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If you’ve read “The Nude Triptych”, you will recall that I left Kath’s gorgeous house with the promise that, next time I visited her, she would let me see inside her secret room. For days I was consumed with curiosity about it and could hardly wait before going around to see her again, but I knew I’d have to wait until Roger was away for a day or so; Kath is always so thrilled when I stay overnight.

My patience was stretched almost to breaking point for nearly two weeks before Roger announced one morning as he was opening his mail that he would have to spend some time with a new customer who owned a large hotel on the North Devon coast. Free accommodation was offered him during his stay so he asked if I would like to go as well, but I reminded him of my promise to Kath and he was his usual understanding self.

I phoned Kath to let her know that I would be arriving in two days’ time and I also reminded her of her promise about the room. She laughed effusively. “Yes, I remember what I promised,” she said. “I’ll make certain that everything is on display by the time you arrive.”

On display? What did she mean? What on earth could be in that room if it was to be put on display? This fuelled my curiosity even more and the short wait until Roger’s departure seemed endless.

On the way to Kath’s house I started thinking about how good and generous she had been to me and how lonely she seemed. It was understandable living in that great big house on her own. Usually I was on the receiving end of Kath’s love, which, I have to admit, always thrilled me and it always seemed to give her enormous pleasure too. But I made up my mind that, if the opportunity presented itself during my visit, she would be on the receiving end of my love this time.

Now Kath isn’t the sort of woman who phones up and says, “Drop everything and come on over”. She’s more likely to say, “Come on over and drop everything.” In other words, when I arrive it’s usually not very long before I shed all my clothes – and usually my inhibitions as well. If my plan was going to succeed I’d have to keep my clothes on – at least for a while.

Although she’s older than I, I find Kath very sexy and seductive. With her good looks, firm body and those bedroom eyes she would make a good life model, but so far I haven’t had the courage to ask her to pose for me.

She often tells me she prefers me in next to nothing or preferably nothing at all, so all I was wearing for my visit was a pair of panties, a short blouse with bare midriff, a miniskirt and a pair of high heels. I carried my small handbag containing all the usual girlie things and my toothbrush.

As I approached the front door I undid two more buttons on my blouse displaying my cleavage in a rather obvious way which I knew would appeal to Kath. She smiled as she opened the door wearing a long dark gown almost brushing the floor. As soon as I was inside she flung both arms around me, drew me close and planted a sexy grade A1 star kiss right on my mouth. Then she put her cheek close to mine and still held me as her hands easily slid up my bare back underneath my blouse.

“Mmmmm It’s good to see you again darling,” she said in a semi-whisper. “You smell so good too. I really have missed you.”

“Missed you too,” I replied as I drew back my head and looked into her happy face, our noses almost touching.

As I placed rapid tender kisses on her mouth, her hands slid slowly around me to hold my breasts and fondle my nipples beneath my blouse. Then her hands dropped to my waist and she smiled a broad smile.

“And now, I suppose you are going to keep me to my promise about showing you my very special room.”

“Well, you did say…” I began.

“Yes, I know,” she cut in. “And I fully intend to keep my promise. But… are you ready for this? There are things in that room that you’ll never have seen before. Do you have the courage to enter?”

She said all this in a mock heroic tone which made me slightly apprehensive about what exactly I was going to see. Then she smiled to reassure me. “Come with me!” And she held out her hand.

First of all she led me to her study. She briefly entered and came out carrying the largest rusty key I have ever seen. She held it up in front of me and in her mock dramatic voice said “This is the key which will unlock all my secrets!”

She put her arm around my waist and hurried me down the corridor where we eventually reached the black door inset into the wall. I noticed that, although the door was not much larger than a normal door, it had huge black iron hinges on it.

Kath inserted the key and turned the lock. There was a loud click as it opened. Then she lifted the black latch with a clang and opened the door. As she did so the hinges squeaked and groaned like castle doors always seem to in TV dramas. It was all very scary and even with the door fully open I couldn’t see a thing. Kath took hold of my hand and swiftly pulled me inside. Then she slammed the door antalya escort shut behind us with a dreadful clang.

