouse with gaps on the tops of the shoulders. She does not put on a bra, something that is completely normal for her when she is not planning on leaving the house. Finally she puts on a white skirt without any form of underwear. She wants to have access to her bare cunt so she can continue touching herself.

Once dressed, she descends the stairs to find her family already waiting in the kitchen. They are in the middle of eating breakfast. Her father is almost done eating though. “I have an early meeting at the office,” he explains while gulping down the rest of his eggs and toast.

When he looks at Christina his eyes bulge for a moment. He does not say anything and instead taps his wife on the shoulder. She looks up as well. “Oh god, Christina honey, what happened to your face?” she gasps. Christina reaches up and touches her cheek. She had forgotten about the red handprint left by Aaron. It feels warm and tingly. “Well?” her mother pries.

“My boyfriend got a little rough last night,” she responds jokingly. Aaron nearly chokes on his food though.

“I’m serious, dear. You look like you got into a fight with a one armed boxer.”

“I must’ve just slept on my hand,” she makes a believable excuse, while taking her normal spot at the table where a plate of eggs and toast is already waiting for her. She covers her mouth to yawn before thanking her mother.

“Oh no, it wasn’t me. Aaron cooked breakfast today,” she informs her.

She has just put her first bite of scrambled eggs into her mouth and nearly spits it out when she hears her mother. She coughs while slapping her chest to help the food go down. “Really? Is it that much of a shock?” her mother is confused.

“She’s just at that rebellious stage,” Michael grumbles. “She hates her dad and her brother for no reason, right?”

“I don’t hate you,” Christina responds meekly. Ever since the very incident she was discussing with Aaron earlier, Christina has not spoken with her father much. He is the one avoiding his daughter, but he places all of the blame on her.

He is still constantly worried that she will tell her mother what they used to do. To that end he has established the fact that they do not get along so that Sarah will not believe Christina when that time comes. Christina does not realize this and simply feels that her father resents her for threatening to tell on him. She almost wishes she had not done so in order to have preserved their father-daughter bond.

Aaron appears to be staring down at his plate where he is sawing his toast into bits with a butter knife. His eyes keep darting between his father and his sister though. He is positive that there is nothing going on between them anymore but that could change as quickly as his relationship with Christina changed a month ago. “How’s your food?” he asks Christina directly.

“Oh, um, it’s good,” she mutters shyly. Looking down at her plate she can see something white and gooey mixed in with her eggs as well as spread over her toast. This is the real reason she started coughing. She could tell immediately that Aaron had went through the trouble of making her food just so he could force her to eat his cum in front of their parents.

This is not the first time they have done this. The thought of being forced to eat his cum this way turns her on a lot. It was in fact her own idea to try doing it in front of their parents to see if anyone would notice. She was merely surprised that he would choose the day they apparently had a fight to try it out. Perhaps it is his way of getting back at her.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah can tell that she is hesitating.

“Nothing.” Christina quickly takes a second bite of eggs. She winces as she moves the food around in her mouth. There is no salt on the eggs. The only taste she can identify is Aaron’s cum. It is not good or bad tasting. To her it is flavorless slime. The mere knowledge of what it is makes it hard to swallow though. The same way she chokes on certain vegetables simply because she has decided she does not like them.

As she takes her third bite, she begins pressing her knees together underneath the table. Not only is she having trouble swallowing because she knows what is in her food, she is also getting turned on. She is obediently eating cum from her own brother in front of her own parents. Not only that, she is thoroughly not enjoying it. The only thing that could make this worse is if her parents knew what she was actually eating.

She starts to rock back and forth in her chair, rubbing her bare ass on her seat. She even leans forward a little so that the lips of her cunt can touch it as well. As she loses herself in her masturbation, she begins eating faster. She still swirls the food in her mouth to make sure the cum touches every part of her tongue though.

Michael leaves the table before anyone else does. Sarah watches Christina with concern until Aaron reminds her about her morning yoga class. As soon as they are both out of the house, Christina leans over her plate and spits out her most recent mouthful. “I can’t eat anymore,” she groans. “It’s churning inside my stomach.”

“It is not. It’s pure protein,” Aaron assures her.

“It’s cum. It’s your cum. It came out of your penis and it’s on my food and in my mouth. I swallowed it. It’s in my stomach now. Is this why you wouldn’t cum before? You know my ass is connected to my stomach. It would’ve ended up in the same place.”

“Why are you pretending to be mad?” Aaron is confused.

“I’m not pretending. I got fucked in the ass for ten minutes this morning and got nothing to show for it. Apparently you would rather jerk off on my food than cum inside me. Are eggs that attractive to you?”

“The only thing that turns me on about them is knowing you’re eating them with my cum,” he assures her. Her cheeks turn red but she maintains her angry expression.

“My chair is soaked.” She stands up so he can see the puddle her cunt has made from her rocking back and forth. “I want something inside me so badly.”

“Sorry, I’m a little spent,” he admits.

“I can see that.” She stares down at her plate off food.

He picks it up and empties it into the trash can next to the refrigerator. “Do you want me to make you something else?” he offers apologetically.

She shakes her head. “My throat is a little sore from screaming so much last night. Not to mention nearly drowning this morning.”

