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My Turn Now – my ending to Goldeniangel’s story Secret Anal Sex. My thanks to her for generously granting me permission to write a sequel for her story.

Goldeniangel’s own ending of the story seemed incomplete to me. The category was anal, but the story was outright rape. What a wonderful way to treat your girlfriend. Drug her and rape her virgin ass, roughly. I really didn’t like this guy, and I guess that was the author’s intention.

He raped her ass. What’s that they say about payback in kind?

I like finishing stories. I guess I’m a little weird. Sometimes they are stories that have been abandoned. In cases like this, it’s a story where the author has written an unsatisfying ending. At least for me.

When offered the opportunity, I’ll give you my idea of an ending. Fair warning though, I don’t write about total wimps. Male or Female. May not be BTB, all nuclear and shit, but no voluntary cucks, or whiny simpering wimps (at least not as protagonists). No stupid women, and assholes get their due.

Some of you won’t like my endings. That’s fair enough. I’m happy to hear your reasons. This is only one author’s idea of a fitting resolution. You’re welcome to try your hand at writing your own. I hope you enjoy this one.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Lauren woke, disoriented and in agony. Her head felt fuzzy, unclear. Her ass burned like the sun. She staggered out of her bed, and made it to the bathroom. She touched her burning anus, grabbing her makeup mirror, and looking at it. It was red, and trickles of dried blood and what she was almost certain was semen were caked around her opening.

She felt the tears in her eyes, as she pressed her finger against the opening. The pain was intense and instant.

How could it have possibly happened? While she was sleeping. Safe in her house with John to protect her. John… Oh God, no! Not John. Impossible. Sure he was always badgering her, trying to get her to allow him access to her ass, but he knew she’d never go for it. He was her boyfriend, for over a year. She trusted him. Could it… could it be him? What other explanation was there?

That rotten bastard!

Lauren returned to face her boyfriend, confront the lousy ass-raping bastard. He was sleeping on top of the covers, and she could see his filthy cock, coated in blood, cum, and shit.

Her anger blazed, burning away the haze of her drugged mind. How disgusting and despicable can an individual be? Fuck her ass, while she was passed out?

She thought about that. How was it even possible? How could she have slept through that? The pain had to have been almost unbearable. Suddenly her dazed state when she awoke made sense. The bastard must have drugged her somehow. God, it kept getting worse. Her boyfriend, the man she trusted with her life, had done that to her.

The fucking low-life rapist would pay.

~ * ~ * ~

John slept like a log. After she’d quickly fetched her supplies from the garage, she started. It didn’t take much more than a nudge to get him to rollover. A few more pushes and probes and he was close to the position she wanted him in. She fixed the ropes to the corners of the bed first, making certain they were secure. Carefully, she wrapped one around his wrist, tying it off. She returned the end of the rope to the bedpost, and slowly drew on it, until there was little slack left. She did the same with his other wrist, and after a minute or two, his arms were stretched out, immobilized.

She did the same with his legs, pausing each time he shifted, slowly tightening the ropes. When he was secured, she went back to each, pulling in more slack, until he was spread eagle. She jumped when he tried to turn, groaning, and pulled at the ropes.

Knowing her time was running out, she roughly pulled in the slack of his last leg, and jerking it over and with a few quick wraps, had it anchored firmly.

“Wha… ” she heard him mumble sleepily. He started pulling at his arms. “What the…”

She didn’t hear much more from him as she slapped the duct tape over his mouth, and wrapped it around his head several times.

She sat back, looking at him, sweating from the exertion and the nervousness. Now that she was certain he was firmly tied down, she sat on his arm, grabbing his hand and forcing his fingers closed, encasing his fist in more duct tape.

John was barely aware of what was happening to him, until she started on his second hand. He fought back, and she got up off the bed.

“You lousy mother-fucker!” she screamed. She grabbed the pole from the towel rack and beat him around the head, screaming, until he was whimpering, hunched up, trying to bury his head in the pillow. She took his hand, closed it and wrapped the fist in duct tape. When he tugged on the rope, she beat his arm with the wooden bar.

“Don’t you move, you fucking rapist!” she shrieked, using the wooden pole to beat him on the back until it cracked. He was twisting and moaning. Good. erotik film izle Let the bastard suffer.

