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“Say farewell to the dark of night, I see the coming of the sun.
I feel like a little child, whose life has just begun…”

~Brian McKight

He flinched from me touching his shoulder with the cold bottles’ bottom rim. He had been outpacing me two to one since we sat down about two hours ago on the patio.

“Penny for your thoughts?” I quizzed.

He took a healthy swig from the bottle of icy cold microbrew and sighed loudly. Then belched.

“Nah,” My brother Jeb shrugged. “Just thinking about Ma, and how much that we loved to come here…so long ago, it seems, great memories.”

“Keep piling up dead soldiers like you are, and you won’t have many memories!”

“Shit!” Jeb laughed, pounding down the last of his bottle before popping the top on the one that I brought him. “I consider this weekend a mini-vacation. I’m not going anywhere tonight, so I might as well enjoy this fine Colorado microbrew!”

Jeb tilted back the bottle and greedily gulped down about half of its contents, then winked at me.


We both laughed like kids at his amazingly loud and amazingly long burp.

I downed a big mouthful myself and surveyed the scenery from the second story patio of our family’s cabin near Beaver Creek, Colorado. It was a gorgeous, warm summer evening and the most ideal place on earth right now. Save for the circumstances of us being here.

The cabin had been in our family for generations now, built by my maternal great-grandfather as a summer get-a-way, and/or a winter ski lodge. It had been in heavy use until my brother Jeb and I graduated college and started our lives. We now rented it out to the tourists who wanted a weekend excursion and this weekend was the first time that I had been there in at least five years, my brother at least three. Mother absolutely loved it here on these five acres which is why we are here now.

We came here to spread her ashes over the land that she so loved.

I don’t think that one can be prepared for the loss of a loved one, regardless of the preparation. Mom had been sick for some time, and when I finally dragged her to her Dr., she had just a few months left; Stage 4 cancer. She refused treatment…felt that it kept her from Dad. Damnit! She was so young, not even 60. Dad had passed from a heart attack seven years ago, and mom just had never been the same. Her first love at the age of 13.

They were married at seventeen and dad started his thirty five year career in the new family’s business. They waited on children and after ten years, there I came, quickly followed by Jeb.

Jeb and I were always tight growing up; dad said that we were ‘joined at the hip’, he followed me everywhere that I went, even when we grew up and went through high school and all of the teenage drama. Neither one of us really dated seriously through high school, our parents wanted it that way as neither of them went to college and were determined to see us with our degrees. We just got involved in anything and everything extracurricular, from sports to the school paper.

Jeb and I were best friends growing up, and then life kind of got in the way. We went to different colleges, he got an amazing career. Me? I took a position in Chicago, met, and married a horrible, horrible human being who felt that intimacy needed to be shared with as many women as possible, and also liked the white powder a bit too much, and I don’t mean snow. I finally got out of that ordeal and moved back to Dallas to be with my family and restarted my career as a fashion designer. Jeb and I just never really were ever close again after high school, until mom’s cancer. The last few days felt like the old days again. Sometimes.

“Hell-o!” Jeb shouted at me.

I jumped, startled at his yell.

He laughed at me. “Now who is in La La Land?”

“Uh, sorry, I, uh…”

“Do you want another beer? I’m going to break the seal and grab another.”

“Yeah. Yes, I’ll start dinner while you are doing that.” I said. “I picked up some fat steaks in town today.”

He stood up tall and said through outstretched arms, “Juicy steaks, ice cold beer and a beautiful woman? What more can a man want?”

I shooed him off as he trotted inside, laughing.

Jeb didn’t look a day older than when he was in his late teens, early twenties, maybe just the hint of some crow’s feet around his eyes. Tall and dark haired, he took after mom so much. He swam all through high school and then for his team in college for four years; and kept up the physical activity. He always joked that the gym was his mistress, and you could tell. Broad shoulders and chest led to a trim, tapered waist then flared out to muscular legs and he walked with a lithe, athletic gait. Whenever we went anywhere together, I always noticed the ladies bursa escort checking him out.

“Damn, that was a damn fine damn steak!” Jeb pushed his plate away from him, ceding.

“Well, I am glad that you liked it!” I said proudly. I always loved to cook for a man.

