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We are out rock hounding when I mentioned it.

“You have got to be kidding!”

You have your hands on your hips as you glare at me. You are trying to look angry and upset, but it wasn’t working.

“I’m serious.”

I put my hands on my hips as well, mimicking your pose. You look so cute when you try to look mad. Your hair was flowing down around your shoulders and you are dressed in your jeans, a flannel shirt and your down vest.

“It’s freezing outside. I know it’s only October but it’s cold!”

You glance down at my cock rising in my jeans then back up to my face. I am wearing those worn jeans that you say make my butt look so sexy. I also have on a gray wool sweater, which is worn and stretched in places. You still love me, anyway.

“You think I’m going to have sex with you outdoors? It’s freezing!’

I take three steps toward you and kiss your hard. I press my warm lips against yours and wait for a reaction. I feel your body relax as I slide my tongue gently against your lips. I move my hands from my hips to yours, pulling you in gently.

“You’re desperate.”

I grin. Your tone of voice is pleading with me to go further even though your words are trying to make me stop. I’m not planning on stopping until we both get what we want. I kiss you again, this time harder. Slowly, I lower you to the ground. We can barely hear the crackling of the dry leaves on the ground. It is like a blanket to protect us from the cold ground. Neither of us notices the sound or the feel of the leaves. We are both moaning canlı bahis and whimpering so loudly.

“We’re not having sex on the ground!” You are trying to sound rational, but I move my mouth from your lips and am slowly nibbling along your jaw line. My rough stubble is brushing against your feminine skin.

“Yes we are.” I kneel by your feet and undo your pants. I don’t even wait for a response. I pull them down along with your panties until they are around your knees. Your pubic hair is trimmed but full and I can’t help but grin. You are soaking wet. Your pussy lips are bright pink and swollen. Your clit is throbbing and poking out between your tight lips. I am in pure heaven.

You are shivering a bit, but I notice that your clit is still throbbing and it is as if you are even more aroused. I lean down and suck your clit gently into my mouth. I love the reaction I get as you let out a low, growling moan.

“God you drive me crazy. We are not having sex outdoors!”

You are too far-gone to think anymore. You try to emphasize the word not, but halfway through you just cry out in pleasure. I suck gently on your clit and then pull back, letting the cold air hit your sensitive skin. I know the exact moment that the cold air made it uncomfortable. Each time, I latch on to your sensitive part, sucking and warming it with my wet hot mouth.

I grin as I watch you, peering at your face over the ridge of your labia. You are squirming around on the ground, trying to pinch your nipples. The layers of clothing are preventing bahis siteleri your from touching your nipples, but you were persistent.

I love this scene so much. You have leaves in your beautiful hair. You are so consumed with your impeding orgasm that you have totally forgotten your principle of not having sex outdoors.

“Cock. I need your cock now.”

I set up on my knees again and undo my jeans. My cock is desperate for release. I feel the cool air as I release my cock and wince. I pull your legs over your head and push my cock deep into your pussy. I watch as you reach forward and grab onto your legs. Your pants and panties are still around your knees, which means that your legs are together. This just makes your already tight pussy feel even tighter. Each thrust made my cock feel ice cold and burning hot. Your pussy was hot and the air was cold. I grab your hips and follow you order to fuck you harder.

“God!” You scream out as you cum hard against my cock. You reach down and begin to rub your clit. You are still cumming as you pinch and pulled your clit.

“Again. Make me cum again.” You are almost screaming those words. You get very demanding during sex and I know that, in the end, you will cum a few more times. I love this about you because the more you cum, the wetter and hotter your pussy gets. I know when I do cum inside you, it will feel so good.

I pull my cock out to flip your over. As we are temporarily apart, we both feel the cold air, but don’t care. The moment you are on your hands and knees I roughly bahis şirketleri thrust back inside you. We can see we are surrounded by beautiful fall scenery but don’t appreciate it at all. What I am paying attention to is the fact that you are so wet your thighs are soaking. My cock is so hard that it is pushing against the back of your pussy. Each thrust brings me closer and closer to orgasm. I use your hair to pull your head back and you close your eyes. The cold air has given you goose bumps, but your pussy is so hot that it equals out.

“Fuck me harder. Come on you. Fuck me!”

I continue thrusting, but can feel the pressure building in my hips. My orgasm is so strong that I nearly knock us both over. Your cold hands reach out and grip my balls and tug. It is so arousing to have my balls tugged on, but the cold skin of your hand made him jump. I lean forward, close my eyes and breathe deeply as I put my hands on the ground by your hands as I cum inside you.

The moment I am finished cumming and the world stopped spinning; I feel a wetness splash against by balls as a gush of orgasmic juices flow from your pussy. You were gushing. I reach under and feel a stream of your juices land on the ground. It is so naughty and so sexy at the same time.

My breathing was back to normal and I lean back. My cock slides gently out of your wet pussy. I began to do up my jeans while I watch you stand up and do the same.

“You’re wild.”

I laugh as I take a step towards you and gently pick a yellow leaf from your hair. You are trying so hard to look in control but we both know that it isn’t working. You have given in and enjoyed every minute of it.

“I think I might want to keep that leaf, darling.” you say as you take it from my hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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