The immediacy of her rage sated, she drew herself a bath. While the tub filled, she got his leather belt out of the closet, and beat him from head to toe, delighting in his whines and whimpers. When she was too exhausted to continue, she dropped the belt, and soaked in her bath.

Relaxing in the tub, she started to think about what she wanted to do. The relationship was over. That much was for damn sure. She certainly couldn’t live with him. Not after that. It pained her to probe her butthole, but she did what she could, whimpering as she cleaned herself. Her rage built with each additional moment.

She dried herself off, and got dressed. Took the belt to him for a while, not long enough to tire herself. Lauren thrilled at the marks it left on his pasty skin. She took his wallet, and went shopping. It didn’t take long to find what she was looking for. Once she had, she hit the ATM and took out as much of his money as she could. She figured he owed her. She had to get a new place to live because of him, and it was only fair that he helped pay for it.

She made a few calls, starting an avalanche of queries. Within the hour, she had located a room she could share with Alicia, not a close friend, but a decent acquaintance who was looking for a temporary roommate. Satisfied with her start, she went to the bedroom, to look at her ex-boyfriend’s bruised and battered body.

Lauren stripped naked, and opened her bag. She’d asked for and received instructions at the ‘toy’ shop, and quickly donned her gear. She stood in front of the mirror smiling. John’s little five inch prick had left her in agony. She wondered what the nine inch black beast hanging from her waist would do to him.

She walked around the bed, and stood in front of him. “Oh, John,” she called out teasingly. He looked at her grinning face, and when she glanced downward he followed her eyes to the huge strap-on. His heart started racing and he tugged fiercely on the ropes, shaking the bed.

“So you like anal sex, do you?” she laughed. “I think it’s time to find out how much you really like it.”

She ignored his moans and climbed behind him. She tried, she did, but no amount of effort would get that pole into his ass. She was getting frustrated, and looking around saw that the stupid bastard had left out the lube he’d used on her the night before. Apparently not enough, from the damage he’d done to her.

Lauren didn’t think he deserved it, but had given up on taking him without it. She lubed up the immense strap-on cock, and put more lube on the end of the stick she’d been beating him with earlier. It was a lot smaller, and should do to get him started. No way she was going to use her finger. Not on that slimy, rapist bastard.

He whimpered and tried to scream out as she managed to get several inches of the stick up his ass. She laughed, poking him. “What are you whining about John? I thought this was what you wanted, right? You can’t ever seem to stop talking about it. Jesus, this stick is tiny! Stop being such a pussy bitch.”

She had a brainstorm, and got her camera out. She focused on his ass, and set it to record. Posing behind him, she stroked the fake cock. “Are you sure this is what you want, baby? It seems awfully big, but if you’re certain…” She placed the head at his opening holding it in her hand and pushed. She started to doubt she’d have any success, when it suddenly slip forward a few inches, and John screamed loud enough to be heard through his duct-tape gag.

“Good boy. That’s taking it like a man. Now you’re certain you want it all, right? That’s what you said, isn’t it?” She waited for a second. “Alright. You asked for it.”

He shuddered as she forced the beast up his ass, chuckling as he suffered. It was a lot of work to get the whole thing in there, but she felt enormous satisfaction as she finally drove it home. “That’s it, baby. All of it. You took that whole chocolate monster. I know you want the real thing, but we’ve got to work you up to it. Kind of sick fantasy you have, but if that’s what you want, how can I deny you?”

She fucked him until her back ached, must have been a good half-hour. When she was exhausted, and he was just lying there crying, she finally pulled it out of him. She was disgusted to see that his little prick was hard. What a sick fucker, she thought. She knelt over his head and wiped her big cock all over his face.

Lauren was completely spent, and took a quick shower, still wearing her new toy. After her shower she put it to the side, reminding herself she’d put some Vaseline where it chafed against her skin next time. She walked past him, slapping him on the ass. “I hope that was as good for you, honey, as it was for me.”

She fixed herself some lunch, got the suitcases out and started packing. When the suitcases where full, she took a break, donned her strap-on and pounded his ass again. Not for all that long, maybe 15 minutes or so, but she was surprised film izle at how easily she was able to get it started this time. When she was done having fun, she hunted through the garage until she found some boxes. She packed those as well, until she had everything out of the bedroom.

Another turn with the belt, plus 20 minutes of butt-banging, and she rolled over beside him. “Damn, this is a lot of work, baby. I hope you’re worth it.”

