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The pounding at the door was what had awakened him. Glancing at the glowing red diodes on the alarm clock set the time at 12:45 a.m. Jeff looked at the clock twice to be sure but it didn’t change even with the use of both eyes. It was a quarter to one in the morning, and someone was persistently and obnoxiously knocking on his door. Getting up from bed he grabbed his robe off the back of the bedside chair and put it on his naked body. He thought for a second about putting something else on besides just his robe, he wasn’t used to sleeping naked, but the continued knocking made up his mind for him. If he didn’t answer it soon, surely Miss Johnson across the hall would be joining this midnight party and giving him hell. He surely didn’t need the chairperson of the condo association bugging him yet again he thought as he walked across the darkened house and looked through the peephole.

“Justine?” he was surprised to see his niece standing alone outside his door. Fumbling with the locks he opened them and threw the door wide. Standing before him was his twenty year old niece, dressed like she had been out on the town, hitting the clubs before swinging by his place for some odd reason.

“Uncle Jeff,” she started and he could tell that she had been crying. He ushered her in and pointed to the couch. Justine sat down upon it and seemed to collapse into it.

“I was out with my boyfriend, and we got into a big fight and he left me standing there in the parking lot while he sped off. I don’t want to call my parents for a ride, they thought I was going to be at a friends house and I’ve got no where to go,” she rattled it all of in a quick sobbing blur.

Jeff was looking at her and trying to decide if he hadn’t just seen her standing in the doorway to the office yesterday. He was still trying to recover from yesterday’s sexual stampede that had ravaged his body. It had been quite some time since he’d been so sexually active. The more he looked at Justine, the more confident he was that he’d seen her standing in the doorway when Sally had jumped off of his face.

“Can I stay here?” she was asking him. Jeff was too busy checking her out to realize what she had said. Justine was his older brother’s firstborn, and she had always been quite a looker. Most of her good looks obviously came from her mother whom both Jeff and his brother had dated before his brother had won her heart. Jeff had never really gotten over her mother, and he was now noticing just how similar they were.

Justine had shoulder length muddy blonde hair that cascaded in gentle curls to lie softly upon her neck. She was tall, she stood almost eye to eye with Jeff and he was 6’3″, Justine had to be at least 6’2″ if not a bit more. Jeff paused as he reached her breasts. Unknowingly staring he realized that they were bigger than he remembered and he’d just seen her a couple of months ago at a family gathering. Now they seemed full and tight in her shirt, and her nipples were quite prominent even though she had on a bra. She was sitting on his couch wearing a red short shirt and a short black skirt that showed off her well toned and tanned legs. Jeff couldn’t see her ass but his memory of it was good, she had the best curved ass he seen, except maybe for Jennifer, her mother.

“Jeff,” Justine was looking up at him with questioning eyes and he realized that she must have noticed him checking her out and he had been too engrossed to have heard what she said.

“Yes,” he offered, “sorry, I’m still half awake,” he tried the obvious lie on for size and had it quickly blown away. Justine was staring at his crotch and smiling. Looking down he realized that his well used cock was starting to tent his robe.

“Um,” he stammered, “sorry sometimes when I sleep,” he tried to slip out of the attention that was rising up between his legs. Adjusting his robe he walked towards the kitchen.

“Are you thirsty,” he offered as he opened the fridge and grabbed the first thing he saw. Popping the top off the bottle of Killian’s he took a long draw and hoped that the cold liquid would shock his body and calm it down. Shit, he thought it was so obvious that he was checking her out, and she was his niece!

“Are you trying to get me drunk and offer me a beer,” came Justine’s coy voice from across the room. She hadn’t failed to notice that his cock had hardened after she’d come into the room and sat down upon the couch. She also knew he was checking her out and he didn’t know what to do about it. The amazing thing she thought was that he could even be interested in sex so readily after blowing his load twice with Crystal just yesterday.

“No,” came the reply, “no beer for you, it was just the only thing I saw cold in the fridge,” he was lying miserably and anyone could tell he realized this as he took another long pull from the bottle and nearly drained it.