It was pitch black and I could see nothing. Then I heard a rustling from the far side of the room followed by a faint giggle and finally a loud hideous laugh which nearly made me jump out of my skin. I threw my arms around Kath and clung to her.

“Wh…wh…what was that?” I asked.

She answered by switching on a dim light, and a truly amazing sight met my eyes. The whole room had been turned into a dungeon. It was obvious that the stonework was painted, but in the subdued lighting it looked real.

By now I had regained my composure and took my arms from around Kath. “Oh! And I was enjoying having you clinging to me, ” she laughed. Then she flicked another switch and two powerful lights lit up the whole room.

Becoming braver with the lights on, I took a step forward and gazed all around me in wonder at the decor. “Gosh Kath. This is truly amazing. What’s in here altogether?”

“Have a look at this,” she said and took me back a step to a box just inside the door. It was filled with buttons and switches. “Remember the laugh you heard?” she said. She flicked a small switch and the laugh boomed out once more. I still jumped but not quite as much as the first time.

She pressed buttons and operated a slide to control the volume as we heard screams and groans and all manner of unearthly sounds. She even made the sound of the creaking hinges once more, even with the door shut. Another button produced music, and she flicked through a few seconds of various tracks.

I could see that all around the walls were hooks of all kinds, some fastened to ancient-looking beams. There was a wooden rack used in ancient times for stretching people, there were stocks for putting feet in and a pillory for putting someone’s head and hands through. There were several ancient- looking wooden chests with iron studs and an old cupboard with an ill-fitting door and a hinge missing. There was an assortment of blocks of wood of varying size and an amazing selection of ropes and chains draped all over the place. Some were over a wooden pony – used especially on women. I knew what that was for and I instinctively closed my legs more.

Almost in the centre of the room was a large frame with hooks all around it, bars across the middle and handles and wheels at the side. It was mounted on a wooden platform and I could just see castors underneath.

It looked like some sort of torture frame and I went towards it with something approaching awe. “What on earth is this thing Kath?” I asked.

“Ah yes. Now that’s…” She was interrupted by the ringing of a telephone some distance away. “Oh, I’m expecting a call from my financial advisor. That might be him. I’ll be as quick as I can. Meanwhile have a look around. Nothing’s locked by the way. Help yourself.”

As she turned to go out I spun around and yelled, “Oh, Kath! Please don’t shut the door will you?”

She laughed out loud. “Of course not darling. You don’t think I’d lock you in my dungeon do you? I love you far too much to do that.”

I stopped in my tracks. That was the first time that Kath had said she loved me. Deep down I suppose I knew she did, just as I loved her. But words add an extra dimension to thoughts don’t they?

Kath had told me to help myself so I decided to do just that. The large, formidable machine in the centre of the room intrigued me so I went over to have a closer look. Viewing the structure, it was obvious that it was designed to keep a person in bondage as there were wrist manacles, restraints for ankles and neck and the centre bars could be moved forwards or backwards to push on parts of the body.

I examined the levers and wheels at the sides. These were rather more complicated but I eventually found that it was possible to spin the whole frame either forwards or backwards and to hold it in any position. It was certainly versatile.

I stood on the two small foot platforms and held up my arms towards the manacles. Mmmm. A person would certainly be spread out on that contraption. Then I thought about my plans for Kath. I wondered whether I could somehow persuade her to get on this machine. It would be worth a try.

I then decided to investigate the contents ofthe chests and the cupboard. The first of the chests was quite large. There was a piece of paper taped to the domed lid with the initials FM on it. I opened it and looked inside. A series of iron rods and small metal boxes met my enquiring gaze. At first I couldn’t make out what they were. Then I moved one of the boxes. Underneath was another rod and, fixed to the end, was a flesh coloured vibrator. My mind worked overtime. I had another quick look at the paper on the lid: “FM”. Of course! This was a chest full of fucking machines. Wow!! So that was how Kath spent some of her time. Again my mind boggled. I use a vibrator regularly but never one fixed to a machine. I fethiye escort wondered whether Kath would let me try one. But then I thought, no machine could ever be as good as Roger.