She looked into his eyes and saw the anger and despair. “Don’t worry, baby. It’s all in good fun, right? I’m just giving you a taste of what you’ve always wanted to give me. It’s not so bad, is it?”

Emptying the bathroom and the rest of the house of the things she wanted took until dinner. Lauren stretched, her body aching from the exertion. She decided she deserved a treat, and let him buy her a nice dinner, including a couple of glasses of wine. She was feeling mellow by the time she returned.

Time for some answers.

She went to the bedroom, taking a sports bottle of water with her. She wasn’t cruel, wouldn’t leave him thirsty. She was very irritated when she found he’d pissed the bed in her absence. What a fucking pig.

He got a few more whacks of the belt for that.

She wasn’t gentle pulling the duct tape from his mouth. It tore out some of his hair, but so what. When she removed the last piece, he screamed at her, “You stupid bitch!”

Not smart, since he was still tied up. She slapped the belt across his face as hard as she could, making him scream.

“Don’t fucking speak, you rapist, or I’ll use the buckle side next time!” she growled.

The fear in his eyes, and the anger in hers ensured his silence.

“Did you really think you could drug me and rape my ass, and I wouldn’t notice?” she asked.

“I didn’t…”

The belt descended three more times. After the first one across his face, he turned his head into the pillow, and it landed on the back of his head and neck. He screamed again, when the hard metal buckle impacted his skull on the last one.

“Don’t fucking lie to me!” Lauren screamed. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice? Really?”

He nodded, sobbing. “You were unconscious. Couldn’t feel it. How bad could it be?” he whined.

“You tell me, rapist. How bad is it? You like that big pole up your ass? Have I made you gay yet?”

“I… I’m sorry. Please, I’m hurt. Badly. You have to let me go.”

“Sure. I only bled from my ass all morning. It’s not like you hurt me or anything.”

“No, seriously. I think I’m really hurt,” he whined.

“Shut up you whining pussy. I’m only giving you what you always wanted to give me. I thought you’d enjoy it.”

“Please, baby…”

He wasn’t ready for the belt again, and didn’t turn fast enough.

“Don’t call me baby! Don’t call me anything but Mistress, you fucking loser rapist!”

“P… Please, Mistress,” he whined. “Please let me go. I’m sorry. You’ve had your revenge. If you let me go now, I’ll never say anything. Please.”

“You think I care if you say anything? I’ve got some great footage. I’ll make sure everyone you know gets it. I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“No, ba… ” she lifted the belt and he hurriedly replied. “No Mistress. Please don’t.”

She sighed. “I can’t believe you pissed the bed, you pig.”

He lowered his eyes. “I… I tried to hold it. Tried all day,” he whined.

She got up, sighing, and started tugging on the sheet. “Lift up, rapist. Lift.”

He struggled to raise his upper body, until she managed to tug the sheet free. “Now the legs, rapist.”

“Yes, M… Mistress,” he said, doing as he was told.

Lauren used the fouled sheets to clean up as much as possible. Blotted the large soaked area on the mattress with the sheets and some towels. She wiped him down as well, ignoring his moans.

“Please…” he started to speak. She didn’t have the belt handy, so she grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. He squealed in pain.

“Did I say you could speak, rapist?”

“N…no mistress.”

“Then shut the fuck up, or I’ll tear these off, stuff them up your ass, and use my strap-on to drive them all the way into your belly.”

It took a lot of work to get a towel under him, another fitted sheet on the bed, and another towel under his waist.

He looked at her, and started whimpering like a dog.

“Jeez! What the hell do you want!”


“Ask properly, rapist, or I’ll beat you until I’m tired.”

“Please, Mistress. May I have some water?”

She pressed the sports bottle nozzle against his lips, and let him drink his fill. “What do you say, rapist?”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

She took off her clothing, and put on her strap-on. Went to the bathroom and placed some Vaseline where it had chafed her earlier. The whiny punk was crying when she walked into the bedroom.

“Fucking man up, you pussy,” she snapped. “You fucked my ass, and I’m half your size.”

“Sorry, Mistress. I’m so sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, seks filmi izle rapist.” She grabbed a pillow, and smacked his ass. “Up, boy.”

He raised his hips a little but they didn’t clear the bed. She got pissed, and went to the bathroom, and grabbed the lighter they used to light the candle, after a particularly fragrant experience. She lit it and pressed it against his ass. He screamed and lifted as high as he could and she pushed the pillow underneath him.

