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The house was just one of the many traditional terrace houses that the north of England is known for. The door was old but well painted, clearly displaying the number 30 confirming I had the right house. I knocked feeling my heart rate rise and a surge of adrenalin — was this really going to happen…?

I had met them in a local cafe about an hour ago, an arranged meet to see if we got on. The chat on the swingers site had been pretty tame, but still had made it clear what the idea was. The chat at the pub quickly became about their exploring of a swinging lifestyle — so far they had a few voyeur experiences, had visited a club and enjoyed a soft swing. They were confident though in wanting to explore someone else watching them. I was to watch, not to join in, and they were insistent in explaining this. The thought of a third person watching was the fantasy they were interested in today.

They had chosen a midweek day – their children at school and many hours of time available.


Steve opened the door with a smile, and invited me in with a slight sweep of his hand. Jane was in the kitchen just of the hallway, running a glass of water. Both in their 30’s, Steve was completely bald headed, a couple of inches short of my 6′, and slim like only a long-distance runner is, clad in jeans and patterned shirt. Jane was shorter, perhaps only 5’4″, a slim figure with dark brown hair, glasses and every bit the part time teacher she was. She wore a longer corduroy skirt that accented her broad peach hips and a long sleeve, roll neck top that showed off the small boobs she had well.

“We thought you might like a drink” she said, offering me the glass of cold liquid. “before we start”. I sipped the cold water, looking around the family kitchen full of children’s school work and family photos. A moment of silence was broken by Steve looking at Jane and asking “Shall we go upstairs?”. She nodded, a look of nervousness on her face.

She took Steve’s hand and led upstairs, the steep terrace steps leading to a small landing at the top. There, she turned left and walked into the bedroom. The two front windows had light curtains already closed, casting a soft light across the room. Dark furniture dominated the room, with a king size bed covered in a green duvet central. Next to the door was a wooden dining chair, placed to face the end of the bed. Jane told me to sit there, apologising it wasn’t more comfortable. I placed my glass of water down under the chair, and took off my jacked, hanging it on the back of the chair.

Steve and Jane faced each other, holding hands and looking at each other. They were close but not touching, looking at each other. I was only a few feet away, I could smell her perfume and see the look in her eyes as she faced her husband.

“You ok?” he asked. She answered with a kiss, pulling him in closer to her, connecting their bodies.

I was still stood at this point, unsure of what to do, and stood somewhat transfixed on this beautiful couple kissing in front of me. They spent what felt like an age kissing, their hands roaming in the comfortable way only a couple who have known each other for years can.

They broke off, glancing my way, Jane smiling. “Please, sit” she indicated, leading Steve around to the far side of the bed. He gathered her in with an arm around her waist, seeking another kiss, pressing their bodies together in passion.

I sat down, feeling my rapidly growing hardness uncomfortably pressing against my jeans. It seemed natural to adjust myself to make myself more comfortable, and perhaps to enjoy a light stroking through the fabric.

Meanwhile, Jane was sweeping her top off, revealing a black netted body top. In a swift move she unbuttoned her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, stood now only in her body stocking. Steve too was disrobing, although removing trousers and socks was less fluid and took longer. Jane climbed on the bed, turning around to face him, showing her beautiful rounded bottom framed by the dark bodysuit. Steve leaned over, kissing her passionately, holding her face, and reaching to caress her with his other hand.

By now I was openly stroking my length, gently with my fingertips, breathing heavily as the excitement surged through me.

“Come on” said jane, breaking away and moving around on the bed. She was facing me, down on her elbows, bottom raised as an invite to her husband. He dropped his boxers, revealing an uncut and average cock surrounded by only a few trimmed pubes. It wobbled proudly as he climbed onto the bed behind her, kneeling. He reached down, moved the lower part of her bodysuit to one side and cupped his wifes pussy. “My god you’re wet!” he commented, his fingers beginning to play with her.

Jane looked me in the eye and said “Why not get more comfortable? Take your clothes off.” I quickly obeyed, laying my clothes on the chair back and sitting back down. As I did so I could see Steve struggling with unclipping her suit, freeing her lower half. He sat back on his escort haunches, his fingers doing unseen work. Jane widened her knees, pushing back a little towards him, all the time looking my way.

