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Ch. 01 — A Ride To Remember

[Incest/Taboo] (Big Ass, Cum Eating, Hotdogging, Lapdance, MF, Mother, Son, White Woman)


Thank you to everyone who has followed this and my other series so far. Your encouragement and support are well appreciated.

I enjoy writing and have been doing so as a part time hobby for many years. It’s only been about the past couple of years that I’ve turned to doing it as more of a full-time hobby. As such, I decided to start publishing stories on this site. I would do this regardless of any votes, comments, or messages. This means that individuals posting trolling comments (those that are purposefully negative with the intent to evoke anger without any shred of constructive criticism) have little effect on me. In fact, the only effect that they have is to make me laugh before I delete them.

As I continued through this series as well as my others, I realized that the scope was bigger than I originally intended. This coupled with genuine constructive comments about grammar and continuity errors prompted me to do a massive overhaul of all the chapters to date. I have revised and edited this chapter and am working on the rest. Those who are familiar with the original version will notice a few changes but not many as those will be more evident the further we go.

I hope that you enjoy this work and will continue to follow along with the adventures of these and other characters.


Friday, January 4th, 2019

Lester Morrow wondered just how in the hell his older sister, Susie, could have so much crap. Fourteen months older than Lester, Susie had graduated the previous year and was now heading off to college in a nearby city. Nearby was a relative term though as it would be a five hour drive each way. She could have started school in the fall but had opted to have a few more months of freedom before hitting the books again for another four years. The family was pitching in to help and had divided Susie’s accumulated load among two cars (Susie’s and Lucy’s), a truck (Marcus’), and, his aunt, Willow’s SUV.

Unfortunately for Lester, his mom and aunt had decided to donate a few items to Susie as a surprise and had recruited him to load the stuff into the vehicle. The effect was that they were a full two hours behind the others in leaving. Worse still, the added items had taken up much of the remaining seat space, and they realized this as he finished muscling the 9×3 foot mirror into the area between the seats. It effectively made looking out the rearview mirror impossible, and thus his aunt would have to rely on her side mirrors. It also made the passenger seat half invisible, but it and the floor space were already jammed full of items. The passenger rear seat (the only other available open seat) was completely hidden from view of the driver.

The trio stood looking at the dilemma as his mother announced, “I guess there’s nothing to it. I’ll have to sit on Les’ lap for the ride.”

“Um, CandI, that’s kinda dangerous. Y’all won’t be able to buckle up.”

“Then, you’ll just have to drive slow and careful then.”

Lester felt a chill run down his spine as he felt himself harden slightly. Still facing the interior of the car, he snuck a surreptitious look at his bombshell mother. In honor of the late summer heat, she wore a flowing summer dress made of a thin material that showed off her abundant curves in silhouette when she stood in front of the sun. By the bounce and jiggle of her body, it was painfully clear that she wore no bra at all and a thong if she was wearing any kind of panties. Her curly light brown hair framed a heart-shaped face that still held a youthful beauty into her forties. However, her defining features were definitely her curves. Having been a big fan of porn and pinup magazines, Lester prided himself on accurately guessing a woman’s measurements and felt truly confident that Candace Morrow was rocking a 40E-28-44 frame on a height of just 5’4″ which only served to accentuate her monster curves even more. With her curves and her unique facial structure, she had quite often been labeled as a twin to the MILF pornstar, Lisa Ann, except her curves were all antural.

The thought of having this gorgeous creature sitting on his lap for four hours was both intimidating and exhilarating. He felt no shame in the excitement since Candi had featured prominently in his masturbatory fantasies for as long as he’d figured out what his cock was for and had made peace with the taboo nature of it long ago. He was just worried of what her reaction might be if she felt his inevitable boner. Lester was planning on getting a place of his own when he started college himself in the following fall a half year behind his older sister, so he decided to go for it and let the consequences sort themselves out. Thus, he voiced his seemingly grudging assent to the proposition.

