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This is the final part of the “Resurrection of Crazy Jane.” This part does not stand on its own, so please begin the story from the start to have the full effect.

I have released an epilogue, as well, to be read following this part, if you’re so inclined. In a bit of “Choose your own adventure” you can choose to let Part 6 stand on its own, or see the characters’ futures in an (admittedly sexless) epilogue.

Thanks for reading! It was so fun to create this story and I hope you enjoyed it! Please give feedback, good or bad. I love any comments and if you post a comment, I will respond if it warrants it.


If I was a cartoon character, my eyes would have popped out, like an anvil was flying straight on my head.

Only it was Zoey.

She kept lunging her body at me with a sense of desperation, attempting to reach past me, going straight for my now-softening cock.

While her body was full of wanting, her eyes were still pure fury.

Her eyes were enlarged, she was breathing heavily, and she just looked unhinged. Like she could kill me at that instant.

The combination of facial expression and body language was hard to reconcile. And I think it scrambled my brain.

As a result, my body was scared stiff.

“W-w-what are you…?” was all I managed to stammer out during this bizarre scene.

“Nobody says no!” she shouted out, still with crazy eyes, before she suddenly righted herself. It’s like she made the sudden decision that she was going compose herself.

Instantly, she transformed her face into something sultry, though she was obviously forcing it after being so angry just seconds before. She bit her lip and smiled shakily as her eyes oozed passionate lust. She leaned back, grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and slowly took it off her body, revealing both of her luscious tits and completely-nude ripped physique to my eyes.

I couldn’t help it – my cock responded. The sight before me was pure sexual fantasy.

Her breasts simply jutted out from her body, wide and full, capped with gorgeous full and pink areola. Her waist was so slim and cut, flaring out to her tight apple ass.

And her face was pure beauty. Her big blue eyes, peeking out from behind her glasses, illuminating the youthful face and tight body that lay beneath. She was equal parts Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Princess and porn star.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized, despite my earlier thoughts, that this woman actually wanted me. Maybe even needed me. Her desperation still hung in air.

How in the fuck do I compute this?

Growing up, girls laughed at me. Kicked me in the nuts. I was the epitome of a scrawny geek.

And now, this gorgeous woman, eyeing me like a Thanksgiving feast, is overflowing with need. Desperation. For me!?

If my mind wasn’t so used to being blown lately, it would have just seized functioning.

I would never have a woman this beautiful again. I knew that. She was a once-in-a-lifetime wet dream come to life.

Beth and I were going to break up anyway. It was fated, honestly. She couldn’t keep managing her crazy while being in a relationship with me. While I was desperately trying to fuck her. This was obvious.

And sitting before me, stark naked, horny and wanting nothing more than me, was this beauty.


I had to decide again – go for it? Or not?

I really wanted to. I couldn’t deny it. I wanted to.

Then she interrupted my entire train of thought.

“Come on,” she said with allure. “You know how badly you fucking want me. You want every fucking piece of me,” she cooed, moving her finger down her body, telling me with a spokesmodel’s flair that I could have everything on the menu – as long as I was willing to pay the price.

The price was Beth. And my integrity.

Even if I decided I didn’t want Beth, she deserved a normal breakup. Not some scene with her boyfriend fucking her roommate. She didn’t need that. If her brain wasn’t broken, this would have shattered it.

And even if so, I still couldn’t fuck her roommate after breaking up with her.

Zoey was off limits.

“The only thing…” she continued, again breaking my concentration, “… is that I get your cum. All of your fucking gallons of cum.”

I did a double take. What????

She just giggled upon seeing my confused look. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted. I’ve wanted your cum since I first met you. I’ll admit it. I’m a cumslut. And a bit of a size queen.”

My eyes were wide, and again, I felt like a cartoon character. Like I wanted to shake my head wildly at her proclamation and eyeball her like a wolf staring at the pinup.

This is really happening? Right? She just said all this shit? We’re not in a porno right now?

She smiled widely after coming out of the cumslut closet and slowly began to move toward me, her naked body now pressing her flesh into my chest. God, it felt good. The sensation of sincan escort flesh on flesh, her huge tits pressing into my body as she brought her face six inches away from mine, felt better than any amount horseplay with my cock.

It was sensuous.

