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The night was full of stories they would remember for a long time. There was enchantment, laughter, flirting, teasing, the kissing in the taxi, touching in living room and the passion of the night, his touch, her response…her touch, his response. Finally passion gave way to the late night.

They slept in each others’ arms, legs entwined. It was morning. After a morning kiss, looks into the eyes, the passion of 10 hours earlier returned…

Her hands were spread on the wall of the room on either side of the window frame overlooking the lake. Ducks and geese flew and played on the early morning daybreak.

He was laying on the bed under her. He could see her beautiful shape, like a flower in front of him. If he looked up, saw the soft underside of her warm breasts, so soft and full of reaction when touched. He reached up and held her right tit, squeezing the nipple, she smiled. Then she wet her finger and brought it to her left nipple; she squeezed. He brought his hand to it and she wet it again. She looked down to him and they exchanged knowing looks. Her back arched slightly as eryaman escort the work on the nipple made her want him.

His hands were behind her now, gently caressing the short, small curves under her ass…barely touching her fresh skin.

He stopped touching her and fell still…his head between her legs…but not making any effort to touch her, nor her wanting tenderness.

He moved both his hands up her back as far as he could and slid them down her back…his nails following the slender arch of her back…as he did he pulled her slowly to him, she felt his mouth on her lips and his freshly shaven cheeks touching inside her thighs. Then he stopped touching her again, she got the hint; what he wanted her to do.

He wanted her to control where, how much and when he touched her. He had put both her knees on pillows which gave her the room and softness to lower herself ever so slightly to him…to raise herself…it was perfect…

She lifted her hips to see if that was what was happening and as she did, she felt the tip of his tongue leave her, and not follow. She experimented sincan escort with the sensation, raising and lowering herself to him.

She lowered down again and moved so slightly forward…”there” she thought to herself…exactly there and exactly that much as she bit her lip…grasping the window frame…knuckles white; …perfect. His tongue did not move as she grazed her clit against it. She was doing the work and the pleasure, he was giving her what she craved…when she wants it, how she wants it

She moved slightly to her right and felt the sensation…moved back and downward a little to feel him inside her…he responded by reaching into her as far as he could…his tongue danced inside her. Slowly he stopped his tongue and she moved her hips again.

They exchanged another glance as she moved backwards…a bead of sweat started to form on her neck and pool…sliding to him…by her breasts…swollen by the morning’s events…down her belly…her pubic bone and onto his lips…

She started to move her hips with more authority, she had to…if she wanted batıkent escort this, she was in total control she must control…his tongue was no longer firm and probing…she felt it wide, smooth now…she moved herself across it’s warmth…longer movements, from the top of her slit down as far as she could and still feel him…faster…a little more pressure…onto her clit now…perfect again…

The first wave started within her…she increased the pressure and slowed her movement…the surge suddenly faded…she pushed her hips back and felt him toy with her…here it came again…closer…

She found her hips bucking…a sudden gasp…more sweat fell from her…the heat of the moment and the warm late morning sun warmed her…

Then she exploded…releasing the energy, the whimpers, the juices, the contractions of her inner muscles…he patiently kept his tongue where she wanted it, even as she moved…he knew she could not stay still, he followed her…

Her climax lasted for what seemed as minutes…maybe it was…this part of the world was the only part in the universe right now…

Exhausted, she raised her hips up, and he patted her ass…knowing her nerves where so tender right now…he held off touching her lightly, rather it was a warm, firm caress; almost a massage…perfect, just Perfectly Perfect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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