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Big Tits

Authors Note: Between April 2008 and May 2008, I submitted a total of five stories under the name tantric_explosion.

I no longer remember the email address I used for my Lit membership, for that author name. I found the final drafts of each story and with permission from Literotica, I am resubmitting the stories, under my long time name – The Style Guy.

As a life long New England Patriot fan, I still have painful memories of the Pats losing to the Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl.



She won’t pay-up.

I have been in a rut for the last few weeks, but this morning, a Monday, I sprang from bed and got into the office early.

My corner office has a clear glass front, overlooking our showroom. Around the spacious floor today are a gleaming black Porsche 911, a red Porsche Boxster, two different model Land Rovers and 300, 500 and 700 Series BMWs.

I am the general manager of an upscale auto dealership. Mandy is young, around twenty-seven years old. Her official title is receptionist. Unofficially, she is our eye candy. She is 5’7″ and 135 pounds. Her red hair is cut stylishly and is shoulder length. She has great taste in clothing and always showcases her full round breasts, slim waist and long athletic legs that end at her tight, heart-shaped bottom.

She starts work at 9am every morning. At 9:05 this morning she stood in my office doorway.

“Christopher, can we talk?”

“Sure,” I answered. “Come on in and close the door.”

That morning, Mandy was dressed in a white blouse. Two buttons were open and the collar was spread wide. The blouse highlights her breasts nicely. Her dress black pants were low on her waist and very snug around her butt. They were close-fitting and outlined a pair of sexy slim legs.

“Um . . . I want to talk about the bet.”

When I didn’t say anything, Mandy continued, “Listen, I just can’t pay up.”

Nodding slowly, I looked at my desk top, letting her wait. After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence, I looked into her green eyes and agreed, “I understand, Mandy.”

“I mean . . . if I wasn’t married . . . well . . . maybe, you know?”

I took a few seconds before continuing, I wanted my answer to sound just as I’d practiced. “The truth is I never thought you would pay up. Listen, it’s going to be a busy day.” I dismissed her and returned to my computer as she sputtered, turned and left my office.

I couldn’t help it. As she walked across the showroom floor, I had to watch the undulation of the most gorgeous ass I’d ever seen.

One week earlier: The bet

“You Giant fans are a bunch of pansies.”

I walked into the lunch room as Mike and Terry, two of our top salesmen, were returning to the floor.

Mike rolled his eyes as I held the door open, let the two men pass, and entered to refill my coffee mug for the tenth time.

Alone with Mandy, I asked, “Why are they pansies?”

“Simple,” she told me, “They’re Giant fans and they won’t bet me on the Super Bowl.”

“What do you want to bet?”

With a gleam in her eye, she said, “Any amount. Five to one odds.”

Shaking my head, I countered her offer, “I’ll take a bet, but I’m not betting cash with an employee.”

Mandy is a New England Patriot fanatic. A real nut. She smelled blood in the water and suggested, “Make an offer.”

I thought for a moment. “If you win, I’ll buy you take-out, for a week.”

The young woman gave me a very under-whelmed look, so I continued, “I’ll order your lunch, pick it up, pay for it, deliver it to the lunchroom and set out the lunch with a placemat and candle. I’ll clean up when you’ve finished.”

I could tell by her smile that Mandy was warming to the idea. Having the boss wait on her had a certain appeal.

“OK, that sounds like fun. And if, by some one in a million chance, I lose?”

I finished pouring my coffee. Turning from the coffee pot and leaning against the counter, I stared her down. “If I win the bet . . .” I looked around the lunchroom. “If I win, you have to show me your bare ass.”

We had worked together for almost two years and had constantly flirted. I hadn’t crossed the sexual harassment line so far.

Until right now of course.

We stared quietly at each other. I’ll admit that I wondered if I had strained my relationship with Mandy. I finally shrugged and disappointingly headed back to my office.

“Deal,” was all she said, in a quiet and shy voice, just before I reached the lunchroom door.

When I turned to her and cocked an eye, she got out of her chair and thrust out her hand. Wordlessly, we shook.

Final score: New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14.

Over the next few weeks, I treated Mandy as I always did. Mandy on the other hand was quiet, embarrassed, and uncomfortable.

One slow afternoon, I was inspecting the showroom and making my daily rounds. I smiled at Mandy and was surprised when she shyly waved me over.

Her cheeks were slightly blushing as I approached. “I’m not saying I’ll do it, but how do ikitelli escort you see it happening?”

