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I have always been a fairly mild and meek person and would never get involved in any sort of confrontation and for that reason people seem to treat me rather badly.

As an 18 year old in his last year at school I had begun to rebel a little and although my parents told me off a lot I tended to ignore them and do what I wanted to anyway. One day just as term was about to finish my mum said that I was going to spend the summer holiday with my auntie Dee. She said that as I wouldn’t do as I was told with her, maybe auntie Dee could knock some sense into me.

Auntie Dee was Ok but a bit too strict for my liking and if I did the slightest thing wrong she seemed to delight in telling me off. She was a few years younger than my mum and although not fat was rather a large sort of person and often wore low cut t shirts which emphasised her large breasts. A few times she caught me staring at them and she would say ‘haven’t you seen a pair of breasts before?’

I had made friends with some of the other local teenagers but auntie had given me strict times of when I had to be home. Although I didn’t have to get up early for school, during the week I had to be in by 10.30 and on Saturday I was allowed to stay out until midnight.

After a week or so I was getting really fed up with her telling me off all the time. It seemed I couldn’t do anything right. One Saturday I went to a party in the village and had a little too much to drink and got home at 12.15. As I put the key in the lock she was suddenly standing there in her dressing gown and said, ‘you know the rules, it’s midnight at the latest and you’ve clearly been drinking, I’ll deal with you in the morning. I will not tolerate this behaviour in my house. You will do as I say, now get to bed and I want you downstairs at 8.15 to face your punishment, because believe me, you are going to be punished.’

I went up to my room and before dropping off to sleep wondered what my punishment would be. I was woken by auntie in the morning. She shook me and said, ‘It’s 8.15 I want you downstairs now, don’t bother to get dressed, just put on your dressing gown.’

I dashed into the bathroom, had a quick pee and washed my face and went down to the kitchen. As I walked in her face was like thunder. ‘Sit down,’ she ordered.

‘I’m really pissed off the way you’ve been acting since you’ve been here. I seem to have done nothing but tell you off and last night was the last straw. I’ve spoken to your mother and she agrees that you need to be punished, now come into the lounge with me,’ she said.

I followed her in. She sat on the sofa and I stood in front of her. As I looked down I could see down the top of her t shirt and I’m sure she saw me looking. She was wearing black shorts and she said, ‘take your dressing gown off and lay across my legs, you’re going to get a good smacking.’

I was very embarrassed as I took of my dressing gown and dropped it on a chair. I knelt on the floor and lifted myself onto her lap. I felt my cock squashing against her legs. Suddenly her hand came down hard on my arse. I yelled as it stung and she said, ‘Now are you going to do as I tell you?’

‘Oh yes, auntie,’ I replied.

‘That didn’t sound very convincing,’ she said. Her hand slapped down again.

‘Take your pants off,’ she ordered me.

‘Definitely not,’ I replied.

She shouted, ‘Take them off or go home to mum and dad.’

I stood up and dropped my pants. I have never felt so embarrassed. I put my hands in front of my private parts and covered myself.

‘Put your hands behind your back,’ she shouted.

I kept them in front of me.

‘OK then get dressed and go home,’ she said.

I didn’t want to go home and I reluctantly moved my hands and put them behind my back.

She giggled and said, ‘Oh dear, what a small cock, now I know why you kept yourself covered. Now lay across me and I can smack you properly.’

I did as she said and I have to admit that I liked the feel of my cock against her legs and then she smacked three or four times in quick succession. It stung but bursa escort also started feeling nice. I felt my cock growing as I pushed against aunties legs. She could obviously feel me growing as she continued smacking me and each time telling me how I had to start behaving. I was so aroused now that the pain was turning to pleasure.

Suddenly she stopped and said, ‘That’s disgusting, you’re getting aroused, stand up.’

I stood up and covered my erection with my hands.

‘Hands behind your back,’ she roared.

I did as she said and my erect 6 inch cock stood out in front of me.

‘Go and stand in the corner until you learn to control yourself,’ she said.

I went and stood there with my back to her, ‘Turn round so I can see you,’ she shouted.

I turned round and as much as I tried my cock would not go down. The cheeks of my arse were stinging and I liked the feeling. As I looked across the room to her I saw her large breasts almost poking out the top of her t shirt. The trouble is that just kept me hard. After a few minutes she said, ‘Well if you’re not going to be able to control yourself you’ll have to be punished even more.’

She went into the kitchen and came back with a table tennis bat. She sat down on the sofa and pointed to her lap. I walked over to her and leaned across her. She parted her legs and my cock went through the space. Suddenly the bat hit the cheeks of my arse and really hurt. I yelled out in pain. But I realised I was getting more and more aroused as smack after smack rained down on me.