I must have finally become a sensuous man.

“That’s right,” she continued as I stayed silent and shocked. “As soon as I saw that you were hung like a horse, I knew you’d have lots of cum in there.” As she said that, she moved her hand down to my cock, now revived, and grasped her hand around the shaft.

“Fuck, baby,” she smiled at me, “you have no idea how fucking huge you are, do you?”

Frightened as fuck, almost shaking, I just shook my head “no.”

“You have no idea how hot that is,” she said, “that you don’t even know.” She moved her face closer to me, close enough to lick my lips, but still far enough away that we couldn’t start kissing.

She moved her head closer to my face to let her lips trail in a series of wet kisses, up my cheek, and to my ear. My body was buzzing with excitement and fear.

“You know what else?” she whispered when her lips reached my ear, nibbling on my earlobe during silent moments.

“When I saw you cum…” Nibble nibble … “while I was blowing your friend…” Nibble lick … “I’d never seen that much cum…” Lick nibble bite … “from one man…” Lick nibble suck … “in my whole fucking life…” Lick nibble BITE…

She sunk her teeth into my earlobe, and the pleasant pain made me close my eyes and moan. Fuck, she was so damn arousing. Whatever power I had earlier to turn her away from me was now absolutely, 100 percent gone.

As she nibbled my ear, she began jacking my rock-hard cock with noticeable speed. I couldn’t resist. But more than anything, I couldn’t resist letting her be in charge. That’s obviously what she wanted.

And I was going to let her have it.

Beth was a faint memory. So was my conscience. My will. My integrity. It was all absent.

All that existed was the pulsating pleasure pumping through my cock with her every stroke while she worked an incredibly skilled tongue around my ear and neck.

“That’s it, baby. That’s it,” she said assuringly as she lifted her head to look me in my eyes. “Are you going to quit fighting? Hmm?”

I paused. I felt I should say no. But I just couldn’t. I felt like I couldn’t. Or rather, I shouldn’t.

I didn’t want to see that crazy look again. I liked this Zoey. Sexy Zoey. Alluring Zoey.

Not the Zoey that looked like she’d make me pay for saying no.

Shyly, quietly, I nodded my head. It seemed an almost unsure nod. But it was a nod nonetheless.

Zoey saw my nod, and her face lit up. She smiled as wide as I’d ever seen, and she let out the cutest little giggle. She bit her lip as her toothy grin took up her face.

“Fuck yeah, baby,” she celebrated as she planted a passionate, moist and powerful kiss on my lips. My body was still a bit frozen, almost shaking.

“You got me so upset,” Zoey said to me with an exaggerated pout on her face, still jacking my cock. “When I thought you weren’t going to give me what I wanted,” she shifted tone, to a more quiet, matter-of-fact tone, “I was going to fucking make you pay.”

She what?! This proclamation made her confession of being a cumslut and a size queen melt away. This, what she just said, filled me with dread. It sent a chill up my spine, but not the good kind. It was more like the chill you get when you get the phone call that a family member died. The dread rushes up your spine and clouds your head.

She began to turn her head so she could kiss her way down my chest. Little pecks, every inch or so, down my chest, lower and lower, all the while still gripping my cock.

“And you don’t want to know how I get vengeance,” Zoey informed me with an almost cold tone in her voice. The look made me shudder again. She made it clear that I had no choice anymore. Free will was out the window. I felt so uncomfortable at this moment. I didn’t know how to react. My head was swimming in confusion, but my body obviously liked it. Apparently.

I was still hard as a rock as she continued stroking me, moving her lips lower.

And lower.

“Luckily, my sensuous man, you won’t ever have to find out. Because, finally, I fucking have you.”

In one sinking motion, she plunged down on me, taking all of my cockhead into her mouth, applying mind-erasing suction. As her mouth made physical contact with me, her eyes rolled back in her head as she smiled around the width of my cock. Like it was a sense of relief.

I felt shaky. That was the best word I could use. Like I was shivering. It was almost an out of body experience. Like my soul was trying to check out and not acknowledge what was happening.

But it was happening.

The strange moan I let out as her tongue first massaged my cock was more powerful than any word I could have used to describe it.

