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Brief Backstory: The setting is Middle America in the late 1970’s and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who has just finished high school and is vacationing with his family at their lake house. As a lead-in to this story, check out “The Root and His Aunt Barbara”. And per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults.


After watching the threesome show of his mom with his Uncle Jack and Barbara, Luther crept to the backdoor of the lake house, entering quietly and as he slipped into Barbara’s room. Knowing Barbara would be along soon, he lit a candle and then stripped down to his briefs before getting comfortable on the bed.

It wasn’t long before Lute heard a tap on the door, and when it opened, it wasn’t Barbara, as he had expected. It was his big sister, Bridget.

“Hello, Lute,” Bridget said with a smile as she entered, “I thought I’d find you here.”

“Hey, Bridge,” he said, though unsure why she was there and what was going on, “What’s up?”

“Not much. I just got home and thought I’d stop by for a bit,” she said with a sly smile. “So, is Barbara still next door fucking mom and Uncle Jack?”

Stunned, Lute wasn’t sure how to reply, so he fumbled around for a bit before answering, “Now wait, you know about what’s going on with them too?”

“Yeah, I found out a couple of years ago.”

“So you’ve known about mom and dad and Jack and Lynn for two years!” He asked in an incredulous voice, “Do they know that you know?”

“No, they still think none of us kids are on to them,” she replied with a laugh, and then referring to their cousins, said, “And as far as I know, Tim and Jeff are still clueless.”

“But Barbara knows that you know, right?” Lute asked, still trying to fit together the puzzle pieces of his confusing family.

“Yeah, Barbara and I’ve talked about it. Pretty wild, huh?”

“Damn straight, but why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought about it, but then I figured it was their deal, and that I should let them have their own private lives,” she said, somewhat sheepishly, “Sorry, I know it’s a shocker. But what the hell, it makes them happy, so who are we to judge, right?”

“I suppose,” Lute said quietly while mulling over the whole situation again, “And from what I saw last night, it definitely makes them all happy.”

“And you’re now banging Barbara, right?” Bridget went on.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve joined our family’s bed hopping association,” he answered with a chuckle, “And what about you? Are you getting any family action?” He had asked this as a joke, so he was surprised by his sister’s response.

“Well…I didn’t just stop by Barbara’s room for some deep intellectual conversation,” she replied with her same sly laugh.

“Meaning what?” Lute asked, still trying to figure out what was going on.

“Meaning, Barbara and I have fun together sometimes too,” she answered through a big grin.

“You and Barbara? Really?” he said with surprise, and then after a moment added, “Hey, you’re not gay, right?”

“No, silly,” she said as she pulled a pillow from a chair and tossed it at her brother, “But I do get nasty with girls sometimes. So I guess I’m technically bi-sexual, but I’m mostly just sexual – I love to fuck. And our Auntie Barbara is a great fuck, don’t you think?”

Lute, moving closer to understanding what was really going on, replied “Yeah, no doubt about that,” but then after giving it more thought said, “So, you came in here tonight to hook up with Barbara?”

“Kind of,” she said, but then somewhat shyly she went on, “She told me you two had plans for tonight. And I, well…I was thinking maybe you’d be okay if I, uh, you know… watched.”

Hearing this gave Lute pause. His sister was three years older and she was entering her senior year at a college in the city. She had stayed up there and worked the past two summers, so the two of them hadn’t spent as much time together as they had in the past, and were less involved in each other’s lives. Lute knew she had an active sex life – though he had been unaware that it also included women – but sex wasn’t something they ever talked much about.

But he did know that his sister was intrigued with his big cock. That had become obvious after the second or third time she had “accidently” walked in on him in the bathroom they shared at home. She always apologized and rushed out, but not until she got a good look at her brother’s thick ten-inch member.

So he considered her proposal while he quietly sized her up. Whereas Lute resembled their dad, Bridget was a younger version of their mother. She had her mom’s same thick mane of dark wavy hair and pretty face, and a similar body shape – with the same set of great tits.

And just as she had found ways to get a gander at her his big cock, he had done the same by peeking in on his comely sister in various stages of undress when she didn’t know he was around.

As these thoughts ran bursa escort through his head, Bridget continued looking at her brother with a shy smile. But before Lute could frame a response, the bedroom door opened and in walked Barbara.

