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My sister-in-law was visiting Tim and I for two weeks. Jean is a truly gorgeous woman. I’ve always been in awe of her. She is one of those multitalented people who seems to do everything with verve, flair, and in her case – talent, in everything she sets her mind to. She’s an ex model who has her own modeling school. She paints beautifully, is a talented musician, and ex ball room dancing teacher. Her taste in clothes is impeccable, and she’s a wonderful cook on top of that. To top all that off, she is a wonderful person.

Tim’s an electrical engineer and got called out of town on an emergency. He was gone a week, so Jean and I talked and got to know each other very well. She’s fun to talk to, and has a terrific sense of humor. Tim and I have a very active sex life and I was getting horny with him away.

Jean walked into the den when I stretched and rubbed my neck. She asked if my neck was sore and I said it was. She told me to take a long hot bath, and then come back and she’d give me a thorough massage. Little did I know how thorough her massages are.

A half an hour later, wrapped in a fluffy towel, I returned and Jean had me lie on a quilt she’s spread on our soft den carpet. She had a bottle of oil and was clad in only her skimpy bikini panties. Her breasts were beautiful, I noticed as I lay down They are small rounded cones of flesh, and her areolas, small and pink. Her nipples stood out a little.. She removed the towel and I lay on my stomach. Her strong hands found my taut neck muscles and firmly kneaded them.

“Oh, that feels so good.” I purred. “I guess you taught massage, or have you been doing it professionally for a while?”

“No,” she laughed, her hands moving over my back. “A very good friend taught me. It comes in handy.”

“Wow, he must have been good. You have me tingling already.” Her hands were magical instruments. She didn’t dig, but stroked firmly, and the tension dissolving away.

I heard her chuckle. “Who said it was a he?” Her slick hands moved down my back to the base of my spine, to my butt. She poured more oil on her hands and brought them between my legs. I felt slightly embarrassed, for I knew that with my legs spread, my pussy was wide open. She stroked the inside of my thighs, her slippery hands feeling so good.

“God, you have a lovely ass. I bet Tim’s crazy about it.” I didn’t reply. “You have a lovely pussy too. It’s so neat. Your lips are so small and dainty. Tim must love to slip his tongue in between them. Damn, listen to me. I’m not embarrassing you, am I?” Jean said with a chuckle.

I gulped. I knew I was blushing. I could feel my pussy lubricating. Having someone look at my spread pussy always got me hot. And Tim does love to slide his tongue up into my pussy. My clit tingled, and I could feel it swell and throb. Jean’s hands moved up and down my thighs, and as she worked my muscles, her hand brushed against my pussy from time to time. I didn’t know if it was an accident or not, but I almost wished she would slip her fingers inside me. What was I thinking!

She massaged my calves and ran her knuckles up and down the soles of me feet and I moaned, it felt so good. She finished by taking each toe and pulling and rubbing it.

“OK, turn over. Time to do the flip side.” Jean said giving my ass a light slap.

I rolled over and looked up at her. She was taking in my body. She smiled down at me and moved to spread my legs.

“Wow, you’ve got all the curves in all the right places. No wonder Tim latched onto you. He always was a horny little devil.” She kneaded my thighs.

“You’re making me feel funny, the only one dressed.” I couldn’t believe I’d said that! Jean slipped her panties off in a flash and grinned as I stared at her sex. Her pussy was completely bare. Her mons was full and rounded, and at the top, a rounded circular opening, like the hole in the top of a key hole. A deep furrow dipped down, and rosy labia peeked out. They gleamed with their juices. She caught me looking at it.

“Like it? I’ve kept it bare for years. Everyone loves it. It’s so soft. You don’t get pubic hairs between your teeth!” We both laughed. She had finished my legs, and now she straddled one thigh and began to work on my stomach, and then on my rib cage. As she rocked back and forth, her spread pussy rubbed my thigh, and I felt her hot wetness on my flesh. I wondered if she knew the effect she was having on me. Then, I wondered if it was antalya escort having an effect on her.