“Well if you drink them that fast I can see why there’s none for pendik escort anyone else,” Justine was giggling as she walked across the living room and into the kitchen. She opened the fridge up herself and bent over and looked inside. From this position she figured he ought to have a pretty good view down her shirt and of her ass.

Jeff just stared while Justine looked in the fridge. She was wearing a red silk bra, that much was easy to tell, and she was sporting more cleavage than even her mother had. He knew she had never been bigger than her mother, so either her breasts had grown overnight, or she’d had an operation. Jeff turned to go out of the kitchen, away from her and moaned as he saw her ass. There was no pantyline, and it was just as perfect as he remembered it.

“Are you ok Uncle Jeff,” Justine asked, her voice reverberating out of the fridge. Justine knew that her outfit was having the desired effect. She just hoped that he bought her story about the argument with her boyfriend. She was pretty sure he didn’t know a lot of what was going on in her life, but it would sure make the night go easier if he didn’t know that she didn’t have a boyfriend, and that her car was carefully parked down the block. Ever since Justine had seen him going at it with Colleen and Sally her mind had been spinning, figuring out a plan to get his big hard cock between her lips and legs. She’d been secretly dreaming about just such a thing for the past few years and now she thought she knew how to pull it off.


Fuck he thought, he’d better get it together quick. She’d come by only because her boyfriend had been a major ass and now here he was popping wood at his niece.

“Yes,” he thought and spoke quickly while going to the door to lock the deadbolt, “you can stay here if that’s what you need. You’ll have to sleep on the couch though, I don’t have the bed set up in the guest room right now, but if the couch will do, you’re welcome to it. There’s a spare key on top of the microwave you can use to lock up when you leave tomorrow if I’m not here,” he was trying to keep his mind occupied as he grabbed extra pillows and blankets out of the closet.

“Great!,” Justine said with excitement. Jeff thought it was a little too much excitement but he was just trying to get out of the room and back into his bed before his cock caused him anymore trouble or embarrassment.

Putting the blanket on the couch he set the pillows down and turned to head down the hall. “If you need anything, help yourself, I’ve got to get up early so I need to get back to sleep,” it was the best lie he’d told all night.

“I’ll be fine Uncle Jeff,” Justine was smiling at him as he went down the short hall and into his bedroom. He shut the door and hopped back into bed, leaving his robe lying on the chair. His cock was now fully erect and aching. He was pondering what to do when he heard the bathroom door closing and Justine in it. Right on the other side of the wall he thought. Hell, he could probably almost see her through the keyhole if he tried…

The shower turning on jolted him and he realized that regardless of what she was doing, or how naked she was, he had to go to bed and let his cock rest. Her parents would kill him if they even knew he was having these thoughts. Thinking about female hormones and how they might screw up breasts and milk production quickly made him tired and he drifted off…..

Justine was stepping out of the shower and going over her plan again. She knew the layout of his apartment and was planning on “accidentally” going out the wrong door and ending up in his bedroom. If he didn’t make a sound, or if he was actually sleeping, she’d wake him up nice and slowly with her mouth. If he was still awake, she’d shriek and jump and drop the towel and “show” him her naked body and hope that circumstances would work in her favor.

Carefully opening up the door to his bedroom a crack she smiled as she realized that he was lying upon the bed, naked and barely covered partially by a sheet. Best of all he was facing away from her and he hadn’t stirred. She could just barely hear his deep rhythmic breathing as she turned off the bathroom light and strode naked through the dark to his bed. There was just enough light trickling in through the window to see what she was doing as she slid into the king size bed next to him. The bed hardly moved as she slid down to his crotch and opened her mouth.

Justine smiled as she realized that his cock was still semi-erect as she softly covered it with her lips. Closing her mouth upon his cock she held him in her warmth without moving. She figured she still had to be careful until he was fully erect and she had been sucking him off for a little bit. If he woke up now surely all of her planning would have been wasted and she couldn’t even think about what he’d say to her parents. Her mother probably wouldn’t be to mad, but her dad would be royally pissed and there’s no telling what he’d do.