Jeb refused help with the dishes and ordered me to just relax as he poured us some wine. He cleaned and dried the dishes and joined me back out on the patio with a bottle of wine. We sat out there and watched until the sun was long retired and downed the wine and talked and talked and talked.

I had been rambling on about something; I can’t quite recall what it was, when I realized that Jeb had been silent for some time.

I looked over at him and he was staring right at me!

“Wh-what?” I said nervously.

“I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you for all of those years.” He said solemnly. “More so, I am sorry that it took our mother dying to bring us back together again.”

I reached over and took his hand.

“Aw, Jeb! I was 800 miles away; it was me that wasn’t there!”

“You say that, but I should have known. Should have saved you from that prick.”

“It’s not like we were really talking all of that much for those years, not like before.” I said quietly.

“It seemed so awkward all of the time.” Jeb said as he poured the last remnants of the Cabernet into our glasses. “I just wish that the last fifteen years had been different, that it never happened.”

Jeb stormed into the house for the umpteenth time, slamming the door and trucking up the stairs to his room, slamming the door shut yet again.

“I don’t think that it was practice that has him upset.” Mom said. “Poor baby, girl problems.”

“More like bitch problems!” I added cattily. I did not like Jeb’s new interest, Amy.

“Brittany Jane!” Mom yelled in mock anger, “watch your mouth, little girl!”

I ran to her from the couch with my lower lip sticking out, “Mommy, I sawwy, mommy!” I hugged her fiercely.

She hugged me back and reached for her car keys.

“Daddy won’t be back until late, his dinner is in the oven on the bottom shelf,” Mom said, kissing me on both cheeks, “Y’all’s is in the oven on the top shelf. I’m off to play cards at Catherine’s!”

I gazed up the stairs towards our bedrooms, thinking that I should go talk to Jeb. A light rapping later, I opened his door.

He had stripped down to his boxers and was stretched out on his bed, tossing a tennis ball into the air and catching it lazily.

“What do you want?” He said somberly.

“Okay, Mr. Give Me Attention, you don’t think that stomping in here and slamming doors would raise some suspicion?”

“Fuck you, I’m not looking for attention.”

I sat on the edge of his twin bed and snatched the ball out of the air. “Tell Brittany all about it!”

Jeb sighed exasperatedly and crossed his arms behind his head.

“Amy,” He started, “has been seeing Matt on the sly, I have discovered.”

“Wait, Matt Laper? From the basketball team, Matt Laper?” I questioned, getting an affirmative nod. “He’s hideous! Super tall, super skinny, acne…UGH!”

“Thanks a lot, sis!”

“No! That’s not what I meant, you know that!” I pushed him playfully on the chest, definitely noticing how firm that his pecs were. “I just meant that he’s not cute in any way, that’s all.”

He mumbled incoherently.


Again, incoherent.


“Jesus! I said that she cheated on me because I haven’t fucked her, OKAY!” Jeb tensed up from yelling this at me. He then collapsed back into the pillow and looked at the wall.

I just sat there and looked at him, taking in the sight of him. He still had his arms crossed behind his head, and my eyes pored over every curve of him. I had my hand, palm down, in the middle of his chest and slowly rubbed to the top of his slightly defined abs. His nipples got hard.

His nipples got hard!

He still stared at the wall even as I wasn’t thinking sisterly thoughts, and I wondered if there was anything else hard. I peeked back at the tent that had formed in his boxers. For the life of me, my mouth watered.

I knew what would make him feel better. I reached back and fished my hand into the fly of his boxers, grabbing his semi erect shaft. He nearly leapt out of his skin.

“Britt!” He yelled. “What are you doing?”

“Shut up and let me enjoy this.” I hushed him up.

I was sitting on the bed, twisted around and masturbating him with my left hand. I reveled in the feeling of him getting fully stiff in my hand. It looked so big, so delicious and I wasn’t yet sure just how far that I would take this.

“It’s so hard.” I gushed. Of all of the things that I could say, and I say that.

“No shit.” Jeb hissed.

His breathing was deep and ragged, bursa escort bayan and he was clenching his butt cheeks together, getting as much of his cock into my little hand as he could.

“Take you boxers off.” I commanded. He obliged. “Spread your legs.” He did. I saw his ball sack lying so full beneath the base of his dick. I then realized just how large that his cock was, I could put both hands on it and his big purple head still stuck out enough to play with it.

