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Phoebe was just 13 when her mother ran away with her paramour. Poor Phoebe suddenly became a one-parent child and I had to be both step-father and mother. From having a twin-income family, Phoebe suddenly only had me as her family’s sole bread-earner. And as I was determined to provide a comparable standard of living for Phoebe, in addition to my full-time day job, I took up moonlighting to earn extra income. And this I had been doing for the last 5 years. Phoebe just turned 18 last week but I had been so busy working and moonlighting that I had not noticed Phoebe’s growth from child to young adulthood.

Yesterday was one of those rare days where I was off full-time work and also did not need to moonlight. I got up late and after eating breakfast and reading of the newspaper, I booted up my computer. After dealing with my emails, I felt the urge for some sexual stimulation and was soon logged on to my favorite sex site. A bit of quick searching and I found a video that I thought could be interesting. I started that video and was soon fully engrossed as I viewed the old man in the video introducing a young teenager to sex. What I saw on screen was really stimulating and in no time I had unzipped my shorts, freed my cock and started to masturbate vigorously.

I was literally in heaven, viewing and masturbating when I heard a scream and sounds of smashing crockery. Turning around, I was stunned to see Phoebe transfixed and staring in my direction. A broken plate and a couple of slices of bread were near her feet. Quickly, I tucked my cock back into my shorts and hurriedly switched off my monitor as Phoebe remained transfixed.

Rushing over to Phoebe I told her, “Sorry, Phoebe. I did not know you were at home and I am really sorry that you saw what you saw. I promise you that it will not happen again. Can you forgive Pa?”

Phoebe continued to stand transfixed and it was only after a couple of minutes before she replied, “There is nothing to forgive, Pa. With Ma having gone away for 5 years, I know you will have your needs. And I know that you have been slogging so hard for the last 5 years that you neither had the energy to cultivate new female friends nor the time to get to enjoy yourself with any one of them. Actually I feel really sorry for you, Pa.”

Catching Phoebe in a tight hug I told her, “It’s alright, Phoebe. I may have my needs but life is such that sometimes one just has to accept that not all of them can be satisfied. I just hope you have not been too shocked. It won’t happen again I promise you.”

“It’s OK, Pa.” she answered and squatting down she continued, “The floor needs to be cleared. I will do it now. After that can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Phoebe. I will wait for you on our hall sofa.” I replied.

I sat on our hall sofa and waited for Phoebe. Soon she came out from our kitchen and came over to where I was sitting. She sat near me and appeared to be rather hesitant about speaking to me. I patiently waited for her to start and after quite a few minutes, Phoebe said, “Pa…”

When she did not continue I asked, “What is it that you want to talk to me about, Phoebe?”

Another couple of minutes passed before Phoebe said, “I hope you will not be angry with what I want to talk to you about.” And with her face flushing a radiant red she continued, “Pa…Ma has gone away for more than 5 years. I think it is time you get a replacement for her. And…and…I want to be the one to replace her. Can I?”

While being taken aback, I quickly responded, “But actually you have replaced her. Your Ma used to keep our house clean, did the laundry and cooked our food. ataşehir escort Haven’t you taken over all these work?”

Hesitating slightly she responded, “But I also want to be able to give you sex that a real wife can give you. You need sex and I want to be able to meet your needs.”

To say that I was shocked does not do justice to the emotions that were churning through me at that moment. I was so shocked that I stayed silent for quite a few minutes and had to gather my wits before I told her, “Phoebe! Do you know what you just said?”

“Yes, Pa. I want to be your wife in place of my run-away mother. I know I am still a virgin and will need you to teach me everything. But I really want to be your wife not just in name but also in fact. Will you take my virginity and make me your wife?” Phoebe replied in a low voice.

“But … Phoebe… I am your Pa. Even if you want to give me your virginity, how…how… can I take it?” I managed to reply.

“You are not making me do something that I do not want to do. It is I who want you enjoy sex again and it is I who want you to take my virginity. Don’t you love me enough to want to take my virginity?” Phoebe replied in the same low voice


“Of course not. Oops! What I meant was that I certainly love you but to take your virginity… how…how can I agree to do that?” I answered.