Candi beamed and threw her arms around his neck to lay a wet kiss on his cheek. The son took it all in bursa escort stride since growing up with such an affectionate woman had been normal for him. So, he folded his six-foot frame into the cramped passenger side back seat before his bombshell mother flounced over to the open door and his equally curvy aunt settled into the driver seat. Lester truly tried his best not to stare, but it was all but impossible when Candi bent over and lowered her huge ass onto his lap before arching her slim legs in between her son’s and ducked fully into the car. The resounding thunk of the vehicle door closing gave a finality to the situation that was somewhat ominous to the eighteen-year-old.

The first hour passed relatively tame with Candi leaned forward to rest her folded arms on the back of the front passenger seat so she could chat with her sister. Even though they couldn’t see one another, it put their voices closer so that they wouldn’t have to shout to be heard. Lester did his best to distract himself from the soft globes of Candi’s asscheeks on his lap by whipping out his phone and scrolling through videos on social media. He ran into trouble just after that first hour ended when his phone announced a low battery signal. Cursing himself for forgetting his portable charger, he put the device on low power mode and asked his aunt if she had a charging cord. When she affirmed she did, Candi grinned at her son and reached for the phone before stretching forward to blindly hand it to her sister over the top of the mirror.

This gave Lester an unrestricted view under his mother’s hemline and had his jaw dropping. Candi was indeed wearing a thong, but the material was so skimpy that she might as well have not been wearing anything at all. The full, pliant flesh of each orb was presented in all their glory to the suddenly overcharged teen’s eyes. Since Candi was having trouble reaching over the large mirror to hand the phone to Willow, the struggle caused her to shift and writhe making her huge ass wiggle as if she were twerking slightly. The other problem with the oblivious mother’s tiny undergarment was its inadequacy in containing the fat, juicy lips of her cunt. The lacy strip almost disappeared in between the meaty lips of her outer vulva giving Lester no doubt at all that she was shaved smooth and bare down there. His eyes were bugged out so wide that he wouldn’t have been surprised if they had just fallen out of his sockets.

Finally, Candi was able to hand over the device and settle herself back down onto her son’s lap refolding her arms on the back of the front seat. Lester panicked slightly as he knew that his cock was fully hard after having such an awesome sight literally shoved in his face. There was no way at all that the woman wouldn’t notice it soon. For the first ten minutes, he felt that he might be wrong and that she didn’t feel it at all despite his large size. Those hopes were dashed when she shifted slightly as she laughed at a comment by her sister and froze. Like something out of a movie, time seemed to slow down as the MILF rocked her hips lightly as if to confirm just what she was feeling poking into her ass. He could tell the exact moment that she realized the truth by her posture. Still as if in slow motion, the mother turned inch by agonizing inch to peer back at her son with a bewildered and horrified expression.

Mother and son stared into each other’s wide-eyed gaze in shock as if neither could truly comprehend just what was going on. Candi was jolted from her paralysis by her sister repeating her name over and over again. Shaking herself slightly, she turned forward to resume her conversation with Willow while occasionally glancing back at Lester who smiled sheepishly at her. The teen horndog thought maybe he could get out of the mess by staying still and playing the whole thing off. Candi put an end to that notion.

Still chatting with her sister, the MILF began to slowly grind her hips in a circular motion that put a delicious pressure on the fleshy log straining against her cheeks. Lester felt the situation slip into a surreal sensation as his mother continued to rock and rotate her ass on him. He just couldn’t believe what was happening. For all intents and purposes, his MILF mother was essentially giving him a lapdance. The whole experience was made even weirder when Candi would occasionally peer back at him and smirk saucily at him. This made it abundantly clear that she knew and enjoyed everything that was happening.

At one point, Candi began jerking her hips forward and back as if using the pressure of her luscious ass to jerk him off through the material of their clothing. She did this for an hour or so, slowly torturing him. She was an expert at sensing when he was getting too close and would stop all movement when he edged almost too far. That and the barrier of their clothing were the only things that had prevented him from blowing his load long ago. Finally, he got a brief respite when his aunt announced that his phone was fully charged. Giggling slightly and blowing a kiss bursa escort bayan over her shoulder at Lester, Candi raised up to struggle once again with the passing between her and her sister over the cumbersome barrier.