My cock was now standing proud, my fingers still just caressing it’s length. My eyes widened and cock stiffened further as I saw Steve grasp his own member, point it at his wife and slide slowly yet confidently into her without a pause. Her eyes rolled back a little, her hands clutched the end of the wooden bed. Steve began to slide in and out, gently holding her hips. I now matched his movements, my hand clamping around myself firmly.

“Come here” she said softly. I momentarily paused — did she really say that? Unsure I remained seated, and so she repeated it. The second “Come here” was clearer, more insistent. I stood up, holding my cock and slowly approached the end of the bed. She reached out, replacing my warm hand with her slightly cool hand, her touch gentle around my shaft. I moaned as her hand moved only a tiny bit, my cock twitching in response. “God, your cock is thick!” she exclaimed, her eyes looking directly at my tool.

She looked around at Steve, who was smiling back at her as he continued his steady fucking rhythm. It was clearly a look between two people who knew deeply what the other was thinking, and lasted a few seconds. Her head moved back around, her hand pulling me towards her with my cock. She pushed up on one arm, bringing her mouth level, placing a few gentle kisses on my head. Her hand pulled down on

my shaft, peeling back my foreskin and revealing my cock head to her lips. I was engulfed in a warm sensation as her lips took me in momentarily. Her head moved around, and her lips slid down again, this time joined by her tongue under my glans. She withdrew my cock, took a breath and said “That is the thickest cock I have seen — don’t you think Steve?”

Steve was staring at me now, smiling. He replied to his wife “Do you like it?” She replied by burying my cock in her mouth, pushing it into one of her cheeks and rolling her tongue around even more.

It was less than five minutes from entering this couples bedroom, here we were fucking pussy and mouth.

Steve continued “It’s her fantasy to be fucked by two of us. She is so wet, I cannot tell you how turned on she is now! Aren’t you?” He finished with a cheeky slap across her bum, to which she grunted with a mouth full of strangers cock.

The couple sped up, Steve moving more rapidly, thighs slapping into his wife’s cheeks with every thrust. His slightly skinny frame was narrower than her hips, his hands holding onto her pelvis. Jane, feeling the speed change and her pleasure building, took her mouth off my cock. She needed both hands to steady herself on the end of the bed as her husband fucked her. Eyes closed, she now focused on the one cock that was familiar and giving her pleasure.

I stood, cock wet and standing proud from the brief blow job, looking at this couple losing themselves in pleasure. The sounds of his thighs slapping was joined by a squelching sound, her pussy soaked through. She tried to reach out with one hand to my cock again, but as she grasped me she nearly tumbled over, his passion becoming stronger. I reached down, took one of her hands and held it firmly to assist her, my other returning to my cock.

We stayed like this for a few minutes, her head now down and the sound of her groans growing.

“Enough!” she moaned, suddenly reaching back to stop him moving. She looked around again, the couple making eye contact again “Are you OK with this?” She asked him, searching for his reaction as much as his words. He nodded his approval, sliding out of her pussy and sitting back. She kneeled up, Steve putting an arm around her waist.

“We didn’t know how this would go” she explained “But we are prepared — would you join us properly?” Her deep brown eyes now searched for my reaction. Here I was faced by a beautiful wife asking if I would have sex with her. “Of course” I replied, stumbling over anything suitable to say. She smiled, grasping Steve’s hand that was laid across her in excitement.

Steve reached across to the bedside table where there was a few condoms and a lube, tissues and some more water. He passed me a condom “Only with this on” he said “and Jane is in charge of both of us — what she want’s or doesn’t want, we do. OK?” It wasn’t a question. I was being told.

I quickly unwrapped and rolled the condom on, Jane and Steve busy removing her body stocking. Without the netted fabric I could now see her naked form — shaven completely, a belly with a few mummy stretch marks, and a beautiful pair of smaller, slightly deflated boobs topped with delightful small nipples. I noticed a small love heart tattooed on her left hip, as well as a pair of pink labia peeking out.

I walked around the bed, kneeling onto it facing her. Steve’s arm now dropped down, sliding a finger into his wife’s slack and sopping pussy, stroking her clit gently. She leant forward eskort and slightly to the side, pulling my face towards her for a kiss. Lips meeting for the first time, we struggled to connect, but soon our tongues took over and I kissed her deeply.

