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Author’s note: This isn’t meant to be a stand-alone story. You really need to read the first part to know what is going on in this story. Again, reading part one is highly recommended. Enjoy!


We both sat on the couch, hastily dressed, as Mom marched back and forth in front of us. I was almost huddled into myself, with my hands trembling slightly every few seconds. I wasn’t able to process what had just happened. I felt disoriented, disconcerted, and the world I was in just a few moments ago now seemed light-years away. My mom had just caught me fucking my sister.

“I don’t believe this, I can’t believe this!” Mom said. “Over 20 years of raising two kids on my own! I thought I was doing a good job. There were literally no signs that anything was wrong!”

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Mom,” I mumbled. I didn’t want her to put this on herself.

“Then what was it?” she asked. “Are you doing drugs? What would make this seem okay?” she pleaded.

“No Mom, no drugs,” I said lightly. “I…I…” I said as I tried to find the words.

“Oh my God,” she muttered as she turned around and paced with her hands on her head.

I turned and looked at Kelly sitting right next to me to see if she was as much of a nervous wreck as I was. Kelly sat while leaning forward, with her right elbow on her knee and her chin resting into her right hand. Her eyes were droopy as she turned to look at me. She looked… bored?

“Kyle,” Mom finally said as she faced us again. “What would cause you to pursue and persuade your sister this way?” Mom said with despair clinging to her voice.

“Well, I, uh,” I started, but then realized I couldn’t find an answer for something that didn’t actually happen. I looked at Kelly, who raised her eyebrows at me, as if to say, “Really?” Now I was in a conundrum. While I was a total mess, I didn’t want to throw Kelly under the bus on this. Luckily, I wouldn’t have to after all.

“That’s not what happened, Mom,” Kelly finally piped in.

“What are you talking about?”

“I kind of bankrolled the operation,” Kelly replied.

“I beg your pardon?”

“You shouldn’t be asking Kyle that ‘pursue and persuade’ question,” Kelly said.

“What should I be asking him, then?” replied Mom.

“Not ‘What’ you are asking, but ‘Who’ you are asking it to,” Kelly told her.

The look on Mom’s face after that line could have sunk a ship. Her unusually smooth facial features had become sullen and sunken. Although Mom and I were close and had no problems with our relationship, she was at least twice as close to Kelly. To hear this must have felt like a stab in the back, something I could read off of her face even in my shaken state. Mom eventually responded by leaning down in front of Kelly, her face only inches from my sister’s face.

“Here is a more important question then. Why?” Mom asked.

“Well, Mom, I tell you all the time about how hard it is to meet guys when I go to an all-girl school. Hell, I even said I would transfer to somewhere else if I could afford it,” Kelly said.

“So that means your only option is to fuck your brother?!” Mom screamed this time.

“No! But it doesn’t change the fact that sex is great, it’s just better with another person,” Kelly rebutted. “And besides, it’s not like you’ve never done this before?”

“Fucked my brother? No, I never have!”

“What about Aunt Katie, huh? You two talk all the time about how you would fool around with each other during college,” Kelly said.

“When have I ever said that?” Mom asked.

“Just last year! You really should have gotten rid of the landlines a long time ago, Mom. Anyone can listen in on those things,” Kelly said.

I sat up as I heard Kelly spill the beans. Mom and our Aunt Katie had been intimate? This was news to me. While I viewed my Mom as a very sexual being, and have noted her attractiveness myself, I couldn’t picture her taking it so far as to become incestuous with her own sibling. Then again, I could have never imagined fucking my own sister, no matter how much I noticed how hot she was. My body suddenly stopped shaking. I was still nervous, but something in the universe just made a little more sense now. Sometimes things happen without any notice or signs.

Mom’s jaw hanged open in disbelief. Everyone was silent for what seemed like minutes. Mom turned around and put a hand to her head.

“I always knew you were a little snoop,” she muttered.

“I know you have. I read about it all the time in your diary,” Kelly said. Mom spun around and gave us the death stare again.

“This isn’t the same. First, we were usually drunk. Second, it was with a girl. Fooling around and having sex aren’t the same thing. Degree matters,” Mom told her. Kelly started getting exasperated and threw her hair back.

