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You come over for our date. Dinner and a movie at my place. I cooked lasagna and after we eat we pop a comedy into the DVD player. We get comfy as we snuggle up on the couch to watch the movie. We don’t see a whole lot of the movie because we are too busy talking and laughing. After the movie, we realize that it’s getting a little late and you tell me that you need to be getting back home. I walk you to the door to tell you goodnight and to give you a hug. I can’t resist kissing you so I pull your head down so that our lips meet.

My assault on your lips starts out gentle, but quickly builds in intensity. You pull away from me and grin at me with that gorgeous smile of yours and tell me that you have to leave before you’re not able to. I look up at you and tell you that I don’t want you to leave. You kiss me again and ask me if I’m sure. I smile at you and grab your hand, leading you towards my bedroom. Once in my bedroom, I close the door and walk up to you. I slide my hands up your chest and around your neck. You lower your head and we start to kiss once more. The kiss deepens and I part my lips as your tongue slides in between my teeth to meet my tongue. While kissing me you slide your hands down my back and over my ass pulling me to you. I moan into your mouth at the sensations flowing through my body.

I pull away from you a little bit and grab the bottom of your shirt and pull it up and over your head. You reciprocate by helping me out of my shirt. Once my shirt is off you run your hands up my arms, over my shoulders, and down to my chest, stopping for a brief second to play with my breasts still contained in my bra. You run your hands down my stomach to the top of my jeans and unbutton kadıköy escort and unzip my pants. I feel you slide my pants down leaving me in my bra and panties. I step out of my jeans and tell you that it’s my turn. I pop the button on your pants and undo your zipper. I drop to my knees as I slide your pants down your legs. I slowly run my hands up your legs, taking my time and enjoying myself. When I reach the waistband of your boxers I slide those down too!

I look up at you and smile as I wrap my hand around your dick. I inch closer to you and flick my tongue out to lick the head of your dick. I run my tongue around the head until I finally slide you into my mouth. I start inching your dick further in my mouth taking as much as I can. I feel you run your fingers through my hair and you start pulling my head to you guiding me how fast you want me to go and how deep you want me to take you down my throat. I don’t know how long I stayed on my knees pleasing you but you finally pull me away and tell me to stand up. After I stand up you tell me to turn around. I listen to you and turn my back to you. I feel you press up behind me while you run your hands up my arms to my shoulders and down to my chest. You cup my breasts in your hands and realize that my bra is in the way. You unclasp my bra from the front and slide it down my shoulders. After you remove my bra you divest me of my panties as well.

Now we are standing in my bedroom completely naked and I am so turned on that I don’t know what to do with myself. My boobs are now free from my bra and you take complete advantage of the situation by running üsküdar escort your hands over my sensitive skin and extra sensitive nipples taking a little extra time on them because you notice how I react to you playing with them. You gently pinch my nipples and I moan at the shocks that are sent straight to my pussy. While playing with my nipples you start kissing me on my neck and I almost fall over. You found my spot! I reach my hand behind me and take your dick in my hand. I wrap my hand around your dick and start pumping my hand back and forth. You start pumping your hips in time to my hand and slide your hand down my stomach. You find my sensitive pleasure spot and start moving your fingers to the same beat that I am playing with your dick. You whisper in my ear that you want me to move to the bed.

I walk you the last few steps over to my bed and you lay me down on my back with my feet hanging off the bed. You kneel at the side of my bed in between my legs. I feel your breath and then a light sting as you nibble on my inner thigh. I suck in a breath from the pleasure and the pain. You kiss the bite mark that you just left and slide your tongue the rest of the way up my leg until you are at my pussy. I feel your fingers spreading my lips and then your tongue on my pussy. You start licking my sucking on my clit and my hips are bucking off of the bed from the pleasure you are giving back to me. I love the way you are eating my pussy and tell you that I am about to cum. I grab your hair with both hands and guide you to where I need you to go. My first orgasm rips through my body. You keep licking and sucking on my clit until I tell you to stop that I can’t take tuzla escort it anymore. I need you to fuck me.

You slide up on the bed and I push you on your back. I straddle you and slowly lower myself on to your dick, savoring the feeling of you entering me. This is what I have been waiting for. Once you are completely in me I sit still getting used to the feel of you. I start sliding up and down your dick agonizingly slow, teasing you. I am in no hurry and am thoroughly enjoying myself. I want to get you as worked up as possible. I feel you starting to thrust your hips up to meet mine and we are increasing our tempo. I am starting to moan so loud that I think the neighbors might hear.

While I am riding you, your hands are quite busy. You have one hand playing with my nipples while the other hand is playing with my clit trying to make me cum. It won’t last much longer. I can tell that I am close to coming so I pick up the pace a little bit. You pull me down on you so that I can grind against you and you pull me over so that you can take my nipples into your mouth. I don’t want to cum alone. I want you right there with me. I want to make you cum too. I put your hands on my hips so that you can show me how you want me to ride you and make you cum. I am trying to hold back my orgasm so that we can cum together, but it is getting harder to hold back. You start moaning louder and pulling me harder against you as you can feel your orgasm building. I tell you that I want you to cum for

me and it puts you over the edge. You pull me hard against you as your orgasm rips through your body which in turn triggers mine. I got my wish!

I lay my head down on your chest and listen to your heartbeat as it starts to slow down. After laying on you for a while I realize how sleepy I am. I roll over and you cuddle up behind me. I ask you if you are going to spend the night and you tell me that you aren’t going anywhere. I give you a kiss goodnight and snuggle up to you as close as I can get. Within minutes we are both asleep…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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