Freshly showered and wearing a light robe, Barbara regarded both Lute and Bridget and chuckled, “Hey, gang!” And then the 40 year-old vixen leaned over and gave Bridget a long sexy kiss before she slid onto the bed and did the same with Lute. Then snuggling up against him, Barbara smiled at the siblings and asked, “So, have you two discussed why you both happen to be here in your Auntie Barbara’s room at this late hour?”

“We were just getting into that,” Bridget replied, “And he’s trying to decide how he feels about having his virtuous big sister watch him get naked and nasty with our sweet aunt.” And then looking at her brother she added, “Is that a fair assessment of the situation?”

Smiling, he replied, “Yeah, that pretty much covers it.”

After a pause, Barbara looked up at him and said, “Well stud, given the show that I just put on for you with your mom and uncle, it does seem like it’s only fair to let your sister have a good seat for the next performance. I mean, it’s not often that a girl gets to watch a young guy with a huge cock fuck a hot older woman. Right?”

Mulling this over as he chuckled and massaged Barbara’s exposed thigh, Lute said, “I see your point,” and then looking over at his sister who was still standing by the door, he said, “Sure, what the hell. Have a seat.” And then he leaned over the bed and reached into the pocket of his shorts and pulled out a joint, lighting it with the candle on the bedside table. “But this requires some mood alteration, don’t ya’ think?” he asked as he took a hit and then handed the reefer to Barbara.

“Absolutely,” she said as she took a long toke as Bridget sidled over for her turn.

And as the joint made a few more rounds, Bridget arranged a window fan to exit the smoke from the room.

They were all soon thrumming under the influence of the fine weed, and Bridget settled back into her chair by the window while Barbara and Lute began to kiss and caress.

“Mmm…” Barbara sighed as Lute slid his hand under her robe and began massaging her ass, “Your mom and Jack and I were just the warm up act, because you and I are gonna’ be the night’s featured performance, aren’t we stud?”

“No doubt,” Lute said quietly, still getting used to having his sister close by as his cock stretched his briefs.

“So don’t be shy, lover, ’cause Bridget is just dying to see you fuck me with that monster cock of yours,” she whispered as she slipped her hand into his shorts and began fondling his growing member. “And did she tell you that she and I get nasty sometimes, and that she loves to eat pussy?”

“Yeah, she sorta’ mentioned that,” Lute replied as he glanced over at his sister who now had one foot up on her chair, revealing the white panties she wore under her light sun dress.

“And did she tell you that a couple of times when she came to visit me that she got into bed with my ex-husband David and me and fucked with us like a demon slut?” she whispered into his ear, but loud enough so Bridget could hear.

“No, that didn’t come up,” he said as he looked over at Bridget again, who just shrugged her shoulders and gave him her sly smile.

“Oh, yeah,” Barbara continued whispering, “She’s just as nasty as your mother…or maybe even nastier.”

Looking at Bridget again, but now in a new light based on Barbara’s revelations, Lute slowly began to see his sister as the sexy creature she had apparently become, not just as his fun-loving older sibling.

“Oh, really?” Lute said with an incredulous chuckle, “Even nastier than mom, eh?”

“Mmm…I think so,” Barbara whispered as she continued stroking the shaft of his now erect cock as it stretched his briefs beyond their holding capacity. Then, content to let Lute mull over what he had just learned, she moved her head down to his crotch and began sucking on his cock’s engorged knob that was sticking out of the top of his shorts.

Dropping his head back against a bed pillow, Lute could only moan as Barbara pulled down his shorts and let loose his stiff ten inches of primed veiny muscle. And had he looked at his sister, he would have seen a look of lusty surprise cross her face when she saw her brother’s massive hard on for the first time.

“Oh, yeah…” Barbara growled as she drove her mouth over Lute’s distended wood and sucked it hungrily, grabbing its long thick shaft with both hands, “Definitely bigger than Jack’s,” she whispered as she attacked Lute’s monster, “God, what a family!”

Heating up, Barbara undid her robe and tossed it aside, joining Lute’s nakedness as she continued sucking on his swollen meat, her big fleshy tits now flopping against his torso. As she watched the intensifying action, Bridget slipped a hand inside her panties and began slowly bursa escort bayan working over her pussy as she watched Barbara and Lute shift into second gear.

“Look at the size of this, Bridget,” Barbara whispered as she removed her mouth from his cock but kept her hands wrapped around its thick shaft, “Have you ever fucked a guy with a cock this big?”

