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Author’s Note — This story is an original fiction, and not meant to display any actual events or persons. All characters within are depicted as being 18 years old or Older.

*** *** ***

“I don’t even begin to believe you’re telling the truth!”

Kita — short for Nikita — had just finished telling her part of the latest round of Truth or Dare that she and I — Sherry — had been playing. Her platinum blond eyebrows arched as she grinned wickedly at me. “I am bound to play by the rules, Liebling,” she said, using the pet name she gave me a year ago (this was after we finished a semester in German in school).

Kita is my best friend — has been since she and her family first moved to our town ten years ago from Russia, right into the two-story bungalow next door. She was roughly eleven when we met — I had just turned nine a month prior — and once over the initial shyness, the two of us became practically joined at the hip. There wasn’t a day that didn’t go by when one of us was either spending the day — or night — over at the other’s home. Folks around town and the kids at school soon got used to seeing the gangly, tall platinum haired foreign girl hanging out with her shorter, brown-haired American best-buddy.

Over the years, we both transformed from kids to pretty pre-teens and then grew into our teenaged bodies and habits, before eventually becoming the young women we were now.

At twenty-one, Kita was brown-eyed, tall, svelte with all the right curves and just enough mass to make her the most drool-worthy subject of every male we crossed paths with. Me, I could only fall about seven inches short of her, but my body fell into a classic ‘coke-bottle’ shape; firm with just enough jiggle to get a few tongues dragging the ground in my wake too.

Not too shabby for an eighteen year-old who used to have some issues with her looks. Granted, my American-girl looks couldn’t hold a candle to Kita’s Russian ‘bombshell’ features and flawless complexion, yet she never once made me feel inadequate while she was with me.

We were both in her room, dressed in casual shirt tops and short skirts, kneeling by her queen bed on a wide throw rug; the remains of a super-schmooper pizza-deluxe left in its box, next to a half six-pack of cola and a bottle of Johnny Walker that was nearly empty (Kita had managed to squirrel it away after the last big party we’d attended together at Kita’s sorority house).

It was our usual ‘girl’s night in’ on a weekend; with Kita taking a break from her upcoming final year at college, while I was only just starting with whole admissions deal at a local community college here in town. Different levels of stress, sure, but we both had long since done this little weekend thing for a couple of years so it was a good time for us both.

We’d gravitated from listening to her latest techno disc — a gift from Kita’s cousin in Moscow — to watching late movies on the box, before ending the evening our traditional way; A game of Truth or Dare.

We stuck to some pretty tame subjects and dares, though after the alcohol had begin to take effect we began to slip over the edge of some rather raunchy stuff. It soon became a bit of a one-upmanship bout; going back and forth with questions that were meant to make each of us pause or blush before answering. I thought I finally got Kita with a real zinger . . . only I didn’t expect the answer she gave to this question:

“Tell me who was the last boy you sucked off, and did you like it?”

Kita’s answer left me staring at her in disbelief: “My brother, and no I didn’t like it . . . I loved it!”

“No, way Kita, you’re pulling my leg!” I shot a hard glare at her beaming face. “There’s no way you could have even thought about . . . well, giving your brother a blow job!”

Kita just returned my stare and didn’t back down. “Sherry, my apple-blossom, if you know anything about me, you know that I, do, not, lie.” Her voice became thick with the accent of the Old Country; a habit she had when she was either upset or standing firm to prove a point. As she was still smiling, she clearly wasn’t upset. Hell, she wasn’t even blushing! I know I’d be embarrassed as fuck if I just admitted I’d sucked my brother’s cock . . . even though I don’t have a brother. Curse of an only child, sue me.

“But, how did you–?” I tried to get my wits back on firmer ground, as her attitude and resolve to show herself as being truthful had me shaken to the core. “I mean, how did–?”

“How did Nik just let me have my way with him?” Kita’s expression turned sly; her eyes becoming half-lidded as her smile fell into a smoky quality I’d only seen in movie actresses. “It was happenstance, Liebling, but . . . mmm, neither my brother or I were dissatisfied with the whole experience, believe me.”

Nik — aka Nikolai-Yuranovich, and that’s a mouthful of a first name! — was Kita’s older brother, at twenty-five years old. He was tall like Kita, but built like a real Russian bursa escort Kodiak, with muscled arms, legs and a beefy body that made pro-wrestlers whimper with shame. He was blond like Kita, save his hair was more sandy than white and he had this dazzling blue eyes. Eyes that I remember that my Mom, when she met him for the first time, compared to a favorite actor of hers; namely Omar Shariff.

