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About the story :

This is a story based on the rape of prostitute named Liz. She is 23 years old and gets raped brutally by a lot of men whom she trusted !


About me :

I am Liz, 23 year prostitute.I am extremely sexy.I have a hot curvy body and C cup breasts. I have a personal cab driver named Tyler [ A.K.A Tye ]. Tye drops ,me to my client’s houses.I have no parents and husband ..just a cousin who doesn’t live with me so I live in a small house.

Friday Night :

I just finished fucking a client and now I was standing on the footpath near my client’s home.I called Tye to pick me up.Few moments later,he arrived and I got into the car. When we were about to reach home Tye said,”Hey Liz..I want to tell you something “

“Sure..go on ! “ , I replied .

“You look so sexy that I cannot resist you“, said Tye patiently

“So.. ? “

“I want to have sex with you”

“What !!!!?? No way ! “ I screamed in astonishment .

“You are like a brother to me”, I said.

“Yeah but I want to have sex with you”, he insisted.

“Stop the car” , I ordered.

“Okay,okay…calm down .. I’ll drop you home”


Soon we reached my home. I went home ..took a shower and took my pills and went to bed.

Monday morning :

Buzz… phone rang.I woke up and picked up the phone.

“Hello..who’s there ? “, I asked

“ I talking to Liz ? “ , asked someone from the other side.

“Sure you are..”

“I am Adam…I’ve heard you’re a call that correct ?”

“Yep..I am”

“ Could you come at my house tomorrow afternoon ? “

“Yeah..just text me the address and.. How many people are there?”, I asked curiously.

“2 guys and a girl..are you fine ?”

“Yeah !..bye..! “,I told and I hung up the phone.

I called Tye to inform him to come Tuesday afternoon to pick me up.

Tuesday afternoon :

I got ready for going to Adam’s house.I wore a sexy red lingerie and on top of that I wore a sexy tight dress.

I called Tye…

“Hey Tye..come to pick me up.”, I said

“I’ll be there in 5 minutes”,he said and hung up the phone.

Soon Tye arrived and we went to Adam’s house.

I went to the gate and told the watchman who I was.He then kind of called Adam to confirm my entry. Adam came to welcome me at the gate.We went in..he was living in a huge white mansion with a big swimming pool in the centre. He took me to a room where a brunette guy and a blonde girl were sitting and talking on a huge bed.He introduced me to them.The guy was Benjamin whom he called Ben . The girl was Barbara [ a.k.a Barb ] . She had a curvy body too with huge d cup round breasts.He was too sexy. I wonder how her pussy was !

Adam guided me to the bathroom for changing. I went in. There , near the sink there was an envelope containing a lot of money canlı bahis ! I kept it in my bag. I found a black lingerie and a card reading “ WEAR ME ! “.

I removed my red lingerie and wore the black one. It was short and tight. My boobs were about to overflow from the bra .I exited the bathroom and entered the room.

“Do I look good ? “,I asked Adam

“Sexy ! “,Barb said

She now wore a sexy black lingerie too.

Adam said,”Barb..take care of her while I take care of Ben…right Ben ? “

“Yeah..!”,Ben said

Soon Barb dragged me on the bed and started kissing me and cuddling.Adam grabbed Ben and kissed him..he was a gay !!!! Barb unstrapped by bra and started massaging my boobs and then eventually sucking my nipples very hard. Then it was my turn to do the same. Meanwhile Ben was on his knees and started to suck Adam’s cock.He was gagging while he did so.

Barb then removed both mine and hers lingerie and I slept in a spread eagle position and she started rubbing my pussy. She started licking it while she inserted 2 fingers in my pussy simultaneously.It was so fucking good !!! Then stopped her we swapped our positions. It took out a dildo from my bag and lubed it with my saliva and inserted it into her pussy. I started inserting deep and fast . She was moaning with pleasure.

She stopped me and got me into leapfrog position and started licking my asshole.It felt horny.She then inserted 3 fingers but changed her mind and took a larger dildo from the drawer and inserted into my ass. I shrieked with pain !