“How about a popsicle?” he suggests. It is her favorite thing to eat during the summer.

“I’ll just end up sticking it in my cunt because I’m so horny,” she admits.

“Not if we plug you up with something else first,” he suggests jokingly.

“I gave my friend back her toys,” Christina admits shyly. Shortly after their first sexual escapade, Christina began to masturbate a lot. So much so that she borrowed a small vibrating dildo from one of her friends at school. Once sex with her brother became a regular thing, she decided she did not need it anymore and returned it.

“Well, why don’t we go and get you one of your own?” Aaron retorts with a shrug.

“Do you know where to buy them?” Christina’s face is still red. Somehow she is infinitely more embarrassed about admitting she masturbates than eating his cum or letting him fuck her.

“I’m pretty sure there is a store at the mall with that sort of thing on the back wall,” Aaron recalls.

“Don’t you have to be eighteen to shop there?” karşıyaka escort Christina knows exactly which store he means.

“A friend of mine from school gets her toys from there. She says that the manager will not ask for your ID if you let him take a picture of you lifting up your shirt. He also gives discounts if you lift up your bra too. Bare tits gets you ten percent. My friend once let him fuck her for a fifty percent discount.”

“This friend of yours… how close are you?” Christina’s eyebrow is twitching.

“Are you jealous?” Aaron is pleasantly surprised. This is the first time she has shown interest in keeping him to herself.

“Maybe I’ll get this fifty percent discount too,” Christina tries to make him jealous as well.

“And you say you’re not a slut,” he quips.

“Let’s just go,” Christina does not feel like arguing. “I’m gonna put on some underwear.” She heads for the stairs.

“Why?” he asks while following after her.

“Because I’m already wet,” she reminds him.

“Last time you said it would be sexy to walk around with cum running down your legs,” he argues.

“Well this time we are going to a sex toy shop. Just looking at them is gonna get me even more excited. I don’t want to leave a trail throughout the store.”

“Fine,” he sighs when they reach her room. She takes a pair of panties from her dresser and tries to put them on without sitting down on her bed so as not to get it wet. Aaron lets her use one of his shoulders for support. He also lifts up her skirt so he can watch her butt sway as she slides the underwear on. “Hey, stop that.” She tries jerk the hem of her skirt out of his hand. “What’s so great about watching me put on panties?”

“It’s really sexy to see a girl moving her body at all. Have you ever watched a girl put on skinny jeans?” he asks.

“I am a girl who wears skinny jeans,” she retorts. “It’s kinda difficult sometimes.”

“That’s because of your fat ass.” He slaps her butt.

“I’m not fat.” She punches him in the arm. This is completely true. In fact, she can be described as quite thin. Her collar bone and some of her ribs even stick out somewhat whenever she is not wearing a shirt. Her ass is properly proportioned though, making her look cute when she struggles to put on jeans or any pants.

It takes Aaron and Christina nearly half an hour to reach the mall on foot. They are both sweating from the summer heat when they finally enter the air conditioned building. When they first started out, Christina’s legs were shiny with her own cum. Now Aaron can not tell the difference between it and her sweat. “Ah, that feels too good,” Christina gasps while fanning the collar of her shirt. Aaron takes note that she forgot to put on a bra.

“Do you want me to flash you?” she asks while pulling down the neck of her blouse. “Well too bad, this is for the manager,” she laughs.

“I saw you naked this morning,” he reminds her.

“Yeah, but isn’t there just something sexy about showing off your body in a public place?” she giggles. “When we went to the grocery store with your cum leaking out of me last week I really wanted you to just bend me over right then and there.”

“We were too close to home then,” he re-explains why they could not. “Some of Mom’s friends work at that store.”

“Yeah, but now we’re nowhere near home. I bet anyone who sees us will think we’re dating.”

“Aren’t we dating?” Aaron raises a confused eyebrow.

“Sort of.” Christina shrugs.

Aaron is visibly annoyed by her uncertainty. He steps up behind her and bumps the back of her legs with his knees, causing her to fall backward into him. She looks up at him and is surprised when he kisses her on the lips. She is so stunned she does not stop him when he pushes his tongue into her mouth. They make out for nearly a minute before the whispers and stares they are getting bother her too much.

She steps forward to get away from him while gasping for breath. Her cheeks are bright red. “Is this more embarrassing than being seen naked?” he asks.

“When I’m naked I know what you want. Right now, I’m confused.”

“That’s a simple thing to answer. I want you, Christi; all of you. I want your body, your mind, your heart.”

“It’s a little pretentious of you to assume I’ll just give it to you,” she mutters meekly.

Aaron sighs as he takes her hand and drags her to the escalators. The shop they are looking for is on the second floor. He is bothered by the fact that it was so easy to get her to open her legs yet it is so difficult to open her heart. He is constantly worrying that she will leave him for someone else. She is only with him because he was the closest and most convenient for sex. Once she is a grownup living on her own, she will probably find a boyfriend to move in with.

The store is not difficult to find. It is a specialty store filled with adult oriented content. They sell everything from profanity covered graffiti t-shirts to drinking card games. They have shot glasses and flasks as well as books about sex positions. None of this is what Aaron and Christina are here for. They head straight to the back of the small store.

