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This is an attempt to answer questions that have been asked of me about my relationship with my mom.

Question: How did your relationship begin?

Answer: Details on this can be found in this site, under the title, “A Very Special Love”.

Q: How long did the relationship last?

A: A little over 6 years.

Q: How would you describe the relationship, from your point of view?

A: Well, it was a completely loving relationship. The love I had for my mother, and the love she had for me, was so great, that ultimately, we had to express that love physically. We we were having sexual relations, it wasn’t just sex, but love we were making.

Q: How do you view this as opposed to a relationship that was just physical?

A: In a relationship that is just physical, the only pleasure one is receiving is from the body. Not that that is bad, because obviously a large part of the pleasure that comes from sexual intimacy is physical. However, when my mother and I were sexually intimate, the feelings we had for each other as mother and son contributed to the sensual feelings we shared. It made the physical sensations more intense.

Q: Why do you use the terms sexually intimate, making love, physical sensations, etc? You are talking about fucking your own mother!

A: You are right, that is exactly what I am talking about, FUCKING MY OWN MOTHER! The most incredible experience any son can have, and I did it. However, in my experience, using the word FUCK seems to demean the experience. Yes, I was fucking my mother (and all the other things that go along with that), but it sometimes seems to me to be disrespectful to use that term. It lessens the special situation we had. Now, my mother and I both would use that word, but I don’t want to overuse it.

Q: You indicated that your mom would use the word FUCK, and you would too, can you give us an example?

A: We would both use the word as any one else would use it, and obviously it has many meanings! I rarely heard Mom say it, and I used it more. However, I believe your question is more along the lines of did we use that word in the bedroom, and yes, we did. I would tell Mom that I wanted to fuck her, and she would also tell me that she wanted to fuck me. We also would use the word while we were in the throes of ecstacy, while fucking!

Q: Can you describe your mom?

A: While we were intimate, she was just your typical 40 something Mom. Obviously she was beautiful to me. She was just your normal looking 40ish Mom, not a knockout, not a dog, normal looking. Most would find her attractive, some not. Average.

Q: How about yourself?

A: About the same, average looking teen male.

Q: Did anyone know about you and your mom?

A: No. We managed to keep our relationship a secret while it occured, and no one else knows at this time.

Q. How long since you were last with your Mom?

A: If you mean sexually, we were last together in November, 1983, over Thanksgiving break.

Q: Why did the relatioship stop?

A: Mutual decision on our part. I was in college and wanted to date girls on campus, Mom didn’t want to continue if we weren’t going to remain faithful to each other. We decided to end the sexual part of our relationship when I left that weekend, but not before we made incredible love to pendik escort each other over that weekend!

Q: How did the two of you act,while you were intimate, outside of your home?

A: Pretty much like any other mother and son. It used to turn me on, if we had to go somewhere the morning after we had made love; to imagine what people would think if they knew what we had done the night before! However, as we lived in a fairly small community, it was necessary that we behaved like a “normal” mother and son in public.

Q: Did the two of you ever get to act like a couple in public?

A: Not really. Occasionally we would kiss in public if we were a good distance from our home (and in those cases, we were probably just viewed as a May-December couple). But normally, we left our displays of affection for the privacy of our home. There was too much of a risk of our relationship being discovered if we weren’t discreet about it.

Q: What about hotels or motels?

A: When we travelled, we stayed in hotels and motels, and yes, we were known to have had sex in these facilities. However, my Mom always made sure that the rooms had two beds; and while we would only sleep in one, we made it appear that the other was slept in.

Q: Anything special that your mother would do for you, to make her more attractive to you?

A: As my previous submission at this site reveals, I had a foot fetish, and Mom would keep her toes done for me. She normally would give herself a pedicure on a weekly basis. This little act of love meant a great deal to me. I can still remember how turned on I would get as I watched her giving herself a pedicure, on our living room floor, after her bath, and before we went to bed. Watching her paint her toes, knowing that before the night was over, I would be sucking on them, while I fucked her! I still get hard thinking about it!

Q: Did your mom wear special clothes, lingerie, etc. for you?

A: Sometimes she would, but normally not that often. She would buy lacy nighties on occasion, and I purchased a few for her, but ultimately, they would come off before we made love, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. She normally wore a simple knee length nightie in the summer and ladies pajamas in the winter. If she wanted me, the nightclothes would come off!

Q: Anything special you did for her?

A: Not really. Mom was happy with the way I looked. I stayed fit through athletic events, but our attraction was much more than physical.

Q: What did the two of you use for birth control?

A: A combination of things. Mom did not want to be on the pill due to her age. Before we had become intimate, Mom had been using the rhythm method to chart her cycles, and was aware when we first made love that she was not fertile. We normally used this method, and if we wanted to make love when she was fertile, I would use a rubber. Mom also used an IUD for a period of time. Mom never became pregnant.

Q: Did you ever think about getting your mom pregnant?

A: Yes, a lot. Early on in our relationship, I thought about it a great deal. I thought it would be neat to have her carrying my child. When I would cum inside her, I would think about my semen flooding her uterus, and fertilizing her egg, creating our own special love child.

