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Anabel and I were sitting down cuddled on the couch watching TV when we heard a car pull into the driveway and car doors slam shut. Ana and I didn’t move much except to turn our heads as the front door opened.

“I’m back!” Alan’s voice called out.

“In the living room!” I hollered back at him. He came in with his girlfriend, Sierra, hanging on his arm.

“Hi Jake!” She yelled when she saw me. I smiled at her and waved around Ana.

“Hey See!” I said back, using her favored little nickname. Her jaw dropped open as she saw Ana cuddled against me, still in her t-shirt and panties.

“Alan! You didn’t tell me that Jake had a girlfriend! Now I feel like we’re intruding!” She mewled. Ana and I both chuckled and looked over at Alan. He winked at us and we got the message. Ana tucked her head under my chin and ran her hand over my chest. I looked at Sierra and nodded to the love seat next to the couch.

“Nah. You’re not intruding. Come on in and chill. We’re just hanging out.” I idly stroked Ana’s hair as though we were the sweethearts that she thought we were, and Alan wanted us to pretend to be. It wasn’t hard, considering the feelings we already shared. Sierra looked up at Alan and he nodded. He walked with her to sit down on the love seat. She reached out and offered her hand to Anabel.

“Hi. I’m Sierra Davis.” She introduced herself. Ana rolled on top of me and reached out to take Sierra’s hand.

“I’m Anabel.” She purred. She dropped Sierra’s hand and laid her head against my chest. I stroked her shoulders.

“So how long have you two known each other?” Sierra asked. Alan and I suppressed a laugh. Ana purred and spared me a glance before answering.

“Oh, we’ve actually known each other since we were little.” She said before standing up. “You see, the thing is, I’m not his girlfriend, I’m his sister.” She said nonchalantly. Sierra looked confused as she tried to process what Ana had just said. Then her eyes widened and her face grew so red I thought she might have passed for a tomato. Alan, Ana and I all broke into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Sierra’s mouth dropped open as she realized that we had all been playing her.

“Wait! You mean…you were all..?! You dicks!” She shrieked before giggling herself! “So you’re his sister?” Ana nodded and finally managed to get her giggles under control.

“Yes. I’m staying here for a couple weeks to see Jacob. I haven’t gotten to see my brother in a few years so I just was really wanting to see him.” She wrapped her arms around me and winked up at me secretly. I smiled and hugged her back.

“Aww. That’s so sweet” Sierra cooed. “Don’t you think Alan?” She pecked her boyfriend on the cheek. Alan smiled and nodded.

“Yeah. They seem to be very close. I wish my sister and I got along like that.” He said. Sierra glanced up at him and lightly smacked him on the cheek.

“Yeah, well I don’t think I’ve seen you take your eyes off her panties since we sat down you perv.” She teased. Alan shrugged and faked ignorance.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, baby” he said. Ana gave her a sly look and pulled her shirt up slightly, revealing even more skin.

“And how would you know huh? You haven’t stopped staring either.” She winked. Sierra shrugged and idly twisted a strand of her hair.

“Hey, even I can appreciate a great body when I see it.” she said appreciatively. Ana purred and looked up at me.

“Well that’s two votes for a sexy body.” She grinned. “Care to make it three big bro?” She looked at me with knowing, but also pleading eyes. I smiled and kissed her forehead.

“As if you need to ask. Of course I think you’re beautiful.” I told her. She tilted her head and gave me a grin.

“But what about sexy?” She asked. I chuckled slightly.

“Yes. I have to admit it too. You are quite sexy.” I replied. She smiled and cuddled against me again. I saw a strange look pass over Sierra’s face, but she didn’t say anything. We sat watching TV for half an hour or so and then Sierra piped up.

“So then, anybody up for a swim?” She said. I looked at Anabel and we both suppressed giggles. Ana sat up and looked at her.

“Jake and I hit this little problem yesterday. I love to swim, but I didn’t bring a bathing suit with me. Would you guys have a problem with me swimming in my underwear?” She asked. Sierra snorted and traded a look with Alan.

“We both just got through staring at your legs and your panties. Do you really think we’d have any problem with you coming out in your underwear?” She said. Ana giggled.