I flipped around and swallowed him to the middle of his root. Once, twice, then a third before I popped it out of my mouth and licked from his head down to his wrinkly sack.

“Britt, oh shit, oh shit, BRITT!” He bellowed, arching his back and thrusting his pelvis into the air.

I squeezed the base of his cock hard and felt his cum shooting out of his dick, there was so much! It seemed as if Jeb shot his load forever, and I loved seeing it blast out of his piss hole and jetting out from his shaft. I squeezed and slowly jerked every drop from his balls as he twitched and cooed above me. I ran the flat of my tongue from just under his head to the top of his glans, lapping up the warm, mucous like goo. I liked it.

“Jesus, Britt,” Jeb sighed, running his fingers through my hair. “What the Hell?”

“You didn’t like it?” I asked, becoming nervous.

“God, yes! It was just so…so… random.”

“I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at me, Jeb. Notice that I have been wearing less and less around the house?”

“How could I not?” He said, wiping the choad from his belly, chest and sparse pubic hair with his boxers.

“Awesome. Return the favor?” I shyly looked at him. He paused for a second and broke into a huge grin.

I didn’t wait for an answer and jumped up, stripping off my tank top and peeling my sweats and panties off in one fluid motion. I laid on the bed and artfully scissored my legs, hiding my pussy with my hand before spreading wide and running a finger up and down my wet slit. I could see that Jeb was hard again.

“Goodness, Britt,” Jeb gushed, “you are so beautiful! Your body is so hot!”

My belly fluttered as he neared my sacred lady parts, then began doing flip turns as I could feel his tongue parting my labia.

I came almost as quickly as he did, neither one of us doing so from skill, but the taboo of looking down and seeing your brother or sister licking your privates!

After, we laid shoulder to shoulder, coming down from the high, but I had my hand on his crank, slowly giving him another hand job, neither one of us saying anything.

“Let’s do 69?” Jeb asked, like he was a child asking for a new toy.

“I’m on top, that big bastard would choke me to death if not!”

He laughed.



“Go slower, more gently, she’s not going anywhere.”

He didn’t say anything, just buried his face into my cunt and started giving me head.

Jeb ate me like a pro, making me cum several times, fucking my hot pussy with his fingers and tongue. I did my best to reciprocate, but he was doing such a good job that I couldn’t concentrate. After at least ten solid minutes, he began thrusting hard into my mouth and I could feel his dick get harder and swell up, I knew what was coming. I took him down as far as I could and felt his cock pulse, spewing himself into my greedy mouth. I jacked him off and sucked hard, getting as much as I could milk from that monster.

I rolled off of him and we stayed like that, each of us tracing little circles on each others’ skin.

“Dad’s home!” Jeb started, jumping off of the bed and tossing my shirt to me as we could hear the garage door roll up and the low growl of his truck’s engine.

I ran to my bathroom, tossed on my clothes, and brushed my teeth before jogging downstairs.

“Hi Daddy!” I screamed, jumping into his arms as I normally did.

“Hi baby!” Daddy bear hugged me as I looked over his shoulder at Jeb’s face.

“It was so awkward around the house for a while.” I said, remembering how I felt that Jeb was avoiding me. “You were like nothing ever happened, just Mr. Happy Go-Lucky!”

“Me? Bullcorn! I was on eggshells for the longest because I was so embarrassed, and there you were, acting like my dick had never been in your mouth!” Jeb exclaimed.

We both laughed as we realized then that the two of us should have just talked about it. That was both of our first sexual experiences. Our conversation drifted to other things and I realized that it was getting late. I was slated to get on the plane tomorrow; Jeb was staying an extra day.

“So,” I shyly asked, “who have you been keeping, uh, ‘happy’ lately?”

Jeb just shrugged.

“Are you really asking me about my sex life?”


He laughed.

“No one. It’s been awhile, Brittany.”

“Same escort bursa here.” I sighed, thinking that I need to get fucked, and fucked hard.

“Y’know what they say about women that don’t have regular sex, don’t you?” He grinned at me.

“No, Jeb,” I twisted in my deck chair and leaned closer to him. “what do they say?”

