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This story is true up until the sex, I’m married and would never go all the way but god did I want to.

I was heading home on a Wednesday morning , it had been three months since I’d been to sea and was looking forward to the waiting arms of my wife. I have always been afraid of planes , so I usually take the Amtrak home. I got off the boat in New York and headed to the train station for the twenty four hour trip to Florida. I arrived at the station two hours early and as usual walked down the three blocks to the nearest liquor store. Picking up my bottle of Captain Morgan, I knew my trip would go faster with the help of my good friend. I boarded the train and we left on time at eleven in the morning.

I slept for the first four hours but, woke up and decided to go have a drink. I headed to the lounge and took a seat in the last booth. I ordered two cokes from the lady at the counter and poured me a generous amount of rum into my class, topping it off with coke. Taking the first sip, I relaxed and thought in twenty hours I’d be home and could get some rest.

After an hour of just sitting there I decided to get out my laptop and finish one of my sex stories that I had been working on. In The Shower, was the name of it. I was about half way done and since it was true it just flowed out of my mind and on to the screen. I had zoned out, due to my typing and drinking , I had not noticed the man that sat down opposite of me in the booth. Not tell he spoke up.

“Hey you don’t mind if I sit here do you?” He asked

“ Oh I’m sorry I didn’t notice you, no I don’t mind, knock yourself out.” I told him

“ Thanks” He said.

I largely ignored him since I was so engrossed with my story. I had finished typing and was proof reading it. After about fifteen minutes he spoke up again.

“ Man , this is going to be a long trip , I’m heading all the way to Miami. But I can’t stand airplanes so this is the only way I travel. How about you where are you going?” He asked me.

Slightly annoyed at him I looked up and finally took a good look at him. I was kicking myself for not looking sooner, He had dark skin but not too dark, black hair ,brown eyes and a fit body. My heart skipped a beat as I tried to mutter out a response.

“ Umm, Yeah, sounds like a long trip for you. I’m heading to Tampa so I’ve got a while too. I’m Mike by the way and your name is ?” I asked

“ Oh sorry , Marcus is my name.” He said shaking my hand.

He had soft hands, unlike mine that are hard and rough from the work I do. The feel of his skin excited me. It had been a good four years since I last been with a guy but it’s never far from my mind. Being married though I don’t take the many chances that come my way. With my attention now taken away from the computer I started to talk with him.

“So what do you do for a living?” canlı bahis I asked

“ I’m a fashion designer.” He said “ I work for a company in New York but, I’m heading to Miami to meet some friends. Hold on a sec while I go get another drink from the bar, I’ll be right back.”
He walked off and I couldn’t help but stare at his ass, as he walked away. Something about him told me he was gay , I usually can pick them out easily and the fact he was a fashion designer didn’t help his case with me. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and declared him straight until further notice. He came back to the table and sat down , he had purchased a bottle of Bacardi and a coke.

“ Its all they have” He said “ I prefer Captain Morgan but I guess I’m stuck with this”

“ No, your not, give me your glass, I have a liter of Captain in my bag here.” I told him reaching into the bag. He handed me his glass and I poured him a good bit.

“ Thanks a lot, what luck for me to run in to someone who also drinks what I drink and have some on them. That makes you almost perfect to me.” He said

“ No problem” I told him, a little curious about the “almost perfect” remark. A few hours passed as we talked back and forth to each other about our lives. I told him I was married to which he sounded down at hearing. He told me he had been engaged but decided not to get married, he said it wasn’t for him. Around seven at night I asked him if he’d like to join me in the dining car for dinner. He accepted and I packed my computer up. We walked back to the dining car and took a table. We ordered our food and continued our conversation. We were the same age so, we had a lot in common.

“ Your job sounds so interesting!” He said “ I bet you see a lot traveling from place to place aboard a boat. What’s the craziest thing that ever happened out there?”

I decided to test his take on homosexuals and told him, “ The craziest was once we were tied up at a dock that had a bar across the street, we all got shit faced and went back to the tug, that night I guess one of the guy’s got horny and tried to fuck the captain in the ass. It didn’t go over well.”

“ Man that’s nuts but, maybe the captain was hot.” He said.

We finished our dinner and went back to the lounge, luckily our booth was still empty and we sat down. I pulled my laptop back out and finished proof reading my story and logged in to XNXX to post it. That’s when he asked. “ What are you typing anyway.”

“Oh, nothing , just stories that I write.” I said, I didn’t want him to see what I write since I was having a good time and figured it’d be awkward if he found out. But he persisted

“ What kind of stories?” He asked “ They are not naughty are they.”

Hearing the “come on show me” tone of his voice, I told him yes they were sex stories that I write but, he couldn’t read them. Why I told him that I don’t know because it just made him more curious.

“Why bahis siteleri not” He asked “ Are they private?”

