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As expected, I woke up with Jeremy’s cock poking at my ass. I was slightly hungover, but otherwise felt fine. My hole was sore, but I guess that was to be expected.

I felt like a girl after a one night stand. My mind was cloudy, but I felt warm and erotic in his embrace. I wiggled my ass on Jeremy’s cock, part out of horny reflex and partly to see if he was awake.

“Mmm, hey babe” he grunted as he pressed his dick closer to me and groped my ass with his free hand.

“You feel ok about everything?”


“How’s your ass?”


“Mmm, sorry. Just couldn’t help myself.”

As he said this, he flexed his dick against me harder.

“How do you feel about giving me a blowjob.?

I immediately tensed up. I’m not sure why it seemed like such a big deal. After all, he had had his dick inside me less than 9 hours ago. It just felt different and weird.

Jeremy broke my thoughts by adding coyly “cmon man, even after I licked and ate your ass?”

I suppose he had me there.

He shuffled up and sat on the bed with his back to the wall. I slowly shifted over and came face to face with the dick that had broken me in.

I knew that Jeremy was well endowed, but I didn’t really get a good look at it last night. It was bigger than I thought. It was beautiful and overpowering. While Jeremy was super laid back and chill, I immediately felt submissive…and hot.

I got on my knees infront of him and bent over so my head and torso were between his legs. I slowly grabbed his shaft and marveled at how big it was compared to mine. Jeremy placed his hand on my head and I took two inches into my mouth.

It didn’t feel or taste bad. Plus, the moan he let out once my mouth covered his head made me feel good. I took it slow and started licking the head while slowly sucking. I decided to mimick what I had seen in countless pornos and started stroking his shaft with one hand slowly up and then caressing his massive balls when I worked my way down. I took a bit more of him in my mouth and started to feel it entering my throat.

Jeremy had removed his hand from my head at this point and was letting me do my thing. I concentrated on getting a little into my throat while breathing through my nose. I kept up the stroking and slurping and started lightly bobbing my head up and down his shaft as far as I could accommodate his thick rod.

He was breathing hard and lightly moaning, so I decided to look up into his eyes to see how much he was enjoying it.

“Mmm fuck, Ryan, yeah, keep looking at me. You look so sexy with my dick in your mouth” he said with a grin of pure satisfaction.

I let out a loud, passionate moan on his cock at his praise. Just like last night, it felt amazing that I was giving someone so much pleasure with a part of my body.

My eagerness got the better of me and his cock slid past my throats comfort point. I froze, breathed heavily from my nose, and waited a minute before resuming my bobbing, now taking almost all of him inside of me. I was getting close to his pubes, which made it hard for me to continue looking up at him, but I tried my best.

Finally, I decided to take the challenge. I pulled my head all the way up until his cock popped out of my mouth. I circled maltepe escort his piss slit with my tongue several times and took him back in my mouth. I took a deep breath and slowly slid my head all of the way down, taking his entire cock into my mouth and throat, my face hurried in his pubes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck” he cried.

I started to feel a bit gaggy, so I brought my head back up and started bobbing up and down on about 3/4ths of his cock while stroking fast. His breathing sped up to a fever pitch and right as I was on an upswing of bobbing he blew a huge load into my mouth.

There wasn’t really time to think about what to do. Cum was filling my mouth and his dick was still in there. Plus, I had never anticipated sucking cock so I had no idea or plan on what to do. I swallowed as much as I could down while his cock flopped out of my mouth. Some inevitably got pushed out onto my face.

With that done, the taste belatedly hit me. I never got how girls could be into cum like in the pornos I’d watched. It seemed disgusting. Yet, there was nothing really bad about it. It tasted just fine to me. Caught up in this realization, I seductively licked the cum off my lips while looking up at him.

“Fuccck, are you sure you haven’t done that before?,” he said with a laugh as his softening cock danced infront of me.

I looked up at him blushing. It was a nice compliment and I felt strangely proud. We laid for a bit before Jeremy had to leave for band practice. I went to my room and took a well needed nap.

The rest of the week continued more or less the same. Jeremy fucked me in multiple positions throughout the house. On my back, doggy style, while spooning, and me on top. On the ground, his bed, my bed, the couch, and me bent over the kitchen table. I also gave him lots of head.

Jeremy and I had formally been equals in the house, but this had changed the power dynamic. Oddly, it wasn’t him that changed, it was me. He stayed pretty much the same. But, I was enamored with his cock and felt completely submissive towards it and his tasty cum. At his suggestion, I stopped wearing clothes in the house. Jeremy had his cock out most of the time and it kept me constantly on edge. I also took it upon myself to keeping our flat clean and doing all the domestic duties.

When we were apart, I thought about his dick nearly all of the time. He really had me under his spell. I didn’t even think of girls anymore. All I wanted was cock and cum.

Friday finally rolled around and we were on the couch catching our breaths from another session of him pounding my ass.

“Hey Ryan, my buddy Bill needs a place to crash. Do you mind if he stays over for a few days starting tomorrow?”

My immediate thought was that this would severely cramp our sex life, but of course I said it was ok. Who was I to say no to Jeremy?

Bill showed up Saturday night and we spent a few hours smoking bowls and drinking, watching comedy shows on TV and stuff like that. I played host and got everyone drinks and stuff. I was clothed, but managed to dig up an old pair of pants that was tight against my waist and ass. I noticed Bill looking a few times and felt proud.

We were getting pretty wasted and giggly and it was maslak escort fun. Bill excused himself to smoke a cigarette outside and Jeremy quickly moved closer to me.

“Hey! Feel free to say no, but if you’re down, want to have a threesome?”

I sat stunned, not expecting this turn of events.