“Never,” Bridget whispered, sizing up the length and girth of her brother’s appendage while she continued fingering her twat. It was indeed an absolute beast, and just the sight of it made her pussy tingle.

When Barbara had invited her to join them that evening, it was with the understanding she would just be an observer. And she had every intention of sticking to that agreement. But as she watched Barbara’s big tits sway about while she deep throated Lute’s huge cock, Bridget became increasingly aroused and sensed that her resolve was slipping away. And without even being aware that she had removed them, she realized her panties were now off and she had two fingers slipped into her juicy cunt and was working it over with growing intensity.

After letting Barbara have her way with his growling manhood for a while, Lute was now sitting up and fondling her big tits as she continued sucking him off, “Oh, yeah, that’s right, suck it…suck it!” he moaned as Barbara drove his cock deep into her throat, gagging slightly as she came up for air, her mucous stringing off of his slick member like warm mozzarella from a pizza.

“Now come up here and give me your pussy,” Lute whispered. Getting up on all fours and straddling Lute’s torso in a classic sixty-nine position, Barbara settled her furry cunt down onto his face as she resumed sucking his huge boner while he slid his tongue into her gaping twat.

“Oh, fuck, yes,” Barbara groaned as Lute drove his face deeper into her pussy and found her clit, which he began to tongue in earnest, “Oh, god, yes, Luther!

From her nearby vantage point, Bridget was pleased to see her brother go after Barbara’s pussy with such enthusiasm. Bridget had been with lots of guys who were clueless about how to please a woman. But what she could see of her brother, and from what Barbara had told her, he wasn’t just some guy with a huge cock that only cared about stretching out a girl’s pussy and then rolling over to go to sleep once he shot his wad. Luther was an attentive lover. And that filled Bridget with sisterly pride, as well as a growing lust.

Lute was now lifting his hips to drive his huge member deeper into Barbara’s mouth while he gripped her thighs and ass and ravaged her hungry cunt with his mouth and tongue. And this was driving her wild. “Oh, god, yes!” she moaned as sweat dripped off of her forehead and her moist body glistened in the candlelight, “Oh, yeah baby, yeah!”

It was soon obvious that Barbara was on the verge of a climax, and knowing just how to send her over the edge, Lute pulled her ass cheeks apart and shoved his fingers into her anus and began to finger-fuck her ass while he continued sucking on her swollen clit. And as expected, that did the job.

“Oh, fuck, Luther, I’m gonna’ cum, baby, I’m gonna’ cum!” Barbara hissed as she lifted her mouth off of his cock and sat back on his face, driving his mouth deeper into the damp mound of her cunt.

“Oh, god, that’s it…that’s it! Fuck yes, baby, oh, yeah!” Barbara wailed softly as a deep orgasm began to course through her body, making her gasp and moan as it did, “Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes…yes!”

And after her groans and spasms finally subsided, she lifted her soggy twat from Lute’s face and slowly climbed off of his torso and dropped down next to him on the bed.

“Oh, my god, that was amazing!” Barbara whispered as she tenderly reached over and touched his sweaty body, watching his chest rise and fall as he breathed.

And then looking over at Bridget, Barbara saw that she too looked blissful, with her head drooped back and her own patch of thick pussy hair sopping wet, fresh from a self-induced orgasm. So involved in her own wailing climax, Barbara had missed seeing Bridget rub one out.

Satisfied, but nonetheless aroused by observing this young woman’s beautiful swollen pussy, Barbara slipped off of the bed and went over to Bridget’s chair. Kneeling, she positioned her face between Bridget’s legs and began to kiss her inner thighs as she gradually worked her way up to her sodden twat.

“Mmm…that’s nice,” Bridget whispered as Barbara kissed and advanced towards her pussy. And when Barbara’s tongue found her red clit, she gasped, “Oh, yeah, that’s even nicer!”

It didn’t take long for Barbara to push Bridget back into orgasm mode as she expertly lapped on her pussy. And Bridget spread her legs wide apart and slid down in the chair so her cunt was completely available to her lover. As Barbara worked her face into her twat, Bridget lifted her sundress up and over her head and tossed it aside, so she now was only wearing the low cut white escort bursa bra that held her succulent breasts. And reaching behind her, she undid the bra’s clasp and pulled it off, revealing her big tits with their large dark areolas and nipples.