Completely frustrated with his mother’s behavior and curious to see just how things could go, he used the couple of minutes to swiftly undo the tie of his long basketball shorts before jerking them and his boxers down to mid thigh leaving his pulsing cock laying against his abdomen. the cramped space should have made this extremely noticeable, but Candi seem preoccupied with blindly reaching for the phone and laughing at her sister’s curses.

Totally unaware of what her son had done, Candi reached back to hand Lester his phone while maintaining her posture to give him a full view of her round booty barely covered by her short dress. Unable to see his lap from her position, his mother once again glanced over her shoulder at him before winking again. Everything changed when she plopped her pliant globes onto him once again. This time, only the thin material of her sundress separated her ass from the bare skin of her son’s dick.

Candi gasped loudly when she made contact with the dong under her which luckily covered up the involuntary groan that escaped Lester. “What’s up?” Aunt Willow asked from behind the wheel. “Everything ok?”

“Y-y-yeah,” Candi stammered trying to recover. “I just sat down too fast and hit something hard. I think it was Les’ phone.”

“Sorry, Mom,” Lester said trying to play the situation off. “Didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Candi flashed an angry glare at him which slowly melted into something halfway between wonder and lust before resuming her position from earlier leaned forward with her arms folded on the front seat and her big butt pressed on her son’s now bare dick.

Minutes passed with no reaction from his mother as she chatted with Willow. Lester feared that he’d gone too far and wouldn’t get any more attention from the incredible booty. He had fully given up on any further lapdance as his dick wilted slightly when the vehicle hitting a bump in the road caused Candi’s ass to jerk slightly. A minute later, her hips slowly shifted forward and back. Little by little, she slowly resumed her grinding on Lester’s lap causing him to reharden instantly. Within minutes, he was leaking precum again and dampening the seat of her dress.

Candi seemed to notice this and threw a peeved look at Lester and pointed at the wet spot. Lester merely shrugged. Candi angrily mouthed ‘do something about that’ before returning to her conversation with her sister. Once again emboldened by his mother’s lack of actually scolding him for his naked dick and her continued grinding atop it, a devilish thought crossed his mind.

“Hey, Mom,” Lester announced loudly. “my ‘leg’ is a little stiff. Could you lift up for a second so I can move it?”

“Ok, hun,” she answered as her large butt immediately raised and was once again at face level.

“Poor baby, having your big butt mommy cutting off all your circulation sitting on your lap,” his Aunt Willow teased the pair. Candi snapped an angry retort which led to good-natured, sisterly bitching and diverting her attention.

Quickly, Lester shoved his shorts and boxers all the way to his ankles and yanked his t-shirt up to his chest effectively exposing most of his body. “Ok, Mom, that’s better.”

This time, Candi didn’t even glance back as she continued to trade barbs with her sister as she lowered her spectacular rump. At the last second, Lester flipped the hem of her dress fully off the globes of her incredible ass. By then, it was too late for Candi to stop her momentum. This time she froze and went mute the second her almost bare ass made contact with her son’s naked and throbbing dick.

He watched and felt the shudder course through her body. It took a few minutes of ragged breathing and three attempts before Candi huskily said, “Say, Will, my back is a little sore too from being leaned over like this so I’m gonna sit back for a while. We’ll talk more when we get there, ‘k?”

“No problem, sis. We’ve got just over an hour left until we’re there anyway.”

Quickly, Candi lay back against Lester’s body and quietly hissed, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing, young man?”

Sensing something in his mother’s tone, Lester decided to go for broke and latched his hands on her hip before rolling his body to grind his dick against her ass with only her thong separating the heat of her wet cunt from his dong. He licked her ear causing another shudder as he growled, “Like you haven’t been teasing me for two hours with a goddamn lapdance. You made this hardon with that pornstar booty of yours, so I’m gonna get more. You know you love this.”

A low moan was his answer as he continued to hump her fantastic ass. After many minutes, he felt her begin to reciprocate. Gradually, Candi rolled her hips in circles causing a delicious friction that had her ass sticky with the flow of precum oozing escort bursa from her son’s piss-slit. He felt the moment when she gave in totally to the lust and put force and power into her thrusts and undulations. This went on for they knew not how long, but it had to have been close to an hour

At one point, she slapped his hands away from her hips and reached back to grip her own asscheeks. A quick yank and shove and she separated the globes of her big butt before wrapping them around his turgid girth. Lester bit his lip to stifle a groan as his mother was now hotdogging him, basically jerking him off with her asscheeks. With nothing for his hands to do, he tried to reach up to grab the jiggling flesh of her tits, but she smacked his hands away and hissed, “No touching!”