“Imagine…one of us in your mouth, the other in your ass” he said as he placed my hand on his crotch.

“Mmm, fuck, Jeremy, ok” I moaned as I felt his hard cock.

“Alright! Wait, I got an idea! Let’s surprise him. Why don’t you get naked. We’ll put the ottoman near the door and you can blow me with your ass pointed towards the door so it’s the first thing welcoming him back?”

I nodded and ran to get lube while Jeremy positioned the ottoman closer to the door. I came back in, naked, and got down on my knees infront of him with my arms resting on his legs. I fished his cock out of his pants and immediately went to work. Fuck…I really needed this.

The door opened and I felt cold air hit my ass.

“Holy shit” yelled Bill as he closed the door.

I looked up at Jeremy and saw him toss the lube over with a grin.

“Mmm, fuck yeah, it’s been too long since we’ve had a good spitroast, eh J?” He laughed as I heard his pants drop.

“Could have swore you’ve been teasing me with this ass all night” Bill said to me as he rubbed lube in my hole. “You want me to fuck you?”

I pulled my head off Jeremy’s cock and looked back longingly at Bill. “Mmm yeah, fill me up” I moaned as I noticed him lubing up his hard cock. It wasn’t as long as Jeremy’s, but his girth was impressive. I needed it in me.

My slutty attitude must have gotten them both on edge because Jeremy quickly guided my head back to his cock and I felt Bill slowly entering. With half of it in, he smacked my ass before setting his hands on my hip.

I moaned loudly around Jeremy’s cock and made a show of deep throating him down to his pubes again.

“Ah fuck, wow, oh god” Jeremy panted as I bobbed my head up and down on his entire length.

Bill started to slam his dick into me and talk dirty.

“Mmm, yeah, slut, this ass is so tight, fuck…I can’t wait to bust my nut inside of you…shit.”

This opened a new spectrum of horniness for me as I learned I had a bit of a degradation kink.

It all felt unreal. It was the most satisfying thing I think I’ve ever felt in my life. Once I got used to the rhythm, I managed to back my ass into Bill while taking Jeremy as far as I could before slurping on the upswing.

“Fuck, I’m getting close, J, let’s go for the gold here” Bill huffed behind me.

“Right… on” Jeremy replied in between breaths as I continued giving him an outstanding blowjob.

“Ryan, hold up a second, one sec.”

I plopped his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him expectedly.

“You need to try taking us both all the way in at the same time, k?

I was more than down, but he didn’t wait for my reply. He had me back on his cock and started pushing it down my throat. Meanwhile, Bill had loosened me up enough that he was able to get balls deep with a few strokes. Finally, they both managed to do it at the same time and stood still.

“Holy shit, mecidiyeköy escort this hasn’t happened in a long time!” Bill yelled triumphantly before they went on an all out rampage of deep dicking me. Balls and pubic hairs bounced and scratched against my ass and chin over and over. It was too much, I thought I was going to pass out but instead had the biggest orgasm of my life completely hands free.

My moans on Jeremy’s dick and spasming ass brought them both to climax as I was filled with their loads at both ends. Jeremy scooted off the ottoman onto the floor to catch his breath while Bill and I ended up in a spooning position on the floor with his softening dick still inside of me.

Jeremy eventually cut the TV back on and dozed off on the couch. Bill and I ended up talking. He was surprised to learn that I had just started doing this a week ago. We moved on to talking about all that had happened this past week, my insecurities with my dick, etc. It was therapeutic.

I could feel Bill’s dick hardening inside me again and I pressed ass onto him.

“Mmm, that’s a hungry pussy, huh?


“Yeah. And you’re little clit seems excited about having it filled” he laughed as his hand brushed over my dick.

A week ago, I would have been severely upset with anyone talking about my dick like that, but I didn’t really have much room to argue with his monster cock still inside me.

He reached over to the lube and got some on his fingers before returning to my dick. I thought he was going to wank me, but he just placed two fingers on my dickhead and slowly started rubbing in circles like how you’d finger a woman. Shifting a little, he brought his other hand over and started pinching my nipples while leaning his head in to lick my neck.

“Ooooh” I moaned as I moved my hips back and forth on his cock. The combination of all his moves and him acting like I was a girl was driving me crazy.

He started whispering in my ear, “you can’t fuck anything with this, so it doesn’t seem right to call it a dick, right? Do you like it when I rub your clit?”

“Mmm yeahhhhh”

“Say it. With a girly sissy voice. Because I’ve never seen a man with hips and ass like this.”

“Ooooh, yeah, I love it when you rub my clit daddy.”

I don’t know why I threw in daddy, probably from porn, but the jolt in his cock meant he liked it.

“Mmm yeah, baby. How about I fuck your pussy while you rub it?”

I reached over for the lube and did my best to copy what he was doing. It felt pretty awesome, and I think Bill’s dominating words had a lot to do with that.

He slowly started moving his cock back and forth into me as I rubbed my…clit…and he caressed my nipples with one hand while palming my ass with his other.

I pushed my hips back and did my best to mimick a femine voice with my moans.

It didn’t take long for both of us to cum for the second time that night. As I rubbed myself to climax I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Jeremy was watching from the couch with a concerned look. I put it outside of my mind for the time being and milked Bill’s cumming cock.

We fell asleep right there on the floor with his dick still in me. Fortunately a blanket had been knocked off the couch during the earlier fracas, so we weren’t too cold.

Yet, as I laid there before falling asleep, I knew I had crossed another boundary. I had gone from being Jeremy’s fuckbuddy to a slampig for him and his friend I had just met that night. Pangs of anxiety welled, but I knew one thing for certain…I was fucking loving it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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