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The government called her Dalila. I called her Dali and I loved her deeply. We had a special relationship. We talked very little but looked at and touched each other a lot. I always knew what she was thinking by the way she looked at me and she looked at me like no one else ever had. Her eyes were deep and dark like the universe.

Dali’s body was a work of art. She never appreciated her body as much as I did, but I stopped trying to convince her. Bodies are meant to be brushed and kissed and clutched, not talked about. She had a little meat on her bones and that was fine by me. She had lovely skin and a round, sexy ass; the kind of ass you could smack, squeeze and fuck hard all night long without leaving a single mark on it. I used to think of it as the “invincible ass” and laugh about it, but that’s between me and you.

We did not have much money at the time and we were barely seeing each other at all. She was working as a nurse, a night shift nurse. I was working as freelance photographer and most of my gigs were during the day. On the weekends, I was working 12-hour days and she was helping her younger sister take care of her baby. At this point, we got to touch each other about once a week. I craved her all week long.

It was a Wednesday and I was taking pictures for a real estate company. This company dealt only with swanky properties in posh neighborhoods. It wasn’t my dream job, but if you don’t start somewhere you never get nowhere. Bob Marley said that.

Real estate agent Chris pushed opened the heavy doors of the house. It was the first time I worked with Chris and he seemed awfully anxious for a successful mansion-seller. He checked his phone a lot and was completely distracted. I thought about fucking Dali up against a wall most of the time at work, so I could relate.

I did not know how much the house was worth, but it seemed like it would sell for a couple million at least. The living room was spacious and finely furnished. A spiral staircase invited you up to the second level. The master bathroom had a large walk-in shower with glass doors and a wide assortment of expensive soaps of all kinds. It didn’t seem like anyone was living there so it must have been the interior decorator…Or not.

I was taking some photos of the shower with a wide-angle lens when I heard a commotion stirring downstairs. I spiralled down the staircase to find Chris putting on his jacket in a fit. He ran out the doors with his coat half on, not even thinking to close them.

I stood in the middle of the staircase, confused. He soon ran back in a tossed me the keys to the house.

“My canlı bahis wife is having a baby. Take the keys and lock up when you’re done. Don’t break anything.”

Again he was off, almost wiping out as his shiny shoes struggled to grip the icy, marble-like floors of the house.

My first thought was:

“Wow, that lucky man is having a child. That is so wonderful for him and his wife. I hope he comes back soon so I can congratulate him.”

This is a lie.

My real first thought was:

“Labour? That could take hours. That could take a whole day!”

My second thought was of Dali. She was at home and I hadn’t touched her in 8 and one half days.

He didn’t say: “Don’t fuck anything.”

I pushed the buttons on the phone and this is what came out the other end:

“44 Glenwood Drive. No questions. Bring those pretty eyes of yours that I love so much.”

Storm chasers have to be ready to follow a storm at any time. We were love chasers.

I left the doors open. I grabbed a pile of flyers and made a trail with them, starting at the doors and ending at the master bedroom. I waited and thought about all of the things I could to Dali in that room.

“I could wash every crevice of her beautiful body. I could shampoo her hair while she sucked my cock. I could hold her arms behind her back, stick her face into the glass wall and fuck her ass…”


The butterflies in my stomach awoke from their slumber.

The cells in my extremities began to vibrate with excitement.

My breathe slowed and deepened, stopping time and absorbing the awe of the moment.

I closed my eyes and smiled with sweet anticipation, listening patiently to Dali’s every move and already tasting in my cheeks what my mouth would soon devour.

She walked in to find me leaning back against the shower doors. Only a cigarette could have made me look cooler.



She stood there smiling subtly and looking at me like she always does. She was wearing tight black jeans and a low-cut tank top. I walked over, grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her up against the shower doors. I scanned her body up and down slowly, rubbing her stomach gently, squeezing her breast and breathing in her feminine scent. I explored her eyes and kissed her soft, honey-like lips. Our kiss lasted seconds but felt like an eternity.

“Take off your clothes”, I said as I stepped into the shower and turned it on.

We removed our clothes in front of each other. She took off her shirt and I took off mine. I took off my pants and she took off hers. We looked at each other bahis siteleri the entire time. When we were fully naked, I turned her around and held her against the glass, squeezing her butt cheeks and smacking her ass lightly.