I swapped my position and inserted the same dildo in her ass.Then Adam signaled to stop. He called me near him and Ben went near Barb. Both of us – Me and Barb started giving both the guys a fucking blowjob ! I was good especially at blowjobs.I took good care of him. The guys grew hornier and turned us and started fucking our assholes in doggy style. The pain was worth the pleasure.

After a lot of fucking they changes positions . Now we laid on the bed in spread eagle and they fucked our assholes. Suddenly Adam had an idea !

I lied on the bed. Barb sat on my face so that I could eat her ass and Adam was fucking my asshole. Ben was standing in front of Barb on the bed and Barb was giving him a blowjob. Barb’s asshole tasted delicious and Adam’s fucking kept on getting harder. Later I and Barb changes our positions and I sucked Ben’s penis and honestly Adam’s cock was better !

Then the position was changed . I got laid on Adam who fucked my asshole while massaging my boobs and Ben fucked my pussy . It was double penetration ! Barb sat on my face again ! Then after some time of hard fucking and loud moaning I and Barb swapped our positions. It felt so good getting my asshole licked . I have to admit..Barb was professional licker !

Then I and Barb lay besides each other while Ben fucked my ass hole and Adam fucked Barb’s ass hole in leapfrog .

Then came my favorite part..cum shot ! All of us were gonna cum so first Adam and Ben licked my and Barb’s pussy respectively and after we came we received a shot of cum on our face and boobs.I licked the cum from Barb’s boobs while she licked the cum from my boobs !

It was a wonderful foursome !

I called Tye to pick me up.He came soon and I got in the car. I remembered that one of my cousins – Kait was gonna stay at my home tonight so I told Tye to pick him up as his home was on our route . We picked up Kait who was a year younger than me from his home. At the street leading to my home, instead of left Tye took a sharp right turn. I asked him why did he do so . He told that he had to finish a small work.I agreed,”Fine”.

The street became more isolate and silent as we passed. Then he stopped the car bahis siteleri at a place which looked like an inn and signed us to move out and enter the inn.We entered and found that all sort of strange people were there. Then we entered a strange room where Tye signaled to keep quiet. We followed and shut our mouth for some time. Suddenly a hand reached my face and I fainted.I guess so did Kait.

I guess I woke up after a few days.I was blindfolded.

“Kait..are you there ? “ , I said softly

“Yeah..I’m here sis “, he replied

“Are you blindfolded too ? “


“Where are we”

“IDK..seems like a large warehouse by the smell of grains”

“Yeah”,I said.

Soon there was a noise of footsteps arriving.

“ So you are Liz..! “, he said

“Yeah..I am”,I said confidently.

“We’re gonna take good care o’ you “

“ What are you going to do ?”,I asked

There was no reply but I heard more 2 to 3 footsteps arriving.I was forced to kiss some men who were taking turns repeatedly .I guess same happened with my sis . Then I was forced to sit on my knees and give blowjobs to three persons [ I could make it out by the size and taste of cocks ] . I heard Kait gagging so she must be giving blowjobs too !

Some people opened my panty and started inserting their fingers into my pussy and asshole while one guy received blowjob from me. By the felt good ! Kait was now moaning so I guess Kait was facing the same . My blindfold was opened and I could see three tall muscular guys fucking Kait [ 1 blowjob and 1 fucking his ass and 1 fucking his pussy ] ! They fucked her hard until I requested them to stop. But they didn’t . They all came in her mouth one by one and told her not to swallow it . She was forced to kiss me and transfer the cum in my mouth. I was then forced to empty the cum in my hand and apply it on my whole body.I did as they told.

I was blindfolded again and we were forcibly laid on a table.Everybody moved out . Our hands and legs were locked and our legs were spread to expose our pussy and we were naked. We both were sobbing ! Then a guy entered the room. He told,”This is what you get by denying me to fuck you ! “ I instantly recognized the was Tye.

