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Scott howled in pain around the sock in his mouth, he tried to pull his
body up and get away from Isaac. The burning he felt in his arse as
Isaac shifted above him made tears stream down his face. He tried to
struggle, shifting his legs he tried to throw Isaac off. Isaac chuckled,
“You’ve got no chance Scotty”, he placed his hands on Scott’s chest and
pressed his full weight down on him. Scott tried to cough, the pressure
had winded him and the weight bearing down on him felt like it would
crush his ribs at any second. After a few seconds, Isaac lifted his hands
and lent above him, Scott tried to breath deeply but his mouth was still
taped shut. He began to panic, he tried to breath through his nose faster,
the lack of oxygen made him panic even more, he bagan to whimper as the
panic attack washed over him. Isaac groaned and lent back slightly, but
made sure he didn’t pull out. Scott began to tug on the tie that was
holding his hands to the headboard, he pulled harder trying to
break free whilst shifting the top half of his body trying to get Isaac to
move. Eventually Isaac got bored, he lent forward and smacked Scott hard
across the face. Scott stopped pulling, his breathing still laboured, and
looked up at Isaac “Finished your hissy fit, bitch?” Scott shuddered and
nodded, he didn’t think Isaac was capable of doing this.

Isaac grinned, “Good!”, he pulled back until Scott groaned as some of the
pain was relieved, then threw his full weight forward again, Scott kicked
out and began to cry again. Isaac began to pick up the pace, “You might as
well get use to it Scotty, gunna be here a while!” Scott sobbed more as Isaac
kept thrusting into him, his arms had gone numb, and the tie around his
wrist was beginning to cut into his skin, his mouth was dry and the tape had
pulled his skin tight around his face. The searing pain between his legs took
his mind of all that, his legs had began to cramp from the awkward position
Isaac has pushed them into. He felt sick, all the while this had been going on
Isaac had a mixture of a grin and concentration on his face. The lube had done nothing to help, Scott had felt the muscles in his anus grind against Isaac’s canlı bahis dick as he’d pushed in. He was moving inside him easier now, but Scott was still in agony, he was sure he must be bleeding, the pain was above anything he’d ever felt before. It felt like he was being ripped apart, then Isaac shifted his weight and began to thrust at a different angle.

Scott started moaning, he felt violated, but the head of Isaac’s dick was pressing
against his prostate. He felt his erection growing, he cursed himself mentally,
he shouldn’t be enjoying this, Isaac was raping him, but it felt good in a way it
shouldn’t. He started wriggling underneath him, he tried to lift his back up slightly to give him better access to his prostate. Isaac stopped and stared at him, “You sick fuck!! You’re enjoying this aint you?!” Scott whimpered and looked at the wall. Isaac stayed where he was, staring at Scott, without warning he cleared his throat and spat into Scott’s face. Scott froze, the spit had landed on his forehead, and ran down onto his eyebrow. He shivered and tried to move his head towards his arm to wipe the liquid away, Isaac raised his hand and smacked him hard across the face, Scott cried out around the sock wedged into his mouth, Isaac raised his hand again, this time in a fist and launched it straight into Scott’s nose. Blood covered his hand as Scott’s nose exploded with the force of his hand. He carried on hitting him, Scott tried to pull away but stopped, nothing was going to stop Isaac. Tears streamed down his face as the blows rained down on his face and chest.

“Try enjoy it now you fucking sick cunt” Isaac stopped hitting him, put his hands on either side of his body and resumed pushing into him. Scott no longer felt the enjoyment, his face ached and the pain that shot up his back everytime Isaac pushed in was just about bearable.
Without warning, Isaac pulled out and stood up. Scott stared at him, terrified of what was coming next. He lent over and ripped tape of Scott’s mouth, he pulled the sock out and threw it on the floor, Scott gasped trying to get fresh air into his lungs. Isaac pulled the condom off, shoved it in Scott’s mouth and put a fresh piece of tape over his mouth. Scott stared at him in horror, Isaac shrugged, “Dunno, bahis siteleri just felt like it”. He climbed back onto the bed and lined up the head of his dick with Scott’s gaping hole, Scott moaned. Isaac looked up at him and chuckled, “thought I’d finished kid? I’m gonna cum in your arse” he ruffled
Scott’s hair and pushed straight to the hilt.

