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Mom and Dad divorced when I was six years old because Dad was a drunk and a deadbeat. For the past seven years Mom and I had been living in a small town in western Pennsylvania where Mom was a pastor of a small church. Mom devoted her entire being to making a good home for me and to serving her church. To say the least, our life was pleasant, if uneventful. All that changed on a hot, humid day in August, a few days after my 13th birthday.

I was in the yard playing with a friend when a man that looked vaguely familiar stopped by and asked if I was Steven. I said yeah, and he then told me he was my dad. I looked in disbelief at this rough looking man. Then he said, “is your momma home?’ “Yes,” I replied. Then he ran into the yard and into the house.

When I heard mom scream, I ran into the house. The man then locked the door and grabbed the phone from mom. He also slammed the door shut and plunged after mom. When he caught her, he began to rip her clothes off. It was not easy because mom was about the same size as he was–she was 5’9 ” and weighed about 160 pounds. But he succeeded, and within a few seconds mom was standing there naked. To say the least, I was totally embarrassed, but also somewhat aroused by seeing mom naked.

Then Dad (mom told me later that he was my father) ordered me to remove my clothes. I refused, but he raised a hand and hit me across the face. “Marty, he is only a child–leave him along–do whatever to me, but do not hurt Steve,” Mom yelled.

Fuck you, dad said, and turned on me again. I began to undress and soon was totally naked. Then dad began to undress and he was naked too. He told mom, lie on the bed–you are going to get fucked. Mom’s arguments were futile, and soon dad had mounted her and began to slam his cock into her cunt.

I am ashamed, but seeing dad rape mom caused to get a hard on. Dad looked over and saw it, and ordered me to come over to where illegal bahis he was fucking mom. Take his cock dad ordered mom, and give him a great blow job. Mom refused, and dad hit her again.

Mom closed her eyes and began to pray for forgiveness, the she opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. I wanted to resist, but the pleasure was unbelievable. Dad was grinning widely as he watched mom suck my cock and cry. Then with he loud grunt, he shot his load into her pussy. Bitch, he said, maybe I have knocked you up again. Then I experienced a fantastic orgasm. Dad and I both withdrew our limp cocks from mom. I started to move away, and dad said no, let your mom get you hard agin. She began to gently massage my cock, saying, Stevie, I am so sorry. This is not your fault.

Within a few minutes I was erect again. Lay on the bed, on your back, dad said. Then he told mom to mount me. She started to refuse, but when he raised his hand she crawled on me and took my rigid cock and placed it at the mouth of her pussy. Lordy, I was going to get fucked for the first time, and it is going to be by my mother. I was going to be mother-fucker!

Moms cunt was wet from dad’s ravaging her, so my little five inch cock slid right in. If I thought a blow job was great, fucking, even your mother, was a million times better. Mom began to move up and down on my and soon we got into rhythm. Dad was smiling as he watched–the little muther fucker is good, he said to no one in particular. Then he got up and I saw that his cock was hard again. He moved in behind mom, and I could feel his cock pressing against mine. Then dad said, hold on bitch, your virgin ass hold is going to get screwed. You would not let me do this when we were younger, but now Stevie and I are going to fill both your holes. With that, dad rammed his cock into mom’s asshold. She gasped, but continued to fuck me. I could feed dad’s cock in her ass as illegal bahis siteleri I plunged mine into her cunt.

By now, mom was sweating profusely, and seemed to be getting more sexually aroused with every stroke dad and i made. Dads balls were slapping against mom’s ass and my balls were slapping against her cunt. The sounds were so sexually stimulating to all of us, and we began to fuck wild. Dad and I were grunting, and driving our cocks as deep into mom as we could. Now she was moaning, oh god, fuck me, fuck me. I thought briefly that we were going to break the bed with our vigorous fuckikng. After a few more seconds of moaning, mom gasped and let out a moan I had never heard from a woman before (learned later it was her first orgasm in eight years). Dad and i both came at the same time a few seconds later and pulled our limp cocks from mom.

Helen, got to go, dad said. I just wanted to make sure you did not make Stevie a queer, and with his performance here today, I am certain he is going to fuck a lot of women in his day. With that, he left the house. We never saw him again.

Mom was crying and praying, asking for forgiveness. We held each other, cried, then took showers.

A few of mom’s friends were told that dad had returned and raped, but nothing was mentioned about my fucking her. A week later I heard mom tell one of the girls that god was good as her period had started, so she knew dad had not impregnated her.

About ten days later, I was awakened by mom crying. I got up and ran into her bedroom. Oh Stevie, I am so sorry, mom said. I crawled into bed with her. At thin time, it dawned on me that I was buck naked as I had been jacking off before I went to sleep.

Stevie, hug me, mom said. She moved her body to mine and pushed her naked butt against my cock, which quickly hardened. After the incident, I had tried to find out about fucking as much as I could. One of my friends canlı bahis siteleri invited me to watch his sister and her boyfriend. I learned a lot from two or three bouts of their uninhibited sex. Now was the time to put my new knowledge into play.

With one hand I began to caress mom’s breasts, and with the other hand moved to her pussy. Stevie, don’t, she said, but she kept her ass pushed against my cock. I continued and found her
clit. Mom began to respond, then I did what my buddy’s boyfriend–I moved away from mom and began to kiss her breasts and stomach. Then I moved to her pussy and kissed both sides.

mom moved her legs apart so I could get a better shot at her cunt. I furiously worked my tongue against mom’s clit, tongue fucking her viciously. With a shout, mom experienced an orgasm. She pulled me up to her and began to kiss me. Then she pulled me on her, spread her legs, took her hand and guided my cock into her cunt. I came quickly, dropping my sperm in mom’s cunt. I started to move off, but mom said, wait, you will get hard again soon, and sure enough she was right. This time I started to thrust, and mom pushed back. Soon we were in rhythm, and we both were grunting and groaing like animals. After about five minutes of fast fucking, I came again in mom’s pussy.

I moved off her into the 69 position and began to lick her cunt. It took mom a while to cum, but as she started, she was trying desperately trying to swallow my little cock. We both shot our wads, and mom swallowed mine as I continued licking her. This was the beginning of our daily fucking activities.

The next week Mom said we were moving. She did not tell me why. In the meantime we continued to fuck almost daily. It did not dawn on me that mom was no longer having a period.

We moved to a city in Illinois where mom got a job as assistant pastor. By now it was evident she was pregnant. Mom explained that by saying her husband had been killed in an auto accident a few months previously.

At the time, I did not realize she was carrying my child, a beautiful little girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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