Hanging on the wall are dozens upon dozens of sexually explicit items. There are two whole rows of dildos some vibrating. At the top there are leather corsets and other bondage related items for sale. “What should we get?” Christina asks shyly while fidgeting with her hands between her thighs.

“As embarrassing as this is, we’d better go all out and get everything we want so we won’t have to come back.”

“Somehow all I’m thinking about is the weird looks I’d get if I came here week after week first buying mini vibrators and slowly getting more bold until I bought that.” She points at a two foot double ended dildo.

“That’s actually one of the things we’re getting,” he informs her.

“Do you want to try pushing our butts together or something?” Christina is confused.

“Ha, very funny.” Aaron rolls his eyes. “Unless you want another bath brush up your ass, this thing will probably bend inside of you more easily.”

“Wow, I just realized, by coming here I’m pretty much agreeing to let you use every one of the toys we buy on me at least once.”

“Yup. You’re getting a two foot dildo in your ass at some point.” Aaron takes the item down off the wall. By now Christina’s face is so red her freckles are no longer noticeable.

“I’ll also have to flash the manager so we won’t have to show our IDs,” she recalls in a squeaky voice.

Aaron tries as hard as he can to push that thought out of his head. He preoccupies himself with picking out the toys instead. Christina watches from behind him, making an embarrassed hiccup every time he picks something else. Her noise varies depending on how excited she is to potentially try the toy.

She seems interested in a smaller vibrating dildo that he chooses but she is not happy when he picks out a large string of anal beads. She scans the shelves for anything else to replace it. “How about this?” she asks when she finds a smaller set of beads all attached to each other rather than being held on a string. At the end of them there is a fake pink cat tail.”

“You want to dress up?” Aaron asks while looking at a hair band with fake pink cat ears attached to it.

“Uh, yeah. Let’s do that,” she jumps at the chance to put the large billiard ball sized anal beads back. Aaron is slightly disappointed but he can not afford them both.

Before they can pick anything else, they are both startled by someone behind them clearing his throat. “Hello there esteemed customers.” A glasses clad man in a polo greets them with a suspicious smile.

“Do you work here?” Aaron asks nervously.

“I’m the manager,” he informs him. “I hate to be rude but it does not look like either of you two are old enough to be buying this sort of thing. Do either of you even have a drivers license?”

“We have student IDs,” Aaron stutters.

“Well, don’t show those to me or else I might be forced to tell your school what you’re up to,” the manager warns him.

“Well, um… would it be possible to work out a deal where we don’t have to prove we’re old enough?” Aaron is hoping that what his friend told him about the manager is true.

“Ah, I see you know someone who’s shopped here before,” he catches on quickly. “Well, let me think.” He eyes Christina up and down. “My you do have a pretty girlfriend. I’m amazed she’s into this sort of thing.”

“I’m not really,” Christina mutters shyly.

“No need to be bashful. I see a lot of couples coming through here. The girls all say it’s their boyfriends that want to see them masturbating with these toys but then I get the girls who come in groups. They all say they haven’t gotten enough from their boyfriends and need some release. They just want to give it a try to see if it’s really all that. The excuse doesn’t matter. Just pick out what you like. You can even step into the back room with me if you want to try something on.” He gestures to the bondage corset.

“Not that.” Christina shakes her head.

“Well, I could let you try out some of the toys but then it would be hard to sell them to anyone but you,” the manager pretends to be at a loss.

Christina and Aaron trades glances before responding. “We’re definitely going to buy these ones,” Aaron holds up the four things they have picked out.

The manager nods before pacing over to a door they had not noticed before due to it being painted back like the wall. He unlocks it with a key and ushers them both inside. It is a small room consisting of a locker for employees to leave their things in and a table with four chairs for them to rest at when on break. The only thing that does not look normal for an employee lounge is a bulletin board covered in photographs of girls.

Both Aaron and Christina are immediately drawn to the pictures. Some of the girls are simply smiling while holding up a sex toy they must have just purchased while others are flashing their bras or their bare chests. Some are even lifting their skirts or pulling down their pants. “I have more, if you’re interested.” The manager gestures to the opposite wall where a curtain is hanging, creating the illusion of a covered window even inside the mall.

When the manager removes it, there is another whole bulletin board. This one has more explicit pictures. The girls are inserting their newly purchased toys into their mouths, cunts and assholes. Some even have their boyfriends in the picture with them, fingering them or even getting sucked off or just plain fucking the girl. Christina is the first to notice that the eyes have been covered by a black permanent marker in some of the pictures.

“Privacy,” the manager informs her before she can ask.

“How many of these guys are you?” Aaron asks.

“Ah, so you know that much as well.” The manager smirks. “Let me be up front with you. I am perfectly interested in giving your shy little girlfriend a test run. That’s one of my conditions. She has to be attractive to me. However, I respect that as her boyfriend you might not be willing to share her.

Aaron opens his mouth to say something but stops when he sees the look on Christina’s face. She is hiding it well but there is something gleaming in her eyes. “Two,” she mutters almost inaudibly.

