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We’ve had plans for dinner all week, and we’ve both looked so forward to it. It’s been the drive in our days. Friday evening finally comes, and you call to tell me to dress special, because the night itself will also be special. Luckily, I have a beautiful black satin dress that hugs all my curves just right, with a wide, low neckline to show my shoulders and cleavage. With this, I plan on wearing high heels, 3 or 4″.

When you arrive, I’m all ready. Your jaw hits the floor as I twirl for you, as you can see I’m not wearing any panties. My nipples are hard and rather noticeable. As you step through the door, you kiss me deeply, while running your hands very lightly along my collar bones and over my breasts, to my back. As you’re doing this, I can feel your cock getting hard, pressing against the thin material of my dress. After our embrace, you tell me plans have changed slightly and we aren’t going straight to dinner. We must stop somewhere beforehand and I might want to change quickly, but I refuse. I prepped really well for tonight and I will not let it be ruined.

As we leave, you open the car door for me, your hand brushing my ass lightly as I step around you to slide in. Once in the car, I ask where we’re going but you do not answer. You simply smile and say “somewhere you’ll enjoy”. As I sit anxiously in the passenger’s seat, you occasionally reach over and brush against my breasts and pinching my nipples gently, keeping them fully hard. You know this drives me crazy.

Finally, we arrive at a beautiful park, but you continue driving around it to a rather deserted area, before stopping, getting out, and opening my door with a beckoning hand. I take your hand and step out, wondering where we are and what we’re doing here, but still, you say nothing. You lead me gently to a trail that leads into a wooded area. Seeing this, I decide it’s best if I take off my heels and continue walking. We walk hand in hand, in silence, until we reach an area with a children’s playground and a few picnic tables and benches.

You lead me to a table, where you’ve apparently already visited and brought a blanket. Again, I look at you with questioning eyes. Only this time, you answer by picking me up and sitting me on the table gently and kissing me – first my lips, then my ears, down my neck, my collar bone, my shoulders, then down to lick the little canyon between my hard nipples, making me shiver. My nipples harden even more and that sweet valley between my legs becomes moist. I’m looking around, a little nervous that someone might show up, but you quickly make me forget that concern when you pull my dress off my shoulders and surround my breasts and nipples with your hot breath – those soft wet lips trailing my nipples, your tongue flicking in and out of eryaman escort your mouth, teasing them.

While doing this, you lean me backwards until I’m lying on the table and your lips are moving downward. You slide my dress up to my hips and continue moving your hands back to my nipples to pinch them lightly and roll them between your fingers while you’re breathing becomes heavier on my hard little clit. Your tongue darts out of your mouth quickly and flicks my clit then back in your mouth before you trail it downward along my pussy lips. My hips are rising toward your mouth and my mouth is open, not sure what it’s wanting but needing something. I let out a soft quick gasp and moan and you look up to see this.

As the pressure builds, you stop and move out of my sight. I hear the zipper of your pants and hear them being dropped on the bench beside me. I look toward you and see you standing there, your cock hard, and throbbing. I can’t wait to take it my mouth. I slide to the edge of the bench and move my mouth downward, when you put your hand gently on my chin, and as I look up, you shake your head no. Confused, I just look at you. You never turned down having my lips on your cock. Why now? The answer soon comes to me as you pull a blind fold from behind your back, smile, and cover my eyes. Once you do this, you slide my ass closer to the edge of the table and give my pussy one more quick lick.

Then you move toward me and slide the head of your cock over my clit and pussy lips, teasing me, making my pussy ache. “Please let me feel you inside me” is what I say to you, and you just chuckle as you continue running your cock along the length of my pussy. As I raise my hips toward you, you push me backwards so that I’m lying down again. You grab my hips and before I realize it, I have your whole cock inside me. You ram it in so hard and hold that position, it makes me gasp, but it feels amazing. I want more, so I say “Baby, I want to feel the head of your cock teasing my lips when you go in and out of my pussy. Please let me feel it.” Again, you just chuckle as you take your cock out of my pussy, as you help me sit up and guide me toward it. You put it on my lips and I open my mouth to greedily and hungrily take it.

I’ve been waiting for this. I can’t contain the moan that escapes from between my lips as I’m sucking and licking the head then the whole length of your cock. I love the way my juices taste mixed with your pre-cum. I look up and see you smiling. You can’t wait to fuck me. I can see it in your eyes and I give you a half-smile as you ram your cock harder into my throat a few times. Now, you pull your cock out of my mouth by backing away and you tell me to stand up. I naturally do as I’m told. I love for you to be in control. You take the sincan escort blind fold off now, and I see where you’ve also put a couple of toys on the blanket on the table – one is quite large and about 7″ long, the other slim and only 4 or 5″ long. You see that I really like where this is going, but I have no idea exactly how much I’m going to like it.