Not knowing what she was talking about I repeat, “See it happening?”

“Don’t be a jerk, you know!”

When I just stared with a confused expression, she huffed, “If I pay the bet by showing you my ass.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it.” That was a definite lie, I’d jerked off countless times to the fantasy. “Off-hand, you’d wear a skirt and be bare underneath. We’d go to the conference room and lock the door. You would spread your legs, lean over the table and pull the hem of your skirt over your back.”

Three days later, that’s exactly what happened.

Mandy’s legs were long and tanned. The globes of her ass were full and round. Her pussy was hairless. She was wet and the lips of her twat were a deep red and wide open.

It was as if the world slowed. I noticed the goose bumps on each ass cheek and few missed hairs inside the crack of her ass. I counted seven wrinkles that form the star of her back hole.

God, she had a perfect ass. After collecting my bet, I reached out and pull her skirt back into place. “Paid in full,” is all I said as I turned and left the conference room.

A new offer.

Returning from the lunchroom, a few weeks later, I found Mandy sitting across from my desk.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked, as I circled my desk and plopped into the comfortable leather high-back.

As always, Mandy looked great. She was wearing a tight red top. I noticed a hint of a fat nipple topping each round breast. Her tan skirt was short and I was able to see some of her right thigh as she sat, cross-legged.

Leaning forward and showing some cleavage, she handed me a manila folder and asked, “What kind of a deal can you give me on the 325 series convertible that we just took in trade?”

I pretended to study the folder, but I knew the details well. “We’re going to ask $36, 900.”

Mandy nodded, “I figured it would be around there. What will you do for an employee?”

“How does an even $32,500 sound?”

The young receptionist pleaded, “Please! Can’t you do better?”

“Mandy, I’m offering you a good deal,” I countered. “The car has low mileage. The mechanics tell me it’s in great shape.”

“Christopher, I’m not a good negotiator. I’ll tell you the best I can do. My husband said I could spend $30,000.”

“$30,000 won’t do it Mandy. I’m sorry.” I suspected that Mandy’s cash offer was as high as she could afford and was well within the range I could approve for an employee, but I wondered if she might suggest other incentives.

Shyly, she offered, “Would seeing my ass again, help?”

I chuckled as I answered, “Your ass is spectacular, but I’ve already seen it.”

Mandy’s eyes were glued to my desk top as she barely whispered, “I could blow you.”

I stared at the bowed head of the sexy married young woman and imagined the feeling of her lips as they wrapped themseves along my shaft.

“Look at me Mandy.”

She inhaled deeply, raised her head and looked me in the eye.

“Make the offer again.”

Mandy nodded and responded, “I’ll give you a blowjob and $30,000 for the car.”

We shared a few moments of silence. “I’ll cum in your mouth.” It was a statement and not a question.

Mandy nodded her agreement.

“And you’ll swallow.”

Again, she indicated a silent consent.

“Do we have a deal?” She asked.

Instead of answering directly, I asked, “Do you know what tantric sex is?”

“I’ve heard of it, but don’t think I know what it is.”

I explained, “Tantric sex is the practice of holding off cumming as long as possible. It greatly increases the intensity of the orgasm. I need you to understand that you won’t be giving a quick three minute blowjob.”

Mandy’s confidence seemed to return, as she responded, “That’s OK. I love sucking cock and really get into it. Hold off as long as you can.”

I took her last words as a challenge.

She repeated, “Do we have a deal?”

For the second time in two weeks, Mandy and I shook on a deal.

Mandy left my office with a huge smile on her face. I sat at my desk and watched the swing of her ass, with each step she took.

On Wednesday, as I toured our facility, I stopped at Mandy’s desk. “The car will be ready to pick up on Friday, so you’ll need to bring in a cashiers check and complete the paperwork.”

After she nodded in agreement, I continued, “I’m working late on Thursday night. I’d like you to come back after dinner. Let’s say at 9pm?” I raised my eyebrow.

Mandy gave me a knowing smile. “Remember, it’s just a blowjob.”

I nod and say, “Until I cum in your mouth and you swallow my load.”

Her eyes sparkled, winked and she let out a soft, sexy “MMMmmmm. Bring it on, Old Man.”

I smiled back and answered, “I will! I promise!”

Thursday Night

Mandy arrived just as I was finishing the last of my month end reports. She pointed at the front door, istanbul escort after it closed behind her. When I nodded, she locked it and walked my way. She looked fantastic, dressed down in a tight white New England Patriot tee shirt and faded jeans.