She cupped one breast in both hands and began to work on it. It was almost as if she was milking it. She could close both hands at the base and slide them upward, squeezing firmly , yet softly. Damn, it felt good. I’d never had anyone knead them like that.

“Beautiful, so firm. I wish mine were as big. I’ve got cupcakes. Tim always was a tit man. He likes to suck and lick them, doesn’t he?” Jean suddenly bent down, and took a nipple in her mouth. She sucked it, her tongue flicking over the tip. She gave one last sharp suction on it. She pulled back , looked at my fully erect nipple and nodded. “That’s the way a nipple should look, erect and ready for action. Right?”

“Absolutely!” I couldn’t’ believe what I’d said, or the frame of mind I was in. I was being sexually excited by a woman and loving it. “You’re seducing me!” I said looking up at her.

“Well, Darlin’, if I’m not I sure am loosing my touch!” She smiled impishly.

I was shocked. Pleasantly shocked? I didn’t know! I just knew my pussy was on fire, and this beautiful, desirable woman was sitting on my thigh, totally nude, and I was enjoying it. I jumped as she reached down and slipped a finger into my pussy. What she did next boggled my mind. She took that finger and slid it into her mouth to lick my wet juices off.

She saw my questioned look. “Oh I love a hard, long, fat cock now and then, but I absolutely adore women too! That way you can have the best of both worlds. You liked that didn’t you?” She said, her voice softening.

“Yes, I loved it.” I said slowly. “I just didn’t expect it from you. I’ve thought about it, making love with another woman, but it was a fantasy. You have me so hot. You knew I was horny, didn’t you, with Tim gone and all.” I said looking into her lovely blue eyes.

Her reply was to lean forward and kiss my lips. Her kiss was so soft and sweet. I seemed to dissolve. Her soft lips opened slightly and her tongue slid over my lips. I slid my tongue out to meet hers. We rolled our tongues against each other for the longest time. Her hand stroked my breast, found the nipple and circled it.

I slid my hand down and found the hot mouth of her sex. She raised her hips slightly to allow my hand access. I cupped her swollen pussy and Jean moaned into my mouth. I slid a finger up into her tight wet pussy, and felt her muscles grip my finger. She pulled back and gently removed my finger. She fed it into my mouth and I tasted her.

I lay back sucking and licking my finger, tasting my first woman’s juices. She smiled down at me. I closed my eyes. She kissed me again, her tongue slid into my mouth. A strange new sensation flooded my body. I pictured Jean’s face buried between my thighs and her tongue, which was exploring my mouth , slipping into my core. I shivered deliciously.

Her lips left mine. Her hands stroked my breasts and neck, then my face, relaxing my facial muscles. I could feel her wet pussy against my thigh, rubbing gently against me. Jean kissed my body, moving downward, her lips and tongue touching all my sensitive spots. How knowing was her touch, her kisses, how soft, and exciting. She slid off my thigh, leaving a wet trail of her juices on it. She moved down between my thighs and spread them, caressing the sensitive flesh. She kissed the inner thigh at the juncture of the thigh and belly. I moaned as pleasure sensations ran up and down my body.

She licked and kissed all around my pussy. I raised my hips upward, wanting her lips on my intimate flesh, my pussy, my core, my being. Finally, I felt her soft breath on my open pussy. Her tongue worked up and down just on the tips of my outer lips, teasing me. When I thought I could stand it no longer, her tongue slipped inside. I cried out. God, it felt good.

Jean’s lips widened and covered my whole pussy, and her tongue began to probe my wet channel. Her tongue was so long, and moved like a snake inside me. She hit spots I didn’t know existed. Two fingers slipped up inside me and found my g-spot. Her fingers pressed and moved over it. My hips involuntarily thrust upward, my stomach muscles tightened. Pleasurable sensations flooded me. She moved her lips upward, toward my aching clit. She sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue found the tip and stroked it. I exploded.

