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This book is a work of fiction. References to Melissa Ethridge, Linda Wallem, Erica Jackson, Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are purely a product of the imagination of the author. Such references to or statements and actions made by these characters should not be considered real references, actual conversations, or behaviors held by the real Melissa Ethridge, Linda Wallem, Erica Jackson, Portia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres.


CHAPTER 1: The Introduction

Today started just like any other day in my very normal life. I woke up, made my bed, showered, dressed, made breakfast and drove to work. The only difference is I was very amorous.

I have no idea why, but being a good Catholic girl, I repressed my natural urges to concentrate on work. When I got to the shop the door was locked. I found this unusual since the Amy is always here before me. Looking into the shop, I saw Amy. She was wearing some sweats, sneakers and a sweat stained tee shirt, which was also unusual.

I knocked on the window. Amy saw me and came to let me in.

“Hi Steph, sorry I got a late start today. Had a late night and one too many Red Wines.” She planned to go to one of the clubs in the city last night.

“That’s okay Amy.” I said.

Then Amy asked, “Steph, can you count the drawer? It’s in the back. I just want to take a quick shower. Don’t open up until I’m ready, okay?”

I replied, “Okay Amy.”

Amy had a shower in the back room of the store. She usually used it if she was going out for the evening after work, after she counted the till and worked on the books for the day. We both went into the back room. Amy went to the safe, bent over to unlock it. I couldn’t help but notice the shapely booty in front of me. It was shaped like a perfect heart.

She got the drawer out and handed it to me. I put the drawer on the table.

“So where did you go last night?” I asked.

Amy said, “Sheila wasn’t in the mood to go into the city last night so we ended up at the McMullan’s. It was dead there, so we went to my place and had a girls night. Erica came over. We drank wine and talked until the wee hours.”

Sheila was Amy’s wife. Sheila is drop dead gorgeous. Amy is too. Erica is Amy’s best friend and lives next door to Amy. Apparently Amy and Sheila are gay, but Erica has a boyfriend, but is open for anything. The three girls together are a sight to see. McMullan’s is an Irish Pub on the west side of town. These women are way too dangerous for me to hang out with. Amy closed the door to the outer shop and pulled off her tee shirt. Amy is Italian-American with long dark hair with 36C natural breasts. I’ve only seen her in a bra before. She wore a sports bra today and pulled that up over her head too. She then walked into the bathroom. Not closing the door, facing me she bent over and removed her sneakers. This gave me a full view of her amazing breasts. I guess it was my state of mind today, I started to become aroused.

Now I’m not gay, nor have I ever been attracted to women, as a matter of fact, being Catholic I’ve been taught two women being together are not natural, but, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of this beautiful woman undressing in my view. As she removed her socks her body turned away from me. She dropped her sweats to the floor. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing panties. I briefly turned away wanting to give her privacy.

I am, by nature, a very private person. I usually look away when anyone is disrobing. I never liked the girl’s shower/locker room in high school or at the gym. This is because I am rather flat chested. I’m a 32 almost a-cup. In my 30 years I’ve never been drawn to looking at another woman undressing.

I noted before that Amy had a heart shaped ass. Well nude it was the perfect shape. When she bent to remove the sweat pants from her feet, I noticed the perfect ass it really is. She has a heart shape bottom that, when she bends over, reveal parted cheeks with a perfect view of her anus and her vagina, much like my own.

As she stepped into the shower, I realized I needed to count the drawer, which I did. When I finished I put on a pot of coffee and sat down. My mind kept flashing back to Amy’s naked body. My hand subconsciously moved between my legs to start to stimulate my clitoris through my skirt.

Today I was wearing a mid-thigh length lite weight navy blue skirt, powder blue blouse, bra and panties. I always wear a bra with foam formed cups, to give me at least the appearance of breasts, and panties. Today my nipples were hard, and luckily were not visible due to the bras I

wear. This relieved me because I have long nipples which can be embarrassing in a tee shirt. No tits and long nipples, what a freak huh? I also realized that my panties were moistening as I rubbed. I knew this would become an odor issue as the day progressed, so hike up the skirt and started to remove them.

At that moment I hear Amy call out, “Steph antalya escort the coffee smells good. Can you be a doll and grab me the large towel in my bag, I forgot to bring it in with me.”