“No, I suppose not.” She stood up and slowly made her way to the back door. “But if you wanna see anything, you’re gonna have to wait until we get in the water.” She stepped through the door and her shirt flew back into the house. As we stood up to follow her, we heard a splash as she dove in. Sierra said she already had her swimsuit on underneath her clothes, but Alan and I had to excuse ourselves to go put on swim trunks. It didn’t bursa escort take us very long and when we walked outside, the scene that greeted us stopped us in our tracks. Anabel lay on her stomach with Sierra sitting beside her. The sunblock sat open and Sierra was slowly running her hands over Anabel’s back. It was obvious that they knew we were watching, and that they wanted us to. Ana was still wearing her crimson underwear, and Sierra’s skimpy sky-blue bikini revealed just as much. Her ample chest swaying with every breath. My mouth watered and tried to act like I wasn’t ogling my sister, but I could barely tear my eyes from Ana’s body. We got a few sexy grins and then both girls stood and dove into the pool. Alan and I both swallowed heavily and scrambled to join them in the pool. We heard some giggles as we jumped into the pool after those sexy vixens. Anabel swam over to splash me as I came to the surface. I shielded my face and then returned fire. I pushed forward and picked her up by the waist and tossed her across the water.

“Oh Jake!” I heard from behind me and all of a sudden a pair of slender hands pressed on the top of my head and shoved me under the water. I laughed under the water and pushed the hands off of me and stood back up. I turned to watch Alan grab Sierra from behind and lift her up and away from me. She yelped and giggled as she feebly kicked her legs in the air. Something told me to turn just then and I managed to catch Anabel as she threw herself on me. I swung her around and moved my hand to squeeze her breast while her back was between us and the other two. She looked down at me and grinned as she pressed harder against my hand. I stole a quick kiss on her lips as I set her down and we both laughed. I wanted nothing more than to pull her into another passionate kiss right then and there, but that was out of the question. I could see by the look on her face that Ana wanted the same, but also knew that we couldn’t. I reluctantly let her go and we watched as Sierra and Alan chased each other around the pool for a few minutes.

Once they settled down from that, Sierra suggested that we have a few chicken fights. Anabel grinned and nodded eagerly while I just slapped my forehead. We started the first match as girls against boys. I rolled my eyes and moved over to throw rock paper scissors to decide who would be on the bottom first. I threw rock and he threw paper. I sighed and squatted in the water while he climbed onto my shoulders. We turned to face the girls and found Anabel was on the top and I was face to face with Sierra. They both gave us wicked, determined smiles and started to move toward us. I readied my feet and moved us toward them as well. I felt it when Anabel and Alan locked arms and started pulling on each other. I did my best to feel where we were going every time we shifted. Alan got a little too overzealous, though, and took us down. Anabel gave him an extra pull while he was too far forward and his weight pulled me down with him. I pushed him off of me and stood back up and wiped the water from my eyes. Anabel and Sierra gave us both triumphant smiles and then Ana got down off the top. We decided on another match and decided to swap partners. This time, it was me and Sierra versus Alan and Anabel. It wasn’t hard to guess who would be on top. Sierra climbed onto my shoulders and Anabel hopped onto Alan’s. We closed the distance again and I felt Anabel and Sierra start yanking on each other. Once again though, I went under. Sierra leaned back a little too far and I hit a slightly slicker spot on the bottom of the pool and slipped. While we were under, Sierra managed to hold on to me with her legs and with a bit of struggling, I got my feet back under me and got us back up again. It took me a moment to clear my vision and when I did, I found myself staring right at a sky-blue bikini top. I saw Alan lick his lips as he stared up at Sierra and Anabel’s eyes widened appreciatively. I heard Sierra shriek and then felt her curl up a bit as I can only assume she was covering her bare chest. I swallowed heavily and reached out to grab the top floating next to me. Without a word, I handed it up to Sierra and turned us away from the others so she could put it back on. Once she was decent, she tapped my shoulder and I let her down. I slid over to the side of the pool and leaned against it. Ana got down off Alan’s shoulders and we were all quiet for a moment. Sierra’s face was beet red and she didn’t look at anyone as she kept her arms folded over her chest. Alan moved over and put an arm around her and squeezed her lightly.

“Hey baby, it’s alright. You don’t have to be embarrassed.” he said softly. “You’re among friends. Besides, I’ve already seen em, Anabel is a girl, and Jake was under you so he didn’t see anything.” He said. To me it sounded like a stupid thing to say, but Sierra seemed to relax a bit and she looked over at me.

“Did you see anything?” she asked. I shook my head.

“Just your top floating in the water.” I assured her. She sighed in relief bursa escort bayan and seemed to liven up a bit.