“Excuse me?” The manager cups his ear.

“Two at the same time,” she whispers. “One in my cunt and another in my ass. I’ll never get a chance like this again.”

“Oh dear, I seem to have misjudged the shy little lady.” The manager is just as surprised as Aaron. “What do you think, sir? I’ve shared a few girls with my coworkers before. I don’t mind taking the back if you’re still a little possessive.”

Aaron bites his lip while looking straight at Christina. “You’re a slut,” he states in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Yes,” she does not even try to deny it this time. “I’ve seen girls getting nailed by two guys. They always look like they know something I don’t. Is it really that good? No, I don’t care if it is good. It’s wrong. You’re my boyfriend and I’m going to make you watch me getting fucked by another guy.”

Aaron does not know how to respond. If she were simply his girlfriend he might have dumped her just for suggesting this. On the other hand he may not even care as much if she were some other girl. He is positive he loves her as much as he does because she is his sister as well as his girlfriend. However, he has done some pretty horrible things to her. It might be time he lets her do something horrible to him.

In the end he decides not to think about it too much. According to her, they are only sort of dating. If they were a proper couple he would be more possessive. However, if he pushes her too hard she might just dump him and get a different boyfriend. As long as he convinces himself that they are not exclusive yet then this does not count as cheating.

The manager pats Christina on the shoulder and directs her attention to a camera mounted on the wall next to the first bulletin board. “It’s already recording,” he informs her.

“Oh god.” She covers her face.

He takes the opportunity to lift up her blouse. She raises her arms so he can take it off over her head. She is now completely topless. “I can see why you don’t bother wearing a bra,” he chuckles. “Your nipples were poking through after you got horny though,” he teases her. She gasps as he pinches them.

Despite how upset he wants to be about the situation, Aaron can not help but get hard when he sees his sister moaning and squealing. Her sweat from walking in the sun has dried to her skin and now she has goose bumps in the cool air conditioned room. The manger runs his hands over every part of her back and shoulders, sending chills down her spine.

She closes her eyes and lets him roll her head around. He seems to be massaging her to loosen her up. After running his hands down her front from her breasts to her bellybutton, he lifts up her skirt so the waist is around her stomach. She tries to grab the hem of her own underwear to push them down but the manager takes hold of her hands. With a silent nod he instructs Aaron to do it.

“Wow, I’m naked in a room with two men,” Christina gasps when she feels the cool air hit her moist crotch. “It doesn’t matter if I want to stop anymore, does it?” She likes the idea that she would be too weak to resist if they simply wanted to hold her down and rape her.

“Do you want to stop?” the manager asks. He is trying to be gentle with her. She is moaning a lot and leaning against him like a rag doll. This is not what Aaron is used to seeing from her at all. She opens her eyes to look at Aaron who is pulling on her pubic hairs. She has a habit of asking him to stop whenever they are having sex only to be ignored by him. She is worried that if she says anything now though, the manager will take her seriously.

Aaron paces over to the table where they left the items they intended to purchase. He takes the vibrating dildo out of its packaging and turns it on. “Oh, I know that sound.” Christina shudders in anticipation. It is both embarrassing and exhilarating to know that all of the toys they picked out today are for using on her. She may like to watch girls getting treated poorly in porn but in real life she is the one who takes the abuse.

She loves watching girls moaning and squealing as their bodies take cocks that are far too big for them. In the same way she gets extremely horny thinking about those things being done to her. Aaron seems to enjoy the things they do together but she is glad that she is a girl. If she were a boy she would feel denied the opportunity to feel things like getting fucked in two holes at once. She watches porn and wishes she were the girl getting choked, slapped, choked or just plain fucked.

She by no means enjoys getting hit or choked though. She hates pain in general but no matter what, whenever she thinks back on the things she and Aaron have done, she gets turned on. She likes the fact that she hates it. Deep-throating would not turn her on if it merely felt like normal sex. The fact that she has to give up breathing just to fit a cock in her mouth is what is so exciting. She is trading something as important as air for sex. Worse yet, Aaron is all too eager to block off her airway just so he can enjoy himself a little. Letting him use her without a care for her personal comfort is what turns her on.

Christina gasps when she feels the vibrator touching her cunt. “It reminds me of that controller for your friend’s game console,” she moans.

“What do you mean by that?” Aaron is curious.

“Well, whenever I tried to play it, the controller always started vibrating. I loved pushing it against my pants. Sometimes I would pull them down a little just to feel it better.”

“Are you saying you used my friend’s game controller to masturbate?” Aaron is both shocked and intrigued.

“Wow, I misjudged you,” the manager laughs. “I thought you were new to this sort of thing.”

“I lost my virginity a week ago,” she admits.

“Really? And you’re ready to try doing anal that soon after?”

“I was doing anal this morning,” she answers honestly. “Though someone decided not to cum,” she raises her voice while glaring at Aaron.

“Sounds like you two have some couple issues.” The manager is starting to feel extremely awkward.

“They would be couple issues if we were a proper couple,” Aaron grumbles.

“So you two are just sex friends?”