Her hand gripped my hip as her face remained buried fethiye escort in my squirming flesh. Her fingers moved like pistons inside me rotating. I screamed out in passion, and she pressed her face harder against my scalding flesh. I don’t believe I ever had such an explosive climax in my life. She went to my core, and knew exactly how much to suck, and thrust. I didn’t think it was possible to climax for such a long time. It seemed to go on forever. Finally, gasping for breath, I pulled her up to me and kissed her. Her face gleamed with my juices. I happily licked her lovely face, tasting myself.

We cuddled for a long time, with her lying full length on top of me, her small firm breasts pressing into me, her pubic mound moving against mine. I stroked her back and reached down to cup her firm butt. She pressed her mound harder against mine. I knew she had to be on fire.

“Now it’s my turn. I’ve never made love to a woman before. But I’m a quick study.” I said grinning at her lovely face.

“It’s the easiest thing in the world. All you do it think how you like your body made love to, and do that, to your lady partner. We know our own bodies, and that’s all you need to know. I’m sure you have thoroughly explored this magnificent body of yours. Pleasure me just the way you like to be pleasured.” She chuckled. “Some men haven’t a clue! I just hope Tim had been taking very good care of this beautiful bride he has.” She whispered against my lips.

I kissed her and ran my hands over her exciting body. We rolled, and I moved beside her. I moved her on to her back and pulled back just to enjoy the view of her splendid body. Her nipples were now hard nubs. I leaned over and sucked on one. I took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, and sucked and licked it. My hand cupped and stroked her other breast. I licked the underside of her breasts and the soft skin below her armpits.

She moaned her approval. I moved slowly down her body, licking, caressing, kissing her soft woman’s flesh. It was such a contrast to a man’s hard body. Her face between my thighs and against my pussy had been so soft and smooth. Men, no matter how close they shave, seem to always be slightly abrasive as they kiss your most sensitive flesh. I returned the favor of her wonderful kisses and caresses on my body.

From time to time, I heard a soft gasp, or a softly spoken, “Yes, like that.” Or ” Yes, there. So good, Love!”

It thrilled and excited me to be able to have her respond to my kisses and caresses. My pussy throbbed and my clit swelled, as I made love to my very first woman. What had I missed, all these years? I thought back to lovely women friends who had dropped subtle hints to me that I’d turned a blind ear to. God, what I’d missed!

I came finally to her spread pussy. I stroked the flesh on each side while I just looked at her beautiful sex. The fact she had no pubic hair at all excited me for some reason. Her furrow was deep and her inner lips just peeked out, swollen and wet. I spread them gently and looked at her core, almost like a flower’s center, a rose perhaps, red. At the center a drop of dew formed, then slid down to wet her small brown anus. Another drop formed and I couldn’t resist and slid my tongue out just enough to touch it.

My tongue tip touched her center, and we both moaned. I tasted her salty juice and my pussy spasmed, almost a climax. I shivered delightfully. I flattened my tongue and started at the bottom of her pussy and licked slowly upward to the top, bringing my tongue back into my mouth to taste her juices. Salty, delicious, wonderful! More, my brain screamed.

I licked her spread pussy over, and over, and over, slipping my tongue down into her center from time to time, my lips sucking gently, rewarded with her salty nectar. I loved it, couldn’t get enough of her flesh, her juices! Her hand slipped down and began to slowly rub circles over her clit. I had been enjoying the sensation of licking and sucking her erotic pussy, I’d forgotten the woman it belonged to. I looked up at her. “You’ll have to forgive me. Your pussy is so delicious, I am having an orgy of eating down here.” I laughed.