Mandy followed, as I lead her through the office area and into the service bays. Her car was parked against the far wall. She squealed in excitement when she saw it. She clapped her hands, jumped up and down, and ran the length of our service area.

She circled the car twice, inspecting every detail. Finding the drivers door unlocked, Mandy opened the door, dropped into the seat and continued her inspection.

When she climbed out of the car and faced me, I couldn’t read her mood.

I simple admitted, “I’ve been looking forward to this.”

Mandy looked cute as she bit her bottom lip. Then she said, “Me too. You’re such a nice guy. You’re good looking too. I’ve fantasized about you.”

“Show me your tits.”

She looked at me for a couple of beats, and then shook her head. “That’s not part of the deal. You’ll get the best blow job ever. Just like I promised. But I’m married. I don’t want to get carried way.”

“OK.” I started to get undressed.

“Are you going to get naked?” A suddenly startled Mandy asked.

“Do you have a problem, if I do?”

“No, I guess not,” Mandy finished. She didn’t take her eyes off me as I took off my shirt, tie and tee.

Her smile grew wider and she commented, “You’ve got a nicer body than I thought. Not bad for an old guy.”

I smiled as I bend over to untie my shoes. I was happy with Mandy’s compliment. I am 48 years old, 5’10” and weigh 185lbs and in very good shape for my age. I run, lift weights and swim on a very regular schedule. If Mandy was impressed with my chest, shoulders and arms, I knew she’d be thrilled when I took off my pants.

I had a raging hard-on as I undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I pulled my boxers off with my pants and placed them on the hood of her car. Turning to face Mandy, I had to stifle a laugh at her expression.

“Holy shit,” she said, staring at my cock. I’m big. I’m long. I’m thick.

“This is going to be so much fun. I haven’t had a cock this big in years.”

I sat in the front driver’s seat, with my legs pointing out, spread my knees and gave Mandy an inviting smile.

As Mandy approached, she let out a laugh and admitted; “Now I’ll think of your huge dick, every time I climb into the car.”

“All for me?” She said, as she knelt between my spread legs. She rested an arm along each of my thighs, opened her mouth and took my cock head and first thick inch in. Her mouth was filled, but I felt her tongue become very active. It wiggled back and forth under my head and shaft.

When I groaned, Mandy lifted her head and bragged, “Maybe two minutes is all I’ll need, Big Guy”

“Don’t get cocky,” I warned.

With a laugh, Mandy countered, “I think I have all the cocky, I can handle.”

Lowering her head again, she took the first five inches. I was impressed. When she gagged, instead of pulling back, she held still, became comfortable and pushed another two inches down her throat.

It’s obvious that Mandy has experience with an oversized cock.

Again she stopped and relaxed. Her breathing tickled me as it exited her nose. She gripped my thighs and pushed another inch in. After repeating the process again, she became the first woman to swallow my thick nine inch cock.

“Christ, Mandy. Your face looks so sexy, filled with my dick.”

I reached for the back of Mandy’s head and held her tight against my groin. A long, “MMMMmmmmmm,” vibrated around my shaft as she started to milk me with her throat muscles.

When she started the slow, deliberate in and out deep throat blow job, I wondered if I may have under estimated her skills or my ability to hold off cumming.

“You’re doing great, girl. I never would have guessed you could suck cock so well.”

The sexy married woman continued a tantalizingly slow, deliberate blowjob. She gagged slightly, every time I entered her throat, but continued on to the base. Mandy milked me for a few beats, before starting her withdrawal.

As she started a downward turn, I felt the first tingle of an orgasm. With all the concentration I could muster, I practiced my Tantric exercise. I closed my eyes and clenched the muscle in my abdomen that controlled the flow of piss. I started counting . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. When I reached twenty, I unclenched the muscle.

The need to cum passed. I leant back in the leather seat and enjoyed Mandy’s efforts. I had to give her credit. She deep throated my wide staff over and over, without pause. I needed to push back my orgasm twice more and knew I could continue, until I could conquer Mandy’s married body.

Sloppy blowjobs are the best kind. After ten minutes of nearly non-stop head, my pubic hair and upper thighs were liberally coated with Mandy’s spit.

When my dick popped from her mouth, kadıköy escort she wrapped her small fist around my stalk and starts a slow sensual stroke and asked, “How much longer?”

She didn’t wait for an answer as she lowered her mouth and let her long tongue circle my cock head.