I never really got to know Nik as well as his sister, since his interests and hers were as opposite as night and day. Meaning, she was into the stuff I liked — music, clothes, etc. — but he liked cars and most things mechanical. Especially motorbikes. Their father was a mechanic in the Old Country, and his craft rubbed of on Nik. So, when the arrived in the States, Nik found ample opportunity to let his interest flourish; first at his father’s side in the family garage, then later when he became of legal-working age as he found a job in a local ‘bike-shop.

Nik never was the sort to blow me off whenever I was hanging out with his sister. He always was polite in that old cavalier way, and I liked that about him. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d let his own sister suck on his cock.

So you can see why I was having a time, trying to wrap around the concept, even the mental image that Kita had licked Nik’s wick. Bizzare! “I just . . . I just don’t believe it,” I said finally. “There’s just no way–.”

“Sherry, I have not been untrue on this,” Kita said with a huff of exasperation. I should’ve just shut up and just agreed with her I guess. Yet, seeing that my disbelief wasn’t going away, my best friend shifted from borderline-upset, to thoughtful, then back to downright crafty in six seconds. “Hum . . . there is only one solution to this.”

“There is?” I asked.

Kita nodded, as if some last piece dropped into the rest of a puzzle for her. “I will show you.” she said simply.

Again, I was thrown. “Show me? What?”

Kita held up one hand, then, before I could fathom what was on her devious little mind, she put two fingers to her lips and chirped out a staccato whistle. She only ever used that when asked to call in Nik from the garage or back yard; two places the strapping young man was usually found, working on another engine or motorcycle.

No . . . she just didn’t do that to–?! I stared hard at Kita, who had crossed her arms over her breasts, looking rather smug as she looked towards the door of her bedroom.

At first nothing happened — not surprising, since Kita and Nik’s folks had gone away for a week to visit other relatives in another state — and I honestly didn’t know if Nik was home at that hour of the night. Then, my heart flip-flopped when I heard the unmistakable thumping-tread of footsteps vibrating through the floor. A moment later, the door opened to reveal Nik; his torso covered with a black denim vest, opened from throat to waist, with a pair of dark jeans and steel-toed work boots. He had streaks of grease and oil on his forearms, and his cheeks were flushed.

“Da, Nikita?” he rumbled, giving me a half-smile before staring at Kita, dropping into a irritated spate of his native Russian. His deep voice made me shiver, just to hear him talk like that!

Kita made a tic-tic sound in her cheek. “Brother-dearest, you know we have our friend Sherry here. Do control that temper of yours and remember to speak English, please?” Kita’s voice was all sweet-words and saccharine; a talent she often used to defuse any angry male, but something I never could pull off no matter how hard I tried.

It worked wonders on Nik, as he sighed and stood there; one hand pulling out a relatively clean cloth to start wiping his hands off. “Okay, little snowflake,” he said, his English as thick as his Russian. “You called. What do you wish of me?”

I felt my heart jump for my throat, hoping Kita wasn’t going to tell him what she just told me.

“Oh, Sherry had asked me to tell a truth, as we play Truth or Dare . . . and, she does not believe what I have answered.” She lowered her arms and let one hand pick at the hem of the short T-shirt she wore.

“Ah, so what truth did you divulge under her questioning?” Nik’s eyes were crowded in the corners with laugh-lines. “Some great State secret, hm?”

I started to wave Kita off, but she said quite plainly, “Nothing of that sort, my brother . . . save that she wished to know who I had oral sex with last.”

I winced. Shit! I looked up at Nik, expecting him to either be mad or just furious with either me or Kita.

What he did was not what I expected; he laughed. A big, belly-lifting guffaw — which only made his toned tummy ripple — which trailed off as he looked at the two of us. “Oh, I see then.” His eyes lingered on me. “You do not believe–?”

“No, my handsome bear,” Kita said smoothly, cutting him off before he could inquire me further. “She did not, and still does not believe me . . . so I came to conclusion; I must show proof, to make bursa escort bayan her see the truth.”

By then, I was starting to feel dizzy from all the unexpected turns this conversation was taking. The proverbial cat was out of the bag . . . but, what was Nik going to do now? Was he going to think this was all a joke? Or was now the time he was going to get angry with his younger sister?