However, about that same time, maltepe escort my mother’s sister had a baby, and I saw first hand how much work there was involved in caring for a child, that I knew that I didn’t want to deal with that. I saw how tired my aunt was, and new it would be worse for Mom. I also realized that if she had my child, it wouldn’t be just the two of us anymore, and things would likely change. I didn’t want to give up what I had, so those thoughts stayed in my mind.

Q: What sexually did the two of you do together?

A: Most everything. I would fuck Mom in a number of positions; we both enjoyed giving the other oral pleasure (I loved eating Mom’s pussy, and she enjoyed sucking me!). Mom never let me fuck her ass, but she would let me lick it (God, I loved running my tongue inside her ass!) and occasionally let me slide a finger inside while I ate her pussy! I enjoyed sucking on my mother’s breasts, and chewing on her large nipples. As previously noted, I was also into sucking her toes! Just normal sexual contact!

Q: Did you or your mother ever have any other incestuous experiences besides those that you shared?

A: No. I asked Mom once if she was ever involved with someone else (not that I ever suspected, just curious) and she said no. I also have never been involved with anyone else.

Q: After the two of you became intimate, how did you normally initiate sex?

A: A couple of different ways, normally, and probably not unlike a lot of couples.

Outside of the bedroom, the relationship my mom and I shared was probably not unlike that shared by other single mom’s and only son’s. We still had our disagreements and differences, and yes, we were closer than some (even if we hadn’t become intimate), but overall, our relationship was in a lot of ways typical of other mothers and son, and definitely typical of the relationship shared by a husband and wife. We were a couple, and though not married, we shared all the characteristics of a married couple. Combining the family characteristics and the couple characteristics, and you have a picture of life in our home.

But back to the question, Mom normally would initiate sex. Mom would let me know is she was interested as I massaged her feet at night, with us doing it sometimes on the sofa, sometimes going on to bed.

Other times, if I went on to bed before her, if Mom wanted to get fucked, she would take her nightie off before getting into bed, and wake me up. If she got into bed nude, I knew she wanted me. I can remember lying in bed, pretending to be asleep, just hoping she was horny like I was, and wishing she would come to bed without her nightie. It seems like whenever this was the case, she normally could sense my need, and would come to bed ready to be fucked! Not always, but often that was the case.

We also would make love occasionally in the morning. If this happened, it happened more often on the weekend, as she had to get to work during the week, and I to school.

Q: Was your mother very loud or verbal during your sessions?

A: It really depended on the situation. I found that Mom would moan during our lovemaking, but she would be more verbal if she had a drink or two (or three or four!) before we went to bed. I guess the alcohol worked to suppress her inhibitions, and she would say more things kartal escort while we made love if she was drunk. The only times she actually screamed while cumming were situations where she was drunk. And man, hearing that, did that turn me on!

Q: What did the two of you call each other after you became sexually active.

A: Mom would call me by name, or “Honey”, normally, just like she would do outside of the bedroom. I tried calling her by name a few times, but it just didn’t sound right to me. So, I normally called her Mom or Momma.

There was nothing more hot than hearing Mom call out, “Oh, I love you, Honey, I love you!” or “Fuck me, Ronnie, oh fuck me!” as we made love.

Q: When were you able to first give your mother an orgasm?

A: It took a while. I was a virgin when Mom and me began, and obviously didn’t know a whole lot about the female body. But I was an eager student! Also, due to my relatively young age, I was able to get hard again soon after cumming (which obviously at that point it didn’t take a whole lot to make me cum). Anyway, persistance, love, and a caring teacher enabled me to eventually become a better lover. I guess it was four or so months after we became intimate that I was able to give Mom an orgasm. The first time was while eating her, and Mom was so excited when I was able to do it to her. She was able later to also cum while I fucked her, but normally if we made love, I would give her at least one orgasm with my mouth.

Q: Did your relationship change after this?

A: Yes, because now I was her sexual equal, and able to give her an orgasm, like she was able to give me. I don’t think it was a conscious decision on her part, but our relationship did change after I was able to make her cum.

I know it did wonders for my self esteem; and I really felt more like an equal with her once that happened. I think once I was able to make her cum, Mom saw me not just as her “little boy” but now as her “man” as well. I know I certainly felt that way.

Mom was certainly more relaxed in bed after I was able to make her cum, and our relationship outside the bedroom improved immediately thereafter as well.

It also was a turn on for me, for I was now able to at least part of the time, have a degree of control over my mother. By being able to give her an orgasm, with my mouth, I had a small amount of control over her body. Not that I abused that power, but it was a turn on for me, nonetheless.

Q: What special memories do you have of the times you were together?

A: There are so many.

The first time we made love, obviously. But more than that, the specific memories of touching my mother’s breasts for the first time; the first time I kissed her as a man; the first time I tasted her pussy; the first time I slid my cock inside her pussy; the first time she held my cock in her hands; the first time she gave me head; the first time I came inside her pussy and mouth; the first time I made her cum.

Also, the last time we made love.

The realization that my mother really did love me, the way that I love her. That our love for each other was special and unique, and that it could only be expressed completely by the most perfect of all ways, sexual intercourse. That our intimacy was a culmination of our love for each other as mother and son, and man and woman.

Q: What now?

A: We have both gone on with our lives. Mom and I are still close, but not intimate.

In closing, thank you for letting me share this with you. I hope to write more about our relationship in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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