“No, Mom, listen to yourself! You’re trying to find a reason to be pissed because you think you should be! Things happened with you and your sister and you two are great! It’s like you-“

“Don’t tell me what I bahçelievler escort should be feeling!” Mom screamed. She turned back to me. “And you! What do you have to say for yourself?”

I was still shaken by the uncertainty. What had just been happening still was clear, at least in my mind. Did I just destroy 21 years of family bonding over this? Why didn’t I just say no to Kelly’s challenge? Had I done that, then Mom would have come home, the three of us would have been laughing while redecorating the house and having fun just like we were doing before this happened. Even if I had gone along with the game, all I had to do was push her back when she kissed me and everything would be all right. Oh wow, my sister and I saw each other naked. Okay, what’s for dinner? But with this, you don’t just move on, no matter how much my sister may believe we can.

“I’m sorry, Mom,” I said I planted my face into my hands. “I don’t know what I was thinking. It just kind of happened,” I told her.

“Well sorry isn’t going to cut it, not for this,” Mom said. She looked at Kelly, who returned her stare and finally spoke after some silence.

“Good, because you’ll notice I never said I was,” Kelly finally said. Mom turned and stared at the floor. She simply didn’t know how to process this.

“Go to your rooms, both of you,” Mom said. “I need to go outside for a while. GO!” she yelled.

We got up and walked to our rooms, which were on opposite sides of the house. Kelly looked over and glanced at me one more time before I disappeared into my room. I shut the door behind me and leaned against the wall. With my hands to my head, I contemplated how I was going to restore any essence of interpersonal family relations.

I had laid on the bed for some time, and I had drifted into a light slumber for around an hour. I awoke to the eerie silence that seemed to permeate the house. I could hear the shuffling of footsteps over the thick carpet from across the house, and became alert when it was apparent they were heading towards my room. I slowly stood up as the door was being pushed open slowly. Maybe Mom wanted a one-on-one with me about what had happened.

“Mom?” I said. But to my surprise, Kelly herself was the one who had opened the door.

“No, Mom still hasn’t come back from her walk,” Kelly said, in a quiet, low voice. I paced away from her as I contemplated what to say.

“What are we going-” I started to say as I turned back around to face her. But when I did, I was super surprised when Kelly came up to me, planted her hands on my hips, and locked her lips to mine while letting her tongue invade my mouth. I pushed her away in utter shock.

“What the hell are you doing?!” I yelled.

“Just getting a kiss, you know. There isn’t anything wrong with that,” she said, while moving in for another one. I held her back by her shoulders.

“Are you crazy? Do you realize what this means? How can we have a normal relationship with Mom ever again? And how can you act like nothing happened?” I asked, truly scared for what this meant for the family.

“For Heaven’s sake, Kyle, she’ll get over it. Didn’t you hear what I said about Aunt Katie? She and Mom were total party girls with each other when they were our age, and they are still best friends. Hell, I bet they still talk about those days like fond memories. Besides where do you think I got the whole idea?” Kelly said.

“Why me?” I asked.

“Because I like you, and you are handsome,” she said while tracing her fingers across my collarbone. “And I’m not saying we should fall in love or anything. I mean, I still want to get married and have kids someday, and that can’t be with my brother! But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little casual intimacy here and there until that happens. I’m telling you, Mom will be fine.”

“I don’t see how,” I told her. “I feel physically ill from all this.”

“Mark my word, you’ll be fine too. But what will really make you feel better is a kiss,” Kelly said as she moved in for another one on the lips. I stopped her cold.

“No, get away from me,” I said as I shoved her back, hard enough to make her take a few steps backwards. “I resent you for what you did. There is nothing left to say except I don’t want to see you, Kelly. I want nothing to do with you, got that?” I yelled at her.

Something happened when those words left my mouth. The somewhat smile on her face had completely disappeared. Her facial expression changed into something I had never seen in her before. Kelly had quite literally always been a giggly and happy school girl type who never seemed to know when to knock off the joy. Seeing her expression change into what seemed like an expression of hurt, had almost made me not recognize her anymore. I had never seen it before, so it couldn’t be Kelly. But here she stood, with a look on her face that only conveyed one feeling: heartbroken.

Kelly slowly turned back towards the door and walked away. She looked back at me one balgat escort more time with that broken look on her face. I turned away from her and planted my head against the wall. I quietly heard her footsteps as she left the room. Now all was silent.