My hands reached down for her boobs, cupping each one and stroking my thumb over each taut nipple. Her hands were on my face, keeping our kiss going by pulling me in towards her. My mind was racing with the practicalities of what was to come next. Jane answered that by breaking off our kiss and leaning over and out across the bed. She was now laid between her husband and myself, and shuffled down some more towards us. Her hands reached out, grasping for the first time ever two cocks at once.

He knees raised and wide, one of my hands reached her knee, caressing the inside of her leg. Steve and I both took a boob each in our other hands, caressing and cupping, me following his lead. He looked at me and used his head and eyes to motion down to her waist “Go on — she’s waiting”. My hand slid up her thigh, feeling a moistness before I was even onto her lips. Her pussy was gorgeous, my eyes drinking in the sight, fingers exploring the touch. Her lips were slightly longer, a clear clit head and then a gape into pinkness, slick with her excitement.

We knelt each side of her, our cocks enjoying her distracted strokes. My hand exploring her nipple and soaking wet warmth, his hands holding onto her kneed and stroking her hair. It was a glorious view I was taking in, feeling alarmingly close to cumming.

We broke off when Steve shuffled up the bed, leant over his wife and placed his cock at her mouth. She willingly obliged, easily taking his length and sucking noisily. I sat back some at this point, her hands busy with her husband, my one hand circling her clit.

She paused, looked at me while holding her husbands cock and said “Fuck me with that big cock of yours”. I didn’t need a second time of asking now, immediately moving between her legs, ready to comply. She moved her legs over mine, spread wide, leaving her pussy slightly agape again. As I looked up I could see both of them staring back, Jane smiling and nodding. I shuffled forwards on my knees, and pointed my cock towards her entrance. I pushed in, feeling some resistance and taking my time for her cunt to relax. Her hand on my belly confirmed I should wait a moment, but her lifting legs encouraged me onwards. As I sunk deep into her heat, Steve bent down and kissed her passionately.

I began moving gently, my hands now each side of her, her legs spread in the air. Steve held one of her legs wide, as Jane took his cock back in her mouth again. We fucked like this for a moment, my eyes closed and enjoying the sensation. Suddenly I felt something down on my cock — Steve’s fingers were moving down onto his wife’s clit, his movements not timed with mine. Jane now threw her head back, hand pumping away at her husbands cock, hips moving in time with my strokes.

We carried on like this for a while, Janes groaning getting louder, her pussy slackening and allowing my full length in each time. Each time I bottomed out, Steve’s hand was pushed onto his wife’s clit, I was glad to slow down and let his fingers work faster. Just as I was trying to delay my orgasm, Steve reached down to his cock, pointed it across his wife and shot a thick stream of cum over her chest. Her eyes opened, staring at him. Steve’s other hand now sped up, and this extra movement tipped me over the edge exploding with such force it surprised me. I did my best to keep up the long, slow strokes I was using, his fingers moving so fast I could feel the pull on her lips.

Suddenly her pussy clamped around me, her hips involuntarily rotating and her legs clamped up on my side. She rode the orgasm out through some twitches and rolls of her hips. I tried to push back into her, but was met by her hand stopping me. We all three stopped still, pulses racing. Steve and I both looked to Jane for her lead — it was not a surprise that she pulled him in for a kiss, all while wriggling her pussy teasingly on the end of my cock.

A few minutes later we were all laid on the bed, Jane in the middle, a man laid each side. We were not saying much, complementing each other and saying how nice it was. Jane was focused more on Steve, as if she was waiting for a reaction or word. His hand was stroking her inner thigh, his head propped up near hers.

“I liked that Mike, thank you. Your cock is so much thicker than Steve’s. Has anyone told you that you have such a nice cock before?” It was more a statement than a question, but I replied somewhat modestly. “I want to feel it again — don’t you Steve?” This time the question was aimed directly at Steve. He replied “What the lady wants, the lady gets”. He looked at me “Are you Ok with some closer contact?” His question was somewhat open to me, I wasn’t sure quite what was being asked. “Jane has always wanted two cocks” he continued “at once. In her mouth and in her cunt”. They were eskort bayan checking I was OK with this, and Jane’s happy look confirmed this is what she was waiting for.