“Ah, little snowflake, you use old country logic,” Nik said. With a grin, he stuck the rag back into his pocket, before staring long and hard at his sister. “So do you intent to show this . . . proof, right here? Now?”

At that, Kita’s smile went all smoky, as her eyes got this sensual glow while looking up from the floor at Nik. “Unless you do not wish to help me in this matter, my brother?” Shifting from her knees, Kita’s body seemed to slither as she shifted onto her hip, stretching her legs out as she pointed her toes like a dancer. “After all . . . it would be tragic indeed, if from now on my Sherry continued to believe that I am a liar.” She dropped her gaze to me, winking one eye before she turned her face back to Nik. Her tongue slipped out from her pink lips to run across the upper one with a seductive stroke. “Do you think you could bear the shame of such an onus on your sister, Nikolai?”

As friends, confidants and ‘sisters-in-all-but-blood’ that we were, I thought there wasn’t anything about Kita that I hadn’t discovered . . . well, I guess I was wrong. Fuck! If she was trying to seduce Nik . . . hell, if I was him, I’d have had my pants down in a heartbeat!

Chuckling, Nik just shook his head. But, instead of leaving or doing anything else to the contrary, he stepped over to where Kita was, standing with his legs slightly apart as he stared down at her. He said something else in Russian; what Kita told me later was “Little Sister, I cannot bear to have a liar for a sibling . . . so, let us show your good friend what you last did to me.”

With a grin, Kita rose up a bit, running her hands up Nik’s legs; the sound of soft skin gliding over denim sounding loud to me in the confines of her room. She glanced at me for a moment — her lips curled with a smile — before she turned her attention and hands to the belt and zipper on Nik’s pants. With a flip, a dingle of the metal buckle and a soft zzzzzzip, Kita had his fly wide open and her hand inside in a flash.

I couldn’t stop the gasp that burst from between my lips! Nik wasn’t wearing underwear, and in seconds Kita had his pecker out in the open; hefting the thick, short column of dick flesh in her fingers as she let out a sigh of anticipation. Rubbing it slowly, she coaxed it up and made it thicken and swell, right before our eyes. With a grunt, Nik crossed his arms over his beefy chest and stared down at his sister. In no time, Kita had his cock standing out rigid from the nest of blond curls; it looked as long as a can of beer and as thick across as one of my Dad’s old gold Double-Eagle coins.

Shit! I couldn’t help myself. I was panting as I watched Kita fist his dick. My own pussy was clenching and making a wet spot in my panties, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from what was happening.

“Mmm, yes,” Kita said, her voice trailing off with a sibilant hiss as she eyed Nik’s prick. “A wonderful specimen of sex, my handsome-bear.” She scooched closer, bringing her face up alongside his cock as she breathed in deeply, obviously savoring his sex smell. “Are you fully prepared again, my brother? Are you so ready to have my mouth upon your cock, hm?” She slipped closer, barely brushing her lips against the side of his turgid flesh, humming softly as she let her head drift side to side.

I looked up into Nik’s face; he was sporting a flush of blush, but his eyes were wide-open and bright with lust as he looked down at Kita. “Mm, you know the answer, little snowflake . . . do not tease.” He chuckled as he lifted his gaze to take me in. “Your little friend is apparently . . . quite anxious to see you prove yourself.”

Now it was my turn to blush scarlet. Geez! Couldn’t he just ignore me and let her get on with this?

Kita sighed and rolled her fingers along Nik’s dick gently. “Oh, fie . . . well, if I must proceed then–?” With that, she moved with such speed and control I almost missed it; dipping her head to the side to run the flat of her small tongue along his cock, before reaching the end to flutter the tip against his fat glans.

Nik’s legs tightened up like steel cords, and his hiss-sighed with delight as the sensation of her wet tongue raced along his nerves.

Trailing her tongue along the rim of his dick head, Kita hummed and moaned like a porn star. Her eyes drifted closed, but she clearly wasn’t out of touch with what she was doing to her brother. Soon, her licking turned into wet, liquid smooches as she placed kisses all down and up the length of Nik’s hot rod. The feeling must’ve been awesome for him, as the column of flesh was practically vibrating escort bursa in his sister’s fist and his voice now rose in soft moans.