“You’re doing great Mandy. The best cock sucker I’ve ever had. I bet if you show me your tits, I’ll come faster.” I tried to coax her into undressing. It didn’t work, immediately.

Shaking her head, Mandy swallowed me again. She sneaked her right hand under me and massaged my swinging balls as she tantalizingly worked nine inches in and out of her throat.

Every few minutes, when I felt the start of an orgasm, I concentrated on squeezing the muscle in my abdomen. I held it between twenty and thirty seconds, until the animal need passed.

As determined as I as to hold off, Mandy was almost as determined to get me off.

Her right hand moved from my balls. She slid a spit covered finger into the crack of my ass and circled my hole, before sneaking the first inch past my sphincter.

“God, you’re such a little slut,” I groaned, as she fingered my asshole and took my rod to its root.

Mandy’s enthusiasm and kink were a welcome surprise. Just as I decided to let go and cum down her throat, she pulled away and looks at me.

In a husky, out-of-breath voice, she asked, “Will you cum quicker if I’m naked?”

Again, she didn’t wait for an answer. Using my thighs as leverage, she pushed herself to her feet. In a continuation of the motion, Mandy reached for the bottom of her tee and pulled it over her head. As she reached behind her back and unclasps her sexy white lace bra, she gave me an inviting smile.

“Sucking your dick has me so fucking hot.”

Mandy shrugged off her bra and stood proudly before me, topless. Her breasts were round and full, topped with thick rubbery nipples.

“Play with your tits, Mandy. Show me how you like it best.”

Giving me a gleaming smile, she traced her fingers over each nipple, slowly circling them. After a short time, she started to tug them lightly, increasing the pressure slightly with each pull.

“Pull them harder,” I half ordered/half suggested. Mandy closed her eyes; she pinched each nub and stretched them out, before letting them pop back into place.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Mandy alternated between pinching and tugging her fat red nipples.

“Take your jeans off.”

Mandy kicked off her sandals, unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled them over her hips. She let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them, leaving her dressed in a black lace see-thru thong. Her hairless pussy was framed by a small black triangle of fabric.

“Spread your legs.”

Her legs slid sideways, until they were shoulder length apart. Her left hand returned to her nipple, while her right hand worked its way under the flimsy lace of her thong.”

Mandy’s knees buckled slightly as her middle finger traced her engorged lips. “Oh fuck, I’m so horny,” she groaned.

Mandy was ripe. I eased out of the Beamer and closed the short distance between us. I pulled her nearly naked body against me and felt her warm supple flesh as she pressed into me. My dick slid between her soft thighs. Mandy giggled as she squeezed my rod.

She was breathing hard as I leant in and kissed her, plunging my tongue into the married woman’s willing mouth. I explored her mouth for a long number of minutes as she groaned into mine.

When I withdrew from her mouth, I pulled away and ordered, “Put your tongue in mine.” We kissed again and I let Mandy’s tongue wander inside me, before I clamped down and gently chewed her tongue.

Holding her against me, with my left hand on the small of her back, I lifted my right hand and took a fist full of Mandy’s red hair. “It’s time to suck some more cock Mandy. But this time we do it my way.”

There was a trace of fear in her pretty eyes, but she groaned out a horny, “Oh god, yes!”

“Get in the passenger side.”

I watched Mandy’s nearly naked body, circle the car. As she reached for the passenger door handle, I slid into the driver’s seat. When her door opened fully, I instructed, “Crawl in on your hands and knees.”

I took hold of a hand full of hair as Mandy climbed into the front seat. I guided her face over the cars gear shift and to my raging cock. She balanced herself with one arm across my chest and the other on the steering wheel. With steady pressure from the fist full of hair, I pushed her mouth back to my rod.

“I want it really slow, Mandy. Slow and deep. Understand?”

With half of my dick buried in her face, she bobbed her head in agreement.

In almost slow motion, Mandy continued down my shaft. I felt a bump as I reach her throat. She gagged slightly, but easily took me down.

As Mandy bottomed out, I held her face tight against my crotch. “Milk me with your throat.”

“Oh, fuck!” I groaned as I felt the rhythmic pressure of Mandy’s throat contracting around my cock. “Keep it up, baby.”

My left hand was tangled up in the hair on the back of Mandy’s head. Slowly, I slid my right hand down her back and over her ass. After palming each magnificent ass cheek, I pulled the black thong string from her crack and eased it over her globe.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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