Justine was surprised that it took less than a minute for his maltepe escort cock to become fully erect within her mouth. Smiling she started to suck upon it, not moving her head yet, just sucking and relaxing, sucking and relaxing. Within a couple of minutes Jeff started to move his hips just a little, pushing his cock between her lips as she sucked upon him. Justine smiled as she started to move her head with his thrusts. Brushing the tip of her tongue against the head of his cock while it was deep inside of her mouth she elicited a small moan from her Uncle as his hands found her head and held her while she was blowing him.

For his part Jeff was enjoying this rare wet dream with abandon. He had fallen asleep still trying to keep the image of his niece out of his mind. His cock on the other hand had wanted nothing more than for him to hop out of bed and burst into the shower and fuck her standing as the water cascaded over both of them. While he was awake Jeff was able to control which of his heads did the major thinking. Once he was asleep, his conscious left for vacation and his cock took over. Visions of Justine’s ass presented to him as he plowed her with abandon quickly overtook him and he hadn’t the fortitude to stop them. In his dream he was fucking her good and hard and loving every minute of it.

“Oh Justine,” Jeff moaned as she sucked harder upon him. Justine heard him moan her name and realized what was going on. Either he had woken up and realized she was in his bed, or more than likely he thought he was dreaming, but he was dreaming about her. It didn’t matter to her which it was, either way he was thinking about fucking her, and that was all she needed. Releasing his cock from her mouth she pushed him onto his back and straddled his stiff erection as it glistened with her salvia. Her pussy had been moist since she’d parked the car and now it was dripping as she pressed herself down upon him.

Justine moaned as the cock she had waited years for finally filled up her aching cunt. Even though it was large it easily slipped into her. Justine could feel his cock coat with her wetness as she sank full down upon her Uncle.

“Oh Yes,” she moaned, “your cock feels better than I had ever imagined it would Uncle Jeff,” and with that she started to fuck him. He was lying upon his back, spread out upon the bed and at the moment his cock seemed to be the only thing awake. She was quickly changing that though as she pounded up and down upon him, driving his fleshy wood deeper and deeper inside of her. She could feel her body already starting to tremble from the realized anticipation of finally fucking him. She knew she wouldn’t last long before she came all over his cock, but there was one thing missing—he wasn’t yet fully awake. So she slapped his chest as she fucked him hard.

Jeff jumped. At least he jumped as much as one can while being fucked lying upon your back. Startled he woke up instantly not knowing how he could have jumped in the middle of a wet dream. His eyes took in the view even in the dim darkness and he sat up with a start.

“Justine!” he yelled as he came face to face with his niece. She was pressing herself down upon him and he realized that his cock was buried in her hot wet pussy—deep within her pussy. She put her arms around him and pulled him close, planting a passionate wet kiss upon his lips while her tongue searched for his.

“Uncle Jeff,” Justine smiled as she pulled away, having been unable to find his tongue. “I was just about to come all over your cock and I didn’t want you to miss it,” she smiled at him as she continued pumping him while squeezing his cock hard with her inner muscles.

“This is crazy,” he shouted as he picked her up and pulled her off of him, pressing her to the side of the bed while he jumped up. He strode the six feet to the door and turned on the light as he spun around to confront her.

“I can’t,” was all the further he got as he saw her lying naked, glistening and beckoning upon his bed. He knew that if it wasn’t for the two orgasms he’d had a day ago, he would have not been able to stop himself from coming in her the minute he woke up. Thankfully those orgasms had slightly subdued his cock and he had been able to think clearly for a second. That second was rapidly fading into history as he looked at her beautiful naked body.

Justine was lying back upon the bed with her legs spread. Jeff couldn’t help it as his eyes traveled over her body. It was obvious to him now, her breasts were bigger than he remembered; they were easily bigger than her mothers and her mother had ample size breasts. Justine’s had never appeared overly large, but now they were full and swollen looking. Traveling down from her chest he realized that her bellybutton was pierced. A small diamond stud glistened in the raw, bright light shining down from the overhead ceiling fan. Further down his eyes stopped cold.

Justine’s pussy was shaven bare. There wasn’t even a hint of hair anywhere near her pussy. If he didn’t know she was twenty and kartal escort he had only her pussy to judge he’d swear she hadn’t even hit puberty. Of course the gold ring sitting at the top of her slit, piercing the hood of her clit wasn’t something you saw everyday. It did make her look more like a college student. Jeff just stared at her well pronounced mound and the swollen spread lips. They were covered with a milky dew and glistening. She looked as though she had been being well fucked. Looking down at his raging hard-on he realized as his cock twitched that it was covered with the same milky wetness.