He began thrusting with renewed enthusiasm, Isaac smiled to himself. Scott grunted everytime he pushed in, this time in pain rather than pleasure. The muscles of Scott’s hole clamped onto Isaac’s dick everytime he pushed in, it held him in place like a glove, the rub of his skin against the inside of Scott was pushing him close to the edge, he had no idea why he’d worn a condom for so long, this was better, he started thrusting harder, he was on the verge of orgasm.

Isaac pushed hard, the back of Scott’s thighs pressed firmly against his. He grunted loudly as his dick began to twitch, his balls tightened as he fired cum into Scott. Scott groaned at the pressure his crushed legs were putting against his stomach, Isaac had dropped his head onto his chest as he shot cum into every crevice of his insides. Scott moaned as the hot, thick liquid filled him, he began to feel uncomfortable as more pumped inside him. Eventually Isaac raised his head, he panted heavily as he composed himself, leaning over Scott, sweat dripped off his forehead and onto his chest. He pulled out and sat back, still breathing heavily. Scott moved his legs forward and stretched the cramp out of them. Isaac watched him as he did it, he leant over and grabbed the sock from the floor. Screwing it into a ball he lifted Scott’s leg up and pushed it inside him. Scott grunted and looked at him, “don’t want you leaking that shit all over my bed” Isaac muttered quietly. Isaac wiped his dick on Scott’s shirt. As he walked out of the room, Scott let out a sigh.

Scott stretched his legs properly they were stiff and ached from the pressure, the sock stuck up his arse was uncomfortable and soaked with blood and cum, a pain shot into his chest everytime he inhaled a breath and his face ached. He was sure his nose was broken, and his front tooth was wiggling in his mouth.

He heard the shower start, Isaac obviously had no intentions bahis şirketleri of un-tying him. He started to wiggle his arms but his restraints wouldn’t give. The tape was hurting his lips and the condom still in his mouth tasted foul. The combination of latex, pre-cum and the taste of his own arse made him feel nauseous. He realised the tie wasn’t going to give, and he had no way of getting the tape off his face. He huffed and led still, he’d just have to wait until Isaac decided he could go.

Scott woke up to movement. Someone had sat down next to him, he dragged his eyes open and looked round. Isaac was sat in front of him, his hair was wet and flattened to his head, water droplets still clung to his face and chest. He obviously didn’t know how to dry himself. He glanced at Scott then looked the other way. “I’m not gay, you know. Just wanted to make a point” Scott nodded. Isaac sighed and carried on “I mean yeah, that was pretty good, ain’t had a decent fuck like that in a while, but it doesn’t mean I like you or anything. I just wanted to prove that I do what I like, and you can’t stop me” his eyes had gone dark again, Scott began to feel uncomfortable. He’d realised he really was scared of Isaac, the extreme levels off his mood swings were totally unpredictable, going from the sweetest guy ever to terrifying levels of violence. Almost as if to prove Scott’s thoughts, Isaac’s eyes softened again.

Scott stared at him, Isaac stared back then lent forward and ripped the tape of his face. He grimaced in pain, and spat the condom out of his mouth. Isaac chuckled, picked it up and threw it in the bin. He turned to see Scott licking his lips and yawning to stretch the muscles in his jaw. Isaac lent forward and kissed Scott hard, Scott flinched, then relaxed. Moaning he kissed him back, enjoying the touch. Isaac pulled away after a few seconds, “You hungry?” Scott nodded, his throat still to sore to answer. Isaac sat back smiling at him “I’ll order us takeaway, pizza or chinese?” Scott smiled hesitantly, the lad that had raped him less than an hour earlier was now offering to buy his tea for him and acting like his best friend. Scott decided that he must have something wrong with him, without a doubt, Isaac wasn’t of sound mind.

He realised it had been a few minutes since he’d spoken. Scott snapped back into concious thinking. He looked into Isaac’s grey eyes.

“Pizza sounds great”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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