“ didn’t have to do this “, I said

“I wouldn’t have done this ..if you had allowed me to fuck you when I asked earlier “

“Now you can get me laid”

“Nothing can change now……. .good night ! “

I heard a buzzing voice near me. Then I could feel a vibrator stationed near my clit and it was full powered . I heard Kait moaning and sobbing . I tried to shake my body to remove the vibrator but it was fixed very hard ! Then he placed an automatic sex machine in my asshole and that cum made my body stickier . Then I heard Tye exit the room with the vibrator on my pussy fully functioning on high power mode and a fucking machine penetrating my asshole ! First it felt good but then after ample of orgasms it my pussy became swollen and it began to hurt my asshole I asked Kait what were they doing with her and it turned out to be the same as with me ! I could not sleep the whole night ! BY morning I must’ve gone through hundreds of orgasms. And a black hole would be present instead of my tight asshole.

Morning came and I heard footsteps entering the room. They forced us to inhale chloroform and we fainted. When I woke up I was hanging from the ceiling ..upside down with my legs tied to the top and hands tied and left dangling in the air . Besides me I could hear Kait breathing deeply. The door creaked and some people came in . One went towards Kait and one came towards me .

I felt a whip lashing my pussy and breasts as I was forced to give a blowjob , hanging bahis şirketleri upside down ! The man then went a pussy came. I was forced to eat a woman’s pussy . She started rubbing my pussy and inserted a huge huge dildo in my ass . The dildo almost tore my asshole apart ! I heard Kait screaming on them to stop .. but they didn’t . After a long time of foreplay . We were removed from hanging . A man fucked my asshole while another fucked my pussy and I was forced to lick a pussy. It was exactly the same as at Adam’s house ! But the situation got worse. They began dropping wax on my pussy and electrifying my asshole.They pierced needles on my skin and put clips on my nipples. Kait my now sobbing as hard as she could.

I screamed at the top of my lungs , “ STOP ! Leave whatever you want to do with me .. forgive her ! “ It was the first time they obeyed. They stopped fucking Kait and took her away.

One of the guys said , “ You all carry on .. I’ll empty my bowels and come “

Other one said , “ Yeah I gotta poop too “

Tye said., “ Okay..hold on I’ve got an idea ! “

Soon I was laid on the floor . I felt various streams hot liquid being poured onto me . It guessed by the smell that it was urine ! Gross ! The woman sat on my and peed in my mouth while two guys peed in my kitty and ass . Others continued peeing on me . I guessed that now they wood poop ON me.My guess was incorrect..they started pooping IN me ! First I was forced to spread my mouth.Then a guy sat on me in Indian style and started pooping in my mouth. I was forced to swallow that . A guy was placing potato chips for me to swallow with poop . After all the pooping I was forced to lick everybody’s ass to clean them .

It was followed by brutal gang rape . 6 to 7 people fucked my standing and then everybody came in my pussy . It could feel the hot load of cum enter my pussy ! Hopefully I had taken my pills while leaving Adam’s place !

Then I heard a man bringing a box towards me . I guess it right .. it was the box in which I and Kait peed and pooped till we were here . I got a strange feeling . They forced me to open my mouth again and emptied all the litter in me .

Then I felt a strong jet of water cleaning least they did something good ! After I was cleaned .. everybody left. I heard the door creaking as it was closing . After few hours someone came was Tye . He opened my blindfold and talked to me.

“Don’t tell this to anyone”

“Why shouldn’t I ? “

“Cause the consequences won’t be good and it would be even worse than this“

I guessed the consequences and decided to shut this thing in my mouth . Later I saw Kait. I had guessed that we was safe but no she wasn’t . There were drops of wax on her body especially on pussy .

Tye cleaned her and gave us clothes to wear . We were dropped by Tye to my place soon.

From then on … everyday at night Tye used to fuck me anywhere possible…whether in his home..footpath , etc.


This was my first story and if you guys liked it be sure to like this.If you want the next part or new stories comment on what should the story be related to !


– – THANK YOU – –


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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