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They made only one stop on the walk back to the hotel and that was to order a pizza and some drinks. It wasn’t going to be ready for over 30 minutes and Carol didn’t think she would be able to wait that long. She gave them her hotel room information and told them to deliver it later. She hoped that by the time the pizza arrived she would be feeling far less pent up than she was right now.

As soon as they stepped inside the hotel room they exchanged kisses and fondled each other. Before long Carol instructed the boys to take off her clothes. Very quickly she was naked and the boys guided her back onto the bed and moved first to her big, excited tits. Carol groaned and gasped beneath them as they teased and sucked her tits and nipples almost to the point where she couldn’t take anymore.

“My pussy!” she cried out. “Suck my pussy!” Immediately both Jim and Pat moved between her spread legs and together they dipped their tongues into her sweet juices. They no longer had any reservations about letting their tongues or mouths press together and focused completely on exploring and pleasuring her pussy. For their final act they both shoved their tongues up her wet pussy at the same time and fucked her with them. Carol almost immediately began to cry out and very soon afterward came with a wild intensity.

Feeling her cum so completely and feeling Pat’s tongue sliding against his own had Jim going out of his mind with lust. As Carol’s orgasm subsided Jim began getting some very wild thoughts about what to do next. He was surprised that many of the thoughts involved doing things to and with Pat that he never had considered before.

He was interrupted, however, by a knock at the door. “Pizza,” the voice called through the door.

“Can you get that son?” Carol said to Pat. “I’m in no shape to answer the door.” Pat agreed and wrapped a sheet around his waist as he walked to the door. As much as he tried there really wasn’t much he could do to hide his obvious erection, and he opened the door even with his hard cock standing out prominently under the sheet.

Just before Pat opened the door Carol slipped out of bed and quickly disappeared into the bathroom. That left Jim sitting naked on the bed. After Pat opened the door and took the pizza Jim became very aware of the feeling that he was being watched. He looked at the door and knew that wasn’t it, but then he realized that he could see the delivery guy in the reflection in the mirror. Jim was still sitting on the bed completely naked and he realized that the delivery guy could easily see his hard cock.

Before the door closed the last thing the driver said to Pat was mumbled so it was hard to hear, but it sounded a lot like he called Pat a “fag”. Jim realized that with no sign of Carol, with Pat’s obvious hard on, and with his own hard cock, the delivery kartal escort bayan guy clearly assumed Pat and Jim were fucking each other. The idea simultaneously made Jim feel angry and a little excited.

“What the hell was that about?” Pat asked looking back at Jim as Carol emerged, naked, from the bathroom.

“I think he thinks we’re gay,” Jim said. “Hell, anyone could tell you’ve got a hard on under there and I think he saw my reflection in the mirror,” Jim said motioning to the mirror.

“Aw, shit,” Pat said.

“What’s wrong boys?” Carol asked knowingly. She took the pizza out of Pat’s hands and set it aside. She kissed both of them in turn and then continued. “Look, you’ll probably never see that guy again in your lives, so who really cares what he thinks?”

“Well, yeah, but he thinks we’re gay,” Pat replied.

“So what?” Carol answered. “He was probably just jealous.” Pat rolled his eyes playfully toward her before she added, “Besides, aren’t you the one I watched kissing Jim and stroking him until he came earlier?”

Pat blushed a little as Carol said, “No reason to blush. I think what you two did was very sexy. It turned me on incredibly and I intend to show you both exactly how much, as soon as I get something to eat.” Her unexpected ending caused them all to laugh and they eagerly dove into the pizza. By the time it was gone they all felt pleasantly full.

They relaxed together on the bed talking for a while before Carol mused that she was ready for some dessert. With that she threw the pizza box off the bed and began kissing and licking her way down Jim’s body as Pat excitedly watched. It didn’t take long for Carol to have Jim completely hard. She hungrily took him inside her mouth and perfectly sucked up and down on his rock hard shaft. Jim knew he wouldn’t last long before cumming.

Usually Carol delayed his cumming to prolong the moment but this time she continued to eagerly suck and lick at him. She drove him directly to the point where he lost his control. He came with a long groan and pumped his cum into her mouth. She kept her lips sealed tightly around him and let his cum fill her mouth entirely before some of his cum seeped back out and down his shaft.

After Jim finished cumming she let his cock slide out of her mouth and held his cum in her mouth. She immediately went over to her son and pushed him down on his back. She brought her lips to his and met him in a kiss before parting her lips. Jim knew immediately what she had done and watched their tongues move back and forth trading his cum between their mouths.

After the kiss ended Carol moved down Pat’s body and virtually repeated the blowjob she had just given Jim. She again took his load of cum into her mouth and held it there as his cock slipped out. After finishing Jim’s blowjob she escort maltepe had to push Pat down and literally surprise him with the cum, but Jim guessed what was going to happen. He was curious and excited and eagerly brought his lips to hers. The cum was still warm. It was salty and earthy in a raw way that Jim had never experienced before. He eagerly swapped Pat’s cum with Pat’s mom until she slowly parted their kiss.