As I’m standing there, wearing my dressed crumpled around my waist, and nothing else, you tell me to pick a toy. I’m kind of unsure about the plan at this point, but I really want pressure in my pussy, so I pick the large one. You smile widely as I do so. Now you are sitting down and you tell me to sit on your cock. I moved toward you and begin to slide my pussy onto your cock and you move me, so your cock pounds hard into my ass and I gasp, as it hurts a little and I ask if I can move. You ignore the question and tell me to put the vibrator in my pussy. I do as I’m instructed.

Suddenly it turns on full speed and is vibrating my clit so hard, I’m getting dizzy. I LOVE IT! It slows down and I can concentrate some again, and as the question of “what happened?” forms on my lips, you show me a remote control for the vibrator, and we both smile. You buck your hips slightly and I jerk slightly. It feels so good to be filled, to have my pussy stretched by the vibrator and my ass stretched by your cock. I begin rocking back and forth, up and down on your cock and you love how tight my ass is…and you love the fact that I let only you fuck it. I cum in mere seconds, moaning loudly as I do. It feels great!

You tell me to take the vibrator out of my pussy and I do as I’m told. You pick me up and sit me right back down with my pussy on your cock. It slides in with ease. I’m dripping wet. “I want your tongue on me. I want you to tongue fuck me while I suck your cock again.” You love this idea and waste no time putting me on the table and straddling me. You are always on top for this position. You like forcing your whole cock into my mouth. You love how I take it all and suck it so well.

As I’m licking and teasing your cock, just the way you like it, you have two fingers in my pussy, working them in and out, hitting my g-spot every time. Your tongue is working on my clit and my lips, flicking and nibbling just right. You feel me climaxing again, and you work your fingers and tongue harder. At the same time, your cock is thrusting in and out of my mouth so fast, and I’m hungrily taking it. I love it. I begin to moan and this pushes you over the edge. You can’t wait any longer. We cum together and you shoot your load deep down my throat as I cum on your fingers. You know I’m so sensitive and you immediately begin sucking my juices out of me as I’m milking all the cum out of your cock with batıkent escort my mouth. This makes you instantly hard again…something I’ve always loved about you.

I’m beginning to wonder about dinner plans, though sex is really what I want now. I ask you about the reservations we had and you told me you cancelled them. You had planned on eating in tonight. I giggle at that. You tell me to put my dress back on and let’s go. Again, I’m confused. I know you want more and I know I definitely want more. This time, I don’t ask. I know I won’t get a response. We get back in your car and begin driving back toward my house.

Once there, you get out and open the door for me and offer me your hand. Once I stand up out of the car, you push me up against it as though I’m being arrested and I feel my dress quickly lifted as you shove the smaller of the two vibrators hard into my pussy. Again, I gasp. I love your surprises, but I’m worried someone might see. Those fears are quickly washed away when I feel myself beginning to cum again as you pinch my nipples with your other hand then move them down and finger my clit, quickly but gently. I cum again, hard, and as soon as I do, you tell me to go in the house.

I start to pull the vibrator out of my pussy and you slap my hand away. I leave it in, squeezing my pussy tightly as I walk to the house and unlock the door. As I walk in, you are right behind me and waste no time in taking your clothes off. I begin to do the same, and you tell me “NO” in a stern voice. I shy away and ask what I should do. You take my hand and lead me to the living room where you lean me over the couch. I figure you’re going to spank me hard for not waiting for your commands.

Instead, I get one hard slap on the ass then feel your cock pressing against my pussy lips again. I push back toward you and you grab my hips to pull me all the way on you. You know I love to kiss so you fuck me a few times in that position, making sure I almost cum, before taking my hand again and leading me to the bed, and lying me down on it. You slide between my legs and lick my lips, my clit, then tongue fuck me, until I’m on the verge of cumming, and you stop again. You continue sliding toward me, making sure your body rubs my pussy all the way up, until you take my breath with a deep passionate kiss at the same time as your cock slides deeply into my pussy. You begin kissing my neck and I whisper in your ear how good you feel, how badly I want you.

Just hearing such simple words drives you crazy. I run my nails lightly along your back, down your spine, then side to side just above your ass. I grab your ass tightly now, pulling you into me even harder, bucking my hips toward you hard and fast now, wanting you to fill my pussy with your cum. I tell you that I want you to cum with me. “Fuck me baby. Cum in my wet pussy. Make me cum.” This totally sends you over the edge and we cum together one last time before we fall asleep, your cock still in me.

I can’t wait to wake up in the morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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