We moved into the shower and stood under the warm water. We kissed in the rain, sucking each other’s lips and tasting each other’s tongues. Her arms around my neck and my hands were on her ass, squeezing it and pulling it open. I rubbed her lower back and massaged my scalp. The room was spinning.

We grabbed some soap and got to washing each other. Mine was watermelon flavoured and hers was a tangerine scent. I washed up her arms, around her neck and down her chest, squeezing her big, beautiful tits and rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. She washed my chest, down my stomach and around my pubic hair. She rubbed me where my legs meet my hips and gently scraped my pubic hair.

Dali gazed into my eyes as lathered my dick and balls with copious amounts of soap. She gradually stiffened her grip as my cock swelled and hardened in her hands. I leaned back against the wall and pushed my hip out, letting my arms rest at my sides, appreciating the moment. She focused back on my cock, lovingly squeezing my nuts with one hand and rubbing firmly around my swollen dickhead with the other. She was in the zone, like an artist molding something out of clay.

This is when I realized that god had created Dali just for me. I struggled my whole life and the moment I thought I could hustle no more, I met Dali. Dali was my reward, my muse, an electrifying jolt to my soul. I was born to love Dali and every part of her was worthy of my devotion.

I got down on my knees and took her foot into my hands, cleaning and massaging it. Poor Dali was on her feet all day long at the hospital for hours at a time. I rinsed off her foot and massaged the sole with my thumbs. I rubbed her ankle. I sucked on her toes and licked in between them. I did the same to the other foot.

Putting down her foot, I turned her around. She bent over and pushed her upper body towards the glass, sticking her ass in my face. I spread her cheeks with my hands and licked around her asshole, which now smelled like watermelon. She quivered as my tongue shot energy through her asshole, up her spine and into her brain. I sucked her pussy from behind, tasting it, savoring it and drinking her juices. I licked up and down slow and hard, starting from her clit all the way up to the top of her crack and back. I squeezed her cheeks.

She moaned and quivered and turned around anxiously, pushing me to the ground. Spinning bahis şirketleri around, she grabbed the base of my rigid cock and floated down onto it, engulfing it with her pussy. She leaned forward, looking back at me and grinding her sexy ass up and down my thick cock. I watched as she gyrated her hips in all sorts directions, taking my cock to places of her pussy that only I get to go. She squeezed and pulled my dick hard, sucking it into her and out of her.

I was getting close to sexual eruption. I hadn’t ejaculated in more than 8 days and Dali was pleasing my cock so good. I could feel all my energy moving to the center of my body.

She stopped twisting and starting fucking me hard, popping her hips up and down on my dick, slamming me as she looked back. She knew I was about to cum.

Dali hopped off and got onto her hands in front of me, taking my pulsating cock into her mouth. She stroked with her hard while she sucked my cock. I got up on my elbows and let go. She looked me dead in the eye as she sucked load after load of thick, creamy cum out of me. My legs squirmed and my body pulsed as she lovingly milked me. As the intensity of my orgasm diminished, so did the intensity of her stroking and sucking. And when there was nothing left but air, she gently sucked that out of me as well.

She rose to her knees and looked at me lustfully with cum-soaked lips. She swished my creamy, warm load around her mouth slowly, allowing it to absorb into her cheeks before she took a big gulp and swallowed it down.

Fuck yes.

We got dressed at a snail’s pace and waddled down the stairs. I reached for the knob of the front door, but someone opened it for me from the outside. An older woman was holding the door and there were several couples at her rear.

“Hiii, are you the cleaning people? It’s time for the open house,” said the woman.

“Aaaah Hi, my name is TD and I’ve been taking photographs of this lovely home all afternoon. This is Wanda, the beautiful and talented interior decorator. We’re famished and just headed out to lunch, but enjoy your visit and thank you for coming. Bu-bye.”

They seemed convinced. It was like we walked right out the front door of the bank with all the cash and they held the doors open for us. However, the real estate company never called me again to take pictures. Maybe it was because flyers were scattered all over the floor. Maybe it was because the shower was soaking wet. Maybe I didn’t give a fuck.

I had a lot of time off for the next 2 weeks, so me and Dali were hard at work trying out new ways to suck and fuck each other into oblivion. Every morning I would wake up with a rock hard cock and Dali’s hungry lips all over it. Every morning, Dali would come home after her shift at the hospital and get a good hard fucking like she likes. It was the best of times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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