“She’s just a slut,” Aaron corrects him. Normally Christina would complain but she just admitted to being a slut a moment ago so that Aaron would let her have sex with two men at once. Instead she simply stares downward guiltily while trying not to appear too turned on by Aaron’s name calling.

“Wow, this is kinda cool,” the manager finds them interesting to say the least.

“Oh, is that…” Christina squeaks when she feels his boner touching her back. She jerks forward only to hit the vibrator in Aaron’s hand, causing her to jolt backwards into the manager instead. “It’s kinda warm,” she mumbles breathily.

“Do you want it inside you?” he asks teasingly.

Christina looks at Aaron before responding. “I do, I really do,” she whines. “It feels more curved than Aaron’s. I bet it’ll be completely different.

“We’ll see.” The manager takes a condom out of his pocket before dropping his slacks to the floor. He lowers his underwear just enough for his cock to spring out and touch Christina’s back.

“Oh god,” she gasps. “It’s not just warm, it’s downright hot.” She turns around and takes the condom from him.

He watches with an intrigued expression as she opens it and puts it in her mouth. “Oh, you want to try doing that,” he chuckles.

“I saw it in a porn video.” She mumbles while crouching down. He sucks in a large breath the moment her mouth touches the tip of his penis. It feels cold because of all the blood rushing to his cock. She slides her mouth all the way over his penis so that the condom is completely covering it. It hits the back of her throat slightly but she pulls off before she starts to gag.

“You’re girlfriend’s pretty kinky,” the manager is impressed.

“You have no idea,” Aaron is somewhat proud of Christina. He wishes he could tell his friends how lucky he is to have a girl willing to deepthroat him.

The manager sits down in one of the chairs near the table and motions for Christina to sit on his lap. She turns around again so that her back is facing him and then lets him guide her. He slaps her butt lightly before taking hold of his cock and aiming it at her asshole. Due to her saliva on the outside of the condom, it is already slick enough to force its way inside. “Ow,” she groans as it pushes upward. It is a good thing she is sitting rather than bending over. His cock really is curved.

It takes her a moment to get used to the feeling. Her saliva is not enough to help it slide all the way in. The manager has to work it inside inch by inch. By the time it is fully in her butt she is groaning and holding her stomach. “Does it hurt?” he asks.

“Yeah.” She nods. “At least it’s not as bad as the bath brush,” she directs her statement at Aaron. One of the worst things he has done to her was fit the entire handle of a bath brush into her ass, straitening part of her intestines in the process. She could even feel the lump on the outside of her stomach.

The manager grabs the under sides of her thighs and lifts her legs into the air so that her crotch is completely exposed. She covers her face in embarrassment. Aaron resumes pressing the vibrator against the outside of her cunt. She has been getting wetter and wetter since he started. Now her wetness is leaking down over her asshole, making it easier for the manager to slide her on and off of his cock.

“Are you ready for a second one?” the manager asks teasingly.

“Not really.” Her eyes roll back for a moment as his slides all the way into her. “I passed out the first time he fucked my ass. I think I’m really sensitive there.”

“I kinda want to see that now.” He shoves into her a little harder.

“Oh, that really hurts,” she groans. “It feels so full. I don’t think there’s any room left for Aaron.” She looks down at her crotch. Looking straight at it, Aaron can see that every time the manager pushes into her ass the small wall of flesh that separates it from her cunt is pushed outward, closing her cunt from the inside.

“So you don’t want to try it?” the manager continues to tease her.

“Of course I do. It’s just…” Christina does not know how to describe her hesitance. “What was the point of letting someone else fuck me if we don’t do this?” she finally asks.

“You heard her.” The manager pushes both his index fingers into Christina’s cunt and pries it apart, causing her to yelp again.

Aaron takes over holding her legs up. He unzips his pants and pulls out his cock, which is extremely hard from watching his sister getting plowed up the ass. He does not actually remove any clothing though as he does not want to be seen by the manager. Christina gasps when the tip of his cock touches her wet cunt. The angle is slightly off because of how misshapen her cunt is from the anal intrusion.

The manager has to lift her up so that his cock is barely inside her. Once Aaron has gotten the head of his penis into her cunt, he drops her back down on his lap. She covers her mouth to keep from screaming as two cocks slam into her. She immediately starts to shudder as liquid pours out of her cunt around Aaron’s penis. “Wow, she’s a squirter,” the manager is impressed. “She came just from having it put inside her.”

“Tha-that’s because you, you’ve been fu-fucking my ass all, all this time,” Christina can barley talk. Her eye lids are fluttering and her teeth are clenched. There is drool running out of the corners of her mouth.

“What do you want us to do?” the manager asks while lifting her off of himself again.

She sighs with relief as she feels his cock sliding out of her ass. “Honestly I’d love for you two to leave me alone so I can rest,” she admits. “I did just cum.”

“I thought you wanted to experience what it’s like to get fucked by two guys at the same time,” he reminds her.

“I’d like to know what it’s like without actually having to experience it,” she responds in a raspy voice. Her eyes are unfocused and she is looking upward at the ceiling. Slowly Aaron pulls his cock out of her as well. She groans in relief at first but quickly realizes that this is not the end. “What are you doing?” she asks.