“Hey, you two, we’re about fifteen minutes from the dorm!” Willow announced.

“Hear that, hunny?” Candi purred quietly. “Only fifteen minutes left. You gonna cum for mommy? I bet you want to. Bet you got a big, juicy load of spunk for mommy. Tell me when you’re gonna shoot, ‘k?”

Lester made impotent fists at his sides as he quickly felt the load that had been churning for the past three hours of teasing quickly rising. When he felt ready, he swiftly gave Candi’s ass a series of smacks. She responded by hopping up slightly and yanking her thong down some and grasping Lester’s pulsing dick and aiming it at the crotch. Her fist blurred on his shaft pushing him over the edge. His mother cupped her hand under the crotch which was a good thing.

The first shot splattered wetly on the soaked crotch of the MILF’s thong. The excess leaked over the sides and into the palm of her hand. Rope after rope of thick seed sliced out to coat the fabric of the skimpy material and flow over the edges into her quickly filling hand. While she jerked her son off, Candi stood bent over with her head hanging down so that she could witness the amazing sight of the massive load coating her thong and filling her hand. She was mesmerized by the creamy batter glistening everywhere and was astonished at the sheer volume of the load. Despite her best efforts, some dickmilk leaked out of her hand to drip onto her son’s thighs. Finally, the shots subsided to a dribble.

Not wanting to waste any, the MILF’s next action stunned her spent son. Swiftly bringing her cupped palm to her mouth, she tipped her head back and drained the fluid as if she were doing a shot at a bar. Then she quietly slurped the jizz off her hand before reaching down to scoop the missed dribbles from his thighs and consuming that too. Agonizingly slow, she milked the last drops from the head of his dick and flicking them onto her finger which went into her mouth as well. When she had gotten every last drop, Candi released his exhausted dick to flop onto his sweating abdomen.

Grinning widely, Candi peered at Lester through her legs in her bent over position. It was only then that he finally noticed the bald twat in front of his face. His fascination was broken when Candi drew his attention back to her face by blowing him a wet kiss. Then he stared in utter shock as she slowly drew the thong up her thighs. He could see the crotch was coated in a thick layer of slime that approached the lips of the hole he had emerged from almost two decades ago.

Lester’s dick twitched the moment his cum made contact with her cunt as she settled her thong back into place. Amazingly, he watched his mother’s hips convulse and her teeth bite her bottom lip as she trembled. If he had to guess, it seemed as though his mother had just had a hard orgasm from feeling his cum on her twat.

“Better get dressed, hunny. We’re there,” Candi whispered. To accentuate the point, Willow repeated the second sentence loudly from the front seat.

Candi once again rested her arms on the front seat but kept her gaze on her son as she slowly rolled her hips in circles in his face with a grin plastered on her lips. Lester scrambled to yank his shorts and boxers back in place as he jerked his shirt back down. Candi giggled and settled once again in his lap at the same moment the SUV stopped.

Les’ mother gave a sharp jerk of her ass on his lap before opening the back door and climbing out. He heard his mother and aunt chatting outside as he sat there gasping and with his head spinning. He had no idea what the fuck had prompted the whole situation, but a small, perverted part of him wanted more and wanted it soon.

Once out of the SUV, Les had to take a few minutes to stretch his legs. The combination of being cooped up in the seat for four hours coupled with Candi grinding on him for at least three of those hours had his legs trying to cramp up painfully. His rest proved short lived though as his father, Marcus, came out of the dorm building to try and hustle the trio into action.

Since they were a full two hours behind the rest of the family, they had already emptied the other vehicles and were in the process of hauling and bringing all of Susie’s stuff into her room. Marcus’ attempts were futile though because the other women of the family noticed their arrival and began exclaiming over the items Candi and Willow had donated. Once again, Les couldn’t help himself and began checking his mother, aunt, and sisters out.

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