A smaller chest close by held an assortment of vibrators, dildos – single and double – and some padlocks with keys in them.

The ancient-looking cupboard was next. I tugged open the door and revealed an assortment of costumes in silk, leather, hessian and various other materials, all hanging on a rod. A shelf above held several helmets in varying designs.

I moved some of the hangings and there, in the corner, partly hidden was an old cavalry sword. I took it out. It was fairly heavy but I managed to swish it about above my head. I ran my finger carefully along the blade. It was blunt. I swung the blade onto the palm of my hand. It was very blunt. I don’t think that sword would have cut red hot butter.

The metal had a subdued sheen and I ran the blade up and down inside my closed hand. Mmmmm! It was quite a nice sensation!

I suddenly remembered the sword dancing I did as part of a drama course in art college, and a plot began to emerge in my mind. I sat down on one of the chests and my imagination engaged top gear as I planned what I would do with Kath when she returned.

If I could find some suitable music the effect would be even greater. I quickly went over to the box near the door. I ran my eye down the music menu. Yes! Ravel’s Bolero. Just the thing! An enormous climax at the end. If I perfomed to the music, I’d know exactly when it was coming. Kath would come too. Yes, she’d have the best orgasm she’d ever known.

I heard her steps echoing in the passageway outside. I just sauntered over to the large machine in the centre. Somehow I had to get Kath tied to it so she couldn’t move.

She entered smiling broadly. “Well, Mel. What do you think of my dungeon and all its accessories?”

“Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating! It must have taken a while to assemble this lot.”

“Not really. A few hours browsing the internet and I had ordered most of it, including the paint for the stonework. That arrived with a little book of instructions. I did the painting myself. Do you like my handiwork?”

“Very much,” I replied. “I was thinking just how realistic it all looks.”

I stepped up casually onto the platform of the large machine. “What’s this thing for?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s a rather complicated bondage machine. You can tie someone to it and then get their body in any position you wish: upright, upside down, flat on their back or on their front.”

She moved to the side of the machine and demonstrated how the levers and wheels worked to move the central frame. She also demonstrated that the foot rests could be moved closer together or further apart.

I made my first move. “How would a person be positioned on it?” I asked innocently.

Kath pulled up her robe and stepped onto the foot rests. “Those metal bands would be clamped around their ankles so they were kept inside the frame.”

I knelt down to look. “Oh, yes. I see. They fit around like this.” I snapped both bands around her ankles.

“That’s it.” She pulled up her robe again to let me see. “Just a minute. Let me take this thing off so you can see better.”

She took off her dark robe and underneath the only thing she was wearing was a pink, halter-neck, side-tie bikini. Perfect! I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

“I was doing a spot of sunbathing in the garden just before you came so I put the robe on just to cover me,” Kath explained.

She spread her hands out sideways. “These manacles are for the wrists,” she said. I instantly snapped them around her wrists. I had her exactly where I wanted her. Now she was unable to move out of the frame until I released her.

I stepped back to the end of the platform and stood looking at her, smiling, with my arms akimbo. “D’you know, Kath, you look unbelievably sexy fastened there in that tiny bikini.”

She returned my smile as she said, almost shyly, “Flatterer! You’re being very generous.”

I walked slowly towards her as my smile disappeared. “Oh no! I’m not flattering you, darling. I really mean it.” I slipped my arms around her and our bodies touched. “I just love your figure and your silky smooth skin. That pink bikini really shows it off.” I stood on the wide beam near my feet and ran my fingers lightly up and down her bare back. I kissed her, my tongue briefly penetrating her lips; just enough to tantalise her.

“Oh Mel!” she muttered softly. I could see her taught arms muscles pulling at her retsraints, but of course she couldn’t move.

My hands wandered up her back to her neck seeking the ends of the cord tied in a bow. I pulled it and the cord dropped down. I found the end of the cord at her back and pulled that too. Her bikini top dropped onto the platform floor. I flicked it off with my foot.

I kissed her kaş escort breast in ever diminishing circles as I held the other in my hand and pressed her nipple between my fingers. My searching lips eventually found her nipple and I sucked it into my mouth where it grew hard and erect.