Lute was fascinated by what he was seeing as he lay back on the bed, his head propped up on a pillow and his eyes glued on his two companions. Grabbing his cock, he began stroking his huge member while he watched Barbara coax Bridget towards another orgasm.

“Oh, god, Barbara, that feels soooo good!” Bridget moaned as she ran the fingers of one hand through Barbara’s hair while the other grabbed and massaged one of her own big tits. “I’m gonna’ cum again…real soon…really, really soon…oh, god, yes!” And when she threw her head back, her body shivered and arched forward like she’d been shoved from behind, “Oh, god, yes!” she gasped, “Oh, yeah!”

Barbara sat back on her haunches on the floor as Bridget’s climax subsided, and then she stood up and straddled Bridget’s lap and gave her some long languid kisses. “I’ve got a guy with a huge cock over there waiting to fuck me,” Barbara whispered, “So you just wait right here and I’ll see you later.” And then giving her one more long kiss, Barbara slid off Bridget’s lap and turned towards Lute.

“My god, look at what he’s got for me, Bridget!” Barbara exclaimed when she saw Lute stroking his big meat that stood up like a mortar shell ready for fire. “Every time I see that thing all big and hard like that, I’m amazed I’m able to get it inside my pussy!”

Then turning back towards Bridget she added, “So, are you ready to watch your little brother fuck the bejeezus out of me?”

Bridget just smiled and nodded. The fact that she and her brother were fully naked and in such close proximity to each other no longer seemed quite so unnerving. And she made no effort to close her legs and conceal her drenched pussy, or to cover up her big luscious breasts. She was enjoying having Lute see them, and she also loved watching him stroke his long thick cock. Over the course of the past hour, she had grown to view Lute less as her little brother, and more as a good-looking guy with a huge cock. And when their eyes met, neither Lute nor Bridget looked away. Instead, they held the other’s gaze as if to say, “So, is this what we’ve been wanting to see for all of these years?”

Interrupting Bridget’s reverie, Barbara said with a salacious grin, “Your Uncle Jack fucked me up the ass earlier, so I’m planning to let Lute take my pussy. Sound good to you?” And again, Bridget just nodded and smiled.

“Alrighty then,” Barbara said as she turned back towards Lute and slid in next to him on the bed, “Alrighty then!”

The weed they had smoked earlier was sweet and strong, so all three of the lovers remained under the influence and with heightened senses as Barbara and Lute began to kiss.

“You ready to show your big sister how you plow my pussy with this big stud cock, Luther? You ready for that?” Barbara whispered to him as she stroked his thick meat.

“I’m ready,” he replied quietly as he grabbed her torso and began to pull her on top of him. But instead of mounting his cock as she normally would, facing forward, Barbara climbed on Lute in a reverse cowgirl position so she could face Bridget and give her a better view of the action.

Squatting and positioning her pussy over Lute’s huge erect cock, Barbara slowly eased herself down onto his meat, letting it stretch and fill her to the max.

“Oh, god, yeah!” Barbara whispered to Bridget as Lute’s thick tool continued to cram into her hungry cunt, “Oh, baby, fuck yeah!”

Making eye contact, the two ladies smiled seductively at each other as Barbara drove herself further down onto Lute’s pole, until at last it was completely enveloped by her stretched twat. Pausing momentarily, Barbara lifted up one of her big tits to her mouth and sucked on it while she continued gazing at Bridget, who watched lustily from her chair.

Then, rising back up on his cock as she spread her fingers over her pussy, Barbara lowered herself again. And she repeated this action several times, each plunge a bit faster than the one before, until soon she was bouncing frenetically on Lute’s cock while he held her from behind and drove his hips forward to meet each of her furious plunges.

Bridget was taking all of this in and becoming increasingly aroused by the sight of Barbara impaling herself on Lute’s amazing member, her big tits flopping about as he drove himself harder and harder into her wanton pussy.

Until at last, almost hypnotically, Bridget slowly climbed out of her chair and approached the two lovers, now determined to be closer to their carnal acts. Moving herself into the fray, she began kissing Barbara, kneading and grappling her big floppy tits as she did. And then when Barbara climbed off of Lute’s huge organ to move into a new position, before either of them knew what happened, Bridget took her place, mounting her brother in a classic cowgirl and driving her own hungry cunt down onto his monster cock so hard and fast that it stretched her tight snatch like never before, causing her to give a muffled scream, “Oh, my god!”

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