While clenching my eyes shut, I suddenly felt a huge pang of guilt. Kelly seemed crushed for pretty much the first time in my life, and it was me that inflicted the blow. Now I just felt bad. The poor girl, I thought. She just wanted to be intimate, not for Mom to catch her in the act. Now on top of feeling sick from the shock I bestowed upon my mother, I felt like a total asshole for breaking my sister’s heart. I have to fix this, I thought.

“Kelly,” I said as I turned around to go after her. I was honest -to-God surprised when my giggling sister pushed me against the wall, pinning me to it, poking my abdomen in a ticklish manner while planting her forehead against mine and laughing the whole time.

“You are such a bad liar!” she laughed as she kept tickling me. I tried to push her hands away since I was very ticklish, but she very well knew that herself.

“Or maybe you’re such a good liar that you convinced yourself of your own lie,” she said. “Which one of us said ‘I hope this game never ends?’ Who stuck their finger in my pussy when I asked them to? Who laid me on the ping pong table so he could fuck me while touching my tits? You’re not sorry we had sex. You’re just sorry that we got caught. And I’m telling you that doesn’t fucking matter!”

Her fingers ran up my shirt and tickled my abdomen. I tried to push it away and accidently let out a little laugh as she teased me. Her forehead was still on mine as we locked eyes again. The beaming smile on her face brought back the Kelly I had known all my life.

“I’m right, and you’ll see far sooner than you realize,” she said, which followed with a peck on the lips and a caress of her fingers across my cheek. Kelly turned around and bounced out the door, letting her blue jean-encased ass brandish itself on the way out.

I stood there in utter disbelief. What was going to happen? Where do I, or we, go from here? I laid back on the bed as I kicked around what just happened. Was she wrong? I was legitimately scared of the answer, and my stomach had already twisted itself into a few more knots just thinking about it.

A few hours later, I was awakened by the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut.

“Kyle? Kelly? Could you come in here, please?” I heard Mom saying. I slowly got up and tried to prepare myself for what was to come. As I walked out, I was strengthening myself for the most awkward conversation in my life. Mom was in the middle of the living room, with a strangely calm look on her face. Kelly walked out from her room, looking like she had just woken up as well.

“Hey, Mom,” Kelly said.

“Kids, since we have all the items here to redecorate, I think we should start right now. We have a lot of work to do, and we had better start right now while my mind is to it. We are going to fix up the family home, because that is what families do, dammit,” Mom said. “We are going to fix this place up so well, it’s going to feel like we just moved. And we’re going to have so much fun doing it, or else. Got it?” she said sternly.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Kelly said while looking at me with that told-you-so smile I know all too well.

“As far as earlier today, I simply walked in while some people were naked. Don’t play strip pong again, ever! Got that? It happened, and we’re moving on. I’ll never see it again, or anything else that suggests you two are more than just a brother and sister who get along and nothing else. Ok?” Mom demanded.

“You got it,” Kelly said. I looked at them both and nodded in agreement, not sure if I was dreaming or not.

“Good. Then let’s be a family, dammit!” Mom said and she cracked her knuckles and moved to pull out the paint cans from the closet.

It was only 1PM, but in the span of eight hours, we had repainted the living room and kitchen, hanged new pictures, rearranged the furniture, fixed up the hardwood floor in front of the door, and even painted the fireplace. We wanted to make the place feel new, so we even removed the old mantle and mounted my late grandmother’s old black and white dishes to the wall for new decoration. And we had fun doing it, too. For a while, I forgot that I was ever caught naked with my sister. It seemed in Mom’s mind, she was convincing herself she never saw it, or at least that it was just naughty fun, all for the sake of having a happy, drama-free family. Jokes and banter filled the afternoon hours.

“Mom, we really should get a head start on Halloween decorations this year,” Kelly said.

“Why so early?” Mom asked.

“Because, like Jeffrey Epstein, they don’t hang themselves,” Kelly shot back.

While Mom was painting the wall, I was touching up the fireplace with a darker shade of gray. As I was working on the detail, I noticed how ankara escort many cans of paint she had pulled out of the closet. This had to amount to a hefty bill.

“The paint is great, Mom, but did don’t you think you bought too much?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about the paint,” she said. “It’s on the house.”

