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Fbailey story number 287

She Came, She Cum, She Went

Samantha and I are perfect for one another. She is twenty-three years old, a college graduate, and she has been working for the same company that I have for the last year. We have been living together since that time too. It cut our living expenses in half. We are identical in so many ways that it is wonderful. We are both fanatics about neatness and cleanliness. Nothing is ever out of place and there are never any dirty dishes lying around. We don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs either. We have a great sex life too. Some may say that it is boring but we like it. Every night at nine o’clock I take a shower, brush my teeth, and put on my pajama bottoms. At nine-thirty Samantha takes a shower, brushes her teeth, and puts on the pajama top. At ten o’clock she kisses my penis, slips the head in her mouth for a moment, and then lays in the center of the bed on her back. I kiss her lips, both of her nipples, and her pussy then I get between her legs and make love to her in the missionary position. When I am done I kiss her on the lips again, tell her that I love her, and lay next to her. She then gets up and uses the toilet and then comes back in to wash me off with a warm washcloth. We do that every night for about twenty-five days and then we take about five days off for her period.

Samantha is a very efficient housekeeper too and of course I help. Dishes are done after every meal, there are never any leftovers, and we eat very healthy too. The bed is changed twice a week with the wash being done the next day. Once a week all of the floors are swept, moped, or vacuumed. We have no pets nor do we desire any. As I said we are perfect for one another although probably boring to most people.

Neither of us have any brother or sisters, not even a father. All we have for living relatives are our two mothers. Samantha has never met my mother nor have I met her mother.

One week we made a mutual decision to get married for income tax reasons along with other advantages that being married can offer. We decided that two weeks would be a good time because Samantha’s period would be over for the honeymoon and it was the off season to travel to the Caribbean. The hotel that Samantha booked also provided honeymoon couples with a bigger suite for the same money and supplied complimentary fruit basket and Champaign. I told you that Samantha was very efficient.

Besides the following weekend had already been scheduled for Samantha to go out of town on business. The frequent flyer miles would come in handy too.

That Friday I came home to an empty apartment. I had become accustomed to her trips every three months. She reviewed the quarterly reports for one of the companies side businesses. They were headquartered in Portland, Maine.

I decided to break tradition and ordered a pizza with a soda. The pizza was small, vegetarian, and the soda was caffeine free.

When the doorbell rang I had the money in my hand along with the appropriate tip. However it was not the pizza deliveryman it was an unusual looking woman. I say unusual because she was in a black evening gown and carrying her shoes. She told me that she had car trouble and that she needed to use my phone, so of course I let her in.

She called but apparently no one was there on a Friday evening. She said that she needed to get cleaned up and asked me where the bathroom was, so I told her. She asked me if I had anything strong to drink and I told her that I didn’t drink. Then I remembered a bottle of whiskey that Samantha had brought home once saying that she had won it in an office raffle. She asked me to bring her a glass and then headed to the bathroom.

Not knowing how much to serve her I just got a small juice glass, poured it about half full, and started for the bathroom.

Along the way I saw her shoes, her dress, and then her panties before I even got to the bathroom. The door was wide open and she was in the shower. I called to her and she opened up the frosted door and reached her arm out. I handed the glass to her and could see the right half of her naked body. She drank the whiskey down in one gulp and asked me to get her another one. I took the glass and she closed the shower door.

I was flabbergasted to say the least. A strange woman in my house, her clothes were thrown everywhere, and she was in my shower. To top it off she was not concerned with her nudity either.

I poured her a second drink and returned to the bathroom to find her sitting on the toilet drying her feet. There were three wet towels just thrown on the floor. She just smiled at me, grabbed some toilet paper, and then wiped her pussy before standing up and taking the glass from me. She was completely naked and she didn’t care if I was there or not.

She konak escort told me that her name was Gloria and then asked me if had anything that she could wear. I told her that after a shower my fiancé usually wore the top half of my pajamas. So Gloria followed me into my bedroom and picked out one that she liked. She put it on but she didn’t bother to attach any of the buttons letting it hang free keeping her pussy exposed to me.

Then the doorbell rang. I went out, picked up the money I had set down, and opened the door. As I took the pizza and paid him he smiled bigger than I had seen anyone smile before. I closed the door in his face and turned around to see Gloria standing there with the pajama top fully open and her hands on her hips. I knew immediately why that deliveryman had such a big smile on his face.

I took the pizza to the kitchen and put two pieces on each plate and carried them to the table. I sat my soda down and asked Gloria what she would like to drink. She just smiled and handed me her glass. I decided to fill it that time and returned to the table. As we ate Gloria somehow invited herself to spend the night. It involved her car being broken down, her dress being dirty, and her not living in my town. Oh!

After we had eaten Gloria asked me if I wanted to have sex with her, actually she asked me if I wanted to fuck her. I never quite got the chance to answer her when she opened up my fly, pulled my hard cock out, and sat on it facing me. When my mouth flew open her tongue went in it. She fucked me like an insane person. She was thrashing and cursing, she was jerking and screaming, and she was everything that Samantha wasn’t. Talk about complete opposites it was like night and day, heaven and Earth, Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.

After fucking me in the kitchen chair, I then fucked her doggy style in the living room on the floor. She gave me a blowjob right in front of the open bay window in our dinning room with all of the lights on and with both of us naked too. I was scared, I was invigorated, and I was excited beyond belief. I had been a virgin when Samantha and I first made love and I only had our once a night missionary position to base this on. It was off the charts. We went to bed still covered in cum and we slept naked.

Saturday we never left the house at all nor got dressed. We showered together, we ate from the same bowl, and we didn’t do the dishes either. Hell, her clothes never got washed either. She certainly didn’t need them.

I got my first taste of anal sex too. I say first taste because I had to lick her asshole for ten minutes before she would let me fuck it. It was dirty, it was tight, and it was fantastic. Afterwards Gloria sucked my dirty cock into her mouth and licked it clean. Right after that her tongue went into my mouth. She said that if it was good enough to fuck that it was good enough to eat. That went for her pussy too shortly afterwards. Gloria said that she never expected a man to eat her pussy when she was ragging it but that they still had to fuck it though.

Gloria and Samantha couldn’t be any different. It was good and bad with bad being so much more fun.

Sunday was just more of the same but I was starting to doubt my relationship with Samantha. She was my fiancé but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I had a taste of sexual possibilities and I now knew just how boring our sex life was.

Gloria was so exciting to be with that she made life worth living. Gloria said that she was thirty-nine years old and I told her that I was twenty-eight. Gloria said I was perfect for her because we were both in our sexual prime and that she needed a younger man to keep up with her. Keep up with her hell, I was dragging far behind but if she was insistent enough I could get it up when she needed it the most.

About seven o’clock that evening I got a call from Samantha. Her plane had landed and she would be home in an hour.

I told Gloria that she had to leave because my fiancé had landed and that I needed to get the place cleaned up. Gloria helped me change the bed, do the dishes, and get a load of clothes started. She had put her dirty dress back on and had left just minutes before Samantha was to arrive.

I had gotten dressed and was watching out the window for Samantha to arrive. I did not know how much I had missed her until I saw her smiling face. I saw her come toward the house but she didn’t come in. I waited a few seconds and then I opened up the door.

Samantha was hugging Gloria and kissing her.

When Samantha looked up and saw me standing there she said, “Honey, this is my mother. She was just sitting on our steps waiting for me. She says that she can stay with us until the wedding. How sweet is that?”

The End
She Came, She Cum, She Went

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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