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*This is my first submission and was written as a fantasy piece for a girlfriend, not for open viewing. I edited it a little bit since then, hoping it still holds up. Hope you enjoy.*


Anna sat alone in her motel room, sitting on the large bed and skipping through channels. She wanted to get away from everything when she checked into her, yet now she wished she could enjoy it with someone else. Haley came to mind and she wondered what her lover was doing tonight. This was not her first trip to this hotel, since she had moved to the city. The trips had become more frequent in recent months, often for the privacy of the place. She decided to shed her boredom by soaking in a warm bath. There was nothing more relaxing to Anna than the feel of warm water on her bare skin. She could not help from letting her fingers slip between her legs as she was washing herself. It had been a while since she had touched herself and had almost forgotten how good it could. A picture of a handsome stranger passed through her mind as she slipped away.

The lonely redhead was deep in her sexual thoughts when there was a knock at the door. She had not been expecting anyone and could not imagine anyone knowing where she was. Anna removed herself from the bath and dried her body lightly. A silk robe was hanging on the door as she had planned to take a bath from the beginning. She draped over her still moist body, feeling her unresolved stirring in her pussy. A look through the peephole showed a young attendant from the hotel. She could see the cart in front of him, even though she had not ordered any room service. Slightly annoyed from the interruption, she opened the door to greet with a distant hello.

The young man was attractive with a buzzed haircut and neatly trimmed goatee. He was in his mid-20’s and carried himself well. He greeted her with a big smile and spoke politely. “Miss Jackson, I have a delivery compliments of the hotel.”

Anna was a bit surprised by the gift and stammered as she spoke. “Oh, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t expecting anything. Why are they bringing me up anything?”

“We usually give small amenities to our frequent guests.” The room service attendant opened the tray to reveal a bowl of fresh strawberries with a side dish of whipped cream and another of melted chocolate. There was a bottle of champagne and two glasses, which sadly reminded her of being alone. The young man, whose name tag revealed him as Jacob, noticed her sudden canlı bahis change. “Is something wrong, Miss Jackson?”

Anna smiled sweetly and shook her head. “No, it is nothing really and please call me Anna. I am hardly old enough to be a Miss. My mind is just all over the place. I had just gotten from my bath to answer the door and I suppose my mind is still back there.” She hadn’t realized the implications of her words, such as there being nothing under her robe.

Jacob gave her a soft, reassuring smile as he placed the tray inside her room. He absently looked her over as he did so, noticing how the silk robe clung to her damp skin. He noticed her shapely curves and pictured briefly just how she might look naked before him. It was not the first time he had checked out a woman in her room or fantasized about a guest. He found it easy to look over them as they barely noticed him, but Anna was quite aware of what he was doing.

She found herself blushing slightly as she caught him looking. A bright smile crossed her lips as their eyes met. He knew that he had been caught and started to stumble over his words. “I’m so sorry, Mi…Anna. I didn’t mean to offend you, but I couldn’t help it. I mean, ummm, I mean I didn’t even realize I was doing it.” He lowered his head sheepishly as he made his way to the door.

Anna was about to let him leave when she found herself touching his arm gingerly. “It is quite alright. I am not offended by it and actually, truth be told, quite flattered. It has been some time since someone looked at me that way.” She giggled softly when she thought about how she must sound. The words had trailed off of her like a train jumping the tracks. “Well it is kinda nice at least.”

Jacob started to speak, but closed his mouth slowly. He looked away towards the door and spoke meekly. “I suppose I should go, since my shift is almost over. This was all I had left to do tonight. It was nice meeting you, Miss..I mean Anna.” He smiled sweetly at her as she shifted a bit. She bit her lip lightly and pondered asking him something else.

The young redhead never noticed that her constant shifting and moving had caused her robe to open slightly. It opened a little more each time, until it barely covered her ample breasts and showed the first hints of her reddish pubic hair. She turned to the side quickly, which offered a full view of her left breast to the attendant. He stared at the soft skin of her breast and her hard nipple, bahis siteleri no longer able to control his eyes to look away. They drifted down her flat belly, until they discovered the red curls of her forbidden garden. The young server couldn’t stop the images of her naked body dancing before him, hoping she wouldn’t catch once again.

