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You’ve been bad and know you will be punished. You try to distract me, make me forget. You greet me at the door. White bra and lace panties with matching garter belt and stockings. You can see by the stirring in my pants that I’m excited. But you can’t distract me from the fact that you need punished. I pick you up and carry you off to your bed. I push you back blindfolding you and tying you down with silk scarves. You inhale deeply in anticipation of what is to come.

You are now mine to punish. I can tell by your reaction that you think you are safe. But all bad girls must be punished.

I lightly run my hands up and down you your body causing goose bumps to form on your exposed flesh. You squirm, trying to break free from your restraint, but you can’t. As my hands make my way back down your body, I begin to kiss every inch of you starting with your stocking clad feet. You know how much stockings turn me on, that’s why you wore them. That’s when I notice your painted toes. You tried everything you could think of to distract me. Instead, it makes the punishment that much more enjoyable for me. You’re tied. There is nothing you can do. You squirm more as I kiss and caress your feet. I slow move up you slender stocking clad legs, relishing the feel of the silky material against me as I do. You struggle harder as I make my way to your most intimate area…and stop. You try to thrust your hips forward to make contact, but the restraint keep you from it. I continue upwards giving special attention to your breast freeing them from your bra. Your nipples are already hard with your excitement. They ache to be kissed. You can feel my warm breath on your breast. You tense, waiting for me to take one in kızılay escort my mouth. But again, I deny you the pleasure.

“Someone’s been bad,” I whisper in your ear before slowly kissing my way back down to where I started.

You moan in ecstasy. Your panties are absolutely dripping from your excitement. You tremble in anticipation of what will come next. But, you’ve been bad. You need to cool off. Much to your disappointment, you hear the door close as I leave the room.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, you hear the door open. You inhale sharply and gasp as a hand touches your feet. You brace yourself. You know what you are in for. The caressing starts over. You never really calmed down from the first round of punishment. Every kiss, every caress makes you wetter. You can feel warm breath on your cheek. You turn to meet my lips, kissing me deeply, our tongues intertwined. But something is different. You can’t place it. Our embrace doesn’t break. You can feel the blindfold loosening. It’s being taken off!

The light is bright after having been blindfolded for so long. You struggle to look in my eyes. You want to see my desire. Your eyes slowly adjust to the light. Suddenly you notice. You try to pull back, but you are still tied. It is now my wife’s turn to punish you. You knew something was different with that kiss!

She breaks your embrace and makes her way from the room. You watch her as she leaves. Her black stockings and corset showing just how devilish she can be. A few minutes pass. She returns, leading me in to the room. We lay next to you on the bed. Again you struggle wanting to touch us, feel us, but you can’t, you are being punished, being forced to watch. etlik escort Your excitement grows as my wife takes me in her mouth. Licking. Sucking. Teasing. You are in agony as you watch. You want to, no, you MUST join in. But you can’t. I stare deep in your eyes as she pleasures me. Watching your face is too much, I’m on the brink of release. I stop her and pull her to me, kissing her. You moan. Not being included is torture. You need it! You struggle, but it’s no use. You must only watch. You watch as I tease her the same way you were teased. You see the pleasure on her face as I move up her body. You want to feel that same pleasure again. But, no, you’ve been bad and are being punished.

You give up struggling to get free. You watch as I pleasure my wife. You’ve lost track of how many times she has cum. All you can think is how one touch would send you over the edge. You watch as my wife pulls me to her, my face glistening with her juices. She whispers in my ear. We both look at you and grin. Your heart races. You can’t take any more! My wife faces you on all fours.

“Fuck me from behind,” she growls as she looks over her shoulder at me. I’m more than happy oblige. My throbbing cock easily slips inside of her soaked pussy. She gasps as I start to pick up the pace. You lock eyes. You can see the pleasure in her eyes that you now long for. With every thrust you can hear her getting wetter. It isn’t long before she is cumming on me, soaking my throbbing cock with her juices. The sights and sounds have you close to cumming as well.

“Fill me,” she screams as she reaches back to caresses my balls in an attempt to send me over the edge. They tighten as I’m about to cum. demetevler escort But I stop her and quickly pull out. I have other ideas.

She flashes me an angered look. She wanted it deep in her. She wanted filled. But she knew that wasn’t the plan. I nod and without saying a word she straddles you, lowering her well fucked, dripping pussy to you. You hungrily lick her. It wasn’t the relief you were looking for, but it will do. I watch as you make her cum grinding on your sexy mouth. You know just what to do to bring her pleasure.

You are so focused on her pleasure that you don’t notice me slipping off your panties. You are glistening. I steady stream of your juices are leaking from your aching pussy. You’ve soaked through your panties and have left a wet spot on the bed. Your aroma is intoxicating. I want you. I want you both. I take it all in, my angel and my devil pleasuring one another. It’s too much. I must have you! I plunge into your dripping, sex deprived pussy. You gasp, not expecting it. You are so worked up, you cum almost immediately squirting all over me. It’s too much for me. I grunt as I plunge as deeply into you as possible and unload my seed in you. Spent, I collapse next to you, cum dripping from my still throbbing cock.

“Mmm, my turn, ” my wife coos as she turns around into a 69 position. She hungrily laps my cum leaking from your pussy. You’ve never had a tongue lick you as expertly as hers. You try to pleasure her as she licks you, but you can only focus on one thing…cumming! She continues as you cry out in pleasure over and over again. Finally, when neither of you can take it anymore, she lifts herself off you and lies next to you. She kisses you gently as she unties the scarves. You can taste us, all of us, on her lips. I pull you both in tight, totally spent. Totally satisfied.

“Sorry sweetie, but I could never truly punish you,” I whisper in your ear as we all drift off to sleep. All you can do is smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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