Both cocks slam back into her at the same time again. First her asshole stretches, closing her cunt. Then her cunt expands, tightening her asshole. Their cocks push against each other with only her flesh in-between them. Her eyes roll back into her head completely as foam gurgles out of her mouth, muffling her screams.

Rather than letting her rest, they lift her up again and slam her back down. Her response is another scream drowned in saliva and foam. They do it repeatedly until she starts to kick and flail. Her toes are curling and her fingers twisting as she tries to withstand the feeling of their cocks stretching her two most sensitive holes.

She slumps forward on Aaron’s shoulder when the manager starts to properly fuck her ass, slamming in and out of her like a piston. She screams into his ear with her mouth closed for a long time until she finally manages to swallow enough of her own spit to speak. “Stop!” she shouts. “You’re destroying me. You’re stretching my asshole and bending my bowels. It hurts so much I can’t think. I want to pass out. Please.”

“Can you really sleep like this?” Aaron asks while pushing into her as well.

“Ow, it’s still bruised from last night. You put your fist in there, remember?” she wails. “You’re hitting the same spot as your fist.”

“Looks like she’s at her limit.” The manager starts to slow down.

“She doesn’t get to decide when her limit is.” Aaron leans Christina back and slaps her face in the exact same place as last night, causing her to tighten her ass and cunt.

“I was wondering what that mark was,” the manager admits. “Is she into pain or something?”

“No!” Christina shakes her head rapidly. “I really hate pain.” Aaron slaps her again anyway. To the manager it looks like she is being punished for speaking without permission or something. “Ow, whenever you do that, my ass hurts more,” she complains.

“Stop clenching it then,” Aaron quips while slapping her again.

“Alright, this is really starting to hurt too much,” Christina announces. “Can you two finish it up?”

“Just a little bit more.” The manager starts to speed up again.

“Ow, no, gently,” Christina whines. He slows down again while glaring at Aaron over her shoulder. If he had not slapped her she may not have tightened her ass and he could continue enjoying himself.

“Don’t worry about her.” Aaron slaps Christina again.

“Hey, stop!” she is glaring at him now as well.

“Why? You’re the one who wanted to get fucked by two guys at once,” he reminds her.

“I wanted to try it. Now I have.”

“Well, why don’t you see it through to the end?” he slams into her cunt while slapping her.

“Ow, I am,” she spits. “Just hurry up.”

“No, we’re going to take our time enjoying your slutty holes,” he informs her. “You asked us to do this so we’re going to do it properly.”

“And if I say no?” Christina asks. His response is to slap her twice as hard as before. Her head actually moves back from the force of it. Her eyes are spinning and she is disoriented for a moment.

“Alright,” she responds meekly when she finally regains composure. “You can do anything you like. You can fuck my ass and pussy as hard as you want.”

When Aaron slides into her again he notices that despite his forcefulness, she has become even wetter. She is getting off on him slapping her. “You got yourself a submissive one,” the manager retorts when he slams back into her ass full force. She clenches her teeth to keep from yelping this time.

“Tell me how it feels,” Aaron orders Christina while putting her legs over her shoulders so that he can push into her deeper.

“It feels awful,” she groans. “Every time his cock pokes the walls of my asshole it feels like a knife. Sharp pain shoots through my whole body. My head hurts. I can’t think straight. I can’t pass out because my pussy is so wet and your cock feels so good. Fuck me harder. Overwrite the pain. Please,” she begs.

“Doesn’t your bruised cunt hurt too though,” he reminds her.

“I don’t care. It reminds me of what we did last night. It reminds me of being stuffed with your whole arm.”

“She really is a slut,” the manager is completely shocked.

Aaron smirks at him. He is already trying to think of another way to show off just how kinky his sister is. She whimpers when he pulls all the way out of her, leaving her to be fucked in the ass only. “I feel so empty now,” she sighs. “How is that? Normally one cock is enough to make me feel full. How come I feel hollow?”

“I guess we’ll just have to fill you up again.” Aaron grabs her arms and pulls her down to the floor. She gasps when the manager’s cock pulls out of her ass with an audible pop. She can not say anything though as her mouth is soon filled with Aaron’s cock. With the wetness from her cunt, he slams all the way inside, hitting the back of her closed throat and causing her to gag. She tries to spit his cock out but he holds her head still.

The manager has already realized what Aaron intends. He kneels down behind Christina and slips into her ass again, causing her to squeal around Aaron’s cock. She is now being fucked from both ends like a pig on a spit.

Tears stream down her cheeks as she is rocked back and forth between them. Every time the manager slides into her ass, she tries to scream, letting Aaron push into her throat slightly. Once the head of his cock is inside, she tries to swallow, clenching her throat around him tightly. This only turns Aaron on. He tangles his fingers in her hair and pulls her further onto his cock. Her eyes roll back into her head as her airway is cut off.

Just like in the morning, her ass clenches when she can not breathe. The manager notices but he does not slowly down. He rubs his fingers in her crotch to get them moist and then slides them into her ass alongside his cock. She squeals at the feeling of her ass stretching even more.