Jean burst out laughing. “God, you go ahead and gorge yourself. I don’t remember ever having someone make love to me quite like that before. You are doing just fine. Enjoy yourself!” I couldn’t bring myself to neglect her need. I slid my tongue kaş escort into her one more time, sucked gently and was rewarded by her salty, tasty nectar. I slid one then two fingers into her core, searching for her g-spot, so neglected by most men – or so I’m told. I found the rounded pad and stroked and pressed it. Her whispered, “Yes, oh! Yes!” ,told me I was doing it right. I kept moving my fingers inside her, then using the experience she had shown me, I began to rotate my fingers inside her as I slid them up into her.

“Cross your fingers inside me, Love. Yes, like that, now rotate them as you move them in and out. Oh yes, just like that. Perfect!” She coached.

As I slid my fingers inside her, I moved my lips upward to her clit. She moved her fingers and pulled upward, sliding her pink headed clit out of it’s protective sheath. It was the size of a bean and poked out a little over a quarter of an inch. I kissed it and Jean sighed. I sucked it gently then ran my tongue over and over it. She moaned.

I sucked her clit, tongued it, and finger fucked her. The heat from her thighs and body, and her subtle perfume as well as the wonderful aroma of her excited pussy enveloped me, and set my senses on fire. I licked and tongued her to a screaming climax. I pressed my lips hard against her to keep contact with her pussy. Her hip shot upward against my mouth, and her screams of passion filled the room.

Her pussy muscles contracted around my fingers and I rotated them faster. Soft liquid sounds accompanied my thrusting efforts. I sucked her swollen clit hard and she screamed louder. I hoped the neighbors didn’t call the police. Her hips shot up again and again, but I kept my suctioning lips glued to her clit. Finally she slumped back on the bed. I pulled my fingers out of her and softly licked her core as it closed back to normal. I licked her for a while, avoiding her clit. Her juices continued to drip slowly out of her pussy. I didn’t let a drop escape my waiting tongue. I licked the soft skin of her bare pussy flesh. I might have to shave my pussy, I thought.

“Come up here, you fantastic woman.” Jean said her voice still hoarse with passion. I moved up and we kissed and held each other close. We kissed and caressed and excited each other again. This time we turned by mutual unspoken consent, and slid into a 69, one of my favorite positions. Her lovely head slid between my thighs, so soft and knowing. We made love for hours, climaxing so many times I lost count. I hadn’t climaxed that many times on my honeymoon. I reveled at how knowing she was, how she excited me as no one else ever had. She coached me gently from time to time, and I realized she was always correct. That was the way I loved to be kissed or stroked.

She stayed five more days. We made love the better part of each day, stopping only for meals and sleep. I screwed up my courage and asked her if she would shave my pussy bare. She assured me that Tim would absolutely love it.

She told me the secret of a bare pussy, was not to shave it, but to use a depilatory on it. We bought the cream and she trimmed my pussy hair close with scissors. She used a protective salve around my inner pussy area to keep from burning it. The application of that, was very stimulating. She then used the cream carefully around my pussy. It dissolved the hair below the skin line, and left the skin velvet smooth. She told me how often I needed to use it. She said Tim would be more than welcome to help me do it. I loved being totally hairless. She enjoyed it too. The sensations were worth it. I loved her licks and kisses on that part of my pussy that had been previously covered by hair. It seemed to make the area so much more sensitive.

We went to a sex boutique and bought vibrators, double dildos and a “butterfly” that presses over your clit, and is run by batteries so you can wear it anywhere and climax at will. We blew away the man at the boutique by asking each other, and him if we’d like this, how that worked, and could we use it on each other. We tried out all our new toys while continuing to use our lips, fingers and tongues.

Tim finally called and said he’d be back in two days. When I picked him up at the airport he asked if Jean was still there. I said she’d left that morning. We were driving along the expressway, which had little traffic. I unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled his thick cock free. I leaned over and slid it into my mouth, tonguing the head for a full minute, feeling it swell to full erection . I pulled back and looked over at his beaming face, with my hand still wrapped around his throbbing cock. .

“Honey, you’ll never guess what your lovely sister did to me while you were gone!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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