Then I lowered my hands down to her waist and flicked my fingers down over her hips and up again to her waist. I took hold of the ends of both cords and pulled the bows undone. A quick flick to the side and Kath was naked, in bondage, right before me.

My hands wandered all over her smooth skin and when my hand curved between her legs, I noticed she was shaved. Oooooh! I liked that. It invited attention from my mouth. As I knelt down in front of her I noticed that she was considerably aroused with open lips moist with juice. I nibbled her erect clitoris and she moaned even louder. Her thigh muscles tensed as she tried to stand on her toes. Her body language and her murmurings told me she was enjoying herself. But I’d only just started.

I stood up again and nibbled her ear lobes. “Do you like honey, my love?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I want us to have a really sweet time together,” I murmured close in her ear. Kath told me where to find the honey and I ran up to the kitchen. I swiftly took out a small saucer and the jar of honey and poured out a pool onto the saucer. I hurried back to the dungeon.

I placed the saucer on the beam which ran the width of the machine in front of the frame, and went over to the door. I chose the music and pressed the play button. The quiet strains of Ravel’s Bolero filled the room. I turned down the volume; I knew what was to follow.

I slowly started to do my sword dance swinging it around my head and performing cutting movements to both sides. Then I advanced towards the naked and helpless Kath and in a threatening manner lunged with the sword towards her. A series of little steps on my toes took me close enough to stroke her body with the blade. I started at her ankle and described little circles around her ankle bone. Slowly I brought up the tip of the blade inside her tensed calf muscles. When I reached her knee I made little circles before continuing up the inside of her thigh until the blade rested on the base of her vagina. I turned the blade upright and slid the tip up and down between her open lips.

Kath was turning redder by the second and her mouth was open gasping in air as she groaned with pleasure. With the music getting slightly louder I wanted to heighten her arousal so I dipped the tip of the sword blade in the saucer of honey and advanced towards Kath. Slowly I placed the tip of the sword on her nipples and worked the sticky honey all around them. In response, Kath let out a long Aaaaaah!

I put down the sword, stepped on the beam in front of her, and threw both arms around her as I took each nipple into my mouth with considerable fervour and sucked the honey, finishing off the last morsels by licking them with my tongue. I could clearly feel Kath’s responsive body tensing with pleasure.

Leaving the sword where it was I moved back to the end of the platform and gyrated my body with sexy movements I knew Kath loved. Then I slowly undid the buttons of my blouse leaving it open so that she could see I had no bra on underneath. I turned with my back towards her and slowly slid the blouse off my shoulders and down my back. I was doing a straight striptease and wanted to seduce her, so I looked over my shoulder at her and winked.

I held the blouse over my breasts as I turned around, slipped my curling tongue out through the corner of my mouth and then, with a sudden movement I flung my blouse aside onto the floor. “Oooooooh! Mel! I want you!” Kath’s shout echoed around the bare walls.

I took one step towards her and undid the zip of my mini-skirt. With the waistband loose, I spun it around my waist first one way then the other in a tantalising fashion. I then just let go and it fell around my ankles. A flick with a shoe and it joined my blouse.

Approaching within inches of Kath’s naked body I gyrated and swung my hard-nippled breasts from side to side as the music grew more intense. Her eyes were focused greedily on my nipples which I knew she was straining to get at. Her mouth was open and she kept licking her lips.

I turned my back on her again and stepped away as I lowered my lace-edged panties. I pushed them down over my butt and then pulled them up again as I turned around. I spread my legs as wide as possible and ran my hand down inside my panties and between my vagina lips which were, by now, soaking wet.

With one swift move I took down my panties and threw them on the floor, followed seconds later by my shoes. I was totally naked and aroused with Kath way ahead of me.

I took up the sword again and continued to dance, this time naked, flinging the sword in all directions and above my head.

Then, as the music reached a new surge I dipped the tip of the blade into the honey once more and, as I danced close to Kath I smeared the sweetness all over my nipples and worked it around in circles. I could see Kath’s reddening face beginning to sweat and the veins on her forehad were standing out.

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