I applied a lot of varnish to the hardwood floor in front of the doorway, but it was hard to satisfy either Mom or Kelly. By the time it was acceptable, the smell of varnish had saturated the house.

“I hope this is good enough, because the fumes could kill somebody!” I said.

“Even if it does, it will be a beautiful finish,” Kelly said.

At the end of the day, with the house looking like a brand new place, I was completely exhausted. I had unexpectedly fallen asleep after the work was done, and woke up around 11PM. The house was quiet and dark, with no signs of Kelly or Mom. I moved to the backdoor patio and slid open the sliding glass door. I poked my head outside.

“Kelly? Mom?” I said. The only response was from crickets. I walked outside and shut the door behind me. The moon lit up the backyard with a luminous glow. Our outdoor table reflected the moon’s light onto the rest of the patio, lighting up the dart board on the stucco wall and the lounge chairs under the overhang. I looked down and could clearly see the paint stains that covered my shirt and jeans. It was a beautiful, starry night, the kind you wish you could share with someone else.

“Hey Sleepy,” I heard a familiar voice say. I turned and saw Kelly walking from around the side of the house. She had changed into a simple tank top and shorts, which was appropriate for the warm nights right now.

“Hey, what were you doing?” I asked.

“I was trying to take the quiet way in. I didn’t want to wake you,” she said softly.

“Where is Mom?” I asked.

“She couldn’t sleep, so she went out for a drive,” Kelly said.

She came closer to me, and had held her head at a slightly lower angle. It was obvious she wanted to say something, but couldn’t find a way to say it. I found myself in the same situation as well.

“So today was fun. We got a lot done,” I blurted out.

“We sure did,” Kelly said. “And Mom catching us naked didn’t change a thing. I told you so.”

I winced hard at that. Kelly had a way of being very straight-to-the-point.

“Do you really think she can just forget it ever happened?” I asked.

“She doesn’t have to,” Kelly said. “She’s convinced herself it was a stupid game of strip. It’s not a lie if you believe it, you know”. Those words cut deep into my brain. But it all made sense, actually. Mom had forced herself to remove that memory, all for the sake of having a happy, healthy family. But could I do the same thing? The moment when she caught us felt like an inflicted injury. I still felt body aches as a result of what that did to me. Someone else though, wasn’t nearly as conflicted by it.

Kelly moved towards me and took my left hand with her right. Our faces met and she moved in to kiss me. I backed away.

“What are you doing?” I said, frustrated.

“What? I told you Mom would be fine, and as long as she doesn’t see us holding hands or kissing or anything, it’ll stay fine. What is the problem?” she said.

“I can’t shake that feeling of getting caught. That physically hurt me. I wanted to kick my own ass for putting myself in that situation. I imagine this is what PTSD might feel like,” I said.

“So what do you want?” she asked.

“I want us to just be brother and sister again,” I said. “I want to go back before that happened. I think that will be best for everyone.”

Kelly looked disappointed, but I had to let her know how I felt. I turned and walked back to the door. As I unlatched it, a dart flew past my head and stuck itself to the wall of the house. I turned back to Kelly. She had several darts in her hand.

“Before you go, how about a quick game? You know, a competition between two siblings?” she said.

I let out of heavy sigh. Maybe she did want to heal things. Walking away after a disagreement wasn’t going to restore my health. A friendly game would only help the situation, right? Besides, the last I had played with her, she was complete crap at throwing darts.

“You know what? I’m down!” I said as I grabbed some of the darts from her. “So what game do you have in mind? Knockout, ’01 Darts, Chase the Dragon? Which one do you like?”

“The fuck if I know!” she shot back. “Keep it simple, silly! You throw a dart, and then I throw a dart! The one with a lower score has to…” she trailed her voice as she bit on her index finger.

Some people never change.

“You have got to be kidding me?” I exclaimed.

“You don’t think you can beat me, soldier?” she teased as she bounced up and down while laughing. Seeing her tight little body jumping in the moonlight really captured my attention. God, why did my sister have to be so hot?

“Fine!” I said. “You are going to regret this!” I told her as I stood at the line and readied my shot. Kelly stood right beside me, grinning like a hyena.

Holding the dart like I was supposed to, I honed my skills learned from years of play, lined up the shot, and threw the dart at the board. My dart landed in the twelve segment.

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