“Well alright. Like you said, Alan, you’ve seen them. But Ana, What did you think?” She asked, genuine curiosity in her voice. Anabel grinned and let her eyes drift blatantly down to Sierra’s chest.

“I thought they were great.” She said enthusiastically. “I wish I had boobs like that. They’re just so…full. And luscious!” She looked down at her own breasts and cupped them in her hands. “Not like mine. Mine are just way too small.” She commented. I frowned and my mouth moved before my brain could catch up.

“Bullshit.” I spat. Three pairs of eyes turned to stare at me and I had to stammer a little. “I mean uh…well, if I were looking like…I mean…I think they’re perfect.” I stuttered. Anabel’s face turned playful, but I recognized the appreciative glint in her eyes and knew that she was pleased to hear me say it again.

“Oh? And why are you looking big brother?” She teased, giving me a sultry look. Sierra gave me a similar look and jumped in on it as well.

“Do you often check out your sister’s chest?” She queried. Her eyes showed a bit of knowing that made me nervous, but she remained playful and light. Both she and Ana broke into laughter and Alan soon joined them.

“We’re only teasing you Jake.” Ana said. I laughed along with them and after a few more minutes, we got out of the pool. Once we were dry and back inside, Alan looked at his phone and read another text message. He sighed and slapped his forehead.

“Son of a bitch. Look you guys, I gotta go for a bit. Mom got hung up at work and my sister needs a lift home from soccer practice. I’ll go get her, drop her off at home and be back in a half hour or so.” He said. “You want to come with me babe?” he asked Sierra. She gave him a kiss and shook her head.

“Nah. I’ll just wait here with these two and gang up with Anabel on Jake.” She answered. He chuckled and kissed her again before hurrying out the door again. I couldn’t help but laugh at him.

“He just can’t catch a break today can he?” I joked. Sierra sat down across from me and fixed me with a poignant look.

“Excuse me? The first time got me over here didn’t it?” She grinned. I bobbed my head.

“Yeah. This is true. It’s always interesting when you show up.” I said. She gave us both a smirk.

“Oh yeah? Well I think it’s about to get even more..’interesting’.” She said. Anabel tilted her head.

“What do you mean?” She asked. Sierra pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and asked bluntly.

“So how long have you two been fucking?” I felt my heart stop in my chest and saw the color drain from Ana’s face. We both just stared at her open mouthed and speechless. She gave us a sympathetic smile. “Hey don’t worry, I won’t judge. And I sure as hell won’t tell. But my price is you’ve got to tell me about it.” She said. Anabel recovered first.

“Well did you even know?” She asked. Sierra just gave us a pointed look.

“I was suspicious when I first saw you on the couch earlier. The way you looked at each other, I could see it in your eyes. I’ve seen that look many times before. My parents, some of my aunts. I’ve even seen it from Alan once or twice. At first I thought maybe I was imagining it, but I saw the slight jealousy you were trying to mask, Jake, when Alan and I were looking at Ana’s legs. But then when you shouted out ‘bullshit’ like that when Ana put herself down, I just knew.” She said. Ana and I just stared at her and blushed.

“Well, we only just started…you know…last night.” Ana said. Sierra leaned forward eagerly.

“Go on. Tell me.” She encouraged. I swallowed and found my voice again.

“Well I’ve always loved Anabel. We’ve always been close, and it just kind of, evolved when I saw her yesterday. Something melted in us both and we just gave in to what I think we both had wanted for a very long time.” I said sincerely. Sierra smiled and Anabel continued.

“I came here wanting to be with my big brother, but then when I saw him here, the feeling I had been struggling with for years came back to me and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I had to at least try. But he surprised me by reciprocating my feelings almost instantly. And then last night…he was my first.” she looked up at me, a film of tears in her eyes. “It was the most amazing night of my life. And now I know he’s mine. Forever.” She finished as she buried her head in my chest again. I kissed the top of her head and wrapped my arms around her. While I was still a little embarrassed, it also felt incredibly freeing to tell Sierra about Anabel and me. She smiled again and held a hand over her chest.

“That is so sweet! That has to be the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard. Honestly, you two make a very cute couple together. I can see the love and the happiness in you. You two are pretty much glowing in each others’ arms and it’s really heartwarming.” she enthused. “And don’t worry. Your secret escort bursa is safe with me. Though if I may, I do encourage you to tell Alan. I think he would understand and not judge as well. And then we wouldn’t have to try to keep it a secret from him. Just think about it.” she said. I looked at Ana and we nodded at each other. I searched her eyes for half a second before I broke and leaned down to kiss her. She didn’t even hesitate before she melted against me and her lips danced against mine. I put my hand on her cheek and just happily made out with her while she lay on top of me.