“It’s always the hard way with you isn’t it, rapist?”

“Sorry Mistress.”

She grabbed a second pillow, and he lifted his hips high without the need for instruction.

Lauren opened the lube, and started lathering up her cock. She stood beside the bed, making sure he got a good view. “I’m a lot bigger than you, aren’t I, rapist?”

“Yes Mistress. Too big. Please don’t do this. I’m injured.”

“I don’t remember you offering me a choice last night, did you?”

“No Mistress. It was wrong, and I’m sorry.”

Lauren adjusted her camera, and started recording. She climbed between his legs, and saw he was trembling. She ran her hand down his thigh. “Show me you can take it like a man, no whining and no crying, and I’ll be gentle. Ask for it nicely, and I’ll make it easy on you. Any whining and crying, and I’ll fuck your ass dry until dawn. You understand me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She pressed the large head against his opening. “Ask me. Ask for it, rapist.”

“Please, Mistress. Please, take my ass,” he said, almost sobbing as he did.

She grinned, and pressed against his hole. The head slid in, and she paused. “You like that don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You want more?”

“More mistress. Just a little bit, please.”

She pressed inward, and drew it back out. Pushed forward again, mesmerized by his ability to absorb it. “Like this?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you.”

She rocked back and forth steadily, slowly entering him until half the beast was inside of him. “Not too bad, is it?”

“No Mistress,” he moaned.


“If it pleases you, Mistress.”

“It does.” She pumped him, pulling out until she could see him closing up, and then back in until he grunted. Back and forth until he was taking all but the last couple of inches.

“Much better. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you.”

“Yes Mistress.”

She reached down and felt between his legs. He was hard. “You really are enjoying this, aren’t you?” she sneered.

“Y… yes, Mistress,” he moaned.

She laughed, and grabbed his shaft. She stroked his cock in time to her thrusts. She could feel him trembling. “Don’t you dare come! You don’t have my permission,” she growled, squeezing his cock.

“Sorry, Mistress,” he whimpered.

She fucked his ass, stroking his cock, laughing at him. She felt his cock swelling. “Don’t come!”

“Please, Mistress!” he pleaded.

“No. Don’t do it.” She pumped him harder releasing his cock, and slapping his balls. “You don’t get to come.”

She fucked him harder, the whole shaft disappearing inside him. He grunted and moaned. She felt him trembling and pounded his quivering ass.

“Please! Please Mistress, may I come!”

She laughed. “I’m not touching that lousy dick,”

“May I? Please? PLEASE?”

“Come you little bitch. Come for your Mistress. Do it!”

He grunted and drove his hips back against the cock in his ass, crying out. Lauren looked down and saw his cum pooling on the towel underneath him. “You whiny bitch! You’re loving this, aren’t you, you fucking pussy.”

He whimpered, receiving his fucking, until she tired, and pulled out of him. She stripped off her strap-on, rubbing the red spots where it chafed her skin. She lay down next to him, sighing. Lifted a leg over his, stretching.

“Why, John?” she asked softly. “Why would you do that? How could you think that was Ok?”

She looked over at him, and saw tears in his eyes. “I… I don’t know. I was obsessed. You have the most beautiful ass, and you wouldn’t let me near it. I could barely touch it.”

“Isn’t my pussy and mouth good enough. Was it that bad, that you had to rape me?”

He lowered his head to the pillow. “I wanted more. It was good, but limited. You never let me finish in your mouth. Never would try anything new. Nothing but missionary, or occasionally you on top. You’re so beautiful, so sexy, such an incredible ass. I just wanted more.”

“You wanted more, and thought it was Ok to drug me and rape me. What did you give me?” she snapped.

“Sleeping pills. Doug gave me them, when I was at his place the other week, and they knocked me right out. I asked for some more. I’m sorry.”

“How could you think you’d get away with it?”

“I… I didn’t think you’d know. It was stupid. I know that now. I figured if you were unconscious, you’d never know.”

“You are such an idiot. I wouldn’t know. Right. It still hurts, damn you!”

He whimpered. “I know that now. I didn’t. I’m sorry.”

“Fucktard rapist,” she growled. “Idiot. Ruined everything, everything so you could be a fucking pervert.”

She got up, and searched through the utility basket under the sink. Came out with some string, which she started to tie around his balls. Tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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