Now I was rubbing myself against her legs and suddenly I knew I had to stop or it would be too late. I said, ‘Auntie, I really think you should stop before it’s too late.’

Just as she said, ‘What are you talking about.’

I spurted all my spunk over her legs.

She stopped smacking and said, ‘Whatever have you done, that’s disgusting, I’m your auntie, that’s very naughty of you.’

I stood up my cock still half hard. She looked at my spunk running down her legs and said, ‘I think you’d better lick them clean.’

She sat back in the sofa, her legs parted and I knelt between them and leaned forward and licked my spunk up. I had tasted it before many times when I wanked into my hand.

‘Let me see it in your mouth.’ She said.

I knelt up and opened my mouth and she could see my spunk in my mouth.

‘Swallow it,’ she ordered me.

I did as she said and swallowed it down and she said, ‘Now make sure you’ve licked it all off you disgusting little boy.’

As I knelt down again I could see up the legs of her shorts and I felt myself getting aroused again. I licked up and down her legs and even onto her thighs even though none of my spunk had gone there.

I was now very hard again and she said, ‘You need to be punished further.’

She stood up and beckoned me, she looked down at my erection again. She went upstairs and I followed her into the bathroom. She said, ‘I need to pee and you’re going to lick me clean.’

She lowered her shorts and as she sat down I saw the hairs in between her legs. I was standing on front of her with a hard on. I heard her noisily peeing. When she had finished she stood up and said, ‘Now lick me dry.’

I knelt on the floor and leaned towards her and put my mouth to her pussy. I could see the dribbles of pee on her hairs and I licked them. I loved the smell and taste. Then I felt her hands behind my head and she pulled me tight against her and rubbed herself against me. She was panting now and saying, ‘You disgusting dirty boy doing this to your auntie, you disgust me. How dare you lick my cunt and try to make me cum, you are filthy.’

All the time she was grinding her pussy against my face and talking like this. I couldn’t have got away if I had wanted too. Then I felt her cumming against me and she cried out louder saying I was a dirty fucker and had to be punished as she finished her climax. She released her grip on me and sat back down on the toilet to recover. She looked at my erection and said, ‘Wank yourself off now in front of bursa escort bayan me.’

I started rubbing my cock as I looked at my auntie. I asked, ‘can I see your tits auntie?’

‘No you disgusting boy,’ she shouted back at me.

I was rubbing myself faster and faster and knew I was going to cum. I wanted to cum over her but knew I would be punished again so I turned to face the bath and shot spurt after spurt of hot cum into it.

‘Who gave you permission to climax?’ she asked.’ I told you to wank, I never mentioned anything about cumming, you’ll need to be punished for that.’

‘Now clean the bath, shower and come downstairs for breakfast, and leave your dressing gown on,’ she said.

She went downstairs and got breakfast ready. I rinsed the bath out, had a shower, put my dressing gown on and went down to the kitchen. There was a nice smell of fresh coffee and toast. I sat down with her and we had breakfast although we hardly spoke. As soon as we had finished she said, ‘Come into the lounge with me.’

I followed her in and the sat on the sofa, next to her were several items of clothing. She pointed to the armchair for me to sit down.

‘There are several things I need to speak to you about. I think you realise now that if you disobey me you are going to be punished and it will not be pleasant. When we in the bathroom I gave you permission to masturbate, I didn’t say anything about ejaculating. From now on if you want to masturbate you ask me. Is that clear? I may let you, I may not, I may tell you to do in private, I may say do it in front of me, do you understand?’ she said.

‘Yes auntie,’ I replied.

‘Another thing, you asked if you could see my tits. Now don’t you think that’s a disgusting thing to ask your auntie? I certainly do. If I had agreed what would you have done?’ she asked.

By now I was very embarrassed but also getting quite aroused and I could feel my cock growing beneath my dressing gown.

‘I wanted to look at them as I masturbated.’ I replied very sheepishly.

‘That’s disgusting, you’re a filthy little boy wanting to masturbate while looking at auntie’s tits. What else would you like to do to them?’ she asked, clearly getting aroused herself. There was nothing she liked more than dominating someone and she was having some fun with her nephew.

‘I’d like to feel them and, and, well suck them,’ I replied.

She stood up, her hands on her hips and glared at me and said, ‘You want to suck auntie’s tits, who do you think I am, your mother? Only mothers have their tits sucked by their children and they are certainly a lot younger than you,’ she said.

This language was arousing both of them. Dee was not, of course, offended by her nephew’s comments. In fact they aroused her immensely and the thought of his sucking her tits was making her nipples very hard and her pussy very wet.

