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Sammy stirred sleepily as the sweet chirping of birds and the bright morning sunshine flooded her bedroom. As she turned to view the clock on her bedside table she felt the burning in her thighs and the aching in her crotch, but she couldn’t help but smile as the events of the previous evening flowed through her head like an erotic movie.

Since meeting Tony a complete stranger in the park a few weeks ago she’d been having the best sex of her life. She let her mind wander back to that day, the day she let a stranger fuck her in the park in the pouring rain, their wet naked bodies fornicating in a public place, she could still feel the excitement and again she smiled to herself. God what would her mother think, she thought as her smile turned into a light chuckle.

Her mobile phone starting ringing interrupting her thoughts, she picked it up seeing the name Tony flashing on the screen, flipping it open she spoke

“Good morning, I was just thinking about you”

“Morning gorgeous and don’t you mean you were thinking about fucking me?”

“I’m always thinking about fucking you” God I never used to talk like this she said in her head.

“Mmmmmm someone’s horny this morning, are you free today?

“What do you have mind?”

“How does a picnic sound, good food, a couple of bottles of wine, you and me on a blanket in the sunshine, I know a great little place”

“Sounds fabulous”

“Great, I’ll pick you up in a couple of hours, oh and Sammy don’t forget the sun block, it’s going to be hot today”

And on that note he hung up leaving Sammy buzzing with excitement as she stumbled towards the bathroom, he weak legs almost giving way as she clumsily got in the shower, turning the dial to cool.

The chill of the water was lusciously refreshing on her hot skin, soothing and numbing her aching body. Taking the soap she began to lather herself up, inhaling the sweet scent of the soap as she massaged herself with it, gliding it over and around her breasts which were still a little sensitive. Down her flat stomach to her inner thighs, the soft feeling of the soap against her wet skin made her shiver, then gently rubbing it between her legs, all the time thinking of Tony and what else she wanted between her legs.

Tony would be here any minute, after her shower Sammy had picked out her favorite little summer dress, a very short yellow number with thin straps that flowed out when she twirled in front of the mirror. It not only gave her a great cleavage but showed off her long tanned legs. After running a comb through her long wet hair and applying a dash of lip gloss she heard Tony’s car.

“So where are you taking me then for this picnic?” Sammy asked playfully as she got in the car, Tony holding the door open for her.

“Ah you will have to wait and see” Tony answered as he got in the car and placed a hand on Sammy’s knee.

“I like your dress” he said as he started the car and his hand slid further up her leg and rested on her inner thigh, where he stroked her slowly with nimble fingers. Sammy laid her head back moaning lightly as the tickling feeling shot waves straight to her pussy. The car windows were open and a light warm breeze blew Sammy’s damp hair, softly drying it to silky curls that framed her face, enhancing her high cheek çankaya escort bones and supple smooth lips.

She felt Tony’s fingers hooking themselves into her thong and lightly grazing the outside of her moist lips, working them inside further, rubbing them up and down. A small gasp escaped from her mouth as his fingers brushed her clit and began to gently stimulate her most sensitive spot. She turned to look at him, his eyes alternating from the road to her face; she smiled seductively at him, a smile that he returned as he pushed two fingers deep inside her wet pussy. She closed her eyes as Tony continued to finger her hole, his fingers sliding in and out effortlessly as Sammy moaned and felt that familiar sensation cursing its way through her body, making her tingle and shake, leading her to the obvious conclusion, her orgasm and her final moan as she felt her cum leave her dripping pussy.

“We’re here” Tony said as he turned of the engine and walked round the car to open Sammy’s door.

Sammy opened her eyes and got out of the car, looking around at where Tony had brought her. It was a beautiful meadow with long green grass and wild flowers, away from the road and secluded by tall trees on every side. She’d been so aroused on the journey that she hadn’t noticed Tony drive off the road and down to the opening of where they now stood.

“You like” He asked as he reached on the backseat for the basket and blanket.

“It’s gorgeous, how on earth did you find this place?”

“Ah that would be telling, now let’s eat, I’m starving”

As they lay on the blanket the remains of a feast between them and half way through the second bottle of wine Sammy reaches for the sun block. Easing down the straps of her dress she hands the bottle to Tony

“Would you mind?”

Positioning himself behind her he takes the bottle from her hand and squeezes the warm lotion into his palm, rubbing his hands together first before applying it to her back and shoulders. As soon as Sammy felt his hands on her skin she moaned, leaning back into him, she could feel his hot breath on her neck as he bent his head to gently lick behind her ear and plant soft kisses on her lobe.

With his hands now gently but firmly massaging her shoulders he begins to whisper in her ear

“Do you know how sexy you are?” Sammy could only moan in reply

“Do you know what you do to me Sammy? You drive me crazy, I can’t get enough of you, and I want to be inside of you all the time. Do you want me in side of you Sammy; do you want me inside of you right now?”


“Tell me you want me, tell me you me to fuck you”

“Oh god yes I want you, I want you to fuck me right now, please, please fuck me”

With his hands still on her shoulders he turned her around to face him, she was kneeling at his mercy and wanted him so bad, their mouths come together, locked in passion and lust, a fierce and fervent kiss, impatient their hands roam each others bodies. Sammy’s hands go up under his shirt and down his back, feeling his sweat on his hot skin. She lifts his shirt of over his head which breaks their kiss and Sammy’s mouth goes straight to Tony’s chest.