She stayed quiet for a couple of minutes. Then, with reddening eyes and tears starting to drip from her eyes, Phoebe pleaded, “Please. I really want you to have my virginity. Please… Pa.”

If there is one thing that I cannot resist it is female tears. Sheesh! Now what was I to do? Then a light flashed and thinking that I could frighten her from wanting to go ahead I said to her, “Phoebe. Even if I do agree, do you know that losing your virginity can be really painful? I will have to break your hymen and there will be bleeding and a lot of pain. You still want to go ahead?”

“I am not afraid of the bleeding and the pain. Are you agreeing to take my virginity? When are we going to do it? Now?” replied Phoebe.

I thought I could frighten her off but it looked like I wasn’t succeeding. I was really caught in a quandary. Continue to refuse her and I ran the risk of damaging the happy step-father step-daughter relationship. Accede to her and it was not something that I really wanted to do with my step-daughter. I was really caught in a bind and spent the next few minutes trying to come to a decision.

Resignedly I said to Phoebe, “Well, if you really want me to take your virginity we need to go to my room. But I really want you to re-consider carefully. You know that there is no undo button should you later regret giving me your virginity, don’t you?”

Getting up from the sofa Phoebe waited for me and she answered, “I know there is no undo button but I really want you to have my virginity. Come, Pa…”

Getting up, I gripped her right hand and walked her to my room. On entering my room, the sight of my bed appeared to cause Phoebe to hesitate. I guessed she realized that she was looking at the place where she was to have her virginity taken and her innate fear had kicked in.

Placing my left arm across her shoulders I told her, “It is not too late if you want to stop, Phoebe. It will be alright with me. Do you want to stop?”

When she shook her head I gently told her, “Before anything else, we have to get you undressed, Phoebe.”

Her face flushed a deep red but she showed no hesitation in lowering her hands to the hemline of her T-shirt and starting to pull it upwards.

Quickly I stopped kadıköy escort bayan her and placing my hands at the hemline I said , “Let me do that for you.”

I eased the T-shirt upwards and she cooperatively raised her arms to allow it to be removed. I then moved my hands to the waistline of her shorts to unhook and unzip it. When I started to lower her shorts, Phoebe again

cooperatively raised first her left leg and then her right leg to allow her shorts to be removed.

Phoebe was now clad only in her brassiere and her panties.

I would guess that it would be very difficult to find a comparable pleasure to that of undressing a virgin and getting her ready to be fucked by oneself.

I took a pillow and placed it at the edge of the bed. Taking a towel from my cupboard I laid it on top of the pillow. Phoebe flashed me a questioning look. Holding her right hand, I got her to sit on the pillow and explained, “The towel will prevent the pillow from getting blood-stained when I break your hymen.”

Continuing, I asked Phoebe, “Are you frightened? Do you want to stop?”

On seeing her shake her head I told her that I was going to start undressing. And as I rapidly took off my clothes I saw that Phoebe had lowered her eyes to intently stare at the floor. I guess it was the innate modesty of a female kicking into effect.

In a flash I was down to my briefs and when I started lowering it, my engorged and throbbing cock jumped out. Despite my reservation about deflowering my own step-daughter my cock thought otherwise. It was all eager to help me to break in my very first virgin.

Besides my own mother and my own sister, Phoebe’s mother had been the only other female in my life and she was certainly not a virgin having conceived and giving birth to Phoebe.

Fully naked I went close to Phoebe and placing my right hand across her shoulders I gently helped her to lie down across the width of the bed. With her legs dangling over the side of the bed and her lower body elevated by the pillow, I had Phoebe well-positioned for what was about to occur.

After making sure that Phoebe was comfortable, I slipped my hands under her back and got her to raise her upper body. It was a bit difficult but I still managed to unhook and remove her brassiere.

Her uncovered breasts captured my attention and my hands were in no time fondling and squeezing them. And trying to arouse her I also twiddled and gently flicked her nipples.

I wanted to continue trying to arouse her but the anticipated pleasure of breaking in my very first virgin made me quickly move my hands to her hips. I felt the involuntary shuddering of her body and guessed that she was realizing that she was ever so close to being fucked for the first time in her life and was reacting to her innate fear.