I said, “Sure.” I finished removing my panties; got a plastic bag to put them in, put them in my purse. The towel was right on top of bag. I grabbed it and handed it in through the door. “Here ya go Amy.”

Amy said, “Steph can you bring it in? I don’t want to dry outside of the shower.”

I understood because I dry inside the shower myself. The shower had glass doors that were steamed over. I could see Amy’s silhouette. She slid the door open and now I had a full frontal view of this woman. God she was beautiful naked. What surprised me is she had pubic hair but it was beautifully trimmed.

She said, “Thanks love.” I must have looked uncomfortable because she said, “Awe Steph, I’m sorry, did I embarrass you? I noticed you looking at my ass before. I thought you’d like a better look.”

Something came over me. “You saw that huh? Well, this is embarrassing. Here’s what happened, I woke up extremely aroused this morning. I have no idea why and I couldn’t shake it. Then when I saw your beautiful ass, it got worse. When you called me to bring you the towel, I had just removed my moist panties.”

She was toweling off as I spoke, every time she cross her breast with the towel her nipples hardened, along with mine.

“Yeah,” she said, “I have had days like that. The only way to get rid of it is to have a big ass orgasm.”

Her legs were opened wide and I could see the folds of her labia, this aroused me all the more. “But you will have to wait until after work. So you’ve gone commando? Show me. ”

I blushed. I never purposefully showed my pussy to anyone, but my gynecologist, on purpose.

“Awe, come on…” Amy said, “…you saw mine.” She was still naked and spread her legs wide as she dried inside her thighs.

“Okay” I said. I Stood up and slowly pulled up my skirt. When I get very aroused, my clitoris becomes enlarged and looks like a little penis.

As the material of my skirt rose above my hips, I heard Amy gasp, “Oh my…”

CHAPTER 2: The Hook

I smiled nervously, dropped my skirt and left the bathroom, closing the door behind me. When Amy came out if the bathroom she was dressed in a business suit. Her hair pulled back in a ponytail. I handed her a cup of coffee. She asked if the till was okay. I told her yes and we opened.

The day was slow. Amy was provocative all day. At lunch time she told me to lock the front door and we could enjoy a quite lunch together. When we got into the back Amy removed her jacket and excused herself to use the restroom. When she came back into the room, it was apparent she removed her bra and unbuttoned about three buttons. This provided me with a cleavage view and as she moved I could see one breast or the other. We talked about our plans for the afternoon. As we sat in the back eating our salads, I felt her bare foot between my legs. Still feeling frisky scooted down and I opened my legs as wide as I could. Her big toe entered me, which took me by surprise. I was wet and she slid in easily. I was sliding down in my chair so far I had the reposition myself and her toe slid out. She moved the table to the side and raised her foot to my mouth and said “Suck it”

I took the big toe into my mouth, smelling myself on her. As she raised her foot to my mouth, I realized that she also had no panties on.

“You’ve never been with a woman have you?” She asked.

“No…” I responded, “…and I’m not sure I want to be. I never thought about it until today.”

“Ok…”she said, I was just trying to help you out with the problem you’re having today. Let’s get back to work.”

Amy did not put the bra or her jacket back on, although she did button two of the buttons. Her dark areolas were very visible through her blouse. Part of the work was restocking some of the shelves with supplies located on upper shelves. We had a routine where one section she would go up the ladder and the other section I would go up. Each time I went up the ladder her hand slid up my leg. A few times, her fingers brushed my anus and one time her forefinger slid deep inside my vagina. God it felt so good. I felt like I was about to explode. I said “Oh God…okay…do me!”

Amy put the ‘Closed’ sign up, locked the door and we went into the back. Amy stared unbuttoning my blouse. This made me nervous and I told her, “You might as well know, I’m flat like a boy.”

“Let’s take a look.” she said. She unbuttoned my blouse, kissing each part of newly exposed skin. She slowly unbuttoned the cuffs of my blouse sliding each arm down and off. My bra unclasped in the front.

She exposed my breasts and said, “Hun, what you lack in breast meat, you make up in nipple.”

Her tongue encircled my left acerola and her lips fethiye escort closed around my nipple and the tip of her tongue flicked the tip of my nipple. I moaned loudly. She spent a few minutes on each breast and slowly moved down my trunk.