I noticed his eyes flick up and down, pausing at my breasts then returning to meet my gaze.

“Well. I heard that it will just close right up if you don’t use it.” He gave me a matter of fact look as I giggled at him that made my spine tingle.

“Mr. Rivers, are you going to sit there and send me innuendos and stare at my tits all night, or are you going to make sure that “it doesn’t close right up?”

Jeb stood and took my hand, bringing me to my feet.

“Well, your tits look great-“

“32C, thank you very much!” I interrupted.

“Lawsy, Miss Scarlet!” He bellowed to the night.

I jumped on his back and he piggy backed me into the cabin, and right to the master bedroom, depositing me on the bed.

I grabbed at his jeans pockets and brought him towards me, his crotch in my face. I frantically ripped at his belt and zipper; I had to suck this dick!

My efforts were rewarded as Jeb’s big, shaved bare cock sprang out of the confines of his jeans and was right in front of me; I grabbed his buttocks and inhaled his semi flaccid dick into my mouth for the third time.

“Jesus,” He moaned, “you have gotten much better at this!”

I gave him a loud, sloppy, wet blow job without using my hands as I stripped myself of all my clothing.

“Oh, damn, you are so nasty, Britt, I am going to cum…shit!”

Jeb pinched my nipples and rolled them in between his fingers as I fingered my hot pussy. I pulled off of his cock and a long trail of saliva dangled from my lower lip to the head of his penis.

“Don’t,” I begged, “I need you to fuck me, fuck me hard!”

I scrambled backwards on the bed, digging for traction with my heels and pulling him towards me, wrapping my legs around his waist.

I gasped loudly as I felt his strong push into me, his cock filling me up, taking my breath away. He hammered at me with a frenetic pace, I could feel and hear his hips slam into mine as my tits were bouncing like crazy. I could barely breathe, yet I encouraged him on, my legs in the air, my hands on his tight ass cheeks aiding his thrusts.

“That’s it, yessssss….fuck that pussy!” I huffed.

His lips were all over me, driving me to heights of pleasure that I had yet to experience in my 32 years. He kissed my neck, my ears, we French kissed; he sucked, licked and bit my nipples, all while pounding me hard.

We whispered encouragement to each other as I neared a mind shattering orgasm. I had come twice already, little mini waves that made me curl my toes, but the way that this was building, I knew that it was to be a tsunami.

“Come in me; come in my pussy, Jeb. Fill me up, little brother!” I exalted.

Each time that I spoke dirty to him, he increased the pace a little more, I knew that he was getting off on it, but when I said little brother, he seized up and ground his hips hard into mine just as I ripped off the hardest orgasm of my life.

“Unnngggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Jeb bawled, throwing his head back, muscles tensed, back arched, trying to get as much of himself as deeply into my love tunnel as he possibly could.

I felt his hot seed splashing against my walls, making me crazy, as he collapsed onto me. I wrapped my legs around him tightly and wouldn’t allow his spent cock to slip out of me just yet.

We kissed like the new lovers that we were until he rolled off of me. I immediately felt a loss as his warmth was gone from my body.

“That. Was. Amazing!” Jeb proclaimed, nibbling at my ear lobe. “You have learned a thing or three!”

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, Bucko!” I smiled as I got out of bed, holding my hand under my dripping snatch, waddling towards the bathroom. “You fucking still come buckets.”

“I was a little excited, Britt. You are amazing! Super hot body, big tits, bubble butt, I mean…”

“Shut the fuck up, Jeb!” I grouched as I hurtled into the bed and under the covers. “I’m a sure thing, okay?”

We laughed as I spooned onto him, lightly tracing his nipples with my manicured nails.

“What now, Jeb? Do we hide from each other, or what?”

Jeb was lazily playing with my hair.

“We only live thirty minutes apart, Britt.” He whispered into my hair. “I can’t imagine not continuing this.”

I slapped his chest.

“OW!” He cried. “What the-“

“If you think that I am just going to be your booty call, you have another thing coming, Mister!”

He hugged me tight and I melted into his strong arms. We had fucked just then, had sex right after, and then made love in the morning. Jeb dropped me off at the airport and I am to pick him up in Dallas the next day.

I already plan on sucking his huge cock as we drive through the airport toll booth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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