Continuing, I got Phoebe to raise her lower body and hooking my fingers into the waist-line of her panties I eagerly removed her last item of clothing.

Phoebe then laid fully naked in all her glory as I admired her beautiful supple young body.

Phoebe kept her eyes clenched tightly shut as I eased her dangling feet apart and positioned myself between them. Placing my hands under her thighs I eased her legs upwards and got them tightly folded against her abdomen. As her legs had involuntarily snapped together, I had to place my hands on her knees to push them apart again.

Holding on to her knees I asked, “Are you ready, Phoebe?”

When she nodded I positioned myself between her widely spread legs and placing my thumbs on the outer lips of her vulva I started escort maltepe to stretch the entrance of her vagina. Phoebe’s body visibly trembled at the contact of my thumbs but she did not resist in any other way.

Using the thumb and the forefinger of my left hand, I kept the entrance to Phoebe’s vagina tightly stretched. And with my right hand guiding my cock, I nuzzled and lodged my cock’s head firmly against the entrance of her vagina.

Phoebe was visibly shivering when she felt my cock touching her vagina. Her eyes were no longer shut and I could see in them the growing fear now that her deflowering was literally seconds away. But at the same time I also saw in her eyes the satisfaction that I was accepting her gift of her virginity.

With my cock’s head properly lodged and gripping her upper arms with my hands I pushed forward and felt the tightening resistance of her vagina and her hymen. Phoebe grimaced and winced as she felt the entrance of her vagina being tightly stretched. And as the stretching continued she just could not suppress her groans of pain.

Placing her hands on to my chest she whispered, “Please stop for a while. It is really painful.”

Brave Phoebe then bit her lower lip and clutching the corners of the pillow she concentrated on tolerating the pain that my cock was causing her. After a while she hesitantly nodded her head.

Withdrawing ever so slightly I forcefully pressed forward again and this caused a loud scream of pain from Phoebe as my cock’s head slipped past her ripping hymen and entered her tightly distending vagina. I looked at Phoebe and noticed a couple of tear drops dripping from the corner of her eyes.

“Are you alright, Phoebe?” I asked her.

She took a while before replying, “I am OK but it’s really painful. Can you stop for a while? And please be slow and gentle afterwards.”

I kept still for a while to allow her vagina to get used to my cock and only pressed forward again when I sensed that Phoebe was ready. As I forced my cock fully into her tightly distended vagina Phoebe groaned again in pain.

Again I kept still and waited for her to indicate that it was OK to continue. And while waiting I could distinctly feel the squeezing and clenching grip of her vagina as it adjusted to the entry of my cock.

And when she nodded her head ever so slightly I drew back and began to fuck Phoebe gently and slowly. I still saw her grimacing and wincing in pain but she soon settled into soft moaning as I alternately pulled back and pushed forward.

I continued slow fucking hoping to last long enough so that Phoebe could also experience the pleasure of a good fuck. But 5 years of abstinence and her tightly gripping vagina made this very difficult.

I found myself fucking faster and faster and although I tried really hard to delay ejaculation I was soon racing towards orgasm. Then I came and groaning with pleasure I squirted a whole load of spunk into Phoebe.

Collapsing on top of her, I managed in gasps to tell her, “Sorry, Phoebe… I wanted to last longer…so that you…can also enjoy…but not fucking for so long…I just did not have that type of control.”

Regaining my breath I continued, “Next time it will be better and it won’t be so painful.”

And as my cock started softening, I eased it out from Phoebe’s vagina. With the withdrawal of my cock, pinkish-colored spunk started to ooze from her vagina. I used the towel to staunch the oozing and it was then that I saw the drops of bloodstains.

Helping Phoebe to sit up I pointed out the drops of bloodstains and gently told her, “Phoebe. That shows you are no longer a virgin. Are you sorry?”

Without replying she just stood up and catching my left hand she said, “Let’s go and wash up.”

THEN: Phoebe – my ever-practical step-daughter.


NOW: Phoebe – my ever-practical new wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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