When she got to my belly button her tongue circled it slowly. As she moved into my naval I got a tingling in my own tongue. For some reason this increased my arousal even more. Amy unclasped my skirt and dropped it to the floor. I was now completely naked. While she started kissing my vulva, I felt a finger slowly enter me. I was so lubricated by my own juices, she easily slipped in. Amy stated licking my very large clitoris, taking it into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. Meanwhile her fingers weren’t sliding deep into me, they were concentrating at the vaginal opening where the nerve endings are most active. This was very, very arousing. Together with her clitoral stimulation caused me to have the biggest orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

As I was recovering Amy disrobed completely. She went over to her gym bag and removed what looked like a big dildo at first. Then I saw the strap. “God she gonna fuck Me.” I thought to myself. She asked me to bend over the couch. As I positioned myself, she finished putting the strap-on on. She then approached me from behind and I felt her enter me. She started slowly, making sure I was comfortable, and then pumped harder and faster. My hand instinctively moved to my clit. As I touched my clit I had another orgasm. Amy removed the dildo from my vagina and I felt something cold on my anus. The sphincter muscle contracted, it was lubricant and Amy told me to relax. Amy put one finger is my ass. Oh my god, never in my life did I ever imaging having sex with a woman and that woman giving me two orgasms. But

now to have anal sex too, I never had anal sex in my life. I always thought of the anus as an exit only hole.

However, this felt really good. I felt two fingers in, then three. Finally, she withdrew and replaced her fingers with the dildo. God I’m having anal sex with my boss in her shop, what a weird work day. Amy slowly moved in and out. It didn’t felt too bad, I was enjoying it. Amy reached around me and started messaging my right nipple. As good as this felt, it wasn’t doing it for me. Amy realized it and completely pulled out. I collapsed on the couch. Amy came to sit next to me and stated kissing my neck and shoulders.

“Thanks Amy, I really needed that. I didn’t know you were giving me a bonus today.” I said.

Amy laughed, “I’m glad I could help Steph. You know that you owe me and I will collect.”

“You will huh? Well I do owe you, so whatever you need.” There wasn’t any use arguing with her, she’s very dominant. I’m a push over. God, what a day this was. I never had two orgasms back to back.

Amy started getting dressed. I asked her, “Amy can I use you shower too clean up?”

“Yeah, let me pee first.” After a few minutes she came out and said, “Okay Hun, all yours.”

Still nude I walked directly into the shower and turned on the water. I step into the stream. After a few minutes, I felt someone behind me, it was a woman, and I could feel her breasts against my back.

“Amy you want me again?” No response. Her arms wrapped around me and started messaging my breasts and kneading my nipples gently. I felt a blind fold slip over my head and a few minutes later from beneath me I felt someone between my feet.

“Squat down.” I heard Amy’s voice behind me near the shower door. Surprised that it wasn’t Amy below me I pulled off the blind fold and looked down. Between my feet was Sheila. Sheila is a Redhead. I would say her measurements are 38D-28-36. She has junk in her trunk. I obeyed and squat down. My bottom opened up to this woman that I really don’t know. As I approached her head, she stuck out her long tongue and into me it went. She was very

talented with control of her tongue muscles. Sheila occasionally pulled her tongue out of my pussy and ran it up the midline of my opened pussy to my clitoris, flicking it. This jolted me with pleasure. Amy, who was by the door to the shower, had disrobed and joined us, she started kissing me passionately.

“Pee on me.” Sheila said. This was incredulous. One of the hottest women in the city was nude beneath me, asking me to urinate on her.

“What?” I asked. I looked up at Amy. My face must have shown my surprise. Amy started laughing,

“Don’t worry dear she likes it. Getting a golden shower gets her off. If you haven’t noticed, while she is eating you she has been masturbating. Also, she is about to cum, something you have to see to believe.”

These women are crazy, but when in Rome. I took a few steps back as not to pee on her face. For the first time I got to fully see her breasts, they were implants but magnificent. I let the urine flow all over them. God it felt strange and good at the same time.

Sheila started to mount for kaş escort orgasm. Amy pulled me into a position to watch her. Sheila was writhing in ecstasy and about to orgasm. Amy had moved down to her between her legs. Just as she got there Sheila had a squirting orgasm and I mean a massive orgasm. Not only that, she’s a screamer. I was waiting for the police to start knocking on the windows. Amy got the entire stream in her face. She was soaked. Shelia pulled me down to her and started sucking on my nipples. Her hand rode up my leg to my pussy. My clit remained huge. Her thumb started rubbing it. Amy was enjoying herself between Sheila’s legs. She really needed to shower off because she had Sheila’s cum in her hair.