A few minutes later I was kneeling up against Steve, hips almost touching, cocks pointing towards each other. Jane had us both in hand, the size difference now being obvious. While similar length, Steve’s cock was like him — thin, straight and sleek. My plump cock head and extra girth was also matched with a gentle upward curve. Jane now pushed our cocks together, the heat of Steve’s shaft surprising me. Before I could react, Jane’s tongue began circling us both, her lips seeking out a cock in turn. Her hand was barely able to reach around us both, her lips certainly not able to. I was kneeling as still as I could, unsure of rubbing myself against Steve, and focussed on his wife’s efforts with her mouth.

Steve meanwhile had leant over and was reaching around behind his wife, his fingers clearly working, her hips rocking in appreciation. While pleasing, a double blow job was clearly more than Jane’s mouth was able to take, and so after a few minutes we disconnected.

“Suit up!” said Steve and I reached for another condom. He reached for the lube, smearing some on the end of his cock, leaving his fingers liberally coated too. We had agreed that I would lie down first, something I did while rolling the condom on still. Jane climbed over me, lifted my cock and impaled herself on it, the sight from behind was glorious. Her pussy was once again wet, sliding easily down on me. She lay back sat on me, legs wide and looking at her husband. He clearly had a view of me buried in his wife’s pussy — somewhere he was about to experience in a new way.

“Slowly” she whispered as Steve moved forward. Our legs tangled, his cock bumping my balls, it took a moment to line things up. As he tried to slide in, her wetness meant he kept sliding to the side. She reached down, I could feel her fingers spreading those labia wide, and Steve’s turgid head being clamped against my shaft. We took things slowly, taking a good minute for her to stretch out, allowing some of his cock into her tight folds. I lay wallowing in the sensations — the first time I have felt another cock against mine, the stretched feeling of her walls and the heat of our combined bodies.

I felt Jane’s hips move a little more, only this time it wasn’t to take her husbands cock deeper, it was to begin feeling the sensations of two cocks in her pussy. Steve responded with a similar slow motion, withdrawing and pushing back in. I lay still, unsure how to respond and feeling the weight of two people on my own hips. Steve now began moving some more, sliding in and out gently, each time he pushed in eliciting a moan from his wife of pain and pleasure. I could now feel her wetness oozing onto my legs, clearly lubrication was good. I tried to rock my hips, moving my cock a small amount, but unable to match Steve’s gentle rhythm.

Suddenly Steve’s shaft pulsed, sending a premature stream of cum into his wifes pussy. We all paused, feeling his body relax and head sink somewhat. “Sorry” he mumbled as his cock rapidly deflated and slipped out of the tightness. As he withdrew and moved back on the bed, I felt Jane sink down onto my cock more, but was unsure if it was just the change in position. Steve and Jane looked at each other, he apologised again, looking at his limp tool dripping cum.

A few moments later I was wiping myself clean by the side of the bed, covered in his cum and his wife’s cream. Steve had disappeared to the bathroom, and I was assuming things were coming to an awkward end. My cock was still rock hard, looking at Jane as she also cleaned up a little, sat slightly upright in the bed. She turned and looked at me “It’s ok” she reassured. Then looked at my cock. “But that isn’t. Come here” She patted the bed next to her, and lay down. As I lay next to her, she placed a leg over my hip, using it to draw me close, reached down and slid me back into her now gaping pussy. I responded with a thrust, my arm going under her neck, and both of us settling into an easy position, kissing each other.

Steve returned to find me fucking his wife, sloppy with juices, one leg widely over my hip, the pair of us kissing. I found her so slack it was not stimulating so much, and so I was able to thrust harder and deeper without fear of repeating what Steve had done. Without a word he climbed onto the bed, slid next to his wife and immediately reached down for her clit. Jane rolled her head, replacing my lips with her husbands and pushing her hips towards me so I could gain deeper access.

By now I was at an angle to Jane, able to bury fully in her pussy, feeling her husband work her clit like before. He alternated to sliding two fingers down each side of her pussy, feeling my girth thrusting in and out. Janes was rocking her hips as I neared full depth, ensuring the full depth of my penetration. By now her moans we louder, and as I altered the angle again to gain more friction on my cock head, she groaned loudly, clamping her legs tightly and revelling in her second orgasm. A few thrusts later I once again came into the condom – deep in another mans wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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