Aaron wraps his hand around her neck so he can feel the bulge of his cock as it enters her throat. Christina’s screams die down as she starts to tire. Her vision is going black, save for several bright spots. She slumps forward, relaxing her anus. This allows the manager to move inside further. When his cock is as far as it can go, Christina’s eyes snap open. The sensation is enough to wake her. She clenches down so hard that he can not pull out again.

He waits for her to loosen up again but instead her anus flexes around his cock until it is too much for him. He starts to cum but it only comes out in spurts between flexes due to how tight she is. As a result it takes him a long time to finish. Christina can feel each glob of hot cum as they hit the walls of her ass through the condom. She tries to sigh with relief when his cock finally deflates enough for him to pull out but her mouth is still full.

More than fucking her, Aaron is simply holding her head down. He slides deeper into her whenever she swallows but is pushed back out almost immediately afterward by the muscles of her throat. Instead of getting himself off with movement, he has begun to massage his cock with his hands through her throat. She chokes and gurgles as her airway is pressed against his cock forcefully from the outside.

Finally, he starts to cum. She instinctively tries to pull his cock out but he still holds her down. She swallows each squirt of cum as quickly as possible, squeezing the head of his penis in the process. Even after he is done cumming, he does not pull out until he has started to soften. By then she has already passed out.

As soon as his cock is out of her mouth, she slumps over on the floor. Her chest is rising and falling rapidly as she finally manages to breathe. “It’s kinda sexy to watch.” The manager touches her face. She is masking rasping noises every time she inhales. “How did you find a girl willing to let you do that to her?”

“I sorta just had to try things and see when she drew the line. She never did. I don’t think she’s ever gotten really mad at me yet.”

“I suppose I owe you a fifty percent discount. Want to pick out anything else while you’re here?”

Aaron tilts his head in thought. “Maybe she wants something.” He taps Christina’s cheek.

“Lemme sleep,” she moans.

“You can’t sleep here. We have to get home,” he whispers while grabbing both her nipples and twisting them.

“Ow!” she sits up immediately. She glares at him for a moment but suddenly starts coughing. “God, I can still feel your cock in my throat. Did you have to squeeze it so much? I feel like I’m wearing a choker.”

“That’s it.” Aaron snaps his fingers. “We need to get you a collar to go with your tail and ears.”

Christina’s face turns red as she stares at him. She is now imagining what being a cat for him is going to be like. Her tail is essentially going to be a rod of anal beads. The collar makes her think of taking a dog for a walk. “Are you going to parade me around outside with a tail in my ass?” she asks bluntly.

“Is that what you want?” Aaron is certainly intrigued by the idea.

“Maybe somewhere that we don’t know people.” She pushes her fingers together shyly.

“You really are a kinky girl,” the manager gives his personal opinion. “How did you like taking it in two holes at once?”

“I hated it,” she admits. “It hurt so bad I thought I was gonna die. I really can’t believe I let you do that to me. My ass still hurts. You stretched it so much.”

“You’re the one who wanted it,” he feels the need to defend himself.

“And I’m glad I know what it’s like. I won’t ever do it again though.”

“So no more cocks but your boyfriend’s?” he teases her.

Christina looks straight at Aaron and lowers her head apologetically. “I’m sorry for asking for another cock. I was wrong. From now on I am your slut only.”

“You said that before. How am I supposed to trust you?” he refuses to take her word for it.

“What do you want me to do?” she asks.

“Prove that you belong to me.”


“How do most masters mark their pets?” Aaron asks her.

“With a collar, I guess.” She assumes he intends to buy her a collar to prove she is his pet.

“They also brand or tag them,” he informs her.

“You want to brand me?” Her eyes widen. The way she bites her lips suggests she is interested in the idea. “I think I’ve seen a girl getting branded. She was sobbing and screaming.”

“It’s pretty much a tattoo,” Aaron explains.

“I kinda want to get one of those but I also don’t. I’ve seen early videos of porn stars and then seen later ones where they are all inked up. It makes me think they lost some of their innocent charm. Watching a girl with pure smooth skin choking on a cock is more fun than seeing a inked girl swallow it like it’s nothing.”

“Fine, how about something that can be removed,” Aaron suggests.

“What are you thinking?” she is incredibly suspicious of his intentions.

“I’ll be right back.” He zips up his pants before leaving the break room. Christina can not follow him because she is still only wearing her skirt around her stomach.

She has just put on her panties when he walks back through the door. “What’s that?” She notices him holding an item from the wall of sex toys.

“Close your eyes,” he orders her.

“Why?” she is getting nervous.

“Do you want me to slap you again?” he taunts her.

“Kinda,” she admits. He rolls his eyes instead of obliging her. “Fine,” she sighs while closing her eyes. He grabs one of her nipples and pinches it tightly. She winces in anticipation as he takes the item out of its box. It is a gun shaped piece of metal with a pointed end. He pulls on her nipple until it is right in front of the needle shaped tip before pulling the trigger of the device. Christina screams out but quickly covers her mouth as the pointed tip pierces her nipple. “Oh my god, what did you do?” She opens his eyes.

He has already removed the piercing gun from her nipple and pushed a tiny rod with a ball on the end of it through the hole. “Did you just pierce my nipple?” Christina gasps. Rather than answering, Aaron grabs her other nipple and repeats the process. “Ow, stop!” she wails. He pushes another tiny rod into the second hole and screws another ball onto the end of each so that they will not fall out. “You just punched a hole in me,” Christina is utterly shocked.