“Okay, that has got to be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” Sierra’s voice cut in. After another second of liplock, Ana and I broke apart and laughed. I kept my arms wrapped around Anabel and just held her unashamedly against me. I could feel my groin start to stir as I thought about her, but suppressed it as best as I could. I knew there would be plenty of time inside her tonight after Alan got back and we broke the news to him. I saw a devious look appear on Sierra’s face and decided to cut her off at the pass.

“No, there will be no group sex tonight.” I said sternly. She broke out laughing and it took her a moment to finally speak.

“No! No! Good grief no!” She sputtered. “Now while that may have crossed my mind at one point..No! What I was going to suggest was a little bit of…balancing the scales.” She smirked at Ana. Ana tilted her head.

“How so?” She asked suspiciously. Sierra gave her a sly grin and nodded down at her own breasts.

“You saw mine.” She said with a wink. I lifted my eyebrow and bobbed my head in agreement.

“She’s right sis.” I said suggestively. She pursed her lips and just gave me a look.

“You just want to see me topless you pervs.” She said. Sierra snorted and nodded.

“Damn right we do sexy.” She said. “Now let’s let the girls out for a bit.” Anabel rolled her eyes and started to move her hands around to the clasp of her bra and then stopped. She looked over at me and gave me a sensual grin.

“What do you say bro? Want to take it off for me?” She purred. I made a pleased sound in my throat and just ran my hands up her sides. She moaned quietly and leaned over me. Her chest hung just below my chin and she kissed my forehead as I reached around and unclasped her bra. She shrugged her shoulders in sequence and allowed her bra straps to slide off. It slid down and away and revealed her gorgeous breasts to me again. And again I was in awe. She moved up slightly so that her nipples were directly over my face. It was almost a sheer reaction when I pulled her down and sucked one into my mouth. I heard Sierra gasp and Anabel chuckled. “I thought I was supposed to be showing them off.” She said. I reluctantly let go of her now-hard nipple and looked up at her.

“Hey, for all you know I just wanted Sierra to see how perky those nipples get.” I defended. She snorted and gave me a playful smack on the cheek before sitting up and turning to face Sierra. She lifted her arms and brushed her hair back from her shoulders and pushed her chest out slightly. Sierra’s eyes locked on Anabel’s chest and she let out and appreciative whistle.

“Holy crap Anabel.” She breathed. “I think I’m with Jake on this one. Those things are beautiful.” She unconsciously licked her lips. Anabel smiled gratefully.

“Thanks. Sorry though,” She said. She leaned down and pulled my hand up to rest on her breast. “These babies are taken though.” She said with fake sorrow. I grinned and pulled her back down on top of me. She giggled and just let her hands rest against my chest. I then thought better of things and pushed her up slightly so that I could slip my shirt off and then my shorts, so that I was only in my boxers. Anabel gave me a questioning look and then in dawned on her. Our deal. She smiled and then laid back down on top of me. Sierra gave us both a confused stare.

“We’ve got a deal for the rest of Ana’s vacation that we are going to be in just our underwear when it’s just the two of us here in the house.” I explained. “Although, given a few…recent developments, I think that deal could be in for some renegotiating.” I winked at Anabel. She giggled and gave me a sly grin.

“I think I like the sound of that.” She mused. I smiled happily and kissed her again. I heard a pleased sigh emanate from Sierra.

“You guys don’t uh..have a spare bedroom here do you? I think that Alan and I may need to..have a little fun tonight.” She said in a low, lusty voice. Ana pulled back and nodded.

“Oh yes, you can use the room I was originally supposed to stay in. I don’t think that’s happening now.” she grinned at me and winked. Sierra sighed in relief.

“Good.” Sierra said. “Because I am so turned on right now.” Anabel smirked and ran a finger down my chest.

“Oh trust me. You’re not the only one. You should feel the pole I’m sitting on right now.” She commented as she ground her crotch against my raging hard on. I gave her a sultry look.

“Oh yeah? You’re the one who’s trying to soak that pole.” I shot back, moving my hand to gently rub against her already noticeably damp panties. She bit her lower lip and then pushed my hand away to lay down on top of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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