Anna was slower to notice this time and blushed deeply as she realized that he was seeing her exposed, yet still excited by his reaction to her. Small hands reached for the robe to draw it close, but the stronger, larger hands of her admirer stopped them. He locked his eyes onto hers and pulled her hands away slowly. She did little to resist, staring deeply as if in a trance. He pulled her hands apart as the final knot of the robe gave way. Jacob grabbed the sides of the cotton garment, opening it to his full view and pulling it slightly off her shoulders. The milky white skin shined under the light of hotel room, while her cheeks grew redder.

Anna tried to speak, but her mouth only opened to silence as this young man took her in completely. Any words she might have had were drowned out by the sound of his tender voice. “You are so beautiful, Anna. I cannot help myself anymore. I want to touch you so much that it hurts me. Please, may I touch you?” She was unable to answer in words, but burning in her eyes and soft nod of her head gave him all the encouragement he needed.

Jacob jerked the robe off of her naked, moist skin as he led her by the hand to the luxury bed. He lowered her down onto the quilted cover of the bed as his hands ran over her skin gently. He touched her belly down to her inner thighs, before running them back up to her breasts. She arched her back slightly as his loving hands grabbed her amble mounds and drew a sharp breath as his fingers rolled her nipples to hard points. He lowered his head to place a butterfly kiss upon her hip as his hands worked up above. The young man could feel the heat rising from her wet pussy as he kept placing kisses across her waist. She begged him for more under raspy whispers filled with passion. He trailed his kisses down her crotch and through her neatly trimmed patch of red curls, until he reached the spot of her heat.

Jacob dipped his tongue into her wet folds and drug it up to her clit, licking it quickly before making his way down again. He presses his tongue inside her warm passage, teasing the folds as he explores her. The excited redhead bahis şirketleri bit her lip hard as her hips rushed up to meet his touch. A cascade of emotions and thoughts flooded her mind for a brief second, before they were washed away by her lust. She was unable to think straight from the tongue exploring her lower lips and the occasional sucking on her clit that drove her wild. Waves of desire crashed over her as heat rises inside of her as she grips the covers up into a ball in her fist. She knows what is coming soon and tries to quiet herself to no avail. She moans deeply, probably waking the entire floor, as her juices begin to flow from her pussy.

Anna stares down at him with hungry, lustful eyes as her pussy continues to leak her sticky cream. She speaks in a deep voice, unlike her normal meek tones. “Take me now. Fuck me hard, before I explode. Please, I need your cock in me.” The young man grinned and quickly shed his uniform to the floor. Thoughts flashed through him of getting fired or caught, but none were strong enough to stop him from taking the young slut in need. He removed his black tuxedo pants to reveal his hard cock to her. It stood rigid and commanding in front of her, knowing what it was going to do. She spasmed and gasped lightly at the sight of his lovely cock.

Jacob climbed over and positioned himself between her legs. He could see the hot juices that completely soaked the comforter as lowered himself to her. The hard cock pressed against the dripping pussy, inviting him inside. The powerful employee looked deep into her passionate eyes as he pinned down her wrists, before thrusting his cock into her waiting vagina. The strong hips began to move fast, crashing into her with a powerful force. She moaned and gasped with each dominant thrust. Their passion was rough and reckless as their bodies called out for each other.

Anna felt the familiar shivers of her passion down her spine as her trembling pussy gripped his raging cock like a starving dog to a bone. The added sensation of her orgasm on his member was enough to send him over the edge. He quickly pulled his cock from her, catching it before the first spurt of his release. The cock shot its first load onto her belly and drizzled her quivering pussy. The second shot leapt over her lithe body, covering her tits and lower half in a trail of cum. A few more shots of cum added more to the trail as it sputtered the last bit upon the matted patch of red hair, soaked from both their juices. Neither was able to speak as they panted for breath and gazed at each other. Anna finally grinned wickedly and spoke in a mischievous voice.

“I can’t wait to see what you bring up in the morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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