“Arrrgghhhaa-haaa-hhaaaaa” ankara escort I bellowed, shivering, as the sensation of her mouth in full blowjob position overtook me. Earlier, she was just trying to mine me for my cum, her lips dancing on my slit.

Now, she was giving me head.

And somehow, I didn’t want to let myself enjoy it.

She started inching her way down, taking about four inches into her mouth, before I saw her begin to tear up.

“Mmmm… fuck!” she groaned as she pulled her face off of my cock, looking straight at me while continuing to stroke. “You’re already choking me, baby,” she admitted as a tear escaped down her cheek, creating a wide, lusty smile.

I think I liked being in control. That was the only thing that could explain this feeling of uneasiness that I had. I decided right then and there that I would do my best to cum as quickly as I could. Because, for the first time, I decided that this feeling that I had, whatever it was, was bad.

I smiled a nervous grin back at her, and I felt my body vibrate.

I didn’t know what this sensation was. I was visibly shaking, like I was walking around inside of a walk-in freezer. I was contending with chills of some sort, and I simply couldn’t stop them. I wasn’t even this shaky when I first had sex with Beth. This was different. Like the whole sensation was out of my control.

She seemed to pay no heed to this. That was, until, my cock started to react.

“Don’t go all soft on me,” she said, gripping my cock tightly to tell me what she was talking about.

I was losing my erection, going from my normal rigidity to floppy in a big hurry.

I began to panic.

Her voice took on more authority, and I had no idea what signals my face was sending. I just felt my mouth still agape, taking all of this in.

“I said don’t go fucking soft on me!”

“Zoey, m-m-maybe…” I nervously stammered as my jaw continued to shiver.

“NO!” she said as her anger returned, and it made that earlier sense of fear come rushing back. “FUCK NO!”

She squeezed my cock harder, to the point where it actually hurt, as she began jacking me at sonic speed, willing my boner to return with its normal vengeance. I felt the rugburn sensation and I winced.

Meanwhile, my brain was scrambled, somehow trying to interpret eight different emotions at once.

She brought her eyes closer to mine, but it wasn’t tender or sexual. It was downright threatening.

“Be a FUCKING MAN!” Zoey’s yelled, her eyes ablaze with rage.

My mind immediately retreated. I thought of Beth. Sweet Beth. I thought of spooning with her in bed, giving her tender kisses. The smile she gave me when I told her she was beautiful. When we shared a goofy joke. Even when we had bad sex. When she seemed like she wasn’t there. Like she mentally checked out.

Like I was doing right now.

I wanted her to be right there with me. When we were making love, I wanted her with me. To look at me and feel what I was feeling. A few times, though, she was.

And that’s what I thought about.

I remembered the time after she bought her cherry red bra, the day after I met Zoey. The little giggles she let out as she let me make love to her on the floor. And the best part was the smallest of motions – when I felt her body seem to reciprocate mine as I thrust my body into hers during foreplay. That simple symbiosis seemed miles away. But my heart ached for it. I was almost tearful thinking about it. Recalling the moment, her shy beauty as we made love, gave me a calmness as I thought, for the first time with true acceptance – I was in love with Beth.

“Atta boy,” Zoey’s words brought me out of my head, staring straight at my cock.

I let my eyes focus open for a moment to see my cock back at full mast, Zoey pumping it aggressively with both hands like a woman possessed. The thought of Beth must have resuscitated me. I noted red welts on my dick as her hands moved quickly, and I felt more ambient pain than pleasure and was scared shitless that I’d lose my hard-on again.

But just as quickly, she jammed my cock into her face, pushing as much down her throat as she could. I couldn’t deny the feeling when my cock head popped past the opening of her throat, into a blanket of warmth I had never felt before. Instinctively, I thrust my hips up, even deeper into her throat, as she grabbed my cock tightly at the root and started aggressively gagging herself on my girth.

She pulled herself off of my cock, saliva escaping her throat in bubbly handfuls, running down my shaft as her teary eyes looked almost cross-eyed at my cock.

She wasn’t even acknowledging my presence anymore. She was simply talking straight to my dick.

“Fuck, you’re amazing,” she said to my cock in a haze of lust, making eye contact with my cock head as she continued rubbing and sucking before pulling her head off again. “I need your fucking cum.”

She sucked etimegut escort a few more seconds before she suddenly adjusted herself, moving her body up mine, and once again, I froze.