In due time, Kita stopped kissing and licking and turned to put the head of her brother’s cock at the portal of her lips. Glazed with his pre-cum, she slipped them down the stiff column of flesh, pausing only for a moment before making the return trip back to the plum-sized glans at the tip. As I watched, she made several return strokes, sucking deepling on Nik’s prick, making sounds clearly speaking loudly of her enjoyment of his flesh.

For his part, Nik was moaning softly, his eyes half-shut as he craned his head down to watch his sister. He had one large hand slowly trailing through her hair; the fingers sifting the long strands as her head bobbed back and forth. His growls were mostly in Russian, peppered liberally with spates of “Mmm, yes!” and “So sweet, little sister . . .”.

At one point, Kita slipped his prick out of her wet mouth and grinned at me. “Mm, it is you who are sweet, my brother!” Smooching his dick, she popped it back in and made more wet sounds of bliss.

For myself, I was shaking with a sudden rush of heat. Fuck! Watching Kita and Nik like this was turning me on something fierce. Looking down briefly, I saw that Kita, at some point during this sex-play, had managed to pull up the front of her skirt and had a hand tucked under the front of her panties. From the way the fabric bulged and moved, she was clearly working her pussy with one hand while she sucked her brother off.

God! I couldn’t help myself. By then. I’d somehow got my skirt up around my waist and had my right hand jammed down the front of my crotch. I had two fingers plugged into my snatch, while I rubbed the wet head of my clit with the pad of my thumb.

Soon, all three of us were moaning with the sensations generated from our manipulation of two pussies and one thick cock. The bliss radiating out from my own sex had me rooted to the floor. There was no way in Hell I was going to be dissuaded from stopping, even if something as drastic as an act of God happened just then. Clearly Kita wasn’t going to end her actions; if anything, she was wrapping her mouth even tighter around her brother’s prick.

Yet, it was nearly the shock of Kita’s next words that sent me flying out of her bedroom, when she pulled Nik’s prick out of her sucking mouth and turned to look at me. “Sherry, Liebling . . . do not just Jill yourself all over my carpet. Come, for my brother has more than enough delicious cum for both of us.”

Oh, my . . . Fuck! She just didn’t say what I thought she said!? I gazed at her through glazed eyes, my hand still entrenched in my panties, now still as a dead fish, as I processed her words.

When she saw my hesitation, Kita waggled Nik’s prick and said, “Come, dear heart. You’ve watched us long enough. It’s time you sampled just how scrumptious my brother really is!”

I felt like I was in a daze. I knew I should’ve stopped jilling off and got the hell out of there, yet my body refused to listen to that small, sensible part of my brain. Unable to stop myself, I scooted across the carpet and got up close on the other side of Nik; now just inchest away from Kita’s face and her brother’s turgid cock. This close, I could see how wet his dick was from the mix of pre-cum and her saliva, as well as smell the musk of his maleness and the honeysuckle-scent of her pussy.

Encouraged, Kita fisted his prick slowly, watching me with lusty eyes. “Yes, Sherry . . . come, my brother is very scrumpcious. I think you will love the flavor of his cock.”

I couldn’t speak, so I just nodded as I edged closer to the hard dick in her hand. Without further prompting, Kita tipped it to the side, offering the thick cap to my slightly-parted lips. From the moment the head grazed my lips, I literally mewed as I felt the pure heat through my skin, tasted the slick, salty flavor of his pre-cum and felt my nose fill with his unique scent. Opening my mouth like a baby bird begging for food, I let Kita feed Nik’s intimate flesh between my lips.

Soon, Nik’s sighs and moans took on a new pitch as he felt my wet tongue wrap around his cock; feeling every ridge and vein bulging through the slick skin as his sex thickened further in my mouth. I began sucking his dick with all the enthusiasm of a neophyte discovering something they really, really liked doing . . . and believe me, at that moment I really, really did like sucking on his hot dong. Soon enough, I felt the large paw of his hand palming the crown of my head, guiding me as his hips slowly bucked forwards to meet my mouth.

I soon felt Kita’s face next to my own; her cheek pressing in as she tried licking against the side of her brother’s prick as it pumped in and out of my face. Not one to begrudge her, I let Nik’s wick slip away from my lips so Kita could get her fair share. With a murmured sound of gratitude, Kita slurped him up with relish, sucking him for several moments before letting him pass back to me. In due course, between the two of us we swapped Nik’s cock back and forth several times; drawing his pleasure out and bringing him closer and closer to the edge of his own release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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