“ No, I post them online but, I don’t think they are your flavor.” I told him

“ How do you know what my flavor is?” He asked “ I’m very open to anything.”

“I don’t think you are this kind of open.” I said , “these are gay stories.”

“Really!” He said “ Let me read it”

“ Why are you gay?” I asked

“No, I’m bi “ he said “ Wait a minute if you are married to a girl why are you writing gay sex stories?”

“Well , if you must know I’m bisexual myself but decided to settle down with the woman I love. These stories are where my gay life is now.” I told him

“ So that means you jack off to gay stuff, don’t you.” he asked

“ Of course” I said “but that’s were it ends. I’m very happy with my life but, I still have desires. My wife knows I been with guys and she has been with girls. We use that knowledge in bed to fulfill our fantasies and still stay true to each other.” I said

“Well that’s not as good as the real thing. Anyway do you mind if I read them then.” he said moving over next to me.

“I guess if you want to, go ahead.” I told him as I moved the screen over. He started to read it and I could tell it was getting him horny by the way he kept shifting around in the seat.

“ Wow” He exclaimed “ This is a hot story, it could get anyone horny.”

That’s when he placed his hand on my leg , as if to get a better view of the screen. I knew better and was sure if I did not stop him he would try and see how far I’d let him go. I decided not to move his hand, I wanted to have another fantasy that I could use for a story later. Slowly his hand slid to my thigh and from there to my inner thigh. My cock had felt the incoming touch and grew to its full length down my pant leg. By now the lack of sex and the booze that I had been drinking was breaking down my inhibitions and I was getting very horny. It had been so long since I had the touch of a man’s hand on my body and I longed for it so much. He pressed on and his fingers discovered my cock, his hand jumped back slightly, I guess he had not expected it. But he quickly resumed and started to trace my cock with his fingers and gently squeeze it.

“ Feels like someone else is horny too .” He said as he stopped touching me.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.” I said.

“ I have a better idea.” He said “ I have a sleeper in the forward car, how about we head that way and you can show me some more stories.”

My cock had taken control of my body now and without hesitation I said yes. We got up and I followed him down to his room. Stepping inside he locked the door behind us. I could not help myself and as he turned around I kissed him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Our tongues touched and the feel of his lips made my cock pulse so hard it almost tore a hole in my pants. Still locked in bahis şirketleri our kiss I reached down and grabbed his dick, it was rock hard, I traced my hand down it and guessed it at seven inches. My own was six and a half but was a lot thicker. I decided to take command of our encounter and pulled off our shirts. Our bare skin felt so sexy rubbing together.

Gently I kissed and sucked his left nipple while running my hands up and down his chest which was shaved bare. He ran his hands through my hair and pulled slightly. I continued down to his waist line and used my teeth to undo his belt and jeans , in one motion I pulled his jeans and briefs to the floor. His cock stood strait up with a slight curve to the right. With one hand I grabbed his cock and stroked it. The smell of his crotch was intoxicating, a mixture of sweat and pre cum. I had to taste it and ran my tongue up the shaft, he quivered from the lick I had just given it and begged me to suck it. I put just the head into my mouth and sucked slowly while still stroking the shaft. Slowly working the whole length into my mouth till I had it all. For five minutes I continued to suck his cock, while he moaned with pleasure.

He motioned for me to stop and I stood up as he dropped to his knees and pulled my cock out. Reaching in to his bag he pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. “ Please fuck me” he said getting on his hands and knees. I knelt down behind him and opened the condom. I tried to roll it down my dick but it was too tight. I usually use magnum sized condoms, not for the length but the girth. I decided to not use it and go bareback, I lubed my cock and his ass which seems to pulse in desire. I rested the head of my cock on his hole and slowly pushed, it went in with ease and I pushed all the way. With my cock fully engulfed by his ass I reached around and stroked his cock as I pulled out slow and rammed back in. I kept on pounding his ass so hard that our balls were sore from slapping into each other. I pulled out completely and slammed back in hard. It felt so warm and tight, even with my big girth his ass kept a tight grip on my cock, squeezing it every time I pushed in.

I could fell my orgasm building and held back as long as I could. I let out a scream that I was going to cum, he asked for me to cum in his mouth. A few minutes later I pulled out and he turned around, I jerked my cock and blew my load into his mouth. Stream after stream came flying out of my prick and onto his lips. It was to much and over flowed. I bent down and kissed his lips, savoring the taste of my cum and his lips. His cock was still pulsing from not having its release, I grabbed it and started to suck on it hard. It took only 2 minutes and he started to cum in my mouth, it was so hot I thought it would burn my tongue. He filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop, I was not going to share with him as I wanted it all. Exhausted I collapsed on the floor next to him wrapping my arms around his body and we feel asleep. It felt good to fuck a man again.

The End.

Hope you liked it. Please remember to practice safe sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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