‘You need to be taught that I am in control in this house, you’ll start by wearing my panties and a petticoat instead of your underpants and shorts. The weather is hot enough for that. It will teach you to control your pathetic penis, I just can’t do with it getting out of control and becoming erect. Some of my friends will be calling here while you’re here and you’ll continue to wear these clothes, is that clear? I know it’s embarrassing and humiliating but that’s the point of it,’ she said.

‘Now come over her and let me dress you,’ she ordered .

As she undid my dressing gown I could feel my cock was quite hard, not fully erect but certainly getting there. Then she took it off and then reached for my underpants. As she lowered them my cock sprang to attention.

‘Oh dear, here we go again,’ she said. ‘Why ever can’t you control yourself?’

‘I’m sorry auntie,’ I apologised.

She reached for a pale pink pair of silk panties and made me step into them. As she pulled them up my legs and over my cock I loved the feel of the silky material against me. Then she made me step into a similar coloured petticoat. I felt foolish but very aroused and my cock was now pressing against escort bursa my new panties and auntie could clearly see it.

‘Whatever am I going to do with you?’ she asked. ‘You know you have to ask me before you masturbate don’t you?’ Well are you going to ask me?’ she asked.

‘Actually I was wondering whether you would do it for me please auntie?’ I asked.

She stood up and said disgustingly, ‘You want me to masturbate you, your auntie, you want your auntie to masturbate you, next you’ll be asking to suck my tits,’ she replied.

‘Well that would be wonderful too,’ I replied.

She said, ‘I told you, it’s only mummies who get their tits sucked by their little boys. Would you like me to be your mummy?’

‘Oh yes please,’ I replied. ‘I’d be very good and do everything you told me to.’

‘You’d have to call me mummy all the time you’re here,’ she replied.

‘Yes of course, I’d really like that, having another mummy,’ I said.

She sat back down at the end of the sofa and reached behind her and unclipped her bra and took it off and dropped it on the floor.

‘Lay down and put your head in mummy’s lap then,’ she said.

I lay down and did as she said. I was only inches away from her large breast even though they were still covered by her t shirt. She lifted her t shirt and took one of her large breasts in her hands and fed it into my mouth and said, ‘It’s time for mummy’s milk now.’

I sucked voraciously on her nipple and loved the feel as it hardened in my mouth. Obviously there was no milk from it but I loved it. I sucked it and licked it. Clearly she was enjoying it too as I could hear her breathing getting heavier and heavier. After a short while she said, ‘Time for the other one now.’

This nipple was already rock hard but I still loved sucking it as much and I reached up and started squeezing the other one. I was now rock hard and although I couldn’t see it I was sure my cock was standing to attention. Then I felt her hand rubbing me through the petticoat and panties. I sucked harder and squeezed the other nipple even harder. I knew auntie was getting aroused as she pulled the petticoat up and put her hand inside the panties and was now wanking me faster and faster.

Suddenly she called out, ‘Cum for mummy, suck mummy’s nipples while mummy makes her little boy cum.’

She knew I was only seconds away from cumming and as I started throbbing she pulled my foreskin right back and I ejaculated all over her hands and the petticoat.

‘Did you like mummy wanking you and did you like sucking mummy’s tits?’ she asked.

‘Of course, mummy it was wonderful,’ I replied.

‘Does mummy need to cum now?’ I asked.

‘Yes, but it’s so naughty her little boy making her cum, would you like to watch mummy doing it to herself and then you could see what mummy likes to have done to her so that maybe next time you could do it for her,’ she replied.

She took her t shirt off and her panties and shorts. I could see how wet she was as her cunt hair was so moist. She parted her legs wide and slid a finger inside her and the another and another and started finger fucking herself.

‘Look how wet mummy’s cunt is,’ she said as she continued. ‘Play with mummy’s tits please,’ she begged.

Her eyes were closed as she masturbated. I played with her tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples. I was soon very hard again. I got in between her legs and asked, ‘Shall I fuck you mummy?’

‘No, it’s too naughty, you mustn’t fuck mummy, oh fuck, I need to cum, yes fuck me, fuck mummy, make mummy cum,’ she pleaded.

I moved forward and eased my cock to her open slit. She grabbed hold of my cock and eased it inside her. I started moving in and out, going further with each thrust until I was all the way in. Suddenly I felt her shuddering, she was gasping with pleasure and then she climaxed. A huge gush of her cunt juices flooded out of her and all over me. I was ready to cum and I asked her, ‘Shall I cum inside you mummy?’

Suddenly I started spurting, flooding her insides with my young wet spunk. I finished and collapsed on top of her, my cock still inside her.

She said, ‘That was very naughty of you, you mustn’t do that ever again.’

‘You mean not again today,’ I asked.

She smiled and nodded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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