I felt myself getting ready to climax again when Sheila slapped my ass and said, “Amy tells me that she made you orgasm 2 times today, so I’m not going to let you climax again. Amy and I will help you shower off, dry you up, get you dressed and send you home. Do you have plans for dinner Saturday night?”

I said, “No I don’t.”

“Well you do now. Come over to our place for dinner. We will have Erica join us. Erica will pick you up at 7pm. Wear jeans, a tube top, slip off shoes and go commando.

The girls washed and dried me toughly, including my hair. I never experienced that before either. While I was dressing, Sheila was washing Amy’s hair. I got dressed and wrote my address down on a piece of paper for Erica, Just in case Amy didn’t have it already.

I stuck my head in the door, “Okay girls I’m off, I left my address on the table for Erica. See you tomorrow night.”

“What no kiss?” Amy asked. She was toweling off. Where she had gotten all of these towels from, when she asked me to bring her one earlier, was a question I pondered. Both she and Sheila Stepped out and kissed me passionately. I didn’t want to go but I did.

Wow. What a day. On the drive home I found myself aroused again thinking not only about Amy, but Sheila as well. I always thought Redheads were sexy but this girl was gorgeous as well. I unconsciously pushed my skirt into my crotch and started rubbing myself again. At a stoplight I hiked up my skirt in order to reach my clitoris unobstructed. I didn’t realize how far up I hiked up the skirt, but when I looked down a few lights later; it was above my hips, so I had been driving bottomless for a few blocks. I immediately pulled it down. Wow, confession is gonna be interesting and embarrassing next time.

The rest of the night was uneventful, I was exhausted. There was no reason to take a shower tonight. I started stripping off my clothing in the hallway outside my apartment door. I had my blouse off by the time I put the key in the door. Unsnapped my bra as I was opening the door dropped my skirt to the floor before I closed the door. I dropped my clothes on the floor at the door, walk to my bedroom and fell on my bed.

CHAPTER 3: The Awakening

When I woke up I was satisfied. But I remembered I needed to go shopping. I needed a tube top. I might as well buy new jeans too. I called Lori to ask her if she would go with me. Shopping and Lori were a safe bet. Lori is my oldest friend. I know her since grammar school. She’s the only one until yesterday that has seen me fully nude and I have seen her nude too.

I jumped in the shower and got ready. I put on a short skirt, a bra and tee shirt and clogs. I was feeling a bit brave so I went sans panties. I was meeting Lori breakfast at the McDonalds on Paradise Road which is a block away. I ordered a big breakfast. For some reason I was starving. I regaled Lori with the events of the previous day.

“What was it like?” she asked.

I replied, “What was what like?”

“Being with a woman, was it weird?” Lori responded.

“Amy had me so turned on I didn’t care. After a while I was beginning to enjoy it.” I said.

“So what do you think they have in store for you tonight?” Lori asked.

“Dinner” I said.

“Oh Steph you’re so clueless. They’re gonna jump your bones again. A tube top? Jeans – no panties? Come on!” Lori admonished.

“We will see.” I said. Normally I just take people at their word. But these women together are trouble. “Let’s go.” I said.

We went over to the Grand Shoppes on the Strip. Our first stop was a new high end Silk and Cashmere shop. I found a few tube tops and a few pair of jeans. Lori picked out a few things and we went towards the fitting rooms. When we went shopping, Lori and I always shared one changing room. We gave each other feedback about how the clothes looked. When we got into the changing room Lori put her items down and sat down, I always went first. I stripped down.

When I dropped my skirt Lori said, “Oh My God! Where are your panties? Have you lost your mind? In that skirt?”

“I felt adventurous.” I said.

“Adventurous? Really? Is that what you’re calling it? Those women are making you a perv.” she said with a smile. “Try on that black silk top.”

The top she was referring to was a Pure Silk Knit Bandeau Tube Top. I never liked tube tops partly because I’m flat and partly because the spandex annoyed my nipples. But this one was 95% silk, 5% spandex. Once I tried it on I knew I was buying it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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