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Penny and Fred

Fred had lasted longer than Penny had anticipated. She even ended up blowing him before mounting him and making him cum inside her. But that was over and done with. Now he was lying on the bed, moaning into her pussy while she straddled his face and gently rocked against his tongue. She could tell whenever a glob of his cum slipped out of her and into his mouth because his body shook like he’d been forced to take a spoonful of bitter medicine.

She didn’t care. She didn’t even know if she was going to finish. Not that he was terrible. He actually ate better pussy than Cam from last year. But the real prize was still waiting to be opened, and part of her wanted to save every drop for Tanya.

Fred’s hands went to Penny’s ass as he renewed his licking. All his cum must be out of her, she realized, because now he wasn’t holding back, tonguing her fiercely before sucking her clit. She moaned and without thinking placed her hand on his head and started rocking faster. Was he really this good? Was he really going to get her off even though she hadn’t planned on it? Had Tanya trained her husband to eat pussy so well that he could do this to her?

Pushing the thought out of her head she looked down at Fred and focused on what really mattered: dominating him. He wasn’t an ugly man, per se. Not nearly as eryaman escort attractive as Dan. Or as big. Or as dominant (obviously). But he ate pussy well enough. And from this angle, buried up to his nose in her cunt, he didn’t look half bad. She could even see herself returning to this position. It would mean less time spent dominating Tanya, but if she and Dan had their way they’d be using their friends for a long time to come. Penny could absolutely envision a scenario wherein she sat on Fred’s face, smothering him with her pussy, while she watched her husband powerfuck Tanya into oblivion. There was plenty of pleasure to be found in that.

But first thing was first. She needed to finish up then return to her room where she would order Tanya onto her knees and her face into Penny’s cunt. Nothing would rival that. She’d wanted to fuck her friend’s face for a long time. Watch as those pretty blue eyes stared up at her, almost pleadingly, while Penny abused her mouth.

But after that? There were so many ways to sexually embarrass people. To dominate them. Show them their place. Why stick to a singular vision. Variety was truly the key to a healthy sex life and she intended to keep her’s and Dan’s as healthy as possible on the backs of their friends.

Speaking of backs…

Penny placed her hand on Fred’s head and escort ankara began quickening her pace. “You like that,” she whispered. Her fingers crept to the back of his head, wedging themselves between him and the bed so she could truly take charge and grind herself into his mouth. “You eat pretty good pussy, Freddy. Better than I thought. Tee must have you eat her all the time.” Fred moaned against her and a shiver shot through Penny’s body.

“I wonder who’s better at it, you or Tee.”

Fred’s eyes had been glued to Penny’s lips, staring at them as his tongue playfully flicked her folds. But now they rose and met her eyes.

“Oh Freddy,” Penny cooed, matching his tongue’s playfulness. “Don’t act surprised. You know your wife is going to be licking this pussy later tonight.” With that, Penny spread her legs, lowering herself more onto Fred’s face, pressing him deeper into the bed. Her thick, broad thighs and big ass served as a primary weapon of sorts when dominating. She loved how completely they encompassed her sub’s faces. She loved feeling her cheeks touch their chest, knowing how utterly trapped and helpless they were beneath her.

Penny let out a rough groan. Fred hadn’t been much of a challenge, and maybe Tanya wouldn’t be either, but still the perverse thought of doing this to her friends sincan escort was more than enough to get her where she needed to go. Tanya would be the pièce de résistance of this little game she and Dan had been playing. All the innuendo, all the dirty talk between them, all the little hints they’d been dropping for years. It would all pay off tonight when she got her sexy little friend–her own personal friendly rival–to drop onto her knees and admit how much better Penny was than her while she submitted to her sexually.

“Fuck!” Penny lifted herself off Fred’s face enough to get her fingers on her clit and began rubbing herself furiously. Squirt after squirt streamed out of her as she covered Fred’s face, her body stiff and spasming.

Finished, she didn’t crawl off Fred. Instead, she stayed in that position, stroking his head, watching as he lapped up the remaining cum inside her.

“Mmmmm. Good little, Freddy. I didn’t think you had that in you. Next time you eat me it’ll be in front of your wife while Dan fucks her brains out. You want to see that? You want to see your whore wife beg your friend to cum inside her?”

Mindlessly continuing to slurp her, lost in her taste, Fred didn’t respond. That was fine. Nothing he had to say mattered. It all came down to Tanya and the things Penny had planned for her.

A vibration rolled out from the dresser. Penny leaned over and picked up her phone.

“Sorry Freddy. Kitchen’s closed. But don’t worry, you’ll be getting plenty of chances to fill that mouth with all kinds of things soon enough.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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