When their kiss parted Jim noticed that Pat had pulled his mom away and was lying her down as Pat crawled over her in the 69 position. Jim sat and watched as the mother and son sucked and licked at each other. With surprising speed Pat’s cock was rock hard again and, with Pat’s cock still in her mouth, Carol gasped, “Fuck me.”

Pat spun around and eagerly drove his cock inside her in the missionary position as Jim moved over so she could suck and lick his cock. For a while they remained like this with Jim alternating between watching her mouth on his cock and watching Pat’s hard cock fuck her.

They paused only when Carol sat up and changed their positions. She put Pat on his back and crawled over him driving his cock back inside her waiting pussy. Jim contemplated dangling his cock over Pat’s mouth as he had done with Carol but instead Carol told him to get behind her.

“Fuck me,” she groaned to Jim. Pat’s cock was already inside her and so Jim paused not sure what to do. He looked at her asshole but knew that he needed lots of lubrication to make that work. “Fuck me,” she groaned again. “I want to feel you both in my pussy!”

Finally understanding her Jim moved in close behind her and held his cock as she positioned herself for him. About half of Pat’s cock was still inside her but she stopped moving over him and held still as Jim moved the tip of his cock to the point where Pat entered her.

For the next several minutes Carol groaned excitedly as the trio tried, ultimately unsuccessfully, to get both cocks inside her at the same time. Still, her pussy had quickly shifted back and forth between Jim and Pat devouring first one cock and then the other as the two cocks dueled together frantically. For Jim the contrast between her soft pussy and the rock hard feel of Pat’s cock was intense and exciting. Despite the fact that they never got both cocks inside Carol’s pussy their attempts left all three of them in a wild frenzy.

With a mildly frustrated groan Carol rolled off Pat and got on her back with her legs spread wide apart. Jim moved between them this time and immediately began pumping in and out of her wildly. Pat knelt beside her as Carol engulfed his cock in her mouth. “Touch my clit,” she groaned to Pat.

Pat reached down and began playing with her clit. Immediately Carol began bucking her hips wildly and groaning. Jim knew she was ready to cum again. pendik escort As she bucked her hips she sometimes caused Pat’s hand to slip lower than her clit and he repeatedly made contact with Jim’s cock as it easily slipped in and out of Carol.

Carol soon burst into a wild orgasm and let out a long cry. Pat’s cock jumped out of her mouth. At first Jim wasn’t sure if the contact of Pat’s hand on his cock was accidental or intentional, but as Jim continued fucking Carol as she orgasmed he realized that he could feel Pat’s touch more and more frequently. The contrast again between the stiffness of Pat’s fingers and the softness of her pussy drove Jim wild. He began fucking her wildly as she groaned and urged him on. Just before he came Pat pulled his fingers away so Jim could fully penetrate Carol with his last few wild strokes. As he came he groaned and felt her pussy get even wetter as his cum filled her.

“You, now you,” Carol groaned just as Jim finished cumming. Immediately Jim pulled out of her and Pat replaced him as Pat began fucking his mom with a wild abandon. The bed rocked and the headboard pounded the wall as they shared an intense fuck.

Jim had planned on returning Pat’s touches or maybe exploring his ass, but the intensity of the fuck left him in awe. He simply sat and stared as their bodies pounded together and the bed quaked. When Pat came it was with a long, loud grunt followed by a groan. His hips bucked rapidly into Carol as he filled her with another load of cum.

Jim was surprised when Carol, seemingly moments after her son started to cum, also burst into her own orgasm. Jim watched their bodies tremble and shake from the power of their orgasm. When they finished cumming they settled down together.

For a long, long time they all lay together kissing and touching each other before they finally moved to the other, clean bed and fell asleep. The next day they returned home. For the next month all Jim wanted to do was get back with Pat and Carol, but he found that virtually impossible.

Between his own preparations, Pat’s preparations, and both families taking one last family vacation before college, he only saw Pat twice and Carol once, very briefly. When Pat’s family was on their vacation Jim often fantasized about how Pat and his mom might fuck. He imagined them fucking in the bathroom of their hotel room after Pat’s dad fell asleep, he imagined her giving him a hand job in the backseat while his dad drove, and he imagined them together in hundreds of other scenarios.

Jim desperately wanted to be with Carol again but before he knew it he found himself packing his things into his parent’s truck. Pat was also there putting his things in as Jim’s folks had agreed to drive both of them to the dorm. Pat’s dad was, not surprisingly, absent, but Carol was there and made sure to give both boys a long hug goodbye. As she hugged Jim she whispered, “I’ll come to see you soon,” and he could feel his cock jump in his pants.

A few minutes later Jim and Pat waved goodbye to her and set off on a new chapter of their life.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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