Kissing him all over she moves to his nipple and takes it in her mouth, sucking with force while at the same time flicking escort etlik her tongue against it. She moves across to the other giving it equal attention before being pulled away, back to Tony’s mouth for another lingering, hot kiss. This time Tony’s hand goes straight between her legs and pulls at her thong, snapping the flimsy fabric away from her pussy and replacing it with his hand, feeling how wet she was, feeling how badly she needing him inside her.

Sinking two fingers deep inside her pussy, Sammy screams in delight “Oh god yes, yes” She moans

“Yeah, you like that? I’m going to fuck you Sammy; I’m going to make you cum so hard”

With quivering fingers she reaches for his jeans and pulls at the buttons, his fingers still inside her she fumbles harder finally freeing them and pushing his jeans to the ground as her panting increases. His hard cock stands proud in front of her and she reaches out to touch it. Softly she runs her fingers down his length and it twitches slightly in response. Removing her hand she replaces it on top of Tony’s between her legs and helps him move it in out of her, before removing his hand from inside her and guiding it to his cock, rubbing her wetness down his shaft and over the head. Then taking his hand she sucks of the remaining juices while stoking his cock with the other. Slowly she begins to rub him up and down, using her own juices for lubrication, smiling wickedly as his face contorts in pleasure, his eyes filled with lust.

With Tony’s cock firm and solid in her hand she bends down and takes it in her mouth, her wet tongue leading the way followed by her hot and hungry lips, sucking him leisurely in and out of her mouth. Her tongue swirls around the head as her mouth plunges back down, taking him into her throat as his cries fill the isolated meadow.

Breaking her contact she slips her hand behind her back reaching for her glass of wine, she brings the glass to her lips and takes a long sip, her eyes smouldering as she looks into Tony’s. Keeping the wine in her mouth she bends down and once again her mouth embraces Tony’s cock. He groans loudly as she works the cool liquid up and down his cock before she swallows. Again she takes another sip of wine and repeats the action, driving Tony wild with pleasure, leaving him torn between fucking her right then or letting her keep going a little longer.

The tension is too much to bear and he grabs hold of Sammy and kisses her hard, she responds instantly as their tongues probe each others mouths and hands once again go everywhere. He rolls on top of Sammy and lifts up her dress; he cannot wait any longer as he thrusts his cock into her tight soaking cunt and they both moan out loud with the sudden connection.

Still kissing with a feverish hunger Tony fucks her, plunging himself deep within her walls and reaching somewhere other men have failed to reach. Animalistic cries arise from within her as she bucks her hips to meet his thrusts, wanting him further inside her, as deep as he can go, wanting him to fill her. Her legs wrap around his waist and his hands caress beneath her thighs, increasing her pleasure. He feels her soft skin and drives himself harder inside her, wanting all of her, leaving nothing behind.

They roll over together and she is ankara demetevler escort now on top, now in control as she lifts herself up from his cock and eases her way back down, fucking him slowly and consistently, expertly riding his cock, making it hers, making him moan, and making him want it even more. Sliding her pussy down his cock she sits, rhythmically rocking her pelvis, grinding herself on his cock, moaning as she feels him deep within, enhancing her own pleasure as well as his.

His hands glide down her back and rest on her buttocks squeezing her soft flesh and pulling her down hard on top of him. He sits up and they face each other, both rocking know, holding each other tightly and pressing themselves against one another. His hands slide beneath her buttocks and he lifts her off the ground off the blanket they shared, once again she wraps her legs around his waist as he picks her up, his cock still buried inside of her. He begins to walk and she smiles at him, she knows where he is taking her, he smiles too knowing that she knows.

They reach the car and he gently lays her on the bonnet its warm from the afternoon heat and the sun is bearing down on them. His cock is still inside and begins to thrust once again; their moans go unheard except to each other as they fuck on his car. He’s pounding her pussy a fantasy for them both. Her legs still wrapped tightly around his waist, holding him deep inside as he takes her. He touches her breasts, squeezing and rubbing as he fucks her, finding her nipples and teasing them, rolling them between his fingers, driving her to another orgasm.

She screams and sighs, breathing hard, pleasure and lust taking over her body, she is no longer in control, her body and soul is his, to do with as he pleases and she loves it. He lifts her up to meet him; again they kiss, passionately and zealously, tongues entwined in their desire for each other. He breaks the kiss and lifts her down from the bonnet; he withdraws himself from her and looks at her. Already she knows him so well, she knows what he wants and she raises an eyebrow, he just smiles as he turns her around and bends her over the bonnet.

The heat of the car pressed against her breasts is harsh at first then welcoming, she moans as she feels Tony’s cock between her legs.

“Yes, god, please, please”

She begs to be fucked and gets her wish as she feels his cock sinking into her, pushing past her depths and driving her to scream, to moan, to beg for more. Bent over the bonnet, Tony’s cock digging inside her, pushing, thrusting, hard, fast, he fucked her with no penitence, she screamed and moaned and begged for more, for her final release, for his, she needed it, she wanted it.

Still her pounded her from behind, harder, satisfying his need and hers, he felt the build up in his cock, he knew he was going to cum, he knew she wanted it so he pounded harder, he fucked her beyond belief until he blasted his load inside her cunt, shooting them both through into an intense orgasm, him Cumming inside of her and her Cumming all over him.

Tony Lifted Sammy from the bonnet and turned him around to face her, she stood in front of him, breathing heavily, he kissed her again, slow and steady, she kissed him back, they basked in the sunshine and in each other. He pulled her dress back down over her bare pussy, her arms were draped over his shoulders, and they were both sweating and panting.

“Mmmmmm” moaned Sammy, “I could use a shower”

“Oh me too” replied Tony, “Back to yours?”

“Yes, back to mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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