“Now I own you,” he informs her.

“You damaged my body. Don’t I get a say in something like that?”

“No.” He pulls on her nipples, causing her to squeak.

“I hate you,” she grumbles at him.

“Keep complaining and I’ll pierce your clit and bellybutton too,” he threatens her.

“Oh… really.” She seems to consider the idea for a moment. “Then I really would be your property, wouldn’t I? Anyone who saw me naked could tell I had a boyfriend.”

“They could tell you’re a slut,” Aaron corrects her. Christina takes a deep breath to keep from saying anything. She has resigned herself to the fact that she did ask for something extremely slutty today. Perhaps tomorrow she will gain the courage to argue back. Today she is not just a slut, she is his slut. She will let him get away with anything, even piercing her nipples without asking.

“Will that be everything?” the manager asks while gesturing to the four items on the table as well as the piercing tool in Aaron’s hand and a collar that he is holding as well. “I’ll throw in some of those vibrating mini eggs that you can tape to her nipples or just push inside her all at once if you like.” Christina bites her lip while nodding. She is already imagining what it would be like to push one inside herself before school. She probably would not be able to concentrate at all.

“Okay, I can see that your total is over a hundred dollars. After your discount… let’s say sixty bucks.” He hands Aaron a bag so he can put all of the items inside it. “I’ll ring you up three twenty dollar t-shirts at the front counter so that you don’t have to embarrass yourselves and I don’t have to explain to the clerk.”

Christina puts the rest of her clothes back on and pulls her skirt back down. As soon as they have left the break room, the manager takes two of the vibrating eggs he mentioned out of a basked hanging on the wall and turns them on. Christina gasps when he pulls her panties aside and shoves them both into her cunt. He replaces her panties so they will not fall out. “Those are free.” He winks at her.

Christina twitches as she walks to the front counter. She can barely keep a straight face. The manager tells the clerk to take his break, which is long overdue. As promised he charges them for three t-shirts which Aaron pays for with his mom’s debit card. Before they even leave the store, Christina grabs his hand and squeezes it tightly. He has to drag her just to get her to walk. “Maybe you should take those out,” he suggests.

“No, I want to try getting home like this,” she responds in a jittery voice. “My cunt was feelings kinda lonely because you came in my mouth. Now it feels all warm and tingly.”

“If you’re that horny we could stop in an alley on the way home,” he offers.

“No, save that for when I’m your pet cat. For now I just want to walk with these things inside of me. Every time I move, they rub against the walls of my pussy. I’ll probably cum before we get home. If I do I’ll walk the rest of the way without my panties so it will drip down my legs like you wanted.”

“What if they fall out?” Aaron asks.

“I’ll put them in my ass so they won’t,” she surmises.

“Fine, but when we get home, your shirt’s coming off. I want to be able to see your beautiful nipples whenever I look at you for the rest of the day. I wonder what it would feel like to get a boob job from those.”

“It’ll probably really hurt. They’re still kinda sore.” She rubs her nipples through her shirt. With the piercings they are even more visible through her clothing than normal.

“That’s the point,” he assures her. “When they stop hurting I’ll pierce something else of yours like your nose or your eyebrow.”

“Mom’s gonna think I’ve become a delinquent,” Christina complains.

“Just tell her your boyfriend made you do it,” Aaron teases her. She opens her mouth to say something but ends up moaning instead. The vibrating eggs are extremely effective. “You should leave those in when talking to Mom and Dad. I wonder if they will notice.”

“Yeah, I wonder,” Christina starts to pant while walking toward the escalator. She can not wait until she cums. She wants to take off her panties so she can feel the breeze on her cunt. She also wants to try flashing random people she passes on the way home. She denied Aaron’s offer to fuck her in an alley but she is fantasizing about it anyway.

Instead of an alley though it is a public park. Dozens of people stop to watch them and take pictures. Several guys start to touch her and remove her clothes. They gang rape her and take turns passing her around, eventually leaving her lying unconscious on the ground covered in cum. They swear they will be back for more later.

Aaron is surprised when Christina starts to shudder on their way down the escalator. “Already?” He did not think she was that horny. Without a word she slides her panties down and lifts her feet out of them one at a time. She does not have any pockets so she simply tosses them over the railing. She now has no way to cover her crotch until she gets home.

When they reach the bottom of the escalator she tries to walk without letting the eggs fall out. It almost looks like she has to use the bathroom when she moves. After a few feet, she gives up and squats down to the floor in order to force the eggs out of her cunt. She catches them in her hand before falling over due to exhaustion.

Aaron takes them from her and lifts up her skirt so he can see her asshole. It is twitching in anticipation. Luckily it is still slightly loose from getting fucked. With the wetness from her cunt he is able to slide both eggs in easily. She gasps while standing up again. “It’s really gonna be hard to walk now,” she moans.

“Better than walking with a dick in your butt,” he assures her. She nods while leaning against him for support. It is going to be a long walk home and they both know it. They are both looking forward to it though.

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