She had hovered her shaved pussy right above my still-hard, saliva-coated cock.

She wouldn’t…

“This will move the process along,” she said, finally addressing me, “so I can take all your fucking cum.”

I wanted to push her away. I wanted to end this. To run away. To find Beth. To live on a commune all day long and make love and write poetry and even worship her God. Anywhere else.


“No…” I finally uttered. It was soft, non committal. Almost a reflex.

My body was frozen, but I opened up my eyes quickly enough to see her angle her head up to me. Those crazy, angry eyes returned as she held my cock in her hand and the opening of her pussy was kissing my cock head.

“I already told you,” Zoey informed me as she took on an evil grin. “Nobody. Says. No.”

With absolutely no fanfare, she pushed her body down onto my cock, and again those feelings of horrific shaking returned.

“Oh, holy fucking fuck!” Zoey screamed. “This cock is so fucking amazing!”

But I was motionless. I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. My brain was simply beaten into submission.

I closed my eyes as I felt her move slowly down my shaft, moaning, gasping and muttering with every single inch she took in. I finally felt myself bottom out, then came the massage.

I felt her pussy grip me, like hundreds of fingers massaging my cock with pinpoint accuracy, and as the tightness enveloped me with her every squeeze, if finally started to relax me. It had the effect of a shiatsu massage. And I couldn’t help but moan as I felt my cock flex inside of her.

“That’s it, baby. That’s it,” Zoey said assuringly. “Give mama your cum.”

I tried opening my eyes, and the vision on top of me, Zoey’s beauty, her big blue eyes, her stupidly perfect tits and rock hard body, still couldn’t cure me of these stupid thoughts I was having. I was chastising myself for wanting to leave this scene. It was perfect. Any man in the world would want to be here right now. But Zoey was right. I am a pussy. I’m not even a man. I’m a disembodied cock. My only worth is my cum. My life-giving cum. She was right. I owed her for being here. For being with me. I didn’t deserve it. I’m undeserving. But she chose me. She chose my cock and she’s made that clear. So I needed to give her what she wanted.

The Beth’s smiling face entered my mind. Our cute little courtship. The glances we stole from each other when we were working on our story together. The short story project that brought us together. Holding hands walking through campus to class. The first time we kissed at her front door after our first date, when we went to the movies to see “Cars” of all things.

Then I thought of the look of desperation on her face when she told me her secrets. When she told me what her father and his friends had done to her as a child, offering her up as a sacrifice inside of some religious cult. I still had trouble believing it. I don’t know if I believed any of it. Even when she’d say strange things, like she had heard voices throughout the Spencer Academic Building at school, voices she said belonged to the members of the cult. That they were there to whisper in the hallways to make her remember. Remember what they did.

“She’s a paranoid schizophrenic!” I remember one of my friends tell me when I talked about Beth. But she was so scared when she told me. It felt so true.

I thought of how she acted when we finally began having sex. That was true apprehension and fear. It all made sense. This terrible thing happened to her, and it had scrambled her mind enough so that this was how she was reacting with me.

It all made sense.

Even the dreams she had that I raped her.

That still made me upset. That she would think I was doing that to her. It made me want to do something. To prove that I wasn’t like them. I was different.

Then I thought of Zoey. I wouldn’t open my eyes to look at her, but I thought about her. I thought about how she tempted me. Teased me. Lured me. Lured me into this very moment. I was a good guy. I wasn’t a cheater. I loved my girlfriend Beth. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. But Zoey compelled me. Compelled me to do bad things.

At that moment, I thought of Beth’s father. I wanted to kill him. If I knew where he was, I would fucking kill him. In cold blood. I wanted to make him feel what he did to Beth before I slit his fucking throat.

I shocked myself with that line of thinking and I opened my eyes, enraged. I saw Zoey bouncing up and down on my cock with her eyes closed, dripping with sweat, biting her lip over and over again as she grabbed her tit and her mouth slowly became agape. Her thrusts got a bit faster. Her breaths caught until she sounded like she was almost hyperventilating.

Then I felt a gush of warm liquid running down my shaft, slowly, like the first sensation of a hot shower, the liquid coated my balls as Zoey began moaning to the heavens as her open mouth turned into a big satisfied smile.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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