“So what do we do now Uncle Jeff,” Justine was smiling at him as her hand slipped down to her pussy. She started to play both with her clit and her clit ring as she held her pussy open with her other hand.

“I was just about to come and I can’t stop now,” she smiled as she held herself open to him. “I kind of wanted to come on your cock before you so rudely took it away from me,” she began to rub herself harder and faster as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“Of course I can still come without it,” she was arching her back and Jeff was struggling. He knew it was wrong but he also realized that he was red handed, or at least with a burning hard-on that was covered with her dew. Whether he wanted to or not, he had already fucked his niece and nothing could change that. The fact that she was now lying naked and masturbating in his bed while he watched surely wasn’t helping him to do the right thing. He knew that any normal man would have never hoped out of bed in the first place.

Walking back towards the bed her realized that he could do nothing but finish fucking her. Both of their bodies demanded it. She wasn’t lying when she said she was going to come with or without him, and at this point he would have to at least finish himself off before he could ever get to bed. Even the air in the room was infused with the intoxicating aroma of her sex he noticed as he climbed back onto the bed. Justine’s eyes opened as she felt the bed move when Jeff reached it.

“Perhaps you’d like to fuck me from behind,” she smiled as she rolled over and knelt down, presenting her very curvaceous ass to his view. Her cunt bulged out from underneath two very round ass cheeks and begged him to fill it. Having given up when he reached the bed he moved forward and grabbed her hips, placing his cock against her lips. Pressing himself forward he moaned as he felt her burning hot cunt suck him into her tightness.

“Oh yes Uncle Jeff,” Justine moaned as she reached between her legs and grasped his cock as it fucked her. She was squeezing the base of his cock as she rubbed her hand against her clit while hey fucked. Jeff knew he couldn’t last long as he pumped her fast and hard. He was glad at least that the light was on so he could enjoy the view of his cock disappearing into her. She had her mother’s ass he thought and that thought alone seemed to trigger his cock to begin twitching.

“This is how you liked to fuck my mom,” Justine was moaning, “like a bitch in heat,” she was saying. Jeff couldn’t take it any longer. How could she have known that he loved to fuck her mother from behind? It just wasn’t possible he thought as he realized that her ass was even better looking than her mothers. He groaned as he felt his orgasm beginning to crest. He had loved to fuck her mother this way even it had only happened twice.

“I want you to come in me Uncle Jeff,” Justine was quivering now and moaning as her hand slipped off of his cock and concentrated on her clit. He realized she was going to bring herself off as he felt his cock grow as it prepared to explode. The thought of shooting his seed deep inside of his niece was too much. He had never come inside of her mother and he went crazy as he realized he was going to come inside of his niece. His cock began to jerk and his balls started to empty into her.

“Oh yes,” Justine collapsed downward onto the bed as his first spurt went deep inside of her. It was the most intense feeling Jeff had ever felt. He couldn’t have pulled out if he had wanted to. Justine had clamped down on his cock as she began to orgasm at the same time as his cock started to unload inside of her. Jeff just continued to pound her ass as he shot stream after stream after stream into her tight cunt.

“Oh….Oh…,” Justine was quivering and moaning underneath him as his cock finally sputtered and stopped, buried deep and hard in her spasmic pussy. Jeff collapsed on top of her and gave in to his euphoria.

Several minutes seemed to pass before he could move. Slowly, very slowly he felt his cock start to deflate although as it did it seemed that Justine’s cunt would occasionally quiver and his cock would jump in sympathy. Not meaning to he felt himself drifting off again as an overwhelming peacefulness overtook his body.

A few hours later the shrill shriek of the alarm clock jolted Jeff out of his sleep. Finding himself lying naked upon the bed he noticed the faint smell of sex in the air and it all came back to him. Sitting bolt upright he looked and realized that the bed was empty, Justine wasn’t in it. Thinking perhaps it had all been a dream he realized that the light in the bathroom was still